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Anonymous asked: Moving forward in season 10 will Prue become a more centralized character i.e. like piper phoebe and paige.

  • Pat Shand: Certainly. Not right away but she’ll get there.

Anonymous asked: I'm gonna ask something totally unrelated to everything that's going on with Charmed, but it's been bugging me for a while now: are we ever gonna find out a bit about Patience's past? I know the body is Prue's now, but it'd be nice to know who she was. Is there an official backstory that you or Paul never managed to fit in?

  • PS: I’m not sure if Paul had a backstory. We never spoke about that… but it’s something I’ll be exploring down the line.

Anonymous asked: from a writers perspective- do you think prue astral projected into the body or just stepped in.

  • PS: I think what Prue did with Patience is a bit darker than we’ve seen explored yet. Was Patience comatose? Yes. Was she going to wake up? Very likely not, from what we’ve learned so far. However, the most simple and accurate way to look at the Prue + Patience relationship is one of a spirit and a host. Prue possessed Patience.

Anonymous asked: In your opinion, "Patience" is the real name of the comatose witch or it's a name chosen by Prue after the possession? The "P" name is a coincidence?

  • PS: Patience is her real name, yes. I don’t know if I’d call it a coincidence.

Anonymous asked: Wait in issue 1 prue's eyes were glowing and cole asked if she found anything on the astral plane- can she see to other planes or astral project

  • PS: She can see other planes, and there are some to which she can project. She can’t, however, astral project into the Manor or to other places on Earth.

Anonymous asked: Someone told me that cole really died in the 5 issue and i just want to know if that's true then there is no chance for us to see more of cole in the future. I know the ancient athame kills souls, but i can't believe that cole is truly gone and also if there's a chance for us to see Belthazor, the Source or Phoebe and Cole's unborn child (just a crazy idea i had)

  • PS: Definitely dead. Doesn’t mean you won’t see him again. In fact, he’s in a flashback in the issue I’m writing right now.

Anonymous asked: Why can't the sisters travel back in time to save Cole after all they have done it many times before?

  • PS: They’ve done that many times before (which is a lame plot element, to be sure) but they’ve never been in a situation like this. A soul is perennial. It is outside of time, more powerful than time. The reason we’ve never seen an item powerful enough to destroy a soul in Charmed is because it’s incredibly hard to make such a powerful item. In any case, if they went back to the past, Cole’s soul wouldn’t be salvageable. The events of the past haven’t changed, but if someone from the present were to now observe the past, Cole would probably appear as a blur. If it was as easy as going to the past to rescue someone, I wouldn’t have introduced the Athame to begin with. I didn’t go into this in the plot, because I feel Valen’s monologue in #1 makes that clear. Take a look at that final scene in #1 in context of Cole’s death and you’ll see what I mean.

Anonymous asked: If cole is gone them that means that belthazor is gone to. I know they were one, but at the same time it seems that they were two different beings, because i will like to see him again in the future as the next big bad?

  • PS: Belthazor is dead as well. He’s not the Big Bad this season.

Anonymous asked: What happened to the Angel of Death? He's gone and now we have another Angel? Or he survived because the Ancient Athame wasn't activated yet?

  • PS: THIS is a great question. It’s one I’ve wondered. The Athame wasn’t activated yet… but did the activation itself kill the Angel of Death? It’s something I’m going to get into this season that I didn’t originally plan to, until I realized that there was something very interesting there. I’ll probably get to this story toward the end of the season.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, this may be asking for a spoiler, but on the show, Elizabeth Turner's fate was rather ambiguous. She was never mentioned by Cole and it was hinted in one season 3 episode that she might still be alive. Is that something that will be explored in the comics?

  • PS:  Elizabeth, to me at least, is dead.

Anonymous asked: Hi! im so happy with the season ten of Charmed! a little ask... is Prue in the issue 6? Thanks you so much for this great season!

  • PS She is, but not much.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! In Charmed issue 4 the baby in Henry's hands is Henry Jr. or Parker? Because Henry jr. should be 2/3 years old and that baby looks younger!

  PS That’s Parker.

Here are the ages that Paul and I are going with, in addition to a full page from the script just for fun.

Page Three

 Panel 1. Leo closes his eyes, enjoying the moment. Piper holds him close, listening.

 1 LEO:
It’s odd…

 2 LEO:
There’s nothing I wanted more than to be human. To grow old with you.

Panel 2. Leo gently breaks away from Piper, looking out at the splendor of Cupid’s Temple. They are in the physical manifestation of love, and they’re both feeling it, hard. They feel its warmth, but also its weight.

 3 LEO:
But after being an Avatar, after being one with the Empyreal Sword… after everything we’ve been through…

 Panel 3. Leo turns to look at Piper.

 4 LEO:
t’s not that easy to stay back and babysit while there’s some soul-destroying maniac out there waiting to attack.

 5 LEO:
A big part of me wants to pick up a sword and walk into battle with you.

 Panel 4. Piper, kind but firm, takes Leo’s hand.

What you and Henry are doing here is important.

 Panel 5. Pull out for a wideshot. We are in the room that leads to the balcony, and we can see Piper and Leo through the door. The main focus here, however, is on HENRY and COOP, who are in the room that almost appears to be made entirely of plush. Every bit of furniture is heart-shaped. They are tending to the kids – maybe changing them, feeding them, cleaning up, whatever works for this page – while Piper and Leo talk.

The kids are as follows (accompanied by their Wikia entry for easy ref):

 Wyatt (7):

 Chris (about 5 years and 10 months): (Be sure to draw him as a child, not his future self)

 Melinda (a little over 3):

 The Twins Tamora and Kat (almost 3):

P.J. (2 and about 4 months):

 Henry Junior (almost 2):

 Parker (about 1):

 Be super careful with these, as we’ll be aging them realistically as we see them. They are less than a year older than we saw them during Season Nine, and some of the photo reference in the Wikia entries are taken from significantly further down the timeline.

 Now, a note about the children. Sometimes, because there were so many of them, they often looked older than they were supposed to be. So while you should definitely use the reference as a guide, you don’t have to be too beholden to the exact likenesses drawn by previous artists

As long as the Athame is a threat, the kids need to be somewhere where only we can find them.