Holly and Brian talk about the comics

Holly Marie Combs, Brian Krause and Shannen Doherty were at the Charmed Panel at Austin Comic Con some days ago and a fan asked them about the Charmed Comics. Below i have made a transcript of the discussion. The sound quality of the video is not the best and there are some places i could not hear what was said (i marked those as ???).

Source Video: Charmed panel 10042014 pt 2 (Austin Comic Con) - at 4:00

  • Fan: What do you think of the comic continuation published by Zenescope?
  • Holly: Hmm…  Its covers are beautiful. Inside I’m really not sure who’s who. It’s just a little…(???). And... (???) of the boobs. I mean, I’m not hating those but… It’s interesting.
  • Shannen: (???)
  • Brian to Shannen: You haven’t seen, I’m a stud in that comic book!
  • Holly: As i said, it’s hard to tell who’s who. I meant Julian… (???)
  • Presenter: I’m going to have to check those out.
  • Holly: Yeah, the covers are beautiful.
  • Shannen: I’m going to have to check them out, too.
  • Holly: Some of the covers are my favorite artwork from the show.