MajorSpoilers' Special Interview with David Seidman

MajorSpoilers has a sneak peek of Charmed Season 10 #5 and an interview with David Seidman about his cover for the issue:

Special Interview with David Seidman with Charmed Season 10 #5
Charmed has had a lot of twists and turns in Season 10. In Issue #4, the Charmed Ones suffered a great loss – how did you convey that in the your cover for Season 5?
The Charmed Ones were really put through a lot of turmoil this season and issue #4 was literally the nail in the coffin. For the cover of issue #5, I think it was important to show how tired and defeated they are – something we rarely see from them on a cover. Everything from their expressions to the color palette help convey this low point in the Charmed universe.

Is there any specific inspiration you draw on when choosing what the cover will represent?
Pat Shand (writer for Charmed Season 10) is really good at supplying me with a synopsis and details for each upcoming issue. That helps a lot with where we want to take the cover and what we want the readers to get out of it before they even open the book.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming issues and what we can expect moving forward?
I was told that Pat (Shand) would break my fingers if I revealed anything, so I will keep quiet on all of his secrets for the Charmed Ones moving forward : )

Source: MajorSpoilers