Release Dates - Charmed #7 & Vol 1

Charmed Season 10 #7 "Hard Knox Life"

  • Remember when the Charmed Ones defeated evil and lived a life of peace? Remember how the Charmed Ones defeated Gaxageal and prevented the rise of the Old Ones, all within the tidy confines of a single issue? Yeah, none of that worked.
  • Knox is back. Leo's life is on the line. Prue's getting all sorts of creepy. And a new, horrible, decidedly Old villain rises...

Release Date: 4/22/2015


Charmed Season 10 TP Vol 1

  • When an ancient evil older than time itself targets the Charmed Ones, the girls realize they'll need to enlist some additional help. Calling on the services of their estranged sister, Prue, and the former demon, Cole, they will face what is perhaps the most powerful enemy of their lives!
  • Collects CHARMED SEASON 10 #1-6!

Release Date: 4/29/2015


UPDATE: Previewsworld's Order Form was just released and it lists both #7 and Vol. 1 for a 04/15/15 release date. For know it is unclear which of these release dates are correct since all of them come from the same source.