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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, You are great because you are so close to the charmedfans! Im so excited about charmed season 10 and i enjoyed all issues so far except issue 6 because i think its was a little boring (no action scenes). I like the relationship between Cole and Phoebe and issue 5 was my favorite! I want to ask you why Piper didn't has any storylines this season,she didn't even use her powers anymore. Will she use anytime soon her power to revert molecules back to their original form? Thank you.

Pat Shand: Only six issues in and you’ve already decided that Piper isn’t getting an arc this season, huh? Seems hasty. Anyway, Piper has been using her powers all season. She’s done molecular immobilization, combustion, and acceleration multiple times. I’m not going to have her do molecular reversion this season, however, because she was only able to access that power at the height of her possible future strength at the end of Season Nine. X

Anonymous asked: If someone else killed knox (say last season he got killed in the cross fire during thematic switch) would kose have died too or did it only work one way meaning if only kose get's killed then knox died too but not the other way around. Also - say someone else killed knox- would the agreement somehow still been on (or say leo got killed by someone would the charmed ones still be bound to help knox or would the agreement been broken)

PS: I think death on either end would nullify the agreement, but Kose may have dark enough magic that he could do some sort of bind on Knox’s soul even after it passes in. Knox, however, wouldn’t do the same to Leo. X

Anonymous asked: Mr Shand! This new issue is amazing! I wanted to ask because in the comics, not draw the tattoos of Piper and Phoebe. Actually, the tattoos are Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. But to look like based on the appearance of the actresses, should draw them tattoos. Thank you for this spectacular Season 10!

PS: Okay, so, this is such a strange thing about the tattoos. For some reason, they are the easiest things to miss! For example, I remember that the biggest complaint about the Buffy and Angel comics were the fact that Angel and Faith’s tattoos were constantly missing. In Charmed, it’s completely my fault. I have to talk to CBS to see if we want to start using them or if it’s too late to add them in now. X

Anonymous asked: Pat, my first: the 10x07 it´s awesome! Good Script and good drawings.

PS: Thanks! I love this message because I was honestly a bit nervous about #7. After it went to print, I began to wonder if I tried to cram too much in, if it should’ve been a two-issue arc instead of a one-shot. I try to balance the fact that this is a comic book that needs to be a visually striking story with the desire to give y’all an episode’s worth of content every month. I was a bit unsure how I did this time, so I’m glad you’re liking it. X

Anonymous asked: The titles you announced- are they a play on words or puns like the other titles? I cant tell

PS: #11 is a direct reference to a previous villain and 12 references a popular quote: “Patience is a virtue.” Take from that what you will! X

Anonymous asked: completley hypothetical... if season 11 were to happen and they asked you to stay on as editor (but not writer) would you?

PS: While I would be flattered by the offer, it would be an emphatic no. Editing a licensed property is a singularly difficult task, and coming off of both an editorial and writing position in Season Ten, I wouldn’t have it in me. A season is such a commitment, and I feel that all I can give Charmed is my 100% all, heart/soul/etc, for one season. X

Anonymous asked: I'm very curious about the process - what makes a licensed material like charmed more difficult or different than say robyn hood.

PS: Great question. The short of it is the approval process. After I get a script for Robyn Hood or Wonderland approved, the only one who gives notes on the art is me. On Robyn Hood especially, because I’m also writing it, it’s a very fluid process. On Wonderland, the writer (Erica J. Heflin) might chime in, or on either title, the art director (Chris Cote) may have a rare note. But it’s a very quick and straightforward process. With a licensed property, after I approve something on my end – from a plot to a script to pencils to colors to letters to a cover mock-up – it has to then be approved by the licensor. It’s an entirely different process with things I just don’t have to worry about on other titles, such as likenesses or longterm continuity. It’s a rewarding experience and I love CBS – I couldn’t ask for better licensors. They’re smart, kind, fair, and they treat me like one of their own! It’s really a time thing. Honestly, the only reason I can fit editing that book into my schedule is because I’m also writing it, so it streamlines my process a bit. Editing another writer on Charmed would be impossible for me if I wanted to keep writing other titles, and writing will always be my main priority. Hope this makes sense! X

Anonymous asked: can't believe you're pairing Prue and Kyra!!! My favorite sister and one of my favorite recurring character! if someone told me something like that would happen when i was watching season 7 in 2004-2005, i would never have believed it! it's just the perfection! THANKS!

PS: They’re two of my favorites as well! It felt like such a natural fit to me. X

Anonymous asked: Oh my god you're doing a research about Prue and Barbas, and from my favorite episode ever, Shannen was so wonderful, and the swimming pool scene was so emotional, like the very end of the episode were she's in the attic!!! Prue, the sister who was a affraid to say i love you is back, can't believe it...I fall in love with her since this moment :) Please please please make Prue kick Barbas' ass, i need to see this :)) Thanks for bringing him back <3

PS: The Prue/Barbas relationship is really interesting to me, and I think the issue will surprise everyone. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! are we gonna see soon Elise again? In issue 6 even if it was short, she was great :)

PS: Yeah, she is in #8! X

Anonymous asked: on a scale from 1-10 how much is charmed 8 rocking the fandom on it's release... also will we be seeing a new "picture" now that prue is back... prue piper phoebe had their sister picture... and we saw multiple ones of piper phoebe and paige throughout the series s1-8... it's time for one with all the sisters

PS: That’s a super hard question to answer, because there is no way to gauge that really… But each issue in the next arc really tries to outdo its predecessor with the shock factor. The surprises all come from a place of character and heart rather than twists for twists sake though! X

Anonymous asked: I dream of a Prue one-shot. Pretty please?

PS: No one-shots are on the slate… but #12 is Prue-centric! X

Anonymous asked: I'm fine with Charmed ending after s10. It has to end sooner or later, and we got five more years worth of stories thanks to you guys, so I've made my peace with it. That said, how do you approach being the one that has to craft a fitting series finale after 10 seasons? Do you already have something in mind? Not asking for spoilers (I know by now that you won't give them anyway), just wondering how you feel about it and what's the thought process behind it all.

PS: I have a lot of it figured out, definitely. As far as essentially ending a series after ten seasons, my thoughts on the finale – and the season as a whole piece of work – were inspired by Scott Snyder on Batman. Every story arc he’s done, he’s told the ultimate Batman story, and he’s said that in interviews. He never pulls any punches, because why would he – he’s writing Batman! The core of it, though, is that Snyder writes what he wants to read, and the fans follow. That’s how I’m doing this season. I’m examining what I care about in Charmed and what I have to say about these characters, and I’m doing it! I hope fans are satisfied by the end, but I honestly can’t let myself think much about that! X

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  • #1

    TomTom (Tuesday, 12 May 2015 10:10)

    I don't think, that there'll be an 11th season. It would be very cool (and I would write it, if I could ^^) but I think this season is the last.
    So I hope the ending can be used as great finale. With a backdoor for a maaaaybe possible 11th season. ;)

  • #2

    cyma (Tuesday, 12 May 2015 21:15)

    Barbas is gonna be back? 0.o Can't wait for everything! Especially the Prue issue. I'll always keep my fingers crossed that season 11, 12, 13 and so on happens :-)

  • #3

    spiros (Wednesday, 13 May 2015 09:41)

    I hope the charmed one's powers will evolve in this season..I dont think that the powers that they got in the dome are the last powers they will ever get especially for piper who only has three powers while all the others have so many.. the powers i would suggest for each one are:
    Piper: teleportation through molecular manipulation or the power that she got when she became a warlock (I dont think the power is would be an advancement of molecular immobilization so I think it would be ok for her to get it)
    Phoebe:Pat has already told I think that she will use astral premonition soI cant think anything else for her maybe a new power or a more advances levitation?
    Paige: being a whitelighter she has dozens of powers but I wish she could use telekinesis independently I mean Chris is a whitelighter-witch and he was able to why paige shouldnt? she is a charmed one after all..(she once used telekinsesis when she orbed a diaper in 7x01) she should get more of Prue's powers now that Prue no longer has any connection to the charmed ones
    Prue: i dont know I think Pat will do something great with her
    Also it would be nice if they would explain how they were able to use astral projection at the end of season 7 and maybe new powers for the kids as well? I am asking way too much I know :P

  • #4

    scott21 (Wednesday, 13 May 2015 10:41)

    Pat has already told this many time that the charmed ones have way too many power already and they barely use it properly. It's not x-men its charmed...

  • #5

    TomTom (Wednesday, 13 May 2015 13:51)

    In my opinion the sisters have enough powers. But it would be interesting, if they would use them in more variegated ways or combine them. The szene with Paiges orbshield, Phoebes levitation and Pipers molecular combustion was cool.

  • #6

    p3nathan (Wednesday, 13 May 2015 21:15)

    The more powers they get, the more certain ones will end up being neglected. The amount they have now is enough to use regularly throughout the story (ignoring Paige's long list of whitelighter abilities that are hardly used). I think there's still lots of potential to explore with what they can already do.

  • #7

    spiros (Thursday, 14 May 2015 08:14)

    You guys might be right but I dont know..I still would want them to develop new powers by advancing their existing ones I think its unfair that Piper only has three powers..Phoebe can access a lot of powers through empathy and like you said Paige has a million of them (I still think she should be able to use telekinesis seperately because every other whitelight-witch that has telekinesis is able to and it doesnt make sense to me why she cant use it as well) besides if you compare their powers to what demons have its nothing and they are supposed to be the most powerful witches that ever existed! anyway..but what do you thinik about the kids ? wouldnt it be nice to see them use their powers?I would like to see Wyatt's powers more tbh now that the prophecy is gone (which I dont understand how that happened but anyway) btw am I the only one that is annoyed that almost everyone has telekinesis?

  • #8

    p3nathan (Thursday, 14 May 2015)

    I think Piper can do quite a few things with her powers though. The point of her Molecular Acceleration is that she has become much more versatile and has more options than just freeze or explode. I do agree that before the comics she seemed to have far less power development, but I do think that's been improved upon by Paul.

    It seems Pat is focusing less on the kids this season, though I'd like to see Parker get a power at some point. And no you're definitely not the only one who thinks tk/tk orbing is way overused these days. I've been hoping for some new hybrid powers for a while so that they're not all doing the same thing.

  • #9

    Gc (Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:02)

    I think it's canon in the actual show that TK even though it's the "strongest" power (or maybe its strongest because it was Prue's up for debate I suppose) is also extremely common, especially in their family.

  • #10

    p3nathan (Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:22)

    I'd just like to see some variety with the hybrids... see some powers that use more than just the teleportation their species use for inspiration. Phoebe's kids could be a natural choice for that, since Phoebe's empathic powers and Coop's cupid powers would be a very natural combination.
    But even with the Witch-Whitelighters. Considering all the abilities that whitelighters accumulate, surely there's more you could make a hybrid power out of than just their orbing.

  • #11

    spiros (Friday, 15 May 2015 10:07)

    Yes i agree there have been some improvements butto me its still unfair at least it would be nice to see new aspects of her powers like if she could use her powers without moving her hands which always was a huge disadvantage of her powers ( that is one of the main reasons I would like to see her get a new power especially a teleportation one). As for the kids I am hoping Chris will get Prue's powers since it seems like there is a connection between them.The twins should get a bit stronger (although I was hoping that Melinda would take Piper's power but that will do) You are right Empathy+Cupid sounds great i hope she gets something from Phoebe..Do you think its possible to develop a power different from the 'traditional' ones like how Prue's and Phoebe's past lives powers were different even though they were still Warren witches?

  • #12

    Barron (Friday, 15 May 2015 15:50)

    I'm confused about one thing. Are Prue and Kyra being paired as a couple or as friends? I think they'd be awesome and could become best friends fighting demons together.

  • #13

    Julie (Saturday, 16 May 2015 15:13)

    How do we know season 10 will be the last? I mean you don't know for sure.

  • #14

    p3nathan (Monday, 18 May 2015 00:11)

    We don't know, but the way things are at the moment, Pat is wise to treat it like it is.
    You can do a proper finale and still leave it in a way that would allow somebody else to carry the series on. "Forever Charmed"didn't stop the comics being made after all and that was a proper ending.
    But if he treated it like it would definitely continue, left lots of stuff open and then we ended up not getting a season 11... that's just be a major disappointment.

    Just look at all the shows that get cancelled after ending a season on a cliffhanger or with tons of loose ends. The fans end up devastated.