Charmed S10 to have a darker feel

Pat Shand was a guest in Ep. 23 of The CAC Show Podcast. Here is what he shared about S10:


Writing licensed characters:

  • PatShand: "Angel* was my first story ever published through IDW. It was only a short story. Angel was my favorite show ever pretty much. I’m a big Buffy/Angel Joss Whedon fan so when IDW gave me the opportunity to write those characters it was a dream come true for me and it was my first ever comic book experience. It’s like starting my career in the industry of with my dream come true."
  • TheCACShow: "So that pretty much launched your career."
  • PatShand: "Yeah. Angel is not a small book. Buffy and Angel and even Joss Whedon’s Serenity comics they sell a lot, they are big so it was super nice of the company to give me the chance to write these characters. It actually led to more things for me because it was a good stepping stone. But now that Zenescope is launching their new season of Charmed through CBS I had experience writing licensed characters through Angel so they offered me the chance to write Season 10 of Charmed which is what I’m now doing so it’s sort of a gift that keeps on giving for me."

Season 10 going darker:

  • TheCACShow: "So you are going to join the Charmed series?"
  • PatShand: "Correct yes I am the full writer on Charmed Season 10."
  • TheCACShow: "Can you give any spoilers out?"
  • PatShand: "Maybe not spoilers but the fans of Charmed are so vocal on twitter, they ask me so many questions. I have revealed a lot. Folks can see what I’m saying on Twitter and Tumblr. But I’ll say here that the story is going to be focusing more on demons than we have in recent Charmed seasons TV. The final seasons on Charmed got very light and more towards the fairytale kind of aspect but I want to bring it back to more the… I want it to be a bit darker; I want to mash the Season 3/Season 4 feel when you had Cole who was this really shady demon character who you never really knew if he was on the Charmed Ones’ side or not so I want to get back more to the feel that there’s actually danger awaiting these characters and that there are stakes. I am loving writing Charmed. The characters are so loved by fans that it’s just this big pressure on me but as soon as I write their voices come out of me cause I was a fan growing up too."

The duration of the Season:

  • PatShand: "We are relaunching and starting a new number 1 called Charmed Season 10 #1 and that will go from October this year for a couple of years going forward."

You can listen the whole podcast episode of TheCACShow in the following link: The CAC Show: Ep. 23 - The Hunger And Humor Of Pat Shand And Chuck Glass


* Pat wrote a story for Angel: Yearbook in 2011.