Titles for S9 #0-5 (German Translation)

Update: It seems that not only the Variant but the Regular cover for Volume 1 of the German Translation is out now (Panini's official site still says it's out on the 29th).


Below are the titles for the first 5 issues and bonus story in German and translated:

German Translation Original Title
#0 Das Buch der Schatten ... 4 The Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows
#1 Charmed - Es geht weiter! ... 30 Charmed - It goes on!
Charmed Lives
#2 Eine Hexe schläft nie ... 52 A Witch never sleeps No Rest for the Wicca
#3 Die verlorenen Unschuldigen ... 76 The lost Innocents Innocents Lost
#4 Sterbliche Bedrohung ... 100 Mortal Threat Mortal Enemies
#5 Unnatuerliche Einsaetze ... 124 Unnatural Inserts Unnatural Resources
Geboren als Warren ... 148 Born as Warren To The Warren Born
Cover Galerie ... 156 Cover Gallery Cover Gallery
There is no mention when Volume 2 will be released.