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Anonymous asked: Moving forward in season 10 will Prue become a more centralized character i.e. like piper phoebe and paige.

  • Pat Shand: Certainly. Not right away but she’ll get there.

Anonymous asked: I'm gonna ask something totally unrelated to everything that's going on with Charmed, but it's been bugging me for a while now: are we ever gonna find out a bit about Patience's past? I know the body is Prue's now, but it'd be nice to know who she was. Is there an official backstory that you or Paul never managed to fit in?

  • PS: I’m not sure if Paul had a backstory. We never spoke about that… but it’s something I’ll be exploring down the line.

Anonymous asked: from a writers perspective- do you think prue astral projected into the body or just stepped in.

  • PS: I think what Prue did with Patience is a bit darker than we’ve seen explored yet. Was Patience comatose? Yes. Was she going to wake up? Very likely not, from what we’ve learned so far. However, the most simple and accurate way to look at the Prue + Patience relationship is one of a spirit and a host. Prue possessed Patience.

Anonymous asked: In your opinion, "Patience" is the real name of the comatose witch or it's a name chosen by Prue after the possession? The "P" name is a coincidence?

  • PS: Patience is her real name, yes. I don’t know if I’d call it a coincidence.

Anonymous asked: Wait in issue 1 prue's eyes were glowing and cole asked if she found anything on the astral plane- can she see to other planes or astral project

  • PS: She can see other planes, and there are some to which she can project. She can’t, however, astral project into the Manor or to other places on Earth.

Anonymous asked: Someone told me that cole really died in the 5 issue and i just want to know if that's true then there is no chance for us to see more of cole in the future. I know the ancient athame kills souls, but i can't believe that cole is truly gone and also if there's a chance for us to see Belthazor, the Source or Phoebe and Cole's unborn child (just a crazy idea i had)

  • PS: Definitely dead. Doesn’t mean you won’t see him again. In fact, he’s in a flashback in the issue I’m writing right now.

Anonymous asked: Why can't the sisters travel back in time to save Cole after all they have done it many times before?

  • PS: They’ve done that many times before (which is a lame plot element, to be sure) but they’ve never been in a situation like this. A soul is perennial. It is outside of time, more powerful than time. The reason we’ve never seen an item powerful enough to destroy a soul in Charmed is because it’s incredibly hard to make such a powerful item. In any case, if they went back to the past, Cole’s soul wouldn’t be salvageable. The events of the past haven’t changed, but if someone from the present were to now observe the past, Cole would probably appear as a blur. If it was as easy as going to the past to rescue someone, I wouldn’t have introduced the Athame to begin with. I didn’t go into this in the plot, because I feel Valen’s monologue in #1 makes that clear. Take a look at that final scene in #1 in context of Cole’s death and you’ll see what I mean.

Anonymous asked: If cole is gone them that means that belthazor is gone to. I know they were one, but at the same time it seems that they were two different beings, because i will like to see him again in the future as the next big bad?

  • PS: Belthazor is dead as well. He’s not the Big Bad this season.

Anonymous asked: What happened to the Angel of Death? He's gone and now we have another Angel? Or he survived because the Ancient Athame wasn't activated yet?

  • PS: THIS is a great question. It’s one I’ve wondered. The Athame wasn’t activated yet… but did the activation itself kill the Angel of Death? It’s something I’m going to get into this season that I didn’t originally plan to, until I realized that there was something very interesting there. I’ll probably get to this story toward the end of the season.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, this may be asking for a spoiler, but on the show, Elizabeth Turner's fate was rather ambiguous. She was never mentioned by Cole and it was hinted in one season 3 episode that she might still be alive. Is that something that will be explored in the comics?

  • PS:  Elizabeth, to me at least, is dead.

Anonymous asked: Hi! im so happy with the season ten of Charmed! a little ask... is Prue in the issue 6? Thanks you so much for this great season!

  • PS She is, but not much.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! In Charmed issue 4 the baby in Henry's hands is Henry Jr. or Parker? Because Henry jr. should be 2/3 years old and that baby looks younger!

  PS That’s Parker.

Here are the ages that Paul and I are going with, in addition to a full page from the script just for fun.

Page Three

 Panel 1. Leo closes his eyes, enjoying the moment. Piper holds him close, listening.

 1 LEO:
It’s odd…

 2 LEO:
There’s nothing I wanted more than to be human. To grow old with you.

Panel 2. Leo gently breaks away from Piper, looking out at the splendor of Cupid’s Temple. They are in the physical manifestation of love, and they’re both feeling it, hard. They feel its warmth, but also its weight.

 3 LEO:
But after being an Avatar, after being one with the Empyreal Sword… after everything we’ve been through…

 Panel 3. Leo turns to look at Piper.

 4 LEO:
t’s not that easy to stay back and babysit while there’s some soul-destroying maniac out there waiting to attack.

 5 LEO:
A big part of me wants to pick up a sword and walk into battle with you.

 Panel 4. Piper, kind but firm, takes Leo’s hand.

What you and Henry are doing here is important.

 Panel 5. Pull out for a wideshot. We are in the room that leads to the balcony, and we can see Piper and Leo through the door. The main focus here, however, is on HENRY and COOP, who are in the room that almost appears to be made entirely of plush. Every bit of furniture is heart-shaped. They are tending to the kids – maybe changing them, feeding them, cleaning up, whatever works for this page – while Piper and Leo talk.

The kids are as follows (accompanied by their Wikia entry for easy ref):

 Wyatt (7):

 Chris (about 5 years and 10 months): (Be sure to draw him as a child, not his future self)

 Melinda (a little over 3):

 The Twins Tamora and Kat (almost 3):

P.J. (2 and about 4 months):

 Henry Junior (almost 2):

 Parker (about 1):

 Be super careful with these, as we’ll be aging them realistically as we see them. They are less than a year older than we saw them during Season Nine, and some of the photo reference in the Wikia entries are taken from significantly further down the timeline.

 Now, a note about the children. Sometimes, because there were so many of them, they often looked older than they were supposed to be. So while you should definitely use the reference as a guide, you don’t have to be too beholden to the exact likenesses drawn by previous artists

As long as the Athame is a threat, the kids need to be somewhere where only we can find them.

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  • #1

    Mia (Thursday, 26 February 2015 06:19)

    So they revealed that Prue cant stral project into the Manor or to other places on Earth. But over time, I would think with all the powers she has, she can eventually do it, with practice.

  • #2

    Julie (Thursday, 26 February 2015 17:55)

    The whole soul destroying athame thing is actually pretty stupid because if demons and others and especially the source knew of it's existence why didn't they just go find it and kill the charmed ones with that instead of just taking in the Hollow or the Nexus or switching magic thinking that would kill them also Would it mess up the space time continuation if they rewrote history if they did go back in time to fix all of this cause I don't get it? I think eventually Cole will come back since death in comic books are not taken seriously since hero's like Captain America,Superman, Batman,The Flash,Bucky,Agent Colson,Nick Fury,Jean Grey etc. have all been dead and brought back to life again.

  • #3

    Jak (Thursday, 26 February 2015 19:15)

    Death in comic books is taken seriously depending on the writer and plot. Cole's soul is gone, thus meaning he cannot come back if you look at Pat's explanation. He's finished Cole off, and provided a reasonable explanation as to why he cannot be brought back. If you read the explanation again, Pat explains why changing time will not work to save Cole.
    Pat has said Cole is dead, so he is. Just because other comics bring characters back doesn't mean Charmed will. And most of those are main characters who pretty much HAVE to come back for their series to go on. Charmed doesn't depend on Cole, and has nothing to lose if he stays dead, unlike most of those other characters you mentioned, who are required for any reasonable progression for their series. Charmed has a host of other characters it depends on, so would continue just fine without Cole.
    And it seems like this bad guy went through quite a bit of trouble to get the Athame to destroy souls. Either the Source and other demons didn't have the time or patience to track it down, or they weren't aware of its existence. Or they were so confident in their own plans, they didn't feel the need for the Athame, as they had so much faith in their own methods of destroying the Charmed Ones.

  • #4

    Julie (Thursday, 26 February 2015 21:47)

    Lately comic book deaths haven't been taken seriously. Even when a death of a character is permanent they are brought back do to some sort of plot device. I get it now they can't go back in time to prevent this from happening but Pat never mentioned if manipulating reality could work in changing all of this.You know if Phoebe develops Emphathic Projection.

  • #5

    Jak (Thursday, 26 February 2015 22:31)

    A lot of comic characters are killed and brought back as an act of either fan service or plot service, neither of which Charmed has heavily relied on in its entire history due to its overall large cast ensemble. My point stands, the characters you mentioned are necessary to bring back to keep the comics going. Batman wouldn't really work if Batman was dead. Charmed has every capability of continuing on with no Cole, as it did after his Season 5 death.
    On your point of manipulating Reality, I think it would be the same as the time travel issue. Souls go beyond things like that, so they're not so easy to manipulate back into existence or be reversed back to life...

  • #6

    alice (Friday, 27 February 2015 06:20)

    Its sad Cole is gone, but the show will go on.

    What annoys me is the husbands and the sisters all living so happily. Seriously Coop or Henry can still die at anytime. The future only showed Piper and Leo together old.

    The show needs something big to happen, its sad that all the sisters can so happen to find husbands and kids, its too fairy tale for my liking. At least I'd be happy if Paige or Phoebe divorced and raised there kids as a single parent. It would be good if one of the three sisters was a single parent.

  • #7

    Tima (Friday, 27 February 2015 08:17)

    Cole is dead dead, and it seems no matter how many times it's said people just don't want to seem to accept it... I really don't know how much more Pat and Paul can do to get it across that Cole's soul is gone for good. They are so gracious about answering the same questions over and over and they deserve all the credit since to my knowledge they haven't just said look at my 50 other interviews lol.

    I would also like to learn more about Patience as well you can't just hijack another person's body and not expect some sort of negative situation remember all the times they touched on a spirit possessing bodies on the show?

  • #8

    pruesthebest (Friday, 27 February 2015 16:11)

    @alice: Right!!! It does seem to fairy-tale and i believe things will be shaken up between phoebe/coop and paige/henry... idk how soon that will be but it's to be expected.

  • #9

    Julie (Friday, 27 February 2015 16:45)

    When they brought Cole into the show the ratings were pretty good and they got a lot more viewers and great reviews for Julian's charachter and when they killed his character off when he was the Source people started protesting even when he was gonna be brought back anyway. When they Killed Cole off for the second time people were angry at the way his character was treated in five. Also the fans started to sign a Petition to keep Cole's character on the show when they found out that Kern and Co. were gonna kill him off. The ratings were not the same after Julian left and the show kinda seem to struggle along after that Alot of fans quit watching after but came back when they heard that Julian McMahon would come back for an episode of course at that time nobody knew if charmed would survive after season 7 but I think that episode had the highest rating for the show in a long time. When people heard about the comic books fans wanted to know if Cole was gonna be in it and when the writers killed him again some of fans are like WTF man why bring him back if you are just gonna kill him again. Face it Cole's a popular character just like Darryl is in the Walking Dead. Also in fiction nobody really stays dead-dead not anymore.

  • #10

    p3nathan (Friday, 27 February 2015 17:09)

    You've had all these questions answered several times by several people. You just don't like the answers.

    As for ratings, you're making a huge leap saying that was all down to Julian. Charmed's rating dropped pretty steadily as it went on. The drop between season 5 and 6 was far less than the drops between 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 6 and 7. The only season Cole was in that actually got more ratings than the last was season 5 and even that wasn't all that big a rise. And no, "Seven Year Witch" was NOT the highest rated episode in season 7, not by a long shot. So frankly, though he may be well liked, I think your belief that he had such an impact on ratings is wishful thinking... there's really no evidence for it.

    Also as a side note- Julian left to do Nip Tuck, Kern didn't choose to get rid of him.

  • #11

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 28 February 2015 02:11)

    I do know for a fact that with all the original women, charmed had better ratings than when rose came on. Even i couldn't get into the show not because of the arrival of rose but the show went downhill to me.

  • #12

    p3nathan (Saturday, 28 February 2015 13:36)

    Yeah the ratings for seasons 1-3 were higher than any of the later seasons. The change in time slot in season 5 helped a little, but they were never as high again.

    Keep in mind though, that't hardly something that's specific to Charmed. Shows generally get lower ratings as they go on. And they almost always peak within their first three seasons.

  • #13

    Julie (Saturday, 28 February 2015)

    @p3nation Except if it's The Walking Dead.

  • #14

    Lilchi721 (Saturday, 28 February 2015 20:51)

    @P3Nation Julian didn't leave for Nip/Tuck he didn't know about it until later.

  • #15

    p3nathan (Saturday, 28 February 2015 21:52)

    @Lilchi- either way, he left to do other projects. Not Kern's decision, Julian's.

    @Julie- Hence my use of the words "generally" and "ALMOST always" Sure there are exceptions, but Charmed was never one of them.

  • #16

    JRlove13 (Sunday, 01 March 2015 22:21)

    As for the whole phoebes powers expanding, Pat already told us the girls have enough powers as it is so there's no chance at their powers growing into new powers this season. Who knows maybe if we get picked up for season 11(which is highly unlikely) the new writer might expand on the powers but it'll be a long shot

  • #17

    p3nathan (Sunday, 01 March 2015 23:41)

    Yeah I'm kinda glad he's not expanding their powers this season. I think there's still so much that can be done with what they have already.

  • #18

    pruesthebest (Monday, 02 March 2015 08:43)

    The only one out of the four who has any new powers being revealed is prue. I would love their powers to grow too, mostly phoebe, because her powers isn't on the same strength as the other three sisters... but i get excited everytime i see prue using a new power that wasn't known to us fans before.

  • #19

    p3nathan (Monday, 02 March 2015 15:55)

    I personally think Phoebe would be as strong as her sisters if her empathy wasn't so underused. Her power can kill, we've just barely seen her use it.

    Or even premonition for that matter. In 7x22 we saw Zankou actively using Phoebe's psychic powers to anticipate their next move before they got a chance to do it... if Phoebe ever used her premonition like that, the sisters would have even more of an edge. Her premonition was used quite a bit in season 9, but I still think she could use it more actively now that she can easily get visions on command.

  • #20

    pruesthebest (Monday, 02 March 2015 19:19)

    @p3nathan: she needs something more active than that. All of the demons who tried to steal their powers always said her powers were the weakest out of the other three.

  • #21

    pruesthebest (Monday, 02 March 2015 19:22)

    I look forward to them going into full depth on what prue is and seeing what she could all do now that she has this mysterious power.

  • #22

    Alex (Monday, 02 March 2015 20:08)

    Too bad we haven't seen her using premonition or empathy this season yet! She only used levitation.
    I love whenever she gets a premonition, but season 10 hasn't got any so far, and I too believe it would be awesome if she started to use it more actively.

  • #23

    p3nathan (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 00:52)

    @pruesthebest- The last demon to say that was The Source way back in season 4 when she only had premonition and levitation, neither of which were that advanced. She's advanced a lot since then; her visions are far stronger and then there's her Empathy, which if anything makes her too powerful... probably why it's barely used as it is.

  • #24

    Barron (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 01:47)

    Tbqh, Julian decided to leave Charmed not just because of other projects, but also because he didn't like the way his character was going. I believe there was an interview on youtube of him saying that. That's one of the reasons that pushed him to leave. And I don't blame him for quitting. Kern was turning the show into a fiasco, but it wasn't just him. I believe it was the company too that wanted Charmed to become more family-oriented with fairy tales and leprechauns.

    I'd really like to see the sisters' powers not expand in growth, but in use. Like I would like to see Paige using regular telekinesis instead of a mix with orbing.

    Personally, I think the comics will make it to at least season 12 or to season 14. There are so many stories that can still be told and I think the next season can feature an old enemy returning but more powerful. The Hollow could come back in play as well. I'd really like if Zankou came back. He was a very complex demon to me. And then season 12 could feature something like ShiningAllure's alternate season 8 where a trio of evil sisters come to the current timeline and try to take over the world.

  • #25

    p3nathan (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 02:12)

    @Barron- Yeah I also heard that apparently one of his issues was that he thought the character was becoming too repetitious... which, ya know... not gonna argue with him there.

  • #26

    Barron (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 02:46)

    @p3Nathan I love your alternate seasons btw! Your' features the original three sisters! And I made one myself featuring Prue, Piper, and Paige!

  • #27

    p3nathan (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 16:18)

    Thank you. I always thought Prue, Piper and Paige would work quite well.

  • #28

    confusedfan (Wednesday, 04 March 2015 08:19)

    So I just caught up on Pat's tumblr and I have a few issues and I have to agree with anon and some of you to an extent (if you haven't looked go read) Here's my issue with the cole's soul being gone thing... I get that he's gone but my question is why. I read all Pat's answer's and here's what I deduced... To figure this out we have talk about regular souls... Pat said if a regular person dies their soul goes to the afterlife then if time is reversed their soul will get sucked back to their body (think Piper when she went back in time after that warlock from the future killed phoebe and paige.) So if the sisters tried to reverse time to bring cole back his soul wouldn't be anywhere to get sucked back thus wherever he was in the past, he would look like a blur. But what if reversing time and getting "sucked back" wasn't an option. What if someone just went back to visit the past like Kyle did in Season 7 or Paige did in "A Paige from the Past" or even Grams in WitchStock Season 6.. Present day kept moving, theres was no actual reversing of time, so obviously no soul sucking back took place, what would they see then, obviously in those cases the present day was untouched (meaning when the girls went back in time in witch stock Grams soul still remained in the present day- she was helping leo and chris fight the slime demon) but yet the sisters, being in the past, were still able to change things, past grams obviously still had her soul because present day grams changed with the past. Sooooo can't the sisters go "visit" the past instead of reversing it since obviously in a case like that what happens in the present timeline doesn't effect what happens in the past (i.e. cole died in the present yet theres no time reversal so his soul won't need to get sucked back-they should be able to time travel in one of those instances and cole should still have his soul.) Like I said, if they reversed time like when Piper went through that slip stream- that couldn't work- but what about one of those instances when the present timeline keeps moving forward and the girls jump to the past and change things simultaneously. The only thing I can deduce is that the ftahame has a ripple effect throughout time and space and destroys is life force throughout the cosmos, it doesn't just destroy his soul in the present moment but erases his spirit/essence/spiritual energy/life force whatever throughout TIME and spaces- it's like the CIA erasing any record of someone's existence (not that the ftahame erased cole it just erased his soul.) but then the next question- in a case like that, what if phoebe went to the past (in whichever way) to the point where she was talking to cole in the wasteland- what would she see? her self talking to air? If the athame erases you're existence throughout time and space- how are those moments in the past not messed up when just cole's soul was that in existence? Maybe it's a case like IF a time travel to those particular instances would happen a blur still would be seen? (think of it this way- present day phoebe goes back in time and see's her past self "talking" to cole in the wasteland- does past phoebe notice somethings wrong with cole, does she not notice, does she not notice that cole's a blur until present day phoebe says something because the past plays out like it would until past phoebe intervenes and brings it to peoples attention? Almost like when the demon of illusion would jump into already structured films and start messing it up.

  • #29

    Mike (Wednesday, 04 March 2015 10:06)

    I honestly don't understand why it is so difficult for some people to accept what happened. Cole's soul was erased. There is nothing that can bring him back, past, present or future.

    I read some of the messages on Pat's tumblr and I have to respect his amount of patience. It's bordering on rude. If people kept pushing me for answers like that, I would have quit answering a long time ago.

  • #30

    Henry (Wednesday, 04 March 2015 10:18)

    I really don't understand all this confusion .. Pat was very clear on the point ! The souls are not tied to time and space .. I think if the sisters reverse time or simply visit the past to save Cole , a "force " would stop them.. Maybe they couldn't interact with Valen and Cole! This is a new situation and we're talking about MAGIC ! I think if Phoebe returned to when Valen stabbed Cole, she would see Cole's body, but not his soul (in Charmed 9x22 Phoebe said he could see Patience's body AND and Prue's soul) .. Well, if Phoebe ( after her " hypothetical " time travel ) tried to save Cole, she simply couldn't, just as when you're watching a film: you can go to a previous scene but you can't change that! Like I said, new situation new rules.

  • #31

    Nugent (Wednesday, 04 March 2015 17:31)

    I don't get the confusion. Pat's made it all pretty clear. Chill out and stop reading so much into it...It is what it is. Accept it, Cole's gone, I think this plot line is genius! Can't wait for the rest of the season! Season 10 might be the best yet!!!!! Round of applause, kudos, and every other form of appreciations :D

  • #32

    p3nathan (Thursday, 05 March 2015 17:21)

    If it had been someone else, say Coop, there wouldn't be the same amount of questioning. There just wouldn't.

    "If souls are above and beyond time and space, that means that a soul is simultaneously in many places at once. In fact, because time doesn’t apply, a soul is always in all of the places it will ever be at once. A piece of Cole’s soul was in his body in that moment, but it was also elsewhere. It was in different times, places, etc.

    However, because the Athame erases a soul, hitting Cole with the blade in that moment not only erases his soul from his body, but erases his soul everywhere."

    There's really nothing hard to understand here. Hard to accept? Maybe for some. Hard to understand? No, he's made it perfectly clear. The whole point of the athame is that people are dead, they cease to exist, end of.
    Everyone was fine, even excited about this when it was introduced, when the stakes were raised. But now it's Cole, some people don't like that so they want Pat to backtrack and destroy the integrity of his story. If it had gone the way they had wanted, if someone else's soul had been destroyed, I don't believe for a second that Pat would have been bombarded with so many questions demanding explanations that he's already given ad nauseam.

    It's blatant with the tone in some of the questions on his Tumblr that this is far more than just confusion and as Mike said, some of it is just coming off rude. I think we need to remember that Pat does not have to answer questions and in fact if this was on TV, we most certainly wouldn't have the same amount or quality of interaction that Pat or Paul has given. His job is writing Charmed, talking to us and answering questions is something he does in his free time. So let's stay polite and respectful.

  • #33

    Maria (Friday, 06 March 2015 03:05)

    I agree with Coop, I honestly dont care for him even if he died. Yes hes had more time to develop in the comics, but on the tv series, he only came in 5 episodes before the end. So people had more time to get to know Cole.

    I know alot of people on here, have said that the husbands can still die at anytime, because only piper and leo are seen in their 80's.

  • #34

    cyma (Friday, 06 March 2015 11:57)

    What about Paige and Phoebe? Or their kids? We only saw Old Piper and Leo and grown up Wyatt and Chris in future. Not even adult Melinda. So wouldn'wouldn't that mean the rest could still die?

  • #35

    cyma (Friday, 06 March 2015 12:28)

    Wow...I didn't realize after reading the comments how the soul and ancient athame thing got everyone so tense.

    So I guess when you kill someone's past self, you kill their present self and future, but you can still exist in an alternate reality. Like Seer and Source in Cole's alternate reality.

    But if you kill a soul, bye bye every version, any time period, reality or plane of existence. There won't even be a reincarnation or anything. Now that makes me sad :-(

    Would've been interesting to see used on Source. Or even Gideon wanting to use it on Wyatt!

    @confusedfan: I think Past Phoebe would see Past Cole normally, but Future Phoebe looking into the past would see a blur. Just like how in Pardon my Past, Phoebe saw Baxter and Bowen as Piper and Prue and not what they looked like back then.

  • #36

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 07 March 2015 00:47)

    @maria: in one of the interviews pat has mentioned that both phoebe and paige doesn't have a close enough relationship w/ their husbands. Idk where they plan on taking coop or henry but it will all be explained in time. so anything is likely to happen.

  • #37

    p3nathan (Saturday, 07 March 2015 17:00)

    Apparently Coop and Henry work together in issue 8 to try and pull off something seemingly impossible. Sounds interesting. It looks as if Coop will play quite a role in the Benjamin Turner story, and I think he might end up getting in some trouble.

    And I've always liked Henry, I want more Henry.

  • #38

    Alex (Saturday, 07 March 2015 23:57)

    Are we sure that issue #6 is coming out in ten days? I've just noticed we've had no actual confirmation!

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