Preview Panels - Charmed #7

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! you didn't gave us any hint, any picture (but now we have previews), any spoiler about issue 7 of Charmed when you said some things about issue 8 and upcoming ones. Do you consider this issue as the biggest one yet?

Pat Shand: Nah, honestly not really. The only reason I didn’t give many hints about #7 is because, in #8, there are panels that are really easy to use as little peeks without spoiling anything. #7 is really, really packed with narrative. I wouldn’t by any means call it the “biggest” issue of Season Ten so far – I mean, #5 was huge to me, and I think it’ll be a while before we rock the fandom that hard again… maybe a little bit in #8, definitely in #10.

The reason is because #7 could’ve been a whole arc. The way it is, though, it’s about ¼ set-up for the one shot’s story, and ¾ climax based on what we now know. So most of what I show would either seem random or would spoil this specific issue’s storyline, rather than hinting at something larger in the season.

Buuuuut here! Why not. Here’s a little tidbit: X