Leprechauns return, the duration of S10 & Shannen Doherty's likeness

ComicFrontline had a Zenescope LIVE E-Panel yesterday. Pat Shand answered some Charmed related questions in it.


Leprechauns will return:

  • "There are leprechauns in Charmed Season 10 #3 so if any Charmed fans are watching this and I'm sure you guys are because you are ravenously consuming details about the series then there are leprechauns in an issue called Magically Malicious."

On if there is going to be a crossover between Charmed and Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales:

  • "It’s definitely going to stay in its own universe. There is no chance for a crossover whatsoever there. We are lucky enough to get even season 10. Season 9 lasted 24 issues which is longer than any of our books besides Grimm itself and Wonderland so to be able to do Season 10 for at least 24 more issues is… we’re stoked to be able to do that. So i think that's probably as far as we're going to go with Charmed for now."

On how overwhelming writing for Charmed that has a big following is:

  • "I was very prepared for it. I got the gig to write Charmed before I even got the gig to write Robyn Hood. It’s been in the works for 2 and a half years. Paul Ruditis who actually wrote Season 9 and is editing Season 10 with me told me what to be prepared for, you know, when to get the bulletproof vest out and stuff. I’ve been very prepared for it. It’s just kind of awesome to see how much people care that the very day I’m announced someone’s like: “Are we getting Prue and Cole together, are we?" It’s like "Season 10 is happening, yay!" It's like "I want this now, give it to me". That intensity is just so awesome, that people care that much that I’ll be writing something that people will hear through and then write a wiki about is just fascinating and I love it so I'm so ready."

On if there is a legal reason why Zenescope did not use Shannen's likeness for Prue:

  • "There could not be a bigger legal reason than there is. It’s never going to happen. We just can’t do it."
  • "It’s very cool to have the drama of their sister being in a very different body, looks nothing like her, they have to deal with the idea that this is their sister even though it looks like nothing like her... But, however, if we could get her in Shannen Doherty’s body I’d be down with that issue 1 but if we publish this series until I die it would still never happen."

You can watch the whole panel at ComicFrontline's youtube page: Zenescope LIVE E-Panel #1