Pat answers S10 questions from the fans on Twitter

Below i have collected all the questions Pat answered yesterday on Twitter:


@tbell0116will we see more of future Wyatt and Chris?

@PatShandNo sir.

@paulruditisNow, now. Never say never.

@PatShand I didn't ;)

@tbell0116lol ok how about more of Patience/Prue.

@PatShand All four sisters are the leads of the series.


@EnemyOfFate I'm from the underworld but I really want to read the comics, any plans on going online/international? 

I'm next to positive we'll be on Comixology.


Any plot hints whatsoever? BTW so excited to see what happens, you seem awesome.

If I were a villain, I'd wonder why the Halliwell line constantly evades death, even after they die. And I'd fix that.


Can we expect to see new powers this season, from the sisters or others?

Others, yes. The sisters? Eh. They'll use their existing powers in interesting and innovative ways.

I was SHOCKED I got approval on something that Paige orbs in #1. I did a little dance after that happened. knows.


which issue/issues are you writing now?

#2 & #4 kind of simultaneously. Deadline for #2 is far off so I'm writing what feels natural, popping here & there.


will we get to see the kids in this season?



Will we get to see at least one returning guest star from the TV show who wasn't in Season 9?

Ohhhh yeah.


Will we get to see at least one guest star who was new in season nine returning in season ten?

Hmmmm. Probably maybe.


Is there any chance of special issues (holiday themed, extra long, annuals) similar to what is done with GFT?

Chance, yes, but there are no plans. Yet.


Are there any pencilers and/or colorists that might be returning to work on a season ten?

No, the art team will be entirely new.


Will and be continuing their work on the with the new season?

For sure, they're staples!


Okay slightly more spoilerish. Will we get to see Victor and Sam (in general, but mostly) interact in season ten?

No plans. The core cast is already so expansive, you know? But who knows, if it comes up organically maybe.


is season 10 going to be more demon oriented or more family oriented? Really hoping for phoebes family to grow.

Those aren't mutually exclusive things. There will certainly not be more additions to their already expansive household though.