Out Today - Charmed S10 #2

Charmed #2 is available today!

I have opened the Spoilers page for the issue here.

You can read a review (spoiler warning) from TheGeekality here.

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    p3strong (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 16:38)

    I read it! Amazing! Every time I read/imagine Prue I imagine Portia DeRossi! She's Prue to me now! When I read the comics- I see it in my mind as if it were playing on TV. I see Portia and Julian acting off each other! Going back to the Nip/Tuck days ;)

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    cyma (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 18:17)

    I'm still stuck on S4 but so far every interaction of Julian's with any female has been amazing. Fully clothed parts I mean :P I hope you posted a detailed summary which I shouldn't be reading but will read it anyway.