Review: Charmed Season 10 Issue #1


Pat Shand gave CharmedComicFan10 the amazing opportunity to post the first review for Charmed Season 10 Issue #1 “No Country for Old Ones”.

I’ve been waiting the return of the Charmed Ones for 2 years now and I can’t tell you how excited I was to read the first issue.


Starting the issue we get a quick summary of who the Charmed Ones are and what happened after Prue returned in Season 9. After the memory refresh we dive right into the action, as Pat promised. The Charmed Ones are against an Old One, who has been targeting the sisters for some time now. In fact the issue is full of action and if you love when the sisters fight demons, use their powers and cast spells (I’m one of you), you will be very much pleased.

Action is not the only thing we get in Issue #1. There are a lot of comedic moments with some hilarious lines (especially from Paige) spread through the issue that made me laugh out loud; and there are also moments of the sisters in the manor chatting and planning their next move that made me feel all nostalgic. And then hints of what’s coming next and a mystery in the making wrap up everything nicely in a bow of “I want to read the next issue!”.

Pat’s writing for the characters feels “Charmed”. The voice of each character is distinct and I could tell that this is something Piper or Phoebe would say. There are also nods to the past of the series and names of characters mentioned such as Grams' that make everything feel familiar. The pacing of the story is clever and while it takes place during a 3 month period it doesn't feel rushed or hard to follow.


I really believe the art team combination of Elisa Feliz and Valentina Cuomo is one of the best in the Charmed comics so far. The characters, backgrounds and locations are beautifully drawn and the main characters are easily recognizable with some really nice likenesses. As for Prue/Patience, Elisa's version is by far my favorite with Prue's hair being back to a short pixie cut and her tattoos being remade to a stylish design that includes wiccan symbols. Valentina’s coloring of the powers and magical effects used in the issue such as fireballs and Paige’s orb shield is a highlight.


On the whole, this is the issue we’ve been waiting for, which serves as a very promising introduction to the new season of the story of the four sisters.

Look forward to the October 8th release of Charmed Season 10 Issue #1.

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Comments: 33
  • #1

    StoryGirl83 (Saturday, 27 September 2014 05:17)

    First off, wow on the honor he gave you. I envy you the chance to be the first person to read it outside of those directly connected to Zenescope and CBS. I'm very excited to find out what happens in a week and a half.

  • #2

    Pat Shand (Saturday, 27 September 2014 06:01)

    Hey, thanks!

  • #3

    p3nathan (Saturday, 27 September 2014 12:00)

    Sure you don't want to spoil anything? ...just kidding ;)
    I'm so jealous, but good to read this review. Sounds like my feelings of security and excitement about where Pat is going to take Charmed were very much justified :) If I could pre-order every single issue of the season, I would.
    I mostly waited for volumes last season (mainly because I wasn't aware of a UK comic site which did the separate issues until like half way through the third arc) and I'll get the volumes anyway, but I'm really looking forward to following season 10 month by month, issue by issue. And due to that, I am determined to avoid spoilers this time round, since I won't be waiting so long :P

    Bring of season 10!!!!

  • #4

    TomTom (Saturday, 27 September 2014 13:39)

    This sounds sooo great!
    And I have to wait sooo long. xD In Germany I have to wait for the volumes, the single comics won't be published here. At least it was handled in this way with season 9...
    But I'm still so happy that "Charmed" lives on. :)


  • #5

    Jluengo (Saturday, 27 September 2014 23:20)

    Ohh! I like the review, this season sounds great! Im happy to have the confirmation of Prue`s presence in the issue! :)

  • #6

    Maria (Sunday, 28 September 2014 12:37)

    So the issue covers 3 months, how much time passed from last season. I do hope Paige or her sisters visited Prue at her manor, I mean its not like she cant be visited.

  • #7

    Henry (Sunday, 28 September 2014 15:12)

    I'm so exited!!! charmedcomicnews10, can you tell us something about Prue?? not too spoilery.. i don't know something like.. what's her role in this issue??

  • #8

    charmedcomicfan10 (Sunday, 28 September 2014 17:14)

    @Maria Pat has revealed that the issue takes place about 1 year after the s9

    @henry Prue as the issue summary says is asked by her sisters for
    help. Sorry, can't say anything more.

  • #9

    TomTom (Sunday, 28 September 2014 17:36)

    Ehm, I'm a little bit confused... how much time passed by between the finale of season 8 and the beginning of season 9? One year? Oh, no... one and a half, right?
    So...the 10th season plays in 2009/2010?? o.O

    Piper would be 37, Phoebe 35 and Paige 33...? Aprox... and Prue would be 40 in her old body, but in her new one she's... how old?? xD

    Daaamn, I don't get it, please help me! I'm awful in mathematics... ^^

  • #10

    Pat Shand (Sunday, 28 September 2014 19:58)

    "not too spoilery.. i don't know something like.. what's her role in this issue??"

    ...Which is a spoiler! Prue appears. That's all!

    "Ehm, I'm a little bit confused... how much time passed by between the finale of season 8 and the beginning of season 9? One year? Oh, no... one and a half, right?
    So...the 10th season plays in 2009/2010?? o.O"

    It's going to give readers aneurisms if we tried to nail this down to a specific year. It's easier to look at it in context of the Charmed stories that came before rather than a year.

  • #11

    p3nathan (Sunday, 28 September 2014 22:00)

    I just get a buzz out of the fact that it'll be Prue's fifth season of Charmed... who would've thought it? :D

  • #12

    charmedcomicfan10 (Sunday, 28 September 2014 22:10)

    @tomtom i've tried to make a timeline in the original charmedcomicfan.
    It may not be very specific but its the best i could do. It may help
    And i've also started one for S10
    If my calculations are correct S10 takes place in 2010 with the time specifics
    given in the comics.

  • #13

    Jluengo (Sunday, 28 September 2014 23:04)

    This sounds really great! and P3nathan... you are right! is Prue's fifth season, I waited for her return for so long... i remember seeing "Forever charmed" waiting see her at last in a picture... but see her in the last season (season 9) it was wonderful, although she was not in her own body, her personality was the same! :)

  • #14

    Elise (Tuesday, 30 September 2014 03:50)

    I forgot that it is Prue's fifth season of charmed. I agree season 9 really made me happy, with Prue's return, I dont care if she doesn't look like her. Its a comic, not a tv show, so that doesn't bother me. Her personality is all that matters.

    So it is 2010 now in the timeline, since it was May 2006 in Forever Charmed, season 9 started 18 months later, thats November 2007, time-jumps to Phoebe's child being born, that pushes it to 2009. So a year later, makes it 2010 indeed as others have pointed out.

    So where only about 5 years off, from having the comics set in real-time. I'd love season 11, if we ever get one to jump forward to whatever time period it is in real-time, but by then all the charmed ones will be in their 40's.

  • #15

    Julie (Tuesday, 30 September 2014 22:15)

    I think Forever Charmed in the Charmed Verse would be around March cause that's when they finished wrapping up 8 even though it wasn't until May that it was aired.

  • #16

    pruesthebest (Friday, 03 October 2014 17:57)

    Shannen doherty has been to all of the comic cons and seem to be very much involved w/ charmed, have anyone approached her about using her likeness in the comics? I don't understand it.

  • #17

    p3nathan (Saturday, 04 October 2014 14:37)

  • #18

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 04 October 2014 18:31)

    Someone is lying if she said herself that she was not asked...

  • #19

    p3nathan (Monday, 06 October 2014 18:18)

    Well unless Zenescope are really eager to get sued by Shannen's lawyers, I'm inclined to believe them to be honest.

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