Volume 2 Titles + Charmed #4 Solicit

Pat made a Tumblr post about the Charmed Season 10 #4 Summary and the titles for the upcoming issues of Season 10 Volume 2. You can read Pat's full post in this link X

  • You guys are tripping. Hard.

    Okay, so here’s what was posted:

    There’s been talk that this solicit is fake, we wouldn’t have written it, etc etc. Someone said that “Charmed Assault” is a fake title because I said the title of #4 would be a spoiler.

    All wrong. Never said that.

    The title of the fifth issue is a spoiler. The only reason I didn’t tell you guys the name of the fourth issue was because I thought I already did. Here’s the shape of things to come:


    1 - No Country for Old Ones

    2 - Magically Malicious 

    3 - The Perks of Being a Whitelighter 

    4 - Charmed Assault

    5 - Not sayin’.

    6 - Will o’ the Witch


    7 - Hard Knox Life

    8 - Love is a Burning Thing

    9 - Haste Makes Wasteland

    10 - The Curious Case of… eh, not sayin’

    11/12 - Still working these out

    So there are all the titles.

    Now, the solicit? Is it fake? Eh, yes and no. I wrote it, but Zenescope didn’t know what “Phole” or “shipper” meant, and assumed that no one else did either. They changed the solicit to this:

    That is the real, official solicit. However, I’m glad you guys saw the first version, because it did exactly what I wanted. It got you guys talking, and it reflects the issue in a better way. I don’t really know what the final sentence of the real solicit is supposed to mean there, to be honest. 

    The intention was to get you talking, to get you excited, even scared. And it worked! Someone said that if I get Phoebe together with Cole, she will “fucking sabotage the comics FOREVER.”

    Which I think is an awesome and hilarious threat.

    But anyway, it’s a solict. Read into it what you will. They’re designed to get this exact kind of conversation going.