Tumblr/Twitter answers #3 & new ad


Anonymous asked: Hi pat! can we hope for Billie to return? Sha has redeem herself and her friendship with the sisters was a good thing in my opinion. Sure the character was not always good written but she was still cool and interesting. It's sad that her bond with the sisters was not included in season 9, except for one panel, especially when we know that in the future she'll be "part" of the family.

  • Pat Shand: No Billie this season, unless my plan drastically changes. X

Anonymous asked: hello Pat, I saw your post on twitter about people who discriminate others, and i was wondering if you would consider including one day a gay character in the Charmed universe?

  • Pat Shand: There are already plans. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Elisa. Which issue of Charmed are you working on now? Can you share the pencils of the charmed 1 preview that has been shown? The likeness of the characters look very good!

  • Elisa Feliz: Thank you! I just started drawing Issue 2 from season 10. I can’t post any pencils myself yet, but once I can show some stuff I’ll post it on my fb page so you can see it. X

Anonymous asked: Which Halliwell sister is the hardest to draw and which is the easiest in your opinion?

  • Elisa Feliz: Well, for me the hardest one has been Phoebe with the long hair look. And the easiest likeness has been Paige’s. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I'm so exited for Charmed Season 10!! And I have lot of questions.. Just like: will we learn more about Cole's family? Will see more of Tyler? Penny and Patty know about Prue's new life?

  • Pat Shand: Let's see. Yes, probs, yes. X



Pat Shand: The cover for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #3 is one of my favorite covers for anything I've written, ever. is bringing the A-game. X

David Seidman: Thanks! It's honestly one of my favorites as well. Can't wait to show it off. X

: Oooh I wonder which character(s) will be on it :) X

Pat Shand: Paige! X


Below is a new Season 10 ad found in Grimm Fairy Tales #101 by StoryGirl83