German Translation of Charmed S9

Charmed S9 is being officially translated by Panini Comics in German. Volume 1 containing issues 0-5 will debut at Fed Con (May 29th - June 1st) and will be limited to 111 copies with a special for the Con cover which will be available exclusively at the Panini booth before the standard edition goes on sale on August 7, 2014.


You can find the announcement for the limited FedCon edition here

(Google Translated)

  •  The official Season 9 - only available as a comic book, written by the creators of (!) series - the cult series Charmed to start on German. Volume 1 with a limited to 111 copies Con cover will be available exclusively on FedCon at the Panini booth before the standard edition goes on sale.

And here are the (Google Translated) summary and details for Volume 1:

  • The TV series enjoyed the magical Halliwell sisters, called the Charmed Ones, cult status. Eight seasons the good witches Prue (later Paige), Piper and Phoebe fought against the powers of darkness and finally defeated the source of all evil. But the victory is deceptive, as the sisters must soon realize. The comic series exclusively presents the official Charmed Season 9 with the familiar faces in terrific drawings and a compelling and unusually dark story!
    The official 9th season as a comic!
    Comic adaptation of the hit TV series!
  • Appears on: 7/8/2014
    Pages: 176
    Format: Soft cover (lim. 111 Ex & Regular)
    Original stories: Charmed 0-5
    Author: Paul Ruditis
    Artist: Dave Hoover, Marcio Abreu, Novo Malgapo
    Price: 25,00 (lim. 111 Ex) / 19,99 € (Regular)

The German Translation Comic Guide page is up where i will be updating the info on each of the Volumes released. You can find the page here.