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Anonymous asked: How will you expand Phoebe's powers? She's the only sister for some reason to always have the most limits to her powers.

  • Pat Shand: I feel like a good majority of the questions that I get here are about powers and kids. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I have no interest in expanding any of the sister’s power sets or expanding their families. Their powers are huge and have increased, changed, evolved, etc. every season. It’s getting to be too much and there is no drama when writing a story about three all-powerful witches. The drama and the humanity is that their powers are limited, and can function as metaphors for who they are as people. Their strengths need weaknesses. Thus, I want to explore their powers and watch them learn new ways to utilize their already existing powers rather than expand, expand, expand until they’re gods. X

Anonymous asked: Will we see them individually or collectively bonding with Prue? For a sister they've mourned for years, we didn't really see any bonding moments from them.

  • Pat Shand: The lack of bonding moments between the sisters and Prue is a vital plot point of the majority of (if not the entire) season. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Im from Chile, I have some questions to you about Charmed :) - Can be Prue visited in the nexus by her sisters? any chance she use their astral projection to visit the manor? I really enjoy the storylines where Prue live a new life in the real word because in the series (first three seasons) she really wanted be a great witch but live a life too. Thaks for your time! (sorry for my english) :)

  • Pat Shand: Hey, Charmed fan from Chile! Your English is perfectly understandable. I can’t really answer your questions, though, except that they are central aspects of Prue’s character arc. Answers to those questions will be explored throughout the whole season and will have ramifications on all of the leads. X




Cole is the most fun to write when he's being a complete dick. X

oh no... ha ha

Not to Phoebe!


As character-driven as is going to be, this is the most heavily I've ever plotted something. X

Sometimes, Robyn Hood is damn near freestyle because of its strong emphasis on character and dialogue. X

And the plots for Grimm Fairy Tales are more straight forward to accommodate the huge cast and concentration on visuals. X

But with Charmed, each page is doing something very, very specific. Scripting Charmed is akin to putting together a puzzle. X

Piece by piece, sometimes out of traditional order. X


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    p3nathan (Monday, 08 September 2014 15:32)

    I'm assuming the first question is related to Phoebe not being able to use her Empathy on the soldiers in the season 9 finale because they had no emotions. I know that caused a big commotion with some fans on Charmed wiki. I don't see why it's a big deal to be honest. It's not like we saw the sisters use every single power they have in the final battle. Phoebe got to fly which I personally think is super cool! It wouldn't really make much sense for the soldiers to have memories or emotions since they were made from inanimate things, so it made sense.

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    Frankie (Monday, 08 September 2014 20:14)

    I didn't like how Phoebe's powers were portrayed in the finale. Their powers were supposed to be at max level yet the only thing Phoebe could do was fly? I would like for her powers to be on a level with her sisters. At maximum level I would think her powers would allow her to create painful emotions to evoke on someone and be able to channel powers on a larger scale

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    p3nathan (Tuesday, 09 September 2014 02:58)

    But then how would that be Empathy? Empathy is about what other people are feeling and channeling it... if the emotions are there for her to work with like with Cal or Neena, then absolutely, but if she's just creating them from nowhere, that's not empathic to me.
    And all she could do was fly? Flying is awesome. Just because she can't kill with it doesn't mean it isn't a cool power.
    I've already said how Empathy against inanimate soldiers wouldn't make sense and I imagine Premonition would evolve further down the astral premonition route, though I don't see how that could have worked into the issue.

    As far as I'm concerned, she is on the same level as her sisters now. Her attack on Neena showed that.

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    Frankie (Tuesday, 09 September 2014 06:23)

    Her attacking Neena knocked her out too though. I always felt that if someone pointed a gun in Phoebe's face, she won't be able to do anything about it. Piper can freeze and Paige and Prue can just remove the gun. Phoebe would have to sneak behind the assailant to attack and I doubt someone would willingly let her do that,she can't levitate faster than a bullet, her only defense would be a quick spell. I understand the issue with the fake soldiers, but we know Phoebe can also manipulate an other beings magic, which she should've been able to do against them

    Creating painful/torturous emotions would still be empathy because she's still manipulating someone's emotions but at maximum strength it's not too far-fetched too imagine her doing that. Also her intuition should be increased

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    AaRoN_89 (Tuesday, 09 September 2014 20:06)

    I liked that vulnerability in Phoebe. She was the sister to the less active power and therefore she had to combine her power with a more physical aspect. One of my favorite powers, after telekinesis, it was levitation and from the moment that Phoebe levitated, I was wanting to see her soar into the air more than a moment. That glorious moment to see her kicking ass while rising in the air, I loved. I think flying is a pretty cool power.
    However, what Pat says is understandable, the attractive kit of Charmed was their vulnerability as individuals and the limitation of their powers. Knowing that they could be overcome and not become Goddesses where with a finger movement they can eliminate the demons. That makes the complexity of the plot more attractive by the extreme situations of a demon over them and their powers.

    Empathy to some degree, is a kind of unspoken telepathy. Emotional intent is a language to which Phoebe can anticipate as Prue made ​​with Vinceres.
    That aspect can turn Phoebe an unstoppable fighter, which would great with her mastery of martial arts. Here Phoebe can bring something different, unique, as she did previously. First as a psychic witch and then as the fighter.
    Second, the power of empathy could evolve expansiveness. She initially has a very short radius of empathy. Prue itself dominated emotions almost the entire city. As Phoebe begins to deal with this emotional expansion, which it would be very hard for her at first, her powers also start to grow.

    Her power of premonition may evolve into remote viewing, in which she doesn´t requires to have visions in her mind but that these visions can interact in her physical reality that she can only see. Likewise, in states of greater expansiveness, she might know all the potential next future possibilities, turning in these exceptions, a super visionary that it would bring many paradoxes to the evolution of the character. And then, the momentary projection of herself through time.
    Levitation evolve toward permanence and mastery of levitation in the air like it is flying and uplifting others in contact with her, as it already happens.
    However, this expansive emotional connection can bring an increase in physical strength in Phoebe. Perhaps more energizing in which she has a greater resilience against demons, strength and ability to regenerate. This type of emotional strength, power, energetic and therefore physical, it is also seen in Prue.

    So I think that here, in her usual powers and its expansions, there is much to digest and put Phoebe to a level equal of her sisters, but as always, in her line and unique style, different.

    Tune with the emotion of demons and thus tune with their powers is a good idea and it makes sense. But I remember when Prue changed her power with the darklighter and she understood that the emotion that activates his power was hate. An unappetizing emotion to deal with to achieve those powers. However, as a method of exceptions in situations that require it, it is plausible that Phoebe may have other powers, entering into their emotional field, that after all is only one, hate.

    I think it is not about give them more and more powers, but to develop well they already have and give them a meaningful explanation, following maintaining that aura of vulnerability and humanity and combining their powers as something unique in each one of them.


  • #6

    Frankie (Wednesday, 10 September 2014 06:24)

    @Aaron_89 I really don't want any of the sisters to get new powers because that'll just be too much. I already don't like Piper's new power to melt things (it seems like more of a demonic power) I would just like to see Phoebe offensively/defensively hold her own without the help of her sisters.

  • #7

    AaRoN_89 (Wednesday, 10 September 2014 19:51)

    @Frankie Absolutely, I feel the same.

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