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Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, I just finished the second issue, one word perfect! I have a question about Charmed comics! I was wondering if Wyatt and Piper still have the ability to wield Excalibur. (?)

  • Pat Shand: Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad it’s working for you. I referenced Excalibur and I’m thinking of using it a bit, but I’d want it to be for something specific which I’m still kind of working out. The status quo we left it with hasn’t changed, though. Sorry for the non-answer! X

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to check I'm right on something regarding Charmed. When the sisters were in the Nexus of the All, they got power boosts, but now that they're out that, their powers are back to normal, right? So for example Phoebe could fly while in The Nexus of the All, but in season 10 she's back to her standard Levitation. Have I got that right?

  • Pat Shand: Definitely. Even in the last scene of Season Nine, Paul showed that their power was dwindling. The Nexus of the All still has an effect on them that I’ll explore, but it’s not the same effect that it had in Nine. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, i want to ask you about charmed kids. Do you have any plans about them? Future Wyatt, Chris ? Also i was wondering if you could use (on comics) an actress to portray Future Melinda who would be? Thanks for your great job in the comics so far!

  • Pat Shand: Because of the gigantic cast, the kids are playing (with a few exceptions) a more background role this season. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Season 10 of Charmed is awsome so far and the covers are amazing! :) I was kinda wondering iif you could choose between your current situation writing season 10 or change the series history and write an alternate season (maybe rewrite season 4 or 5 etc...) what would you choose? Basically I'm curious is there anything you would change from the series?

  • Pat Shand: I’m content to be writing Season 10. If I had to go back, I’d maybe have them have fewer kids to diversify their parenting situations and to cut the current artists some slack — drawing that many kids is hard — but I’d rather be right where I am. X

Anonymous asked: What's the process that you go through with the comic covers? Do you give the artist a summary and let them go with their own imagination or do you have specific visions for covers that you put to them?

  • Pat Shand: It’s different with every book. With Robyn Hood and Grimm Fairy Tales, I’ve been able to suggest concepts and artists in the past. I usually submit about three or four per issue. Sometimes Zenescope calls me to workshop a cover concept, sometimes they go with mine as is, sometimes they go on their own or just do a pin-up. As far as who draws it, I usually won’t find that out or see the cover until right before we solicit. I used to be more involved in that, but now I only work editorial on a cover or two every few months. With Charmed, I give David the synopsis of the arc, he turns in a layout, I give it to CBS, either give him notes or approval, and then he does the final cover. He’s more of a Charmed veteran than I am, so there’d be no reason for me to write concepts for him. We learned that early on. He’s just got better cover ideas. X

Anonymous asked: Charmed : Season 10 #3 is... wow!! After this issue everything will be different (i suppose!!). I'd like to ask you so many things but I don't want to spoil anything. Just one thing... will we see Aidel again? He could be an interesting character...

  • Pat Shand: He’s in #4 and #5 so far. Anything beyond that is a spoiler. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, just read the thid issue of Charmed and it was amazing. I'm very interested in the ominous warning/prophecy in Prue's tattoo's and where it came from. Is that something that will be explored later?

  • Pat Shand: For sure. I wouldn’t introduce something so big and then just not explore it. X

scotth21 asked: Hi Pat! So far I love season 10 of Charmed! :) But i'm just wondering in the series final of Season 8 we saw the future of the Charmed Ones, but have you think about change somethings, maybe alternate the story a bit, or you are heading forward to the same future?

  • Pat Shand: Thanks for reading! You know… I kinda can’t answer that right now. I’m sorry! X