Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed #5 (SPOILERS)

Charmed #5 is out today!

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue.

Please note that the interview contains spoilers so please avoid to read it if you don't want to be spoiled.

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CHARMED COMIC FAN: What would happen to Cole if he had decided to join Belthazor and accept his offer? Would he continue living and become half-demon again?

PAT SHAND: That’s something I purposely left ambiguous. Belthazor’s plan was desperate and there’s no proof that it would’ve worked, or if the conversation really happened at all. Which is a bad way to word it, for sure, but I’ll circle around back to that. There’s that quote from the final Harry Potter book, where Harry is between life and death, talking to Dumbledore. He asks Dumbledore if what’s happening to him is real, or if it’s all in his head. Dumbledore says, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” It’s a beautiful moment that worked both for that scene in Potter, but also for the readers. I didn’t draw on the comparison between Cole’s death and that scene until later, but I was moved when I thought of it. Even if the Belthazor scene was an effect of Cole’s mind dying – which I’d never say, totally up to the readers – it still gave Cole something vitally important. A choice and a final fight.


CHARMED COMIC FAN:  While Cole taking the hit for Coop was a heroic act, it was a split second decision as you described in our #4 interview. In #5 he has a chance to cheat death once more and doesn’t take it. Was denying Belthazor the true step to Cole’s redemption?

PAT: It was more of a statement than a step toward redemption. If Cole lived, he’d live the rest of his life (unlife? Pseudo-afterlife?) working toward atonement, knowing that it’s his actions that give him purpose and that atonement, for him, isn’t an end goal, isn’t the light at the end. It’s not something he can grasp. I want to be clear that he didn’t do this for atonement, not for himself. He did it for Phoebe.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Why did Valen say “This is how it feels like to win” before he died? His goal was to completely destroy the Charmed Ones and he failed. While he managed to kill Cole, Cole was never really his target.

PAT: He wanted to destroy the Charmed Ones, sure. He wanted to destroy at least one of them. In his mind, he did. Notice the beat he takes to look at Cole’s dying body before he lets himself realize that he’s won. He’s reveling in his destruction of Cole, and his perceived destruction of Phoebe as a result of that. In his mind, he got what he wanted.


CHARMED COMIC FAN:  While I think it is clear, just to make sure, was Valen’s soul destroyed after he lost the shillelagh or was he vanquished?

PAT: Yeah. I do want to avoid the word “soul” with demons, though, because the soul/essence semantics got a bit fuzzy. The Athame destroys who you are, the core of your being. Even demons have that. And Valen’s? Destroyed.


CHARMED COMIC FAN:  In the Nexus, why don’t the Charmed Ones and Coop notice the message on Prue’s tattoos? You would expect a “Why is this written on your arm, Prue?” comment from someone. Can they see the tattoos?

PAT: The tattoos come and go. That was made clear when Prue is trying to talk to her arm, asking who is trying to communicate with her through them. And they flash on and off fluidly. They’ve never appeared to any of the Charmed Ones on panel, but if they did, they’d be perfectly visible.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Prue and Coop’s hug was surprising. We have never seen them truly interact and it is nice to see they are close. Or was this just a way Prue thought to give him Benjamin’s soul?

PAT: The latter. I mean, in the time that’s passed between Season Nine and now, they’ve interacted a good amount off panel. They’re not particularly close, not closer than Prue and Henry are for example, but they’re family. The hug didn’t feel weird for me at all. Prue just lost someone close to her, and family came to comfort her. In any case, though, Prue definitely used that moment to slip him the orb, and that’s why we visually drew attention to that interaction, rather than just having it as background or focusing on something else.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: The sisters felt really uneasy while in the Nexus. Prue suspects there is something going on. Whatever it is, do the husbands and especially Coop know about it?

PAT: They know about the way the sisters feel, yeah. To an extent.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: I find this parallel between issues #4 and #5 interesting: In #4 Phoebe can’t sleep because of her conversation with Cole and now in #5 it is Coop the one that can’t sleep because of what happened with Cole. Will Cole’s death drive Coop’s story forward more than it will Phoebe’s?

PAT: It’s hard to make the distinction. Coop’s story arc is driven by Cole and Phoebe, certainly. Phoebe’s is too, though. They both have a mutual starting point and they’re going to go in very separate directions.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Prue says Cole saved her life, too. In what way is she saying this?

PAT: That’s a good question.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Why would Prue entrust Coop with Benjamin’s soul? Is Coop maybe the only person she feels she can trust at this moment? What can you tell us about their unlikely cooperation?

PAT: It’s nothing big or shocking that’s going to be explained much or delved into much. I think it’s all right there, and also in #2. There’s clearly something going on between Prue and the Charmed Ones – something big that we’ll get to. That makes their relationship strained, is one. The other? Prue herself thinks that Cole’s plan to resurrect his father is idiotic. She knows her sisters will agree. Coop, on the other hand? Coop feels indebted to Cole, and Prue knows this. Prue is left alone, so far away from anyone else, and the only person who stayed by her during all of this is dead. She is compelled to do something for him, to help him in a way even though she fundamentally disagrees with it.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Will next arc be the “Benjamin Turner” arc? Without a villain in sight, it feels like the next big plot point.

PAT: There’s so, so much happening next arc. #6 tells its own story, as does #7, but 7 also reveals a major threat that’ll be here for the rest of the season. The second arc, 8 – 12, that will certainly deal with Benjamin Turner. Most people already figured out that he’s the REDACTED part of the title for #10. But that arc introduces a new race of magical beings, reveals what Prue has become, delves into the mythology of the Demonic Wasteland, introduces a new romance, brings someone back from the dead (kind of?), and a whole lot of other stuff. It’s also the arc that begins the slow burn toward introducing the Big Bad of this season… the Biggest Bad the series has ever had.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Any teaser or hint you can give us about next issue?

PAT: There’s a flash-forward at the end, which I’ve currently been catching up to in the writing.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Also, assuming you’ve seen art from #6, can you talk to us a bit about Daniela Di Matteo’s (the new artist for #6) art and how it works with your script?

PAT: Sure. I actually see art through all stages, give notes on the pages, etc. Daniela came to me through a good friend and collaborator of mine, Tina Valentino. CBS approved her for these two issues while Elisa works on the next arc. She’s really good. Dynamic, fluid, and whimsical. She’s heavy at work on #7 now, and it’s looking great. I’ll probably post some stuff from #6 this week now that it’s going off to print.


CHARMED COMIC FAN: Thank you very much, Pat!

PAT: Thank you! Let’s do it again for #6.


You can find Pat on Twitter and Tumblr.

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Comments: 34
  • #1

    cyma (Wednesday, 18 February 2015 21:55)

    "But that arc introduces a new race of magical beings, reveals what Prue has become, delves into the mythology of the Demonic Wasteland, introduces a new romance, brings someone back from the dead (kind of?), and a whole lot of other stuff. It’s also the arc that begins the slow burn toward introducing the Big Bad of this season… the Biggest Bad the series has ever had."


  • #2

    Julie (Wednesday, 18 February 2015 23:04)

    So I'm guessing Phoebe and Coops relationship is probably not gonna be the same after what happened. You know I wonder if the group kinda holds some type of resentment for Coop after what happened to Cole like in The Walking Dead where we see some of the charters kinda blame Noah for the deaths of Beth and Tyrese.

  • #3

    scott21 (Thursday, 19 February 2015 10:30)

    It's hard to watch how lonely Prue is :( I hope at the end of the season all four sisters could work together

  • #4

    pruesthebest (Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:15)

    How interesting... it doesn't shock me one bit that prue is close to henry, who btw is a cop, prue has always had close relationships w/ the police department. But that brings me to this, did something happen between prue and henry, Which could have put the "strain" on her and her sisters relationship?

  • #5

    pruefan4life (Friday, 20 February 2015 04:18)

    It would be interesting if Prue is the Big Bad of the season, if all that magic (and her isolation at the hands of her sisters) corrupts her. She has access to magic that connects the realms themselves! What can top that?

  • #6

    pruesthebest (Friday, 20 February 2015 04:33)

    I was thinking that @pruefan4life but i didn't want to go that route w/ Seeing how the billie/christy situation. I think the big bad isn't prue because i believe i read a evil was awaken when valen activated the weapons.

  • #7

    LeoVzlaP3 (Friday, 20 February 2015 19:07)

    you've got a point @pruefan4life let's not forget that she absorbed the Grimoire... but still I agree with @pruesthebest... I think it has to be something with the guy from knox academy, remember that Cole and Leo made an agreement with him and he said he would ask something to the sisters, either way, the "reveals what Prue has become" thing kind of scare me to be honest, we just have to wait for the next arc.

  • #8

    p4fan4ever (Friday, 20 February 2015 19:13)

    I think the reason for prue's isolation is 1 of 3 things

    1) prue has the most evil book in the creation inside of her (the grimoire)this might cause a dr. jekyl mr hyde effect. Perhaps at some point she attacked the sisters or piper (she probably doesn't even remember it) and thats why they are so afraid of her (although I would imagine if she did attack them or something else took over she sisters woudlnt keep it from Prue, I'd imagine, they'd basically tell her "hey what the hell was that about? let's fix it?" Unless for some reason they felt it necessary not to tell her.

    2. Prue and cole started had a fling and the sisters are taking phoebe's side (thats why coop couldnt begin to express his sorrow and why they felt like they had to tell Prue.) I mean not to be crude but people have needs and if your cooped up in this place together for so long- you're going to have urges.

    3. Patience was a lesbian now Prue is - but would her sisters really cut her off because of that?!

  • #9

    Julie (Friday, 20 February 2015 19:40)

    My reasons why the Charmed Ones have avoided Prue
    1. They have jobs and families to take care of now.

    2. Her soul is in a different body now that they don't even recognize her now.

    3. Piper is still mad at Prue for what happened during the magic switch in Season 9.

  • #10

    cyma (Friday, 20 February 2015 20:30)

    @p4fan4ever &Julie: Interesting theories.

  • #11

    trudeau (Saturday, 21 February 2015 17:31)

    Could the Big Bad be Tyler, the firestarted who develops new powers?

  • #12

    Julie (Sunday, 22 February 2015 00:42)

    @ Trudeau Nah, I think the new Big Bad for the season may have a connection to Cole like Belthazor, Elizabeth (no idea if she's dead or not),or Benjamin (hey he may not be all that innocent) or if that's not it than another Old One far worse than the last one they faced.

  • #13

    Barron (Thursday, 26 February 2015 04:46)

    Paul said that Belthazor isn't the big bad and he also said Elizabeth is dead. But I really wish he didn't kill Cole. I think that messed up the storylines a little bit. I feel Cole wwas like the person who balanced everything out. He was good, but he could be bad when he needed to be. There could've been a spin-off of Cole or Cole and many possibilities now gone.

    I wish they would've just killed someone else off.

  • #14

    Julie (Thursday, 26 February 2015 18:58)

    @Barron Yeah I agree with Cole balancing everything out thing and they should not have done this killing soul storyline thing. I think the whole soul destroying athame thing is actually a really stupid idea cause if other evil beings like the Source knew of it's existence why didn't they not bother to go look for that in the first place instead trying to take in the Hollow, the Nexus, switching magic etc.

    I don't understand Pat's answer on why reversing time won't work in this scenario not unless it messes with the Space Time Continuity. There's gotta be a way to fix this there's always a way they just gotta find it. Heck comic book characters come back to life all the time in comic books that's why death is not taken so seriously in comic books and also tv shows as much because they eventually do come back.

  • #15

    Julie (Thursday, 26 February 2015 22:25)

    Well if reversing time won't work then what about the power to Manipulate Reality like Empathic Projection or something along those lines, Pat never mentioned this?

  • #16

    TomTom (Friday, 27 February 2015 13:10)

    I'm not sure what to think about the whole athame-plot... but I don't have the comics yet so I'm not directly in to it.
    But even the series was unlogical at sooo many times. E.g. it was never revealed, why no demon comes to the Manor and kills the sisters while they are asleep. Or why no other demon (except from Jinny) tries to kill the Charmed Ones with the help of a jinn (one wish and *puff* No Charmed Ones anymore). Or why Piper can recreate the Power of Three with Patty and Penny (or did I miss the explanation?).
    So, the athame-plot is not alone. ;) And no unlogically plot could ever overtrump the dumbest plot in "Charmed" history: Simon Thaddeus Reginald Marks. ;)

  • #17

    Julie (Friday, 27 February 2015 19:46)

    @Tom Tom you got some good questions there I don't know why demons never killed them in their sleep. Maybe a reason for that is it would be way to easy to do I don't know or else the charmed ones are busy fighting off other demons late into the night or if they do sleep they hardly ever sleep much anymore, or they just risk it. Although in the season 10 Piper had a demonic trap alarm thing installed at the manor so it would warn them of intruders coming in. For your second question The rules are different for each genie also the wish granting thing can be costly to the wisher. 3. Piper & Leo went back in time to try to change the events leading up to Paige and Phoebe's death with help of Coops ring but since the ring only works if you think of someone you love the ring took them to the time when Phoebe was conceived. Piper had to explains to her mom and dad what had just taken place also that Patty is the mother of the charmed ones. Patty says if they find Penny they can recreate the charmed ones in theory . They were talking about their family magic. Then when Piper thinks of Grams they are taken to the future again to see old piper and then to the past to after Patty had died to find grams (by the way I'm suprised Grams left the kids home alone while she went with Piper and Leo and Patty to the future)Of course then they go back to when they where battling Billie and Christy again but this time Piper and Grams and Patty say the spell and the Hollow goes back to where it came from. Billie gets sucked into past Billie while going downstairs and future Piper gets sucked into past Piper as time catches up to them. I know the final episode was actually shot before Kill Billie Vol.2.

  • #18

    TomTom (Friday, 27 February 2015 21:22)

    Probably no demon kills the sisters while they are asleep because... the series would have end after one or two episodes. xD But it's sad there never was an explanation, only an ignoring of this possibility.
    Okay, the facts about the jinn/genie (is there a difference?) sound logic. And maybe there aren't so much jinns in the "Charmed" universe...
    But the third plot confuses me every time. Of course I know, how the journey with Coop's ring and time travel works but... I just don't get it. The Power of Three bases on three sisters. Prue, Piper and Phoebe or Piper, Phoebe and Paige (because of that we have trouble, when they are four sisters "again" since season 9...).
    But Piper, Patty and Penny...there are no sisterly aspects. Okay, maybe Victor has super...sperm (lol) that creates Phoebe within seconds, so Phoebe is in Patty (just like in "That 70s Episode") so we have two from three. But Penny... the contact to the third part is missing.
    Or does it only have to do with the magiv witch powers? The power of telekinesis is in Penny, the visions are "in" Patty because of Phoebe inside her and the last power is in Piper itself... Is that it?

  • #19

    Miia (Saturday, 28 February 2015 11:14)

    omg, ur Victor comment was unexpected. xD Hysterical laughter over here. xD
    The theory about the powers that recreates the Power of Three sounds logical. But the sisterly aspects are totally gone in this plot...

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