Cover: Charmed Season 10 #4

After the NYCC signing Pat Shand shared David Seidman's cover for #4:

  • As a big THANK YOU for an awesome signing, here's the cover for CHARMED: Season Ten #4 by the incredible @seidmanart X

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  • #1

    excalibur90 (Saturday, 11 October 2014 20:57)

    The best Piper cover! Its amazing!

  • #2

    Julie (Saturday, 11 October 2014 21:37)

    I like the cover!

  • #3

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 11 October 2014 21:40)

    Will we ever get a cover w/ prue on it???

  • #4

    p3nathan (Saturday, 11 October 2014 23:14)

    Such a cool cover and another dark one too, which is awesome!

    This is only the fourth issue, Phoebe was alone on issue 2 and Paige was alone on issue 3, so we were obviously going to have Piper on issue 4. There's plenty of time for other characters to feature... issue 5 for example is apparently going to be very Cole-centric; so odds are, we can expect to see him on the cover at least.

  • #5

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 11 October 2014 23:41)

    It would be interesting to see prue on a cover... but what's even more interesting is finding out more about her magical abilities...

  • #6

    Gc (Sunday, 12 October 2014 01:10)

    Maybe Prue and Cole will share the cover for 5...

  • #7

    p3nathan (Sunday, 12 October 2014 01:47)

    It'd make sense, they are after all in the same place.

  • #8

    PatShand (Sunday, 12 October 2014 04:47)

    Real quickly, I spoke too soon about #5 being the most Cole-centric story. I've spread that all out over the first arc instead of putting it all in #5. Something happens in #5 that made that change necessary, because focusing so much on Cole would've been... inappropriate, considering? You'll see.

    Anyway, the fifth cover will feature the Charmed Ones together. I do eventually want a Cole cover and a Prue cover, though.

  • #9

    pruesthebest (Sunday, 12 October 2014 13:13)

    Oh, yes... i would love a prue cover very much. @patshand... im sure w/ prues power and all she can glamour herself to look like herself. Idk, shannen seems interested in charmed and i think it's kind of unfair to us fans to not see her as we know her. Or is this like a secret? You guys now have the rights and you're just teasing us because you don't want to spoil anything???

  • #10

    charmedcomicfan10 (Sunday, 12 October 2014 13:18)

    @pruesthebest Shannen's likeness can't be in the comics. It has been
    said a lot of times that they can't. Zenescope has released an announcement
    in the past that you can read here:

  • #11

    p3nathan (Sunday, 12 October 2014 16:26)

    @Pat Shand- Ah okay, I did think that #5 might be a group cover with it being the end of the arc.

  • #12

    Atlan (Sunday, 12 October 2014 22:30)

    Love the cover, Piper for the win!

  • #13

    PatShand (Monday, 13 October 2014 04:08)

    "Shannen seems interested in charmed and i think it's kind of unfair to us fans to not see her as we know her."

    She's not interested in the comics. Despite what she tweeted, she declined. That's it. We've said this many times. It's really pretty simple.

  • #14

    njc3490 (Monday, 13 October 2014 05:45)

    @Patshand @charmedcomicfan10 @pruesthebest as I stated in the other comments, I think a lot of it has to do a lot with money- shannen probably has a specified amount in her contract that if they were to use her image she'd have to get paid x- amount of money regarding anything charmed related- which is why you never saw her pic on the show, why she may have declined the comics (not enough money) I doubt zenescope and CBS is paying any of the actors for their likeness and when shannen heard they weren't paying she declined- im just assuming but it could very well be.
    around 15:56 holly mentions paying for shannens likeness in the comics

    Brad says Shannen wasn't back for financial reasons.

    Most evidence points to money- i once heard or read that every time her face appeared on the show after she was gone they'd have to pay a set fee because she "owned" the rights to her character (or maybe it was her image which makes sense.) Which is why with cat house they used a body double and didnt show the face cause if it were shannen (even her back) or her face they would have had to pay her.

  • #15

    pruesthebest (Monday, 13 October 2014 17:14)

    @patshand... ok... it wouldn't hurt to try again. Anyway, i don't believe i've read anything about why she chosed to not have her likeness used. Which is why i asked. But i thank you for clearing that up.

  • #16

    TomTom (Monday, 13 October 2014 18:31)

    Hm...the cover is cool. I like the dark tones in "Charmed" so much...
    But why such a bust size? xD It looks so strange on Piper. A little bit deformed. ^^

  • #17

    p3nathan (Monday, 13 October 2014 18:38)

    Not gonna lie... I did think the same. :P

  • #18

    TomTom (Monday, 13 October 2014 18:42)

    They're bigger than her head. o.O

  • #19

    TomTom (Monday, 13 October 2014 18:50)

    I wonder the whole time, which power Piper is using in this picture... Now I got it! She can create breast implants! And get a huge demand how you can see...
    Haha. :D

  • #20

    matteo (Monday, 13 October 2014 20:36)

    I noticed the same thing the first time I ha watched it, I guess it's because of her position.

  • #21

    Scott21 (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 16:16)

    I simply don't understand How can be Shannen so cruel with the fans? :( She goes to the Charmed Convention but she cant let them use their likeness... She wouldn't have to do anything just simly sign a contract thats all

  • #22

    pruesthebest (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 17:30)

    I agree @scott21... now i understand what is going w/ that situation which i wish was completely different... it's a very awkward situation.

  • #23

    p3nathan (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 20:36)

    Cover speculation: Zombies?

  • #24

    charmedcomicfan10 (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 20:42)

    It does bring the zombies concept to mind

  • #25

    chloefan03 (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 23:44)

    Do we know if we'll have the summary or it's too spoilerish and we'll have to wait to read issue 3?

  • #26

    p3nathan (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 08:35)

    I think Pat said he can't share anything about this issue early without spoiling #3...other than the cover obviously.

  • #27

    excalibur90 (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 13:06)

    I think that in issue 3 Fritz and Valen with their ancient athame destroyed Pipers soul so she is in afterlife or in another dimension. I think that in the cover Piper fight with ghosts.

  • #28

    pruesthebest (Thursday, 16 October 2014 22:58)

    Nooooooo to there possibly being a cole/prue relationship. This will definitely shake things up in the worst way.

  • #29

    pruefan4life (Friday, 17 October 2014 06:15)

    @pruesthebest Not necessarily.

  • #30

    pruesthebest (Friday, 17 October 2014 13:51)

    @pruefan4life... im all for prue finding happiness but idk how to feel about that particular situation.

  • #31

    pruefan4life (Saturday, 18 October 2014 03:52)

    @pruesthebest although a cole/prue relationship might seem strange, i think it can work if we readers see it develop organically. in a sense, cole is the only person who can understand what prue has been through since her death in "all hell breaks loose." not even her sisters have that level of understanding ... of having been stuck between life and death. that connection that is unique to the both of them, i think, can be powerful enough for feelings to take root. this doesn't mean romance is guaranteed, only that such a connection can make romance possible.

  • #32

    Henry (Saturday, 18 October 2014 09:22)

    @pruefan4life It's exactly what I think!!

  • #33

    chloefan03 (Sunday, 19 October 2014 04:49)

    Personally i always thought that Prue/Cole's relationship during season 3 was far more interesting that Phoebe/Cole., so i'm really happy of their scenes during season 9 and i'm even more excited for season 10 because of this bond after their tense but funny and excitting reelationship during season 3. So go on Pat!

  • #34

    cyma (Sunday, 19 October 2014 09:46)

    @pruesthebest: whatever you said :-) Can't wait to see...well read whatever Pat comes up with. Be it Prue/Cole or the dark season 10 story line...whatever. Just bring it on!

  • #35

    pruesthebest (Sunday, 19 October 2014 18:04)

    @patshand will phoebe gain the pyrokinesis power like she had in season 2 when her pastlife, p.russell had the power and or will prue ever get that cryokinesis like her pastlife p.bowen???

  • #36

    Jean (Monday, 20 October 2014 13:46)


    I know alot of fans who thought what if they had Prue/Cole instead of Phoebe/Cole right from the start of season 3, as the season 3 love storyline.

  • #37

    StoryGirl83 (Tuesday, 21 October 2014 03:48)

    @Jean @Chloefan03 - Yeah, I know fans who thought that Prue and Cole (aka the then dating Shannen and Julian) had more chemistry than Phoebe and Cole did. I can see the chemistry when I watch it, but I think it would be weird if Prue hooks up with her sister's ex-husband. I'm sure Pat knows that, so if he decides to do something along those veins, I think he will be careful. He's set it up for maybe, so I guess we will see as the season unfolds. Cole (as of mid season nine) is just at the point where he's getting over Phoebe, and even then you wonder if he's over her or not. But it's been about two years in universe since we've really seen anything of the relationship between Phoebe and Cole, so he may well have moved on from her in that time, now that he sees she's happy (his goal in season seven, even if it couldn't be with him).

  • #38

    Julie (Tuesday, 21 October 2014 15:17)

    Cole may have truly moved on but has Phoebe truly moved on? What would it do if Cole hooked up with Prue how would this affect Phoebe's friendship with him so far in the series and what will it do to her and Prue's relationship as sisters. Seems like a very risky storyline if you ask me

  • #39

    p3nathan (Tuesday, 21 October 2014 19:53)

    "Cole may have truly moved on but has Phoebe truly moved on?"

    Frankly, that really shouldn't be his problem anymore. And yeah, it would be risky... that's why it's called drama.
    Perhaps they'll just have a thing. Doesn't have to be a life long serious thing. Two hot people, alone, feeling cut off from everyone else. They can relate to each other a lot. Doesn't mean they have to get married and have lots of babies. Perhaps they'll just comfort each other a little in the present.
    I don't understand this notion that it'd destroy relationships if it happens. It'd probably stir some conflict, sure, but characters work through these things and they usually grow. When was the last time the sisters had an actual something more substantial than not being fond of one of their boyfriends? Even if Prue and Cole just had one night of passion, I think it'd raise a hell of a lot of interesting stuff.

  • #40

    p3nathan (Wednesday, 22 October 2014 09:54)

    And as for whether or not Phoebe has moved on from him... she's the one that got married and had two kids. Plus, again, I remind everyone of her "I thought you were dead and I felt nothing" speech. She doesn't then get to dictate Cole's personal life; sorry, she just doesn't.

  • #41

    TomTom (Wednesday, 22 October 2014 12:55)

    It has nothing to do with the realtionship between Phoebe and Cole, I think. I know, it's over. It has to do with the relationship between Phoebe and PRUE. This is the fact I don't like about this idea...

  • #42

    Julie (Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:30)

    Five was a screwed up season when Kern's people took over the writing duties. I mean really don't know why all of the sudden Phoebe wanted to divorce Cole and all that stuff.

  • #43

    p3nathan (Friday, 24 October 2014 03:14)

    You don't know how it will impact on their relationship though. As has been established in this discussion... some would be really upset, some would be able to work through it. So why not find out whether the sisters have a strong enough bond to work through it?

    As for season 5...Agreed. But it happened, they can't pretend otherwise.

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