Elisa Feliz's Charmed S10 news post

Elisa updated her DeviantART journal with the news that she is the new penciller for Charmed:

  • I've been keeping this quiet for over a year and I can finally share the big news with you guys. I've been chosen as the new penciller for "CHARMED", Published by Zenescope Entertainment and CBS!
    CHARMED: SEASON TEN #1: No Country for Old Ones is written by Pat Shand, colored by Valentina Cuomo, lettered by Jim Campbell, and edited by Paul Ruditis.
  • Ever since they came to me with this offer I had been doing some samples for them and it's been a lot of fun. Charmed was one of the shows that my brother and I used to watch together everyday when we were teenagers, so I'm very excited about this opportunity. Never thought I'd get this far. X