Previews and Summary - Charmed Season 10 Vol. 1

[w] Pat Shand [a] Eliza Feliz & Dimat [c] Valentina Cuomo [l] Jim Campbell & Christy Sawyer [e] Paul Ruditis [cover] David Seidman [trade design] Christopher Cote


The Power of Three was threatened when their dead sister, Prue, was resurrected in the body of a coma patient. For a time, the sisters' magic was thrown off balance... but now, having relinquished the Power of Three, Prue has been imbued with the magic of the Nexus of the All, a mystical convergence with untold potential. Though the Power of Three is once again in harmony, Prue must never leave the location of the Nexus, or the sanctity of magic as a whole will be compromised.