Paul Ruditis steps away from Charmed Season 10

Paul just announced this on Twitter:

  • Charmed #7 “Hard Knox Life” is out today. Montgomery Knox is the first character I ever created then turned over to another writer. It’s odd reading someone else write the character, but Pat Shand is doing an incredible job with Knox and the entire Charmed comic. Pat also co-edited these first seven issues of season ten. He’s the main reason things are running sooo much smoother than nine. Pat's also the reason I can step away from the Charmed comic book confident that the series will continue to run smoothly without me. “Hard Knox Life" is my last issue as editor. I want to thank the Charmed community for taking this incredible journey with me. I'm so glad you've all been with me through these incredible years and will continue to enjoy the series as it continues. Blessed be. X X X X X X