Pat answers ten S10 Questions from the Fans

Pat answered the S10 questions fans sent him on twitter in a post in his personal Tumblr blog PatrickShand.Tumblr:


"Today, just for funsies, I tweeted that I’d post a blog answering the first ten CHARMED questions that fans send to me. Let’s see what folks are wondering about Season Ten…
(Also, counting is hard, so I’ll just answer all of ‘em.)
@Jan_van_Es Will we see Billie again?
There are no plans for Billie in Season Ten. We already have SUCH an expansive cast, and Season Eight dealt with her character so in depth that I didn’t really feel a burning urge to include her. However, now I’m imagining a spinoff where she has wacky, nerdy neighbors. I think that’d be a goodun.
@Kostaszomgas Will there be an Issue #0 (like in S9) before Charmed S10?
No sir. We’re coming out guns a’blazing in #1. 
@phoenix_force1 will we see the sisters utilizing their powers in more creative ways ?
Creative ways, sure, but I don’t want to say “more creative ways.” The previous writers, especially Paul last season, showcased the sisters using their magic in really cool ways. What I don’t want to get into, though, is the sisters getting more and more powerful. Watching their power sets develop has been a great aspect of Charmed, but what I love is that every time they get a new power, there is a new limit or a new danger — it prevents them from getting so powerful that there is never really a threat. So the answer is kind of a sly… yes, probably, but with down sides too.
@NathanJenkins4 introd new characters, settings, powers etc Wat of s9 r u most lukin 4ward 2 takin further in the new season? #CharmedSeason10 Season Ten is going to be a little more grounded, with a focus on the character’s relationships and the role of death and resurrection in their lives and in the world of magic. There will also be a heavy focus on demons. Also, this is the first time I’ve said this to anyone, including Paul… but the Demonic Wasteland will be a major, major location and plot point this season. 
@Phoebe1_ Will we have any interactions between Phoebe and Cole? <3 #CharmedSeason10 Emphatically yes. Especially in the first five issues. And then, following those issues, something that happens between them will cast a shadow over the rest of the season.
@Kostaszomgas How far are you into writing the season
#1-7 are heavily outlined with some dialogue, to the point where it’ll take a few days to script each issue. #1 is completely broken down and just needs dialogue and a bunch of revisions. Following that, the rest of the season is loosely mapped out. I know the major arc, but I don’t want to marry myself to a structure this early on, as it’s been fun exploring these characters. I want to allow myself to ability to let them dictate how they get to the end I envision.
@EnemyOfFate What can we expect on the Prue/Patience department? #CharmedSeason10 Separation anxiety. Tattoos. Badassery. Introspection. Pajama dances.
@josephjaymes21 Whose your favorite character?
I’ll say after I’ve convinced everyone that I’m unbiased enough to be able to effectively write this season. So in like 2016.
@NathanJenkins4 Ignore this if we’re only allowed one question What do Piper fans have to look forward to this season? :) #CharmedSeason10 Confidence. Business. Leadership. Nurturing. Growth. Questioning.
@CharmedSweden Will Phoebe have her third child in season 10? #CharmedComic Who am I, Danny Tanner? I’m not adding any more kids to that house.
@CharmedSweden How many big story arcs Will the season have? (Different demons, stories, family stuff) like in Season 9 there were 2 big
I’m mimicking the structure of the seasons that I feel worked best. A lot of seemingly standalone episodes that culminate in a season-long story arc. While all that is going on, I’ll be juggling character arcs and some pretty gnarly subplots.
@paulruditis You planning on sending me a script anytime soon?
I figure we need to let the fans wait a few months more, so I thought I’d delay it. Teheehhee. Friday, methinks."

Source: PatrickShand.Tumblr - CHARMED Qs get A’d!

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  • #1

    p3nathan (Monday, 26 May 2014 14:19)

    I'm happy with all these answers. Especially his reply to me saying that season 10 would be grounded in the characters' relationships.

    I'm interested to see what happens with Phoebe and Cole to cast a shadow... I have a theory. Also interested in Prue's separation anxiety, presumably from her sisters since she's in the Nexus now.

    As for powers, I like his answer. I'd like to see the sisters develop and make use of what they have now. I think season 9 introduced enough new powers for the time being.

    I wonder what kind of role the Wasteland will play, that sounds interesting.

  • #2

    p3nathan (Monday, 26 May 2014 15:15)

    And it makes sense that Phoebe won't be having her 3rd daughter yet. Judging by the flash forward, she's a good few years younger than her siblings.

  • #3

    GlennVP (Monday, 26 May 2014 17:55)

    Good to read that the Charmed comics are in good hands. This will be a good season, I'm sure!

  • #4

    Zoe (Tuesday, 27 May 2014 17:45)

    Well p3nathan why don't you share your theory? What do you think that it will happen between Phoebe and Cole?

  • #5

    Julie (Tuesday, 27 May 2014 23:40)

    Who knows what's gonna happen between Phoebe and Cole.

  • #6

    p3nathan (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 14:50)

    Well Zoe, I think something might happen between him and Prue. I've had a feeling there's something there for a while, and now they're the only two people in the Nexus, in a house, alone. Could be way off, just a theory :P

  • #7

    Julie (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 19:46)

    That would be a huge slap in the face if that happened.

  • #8

    CharmedComicFan10 (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 20:07)

    The first 2 thoughts i had is that maybe Phoebe and Cole in the heat of the moment will kiss and Phoebe will regret it instantly and will be something that she has to deal with in the next issues or what you said P3nathan, i too get a feeling something may happen between Cole and Prue. It kinda makes sense.

  • #9

    Pavel Ana (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 21:09)

    Well in my opinion if something happens between Prue and Cole I will not be interested to read the comics anymore. This will destroy the relationship between Prue and Phoebe and for me it wouldn't make any sense. This would be horrible and as Julie says a huge slap in the face. But in the interview Pat says that something that happens between him and Phoebe will cast a shadow over the rest of the season. So I hope that Prue has nothing to do with this. I don't know maybe Phoebe and Cole will sleep together, will kiss whatever I am fine with this I really don't like Coop. I hope they don't turn Cole evil or kill him again.

  • #10

    CharmedComicFan10 (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 21:59)

    I really dont think Cole will turn evil again. It finally feels like he is on the road for complete redemption, it wouldnt feel right if he goes evil again. But who knows. You are right for pointing out that this "something" is between Phoebe/Cole so maybe Prue has nothing to do with it.
    Pat mentioned the demonic wasteland will be major in s10 i wonder if Cole returns there somehow?

  • #11

    Alex (Thursday, 29 May 2014 10:42)

    Well they were going to have a Phoebe/Paige feud over Cole in season 5, having Paige/Cole but they dumped that storyline.

    I don't like the idea of Prue/Cole, it would destroy Phoebe/Prue, and I don't feel the need to create tension again.

  • #12

    p3nathan (Thursday, 29 May 2014 17:48)

    Why not? Seriously, when was the last time we had any sisterly tension that was bigger than not liking one of their boyfriends or being a bit nosy?
    I don't think it'd have to "destroy" relationships or be a slap in the face. Phoebe's married with two kids, it's not like it'd be an affair! Sure it'd create some tension and possibly conflict... but that's how characters and relationships grow.

    But anyway, like I said, I could be well off.

  • #13

    Zoe (Thursday, 29 May 2014 21:51)

    Prue and Cole horrible idea. Thanks for sharing your theory p3nathan I really hope that you are not right. And in your opinion if this happens how will Prue's and Phoebe's relationship will grow? Me personally if my sister which was totally against my relationship, she had told me a thousand times that the guy that I am dating and that I am loving is not good for me and after I divorce him starts to have a relationship with him I would never ever forgive her. I would understand that when she was telling me those things she was jealous not worried for me that I will suffer. My relationship with her wouldn't exist anymore. But I would like Phoebe to divorce Coop and get back together with Cole I vote for this.

  • #14

    p3nathan (Thursday, 29 May 2014 23:47)

    Problem there is, you're comparing the Prue and Cole of season 3 to Prue and Cole now. A hell of a lot has happened, they've changed and they've gotten to know each other.

    Seriously, I know as much as everyone else.

    But I don't see Phoebe divorcing Coop for Cole. Phoebe has made it perfectly clear since season 5 that she no longer has a romantic interest in Cole.
    And seriously, what if she did? Prue would be a terrible person for falling for the guy Phoebe got over years and years a go... but it'd be A okay for Phoebe to ditch her husband, the father of her kids, because she suddenly starts liking her ex again? I'm not even a fan of Coop, in fact I dislike him quite a bit, but I still struggle to see how Phoebe wouldn't come out of that looking like a really horrible person.

  • #15

    Julie (Friday, 30 May 2014 00:44)

    My theories are we might see a love triangle forming or playing out between Cole/Phoebe/Coop or Prue/Cole/Phoebe which could carry on throughout the season. 2. Cole plays some type of role in Phoebe's future. Though I would love to know what other people think will happen.

  • #16

    Cyma (Friday, 30 May 2014 10:28)

    I’m literally praying it’s p3nathan's theory about something starting between Prue and Cole, which I don’t consider a slap in the face. The characters have moved on, grown up as p3nathan mentioned. A slap—no, a punch in the face would be if Phoebe ditched her husband for her ex-husband who went crazy, stalked her and then ultimately created an alternate reality where Paige was dead and he and Phoebe cheated on each other openly with demons and demonesses. So no matter how much I enjoyed Phoebe/Cole, there’s no point in starting that relationship again. So something like Phoebe having a one-night stand with Cole and ends up pregnant with her third daughter is another theory which I don’t want happening. So if it’s Cole and Prue, I’m totally for it.

    Another thing we all seem to be forgetting is….COLE IS DEAD. He wants redemption so he can move on! He mentioned this to Patty. So the only thing I’m piecing together from Demonic wasteland….death and resurrection….something between Phoebe and Cole is their unborn son who was destroyed. Or was he? :-D

  • #17

    Henry (Friday, 30 May 2014 15:22)

    Cyma it would be so cool!!! I hope pat will explore the "unborn son story".. Maybe it's the "shadow" he talked about!! And about Prue-Cole story.. I think it would be fanny! People change.. Cole is a different person.. The same for Prue (literally).. And phoebe moved on! But I don't think it will happen.. Not now!

  • #18

    Julie (Friday, 30 May 2014 23:28)

    I thought they wern't gonna add more kids to that household now

  • #19

    Mihai (Saturday, 31 May 2014 22:40)

    I don't like the idea of Prue and Cole together. Yes you are right many things have happened, they changed but it will be weird for me to see them together. It will be indeed very cool if what Cyma has said will happen. I was very disappointed when they killed Phoebe's and Cole's child. Phoebe wouldn't look like a horrible person if she has good reasons to divorce Coop: like cheating her or I don't know. Right now if Phoebe would suddenly divorce Coop and get back together with Cole although I violently dislike Coop and I am a huge Phoebe and Cole fan I wouldn't like it. I want this to happen in a logical way not out of the blue. Cyma you are right what you say about Cole but you're forgetting that he became the source to save her and her sisters they never found out about this, he fought for her, he helped her to believe in love again what did Coop do? But anyway I doubt that we will see Phoebe getting back together with Cole or Prue and Cole together as a couple.

  • #20

    charmedcomicfan10 (Sunday, 01 June 2014 00:37)

    The only thing i don't expect to see is Phoebe and Coop divorcing (at least any time soon). There are things that don't support this in the show for example the fast forward of Phoebe giving birth to her third daughter and Wyatt in Forever Charmed talking to Phoebe about Coop implying they are still together in Wyatt's time. So i personally think Phoebe/Coop's relationship is safe but maybe they are going to go through hard times.

  • #21

    Julie (Sunday, 01 June 2014 22:24)

    If Phoebe and Coop are together in adult Wyatt and Chris's time then how come Wyatt didn't recognize him without the ring on? You see I don't get that at all.

  • #22

    StoryGirl83 (Monday, 02 June 2014 03:14)

    @Cyma - One of the huge storylines that I would like to see an addition to (changing the ending or adding to it) would be something about Phoebe and Cole's son. Another really big one is the question of Cole's dad. Benjamin Turner's soul was supposedly in that orb that the Brotherhood had. What happened to it?

  • #23

    p3nathan (Monday, 02 June 2014 17:47)

    @Julie, just because he didn't greet him the moment he arrived doesn't mean he didn't recognize him. And even if they did divorce, it would make little to no sense for Wyatt not to recognise him; he's still the father of his cousins.

    @StoryGirl83- yeah I always wondered the same about his father. Just kinda forgot about it after Raynor died.

  • #24

    charmedcomicfan10 (Monday, 02 June 2014 20:36)

    @p3nathan @julie yes, it was how the scene played out in a technical way. Coop arrived, takes the ring and then cuts to wyatt to show the reaction, they couldnt show both at the same time.

  • #25

    Henry (Monday, 02 June 2014 21:15)

    I think Wyatt didn't ricognise Coop because in his time he'll be old!! I think they will make coop mortal or something like that

  • #26

    Julie (Tuesday, 03 June 2014 22:28)

    @Henry No, I don't think so he would still recognize him even if he was younger.

  • #27

    Pavel Ana (Thursday, 05 June 2014 22:20)

    Wyatt is weird in the episode that we are talking about because the first thing is with Coop and the second one is when he asks Chris is this the grams? I mean seriously he doesn't know his mother's grandmother. I think the producers were a little drunk when they wrote the episode. About the future it can be changed, it was changed many times.

  • #28

    charmedcomicfan10 (Friday, 06 June 2014 03:33)

    @PavelAna oh how much i agree with that comment Wyatt makes about Grams. I mean why on earth wouldnt he have met her during an age where he can remember? And Grams wouldnt stay in touch with the very first child of the charmed ones, her granddaughters line? That's so not Grams.

  • #29

    Julie (Friday, 06 June 2014 18:46)

    Also why would Wyatt lose his powers after the hollow went back into it's crypt? I think the writers screwed up alot in the finale.

  • #30

    gc (Friday, 06 June 2014 23:24)

    I hated the finale for so many reasons, but I was for the prue/cole relationship from the beginning. I asked Paul years ago if Prue and Cole could have zombie demon-witch babies and he said that would be a cool idea.

  • #31

    Julie (Thursday, 03 July 2014 18:17)

    I don't know why people want a Prue/Cole relationship cause to me it's unethical to date your sister ex husband, especially when your sister married him. Plus Phoebe would never allow it and if it Cole was sane I wouldn't date another family member.

  • #32

    Zoe (Saturday, 12 July 2014 08:09)

    I agree with Julie Prue and Cole are a really bad idea.

  • #33

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