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Anonymous asked: Can you tease anything about Prue? She's the most interesting sister right now and we haven't seen much of her. Is she gonna get out of the All anytime soon?

Pat Shand: I can’t tease much, except that we’ll start seeing way more of her as of #8, and that with each issue after that, we’ll have a firmer grasp on what’s going on with her. X

Anonymous asked: Hi. I want to ask you something. In S9, there was the thing about inheriting the Power of Three. Do you think it will ever transfer to any of the children, or is it one time power to you? And if it would transfer, would you choose Wyatt, Chris and Mel, or P.J., Parker and their sister? Or would you create different possibility, for example the oldest children of Sisters, or their oldest girls?

Pat Shand: I personally think the Power of Three should always be made up of only women, but if someone were to tell a story with Chris/Wyatt included in it, it could work. X


Anonymous asked: Happy Easter! :) as an Easter gift, can you give us Charmed fans a new synopsis for issue 10 or a teaser!?

Pat Shand: I can’t give a synopsis, but I can clear up some of the debate. I saw fans going back and forth over who the old man on the cover for #10 is… and it’s Ben Turner. It’s an image of the life Ben Turner should’ve lived – the full cycle of life that he was robbed of. And the blue soul shooting up into the sky is Prue. When folks read the issue, they’ll get that one. Happy holidays! X


Anonymous asked: Pat, 3 questions :D First: In Charmed Season 10, Will there be a Christmas Issue, or Hallowen Issue? Second: Prue appear on any cover? Third: and this season, something amazing will happen?, something that is not seen in previous seasons? Sorry for my English.

Pat Shand: 1. Probably not Halloween, but maybe Christmas. I’m deciding if the idea I have for a holiday issue fits Robyn Hood or Charmed better. Leaning toward Robyn Hood, honestly. However, neither would be an extra issue, the Christmassy part would just be an aspect of a regular monthly issue. 2. Yep! I mean, she’s already on #10 in a way, but she’ll be less blue-Prue on other covers. 3. I – at risk of sounding big-headed – think we’ve already done this a bunch of times, honestly! The whole point of this season is kind of going all out and really going for the emotion in a way that we can’t buy back with each fixes like time travel or bullshit like that. But yeah, there’s more coming, for sure! X


Anonymous asked: are we going to find out the name of phoebes third caught also when are we going to see penny patty and victor

Pat Shand: To the first question… maybe. To the second question… sometime during Season Ten. X


Anonymous asked: Hey there Pat! Have a fan discussion type of question (not so sure it’s a questions as opposed to a statement) would like your opinion though. What is the actual “Power of three.” Its clearly NOT just having the three essential powers (TK, Freeze time, and prem) cause in s6 phoebe got her active power taken away and the sisters still had the po3 and in s8 the evil charmed ones copied the sisters active powers but still didnt get the po3 initially. So its not just having the three powers.

Based off context clues throughout s1-9 I think it has to do with the all. As we know the all is the basis of everything, and the all is what makes someone a witch therefore perhaps “The Charmed Ones” are the most powerful witches because they inherited a greater chunk of the all than anyone else currently and when used together that creates the power of three- and since it is a spiritual energy, thats how the evil charmed ones in s8 were able to channel it (cause they copied the active powers) 

I think thats because the dr. didnt have the all just the active power- you can’t have one without the other- thus that means the all and powers are separate - the all is what makes you a witch and allows you to “handle” and active power. The elders grant the powers to those that are born with the all and the two things work in unison- when the all switched in s9 to mortals it took the active powers with it id presume and the rest is charmed history- what do you think of that fangirl theory ;)

Oh and to add one more thing, that would also explain Paige because if we were to assume that the all and active powers are the same thing, it’s a little contrived to say that paige just so happened to be born with TK powers or an all that channels into TK however if she was born with enough of the all to constitute her as a “charmed one” she then could have been given the third power needed to complete the charmed circle (if we are going with the elders grant powers theory)

and maybe whichever power you are given, shapes your spiritual energy or forms it like unfolded clay and those three types of spiritual energies working together (tk freeze and pre) make up the power of three

I hope you can appreciate my theory seeing as you were a fanboy of buffy and im sure you’ve done the same :) sorry for the multiple questions tumble only has a certain number of characters at a time.

Pat Shand: I definitely appreciate that theory! I really like the idea about the power being based in the All – a lot of this season is about the All and what the concept really means, so I’m glad readers like you are questioning that and theorizing about it! I also definitely agree that the Power of Three is something bigger than the sum of their individual powers. I mean, I know Piper/Paige/Phoebe are exceptionally good at their active powers, but I can’t believe that they’re the only three witches on the planet who have those powers. And I also believe that if three witches with similar powers came together, they certainly wouldn’t inherit the Power of Three or even be particularly more powerful than they were alone. I think it’s uniquely about these three women, and their bond. Thanks for the thoughts! X


mina-grayson asked: Hey Pat :) Any news about Charmed Season 11 yet???? I hope it'll happen as well as s 12 and 13 and so on until you'll write the Next Gen issues :)))

Pat Shand: Hey mina-grayson. If they do a Season Eleven, which I very strongly doubt, it won’t be in the works until a good while after I’m done with Season Ten. Zenescope made the mistake of advertising what was then Charmed #25, and the start of Season Ten, before there was a set date in mind. That led to a lot of angry fans, so everyone on board – myself included – has learned from that slip up. Also, before I get into the next bit, I’m so grateful that you and other readers are enjoying what I’m doing with Season Ten. It’s been a unique and lovely experience. However, even considering that and how much I love writing these characters, Season Ten is my final word on Charmed. A twenty-four issue season is a huge commitment, so I can definitely confirm that, in the unlikely event that a Season Eleven got greenlit, I wouldn’t be writing it. I know that’s probably a disappointing answer, so I’m sorry about that! I completely relate to you, because I desperately read news about the Buffy comics, looking for confirmation of the next season. I’m sorry I can’t give that to you – wish I could! For now, all I can do is make sure I give my all to Season Ten. X