Tumblr & Twitter Answers #4 



Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I'm so exited for Charmed Season 10!! And I have lot of questions.. Just like: will we learn more about Cole's family? Will see more of Tyler? Penny and Patty know about Prue's new life?

  • Pat Shand: Let's see. Yes, probs, yes. X

Anonymous asked: Which is your favorite Charmed power?

  • Pat Shand: Before I began scripting, I would’ve said Piper’s molecular immobilization/combustion… or maybe even a demonic fireball. However, after writing #1, the answer is and always will be orbing. Orbing is the coolest. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, how does Charmed cupids know so much about people they have just met, are they both empathic and telepathic or does the ring act as a informational source?

  • Pat Shand: I think that’s a great question, but I’m not gonna answer it or general mythology questions like that. There have already been occasions where a pre-existing but unexplained part of the mythology has helped when I thought up a use for it, so I’ll keep this one nice and open! X

Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, is it in your plans to use Charon the soul collector? she sounds so promising that it's a shame the writers never used her for a bigger story arc :(

  • Pat Shand: Nah, that’s dipping a bit beyond the confines of relevance, I think. There are far too many other characters I want to include that I think are more interesting. X

Anonymous asked: Hi, I've a little question about charmed season 10: are we get to know something more Phoebe's third child? ps, sorry for my english but i'm a belgian fan :)

  • Pat Shand: Nope, not in the plan. X

Anonymous asked: Totally hypothetical... if you were to write a story about one of the Halliwell's relatives/ancestors: Patty, Grams, Melinda etc. Who's story would you be most interested in delving into?

  • Pat Shand: Hm… I think Grams is probably one of the most unexplored characters. I say that because she’s often mean, almost to the point of being cruel, and that’s never really addressed, much less delved into. There have been many, many times where I’ve questioned her motives. X



What, no, writing the end of Charmed #3 made YOU cry. X

are we to prepare for incoming feels?

Not in the way I think anyone is expecting -- LEAST OF ALL ME -- but mabes.


I was wondering ...Will Patience look the same as we left her in S9? X No. She'll have different tattoos on her arm.