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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. I'm re-reading Charmed Season 9 and I'm currently a little bit confused about the role of Alexi the Seer.. Why did she help Rennek even if she knew that she would be killed by him? and then she helped the Charmed Ones to fix everything.. Why? I'm asking that to you (and not to Paul Ruditis) because I'd like to know if you have some plans about her.. Or her story is officially closed?

  • Pat Shand: I have no plans for her. That’s a question for Paul. X

Anonymous asked: what can we expect from Phoebe's powers this season?

  • Pat Shand: I’ve answered the question about their powers a lot. There will be some creative use on their parts, but I’m not fond of the focus on their powers growing and growing. I’m focusing more on the characters and the family itself rather than developing their already astronomical power sets. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, i wanted to know if the sales of the first two charmed comics (both physical and digital issues) are good or not?Thanks!

  • Pat Shand: CHARMED always sells way better in trade. It was a New York Times best seller a while back, and I hope we can do the same when we release Volume One. Single issue sales are significantly lower, but it’s not really my place to discuss sales, though. The information regarding the sales on #1 are public at this point, I believe. Check out Comic Chron. For the record, though, I don’t mind if people read it in singles, in trade, or digitally. I just want people to read the story and support the book. Thanks! X

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat, I love that you have Phoebe levitating (It was one of my favorite powers on the show) I'm curious if we'll ever see her use her empathy offensively/defensively like she did in the show?

  • Pat Shand: I wrote such a scene two nights ago. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I loved the first issues of charmed! I want to ask you if we will see anytime soon Piper using her molecular powers in more creative ways? Will she use her power of reversion?

  • Pat Shand: Thanks! If a handy power works for a story, it’ll end up in there. I can’t really say because I’ve had some surprises over the course of the series, where a character used a power I wasn’t planning on including. So we’ll see! X



Pat Shand: Volume One will be out sometime toward the middle-ish of next year, and it'll have #1-6. X

Pat Shand: Finishing up my first draft of CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6. This is a weird one! X

Pat Shand: So, about that CHARMED #5 cover. Two things... First, no one, despite anything you've seen or what I've said, is safe. Two: I wouldn't introduce an artifact like the Ancient Athame if death by it were reversible. The entire idea behind it is that dead = dead. The very purpose of the Athame is to raise the stakes in Charmed to a place where they've never been because of the soul mythology. X X X X

Valentina Cuomo posted some #2 interior pages in her blog X