Pat answers ten S10 Questions from the Fans

Pat answered the S10 questions fans sent him on twitter in a post in his personal Tumblr blog PatrickShand.Tumblr:


"Today, just for funsies, I tweeted that I’d post a blog answering the first ten CHARMED questions that fans send to me. Let’s see what folks are wondering about Season Ten…
(Also, counting is hard, so I’ll just answer all of ‘em.)
@Jan_van_Es Will we see Billie again?
There are no plans for Billie in Season Ten. We already have SUCH an expansive cast, and Season Eight dealt with her character so in depth that I didn’t really feel a burning urge to include her. However, now I’m imagining a spinoff where she has wacky, nerdy neighbors. I think that’d be a goodun.
@Kostaszomgas Will there be an Issue #0 (like in S9) before Charmed S10?
No sir. We’re coming out guns a’blazing in #1. 
@phoenix_force1 will we see the sisters utilizing their powers in more creative ways ?
Creative ways, sure, but I don’t want to say “more creative ways.” The previous writers, especially Paul last season, showcased the sisters using their magic in really cool ways. What I don’t want to get into, though, is the sisters getting more and more powerful. Watching their power sets develop has been a great aspect of Charmed, but what I love is that every time they get a new power, there is a new limit or a new danger — it prevents them from getting so powerful that there is never really a threat. So the answer is kind of a sly… yes, probably, but with down sides too.
@NathanJenkins4 introd new characters, settings, powers etc Wat of s9 r u most lukin 4ward 2 takin further in the new season? #CharmedSeason10 Season Ten is going to be a little more grounded, with a focus on the character’s relationships and the role of death and resurrection in their lives and in the world of magic. There will also be a heavy focus on demons. Also, this is the first time I’ve said this to anyone, including Paul… but the Demonic Wasteland will be a major, major location and plot point this season. 
@Phoebe1_ Will we have any interactions between Phoebe and Cole? <3 #CharmedSeason10 Emphatically yes. Especially in the first five issues. And then, following those issues, something that happens between them will cast a shadow over the rest of the season.
@Kostaszomgas How far are you into writing the season
#1-7 are heavily outlined with some dialogue, to the point where it’ll take a few days to script each issue. #1 is completely broken down and just needs dialogue and a bunch of revisions. Following that, the rest of the season is loosely mapped out. I know the major arc, but I don’t want to marry myself to a structure this early on, as it’s been fun exploring these characters. I want to allow myself to ability to let them dictate how they get to the end I envision.
@EnemyOfFate What can we expect on the Prue/Patience department? #CharmedSeason10 Separation anxiety. Tattoos. Badassery. Introspection. Pajama dances.
@josephjaymes21 Whose your favorite character?
I’ll say after I’ve convinced everyone that I’m unbiased enough to be able to effectively write this season. So in like 2016.
@NathanJenkins4 Ignore this if we’re only allowed one question What do Piper fans have to look forward to this season? :) #CharmedSeason10 Confidence. Business. Leadership. Nurturing. Growth. Questioning.
@CharmedSweden Will Phoebe have her third child in season 10? #CharmedComic Who am I, Danny Tanner? I’m not adding any more kids to that house.
@CharmedSweden How many big story arcs Will the season have? (Different demons, stories, family stuff) like in Season 9 there were 2 big
I’m mimicking the structure of the seasons that I feel worked best. A lot of seemingly standalone episodes that culminate in a season-long story arc. While all that is going on, I’ll be juggling character arcs and some pretty gnarly subplots.
@paulruditis You planning on sending me a script anytime soon?
I figure we need to let the fans wait a few months more, so I thought I’d delay it. Teheehhee. Friday, methinks."

Source: PatrickShand.Tumblr - CHARMED Qs get A’d!