Coop One-Shot + New Guest Artist

ComicsContinuum uploaded an expanded version of their interview with Pat Shand. You can watch it here.

In the interview, Pat reveals that Charmed Season 10 #13 is a Coop One-Shot titled "Court of Love", drawn by guest artist Giorgia Sposito.

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    p3nathan (Tuesday, 02 June 2015 02:15)

    Sounds like an interesting issue. It sounds like Tyler is going to be a main character from here on out, just going off a couple of comments.

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    Bigbear (Wednesday, 03 June 2015 15:21)

    I don't know how I feel about a Coop one-shot. I guess it could be good to develop him better and make him less boring, but if we come out of this season with a Coop one-shot or a Henry one-shot and no Prue one-shot I'll be seriously disappointed.

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    p3nathan (Wednesday, 03 June 2015 20:17)

    To be fair, the main arc seems to be shaping up to be pretty Prue-centric. Plus issue 12 is called "Virtue", based on the phrase "Patience is a virtue" so I think we can count on that one being a very Prue focused issue.

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    Pat Shand (Thursday, 04 June 2015 04:19)

    The same way that #6 is essentially a Phoebe one-shot, #11 is a Paige one-shot, #12 is a Prue one-shot, and #13 is a relationship one-shot with a bit of a heavier lean on Coop/Phoebe than the other two couples.

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    Jean (Saturday, 06 June 2015 01:12)

    I want Prue on a cover and a one shot, where she is just on the cover only.

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    Julie (Monday, 08 June 2015 17:53)

    Face it Coop will never be an interesting character no matter how hard you try to develop him . Bring Cole back cause this is getting boring and losing my interest. Seriously you stop with the one shots.

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    Pat Shand (Monday, 08 June 2015 22:21)

    Coming soon:

    CHARMED: SEASON TEN #14: Wherein The Writer Inexplicably Writes Whatever Julie (INSERT LAST NAME HERE) Requests, Because Of Reasons No One Understands

    CHARMED: SEASON TEN #15: Seriously You Stop With The One Shots (SIC)

    CHARMED: SEASON TEN #16: Come On You Guys, I'm Taking Requests!

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    Barron (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 05:17)

    @Pat Shand I actually agree with Julie. Coop has never been an interesting character to me. Now I will say that he is far less boring than he was in the show but I still can't see the magic, love, and chemistry between him and Phoebe. I think many people saw the chemistry between her and Cole. But you've already made the decision to kill off Cole and have Phoebe and Coop stay together and I doubt you'd change your mind despite others wanting Cole back. Other than Cole being killed off and Phole not getting back together, I love how you've treated the characters in the comics so far, especially Tyler's new role. I also love how you brought Kyra back. Pure genius!

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    Henry (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 13:10)

    I don't understand.. If you want a Phole ending you can read the many (and beautiful) fanfictions that are online.. Phoebe and Cole are not possible! Writers have taken this decisions when the show was non air.. So I don't understand why you keep asking something impossible! Pat can't delete what Brad Kern did but he can make it better, trying to develop coop's character (like Paul did last season).. So long life to One shots!!

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    TomTom (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 13:26)

    To be fair: the TV series didn't have enough time for introducing a love for Phoebe that would feel deeper than her love for Cole. The series drew to a close, they had to concentrate on the Ultimate Battle and a grand finale. But "Charmed" couldn't end with an alone Phoebe, that would be a betrayal of her developed character. The love between Cole and Phoebe evolve about years, Coop had just a few episodes to win Phoebe and fans.
    In my opinion, it would have been way better, if they never had introduced Dex, so Coop could appear much earlier.
    But yeah, this chance is gone and I think it's great, that Pat tries to expand Coops character.

    And by the way: for me it's incredibly cool that Phoebe, the woman of pure love, falls in love with a Cupid. I think this is the best that could happen to her. It's romantic, it's warm-hearted, it's... Phoebe.

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    Barron (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 22:16)

    @Henry But so many fans were doing the same things by reading fabrics about Prue and that didn't fill the void. It is not that hard for Cole to come back. Its just the way Pat wanted the storyline to go. I don't agree with the storyline but its the way he wanted to do it. Telling Phole fans to just go read fanfics isn't going to solve any problem. They were definitely possible as Cole was supposed to return in the last season but there were scheduling conflicts. The problem is clear as day: we got Prue and Cole back, we got back the Phole chemistry, now Cole's dead, Phole's gone, and Prue's going dark. Pat could easily fix the mistakes Kern did. But he's chosen not to.

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    TomTom (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 23:17)

    A lot of fans are thinking that Brad Kern made mistakes. Well. But why should Pat fix this? He got this job to tell more "Charmed" stories and not to overwork the old ones. It would take another 8 years of "Charmed" to fix all the illogical scenes and plotholes.
    I love "Charmed" so deeply. And I will love it forever. With all mistakes in it. And in my opinion it's a gift, that we got still more years with these amazing characters.

    And the Phole-thing (I never heard about this "Phole" before season 10 by the way ^^)...
    I can understand all the Phole-fans. Cole was Phoebes biggest love to that time and he's missing now and then, but... You have to look on this love with a realistic view and not through rose-colored glasses. Phoebe went through hell. Literally. He lied at her, he treated her like "nothing nice", he even wanted to kill her whole family. Why should every woman in TV-land should go back to jerks? You have to imagine that. Some "Charmed"-fans even want that Prue gets engaged with Bane. Hello? Prue deserves way more than a corrupt criminal that earns money with murder.
    Cole was a great character, and he will be forever. And don't you think it's the most biggest love proof that he died for his love, to keep her and her new love safe?

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    p3nathan (Wednesday, 10 June 2015 00:15)

    Well for what it's worth, I'm actually liking Coop at the moment. Sure I wasn't playing a fanfare for him in season 8, not by a long shot. But Paul really fleshed him out in season 9, gave him some decent background and motivation. And I'm liking what Pat is doing with him in season 10. Coop and Henry on this mission should be good, I'm already enjoying their dynamic.

    But then, ya know... Phoebe could just ditch her husband/the father of her kids and get back with her ex. That'd make Phoebe look all kinds of awesome! Screw the fact that she clearly genuinely loves her husband and is happy in her family life, you can just scrap all that crap. Because COLE <3s PHEEBS 4EVA Y'ALL :D

    Also ignore that Cole was willing to selflessly die to save Phoebe's loving husband... he can just come back, get Phoebe and stick a middle finger up to that guy. Woohoo; character progression! Who needs it when everyone can just run round in circles?

    It's really not Pat's job to fix Kern's "mistakes". Besides, Julian wanted to leave, so I'm not sure you can really put that one on Brad Kern in the first place.

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    p3nathan (Wednesday, 10 June 2015 00:27)

    "Face it Coop will never be an interesting character no matter how hard you try to develop him ".

    So you're actually admitting that you're committed to hating him forever regardless of what the writer does?

    This site needs emoticons... specifically an *eye roll* one!

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    Barron (Thursday, 11 June 2015 01:28)

    @P3Nathan Character progression is already what we've been shown. If Phoebe happened to leave Coop for Cole, it wouldn't be that bad because we all know Cole and Phoebe's love is stronger than her and Coop's and Coop is a Cupid so Coop should know how she feels about him. And yes, Cole died but to save Phoebe's love, not necessarily the love of her life. He died because he didn't want her to have to go through losing someone she loves again. But either way, it was pretty much scheduling conflicts that didn't have Cole come back. He left because he didnt like the storyline he got which we all probably would have done the same. But the problem isn't fixing Kern's issues, its about fixing the current issues. This was the chance to have the two get back together and rise against evil and all the odds. But instead Coop got saved because Cole is selfless. Being realistic, the only way Phoebe would have got back with Cole is probably cheating on him which none of us would have wanted the two characters to do OR if Coop would have died. Phoebe wouldn't just leave her husband and kids for Cole. But I do think the "no one is safe" storyline could have been used on any other character but Cole was chosen because he would have the greatest impact which he did.

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    p3nathan (Thursday, 11 June 2015 19:28)

    Quote- “ If Phoebe happened to leave Coop for Cole, it wouldn't be that bad”

    Yes it would be bad, it’d make both characters look terribly selfish, not to mention completely inconsistent. Walking out on your family isn't a noble thing to do just because you're one of the main characters... but I guess Uber-Phole’s wouldn’t bother about that because they’d have their ship. This is why I dislike the more intense shipping: so long as the characters get together; I actually don’t believe some shippers are even that bothered about them individually. Not bothered if Phoebe totally contradicts herself, leaves her husband and the father of her kids. Not bothered that Cole abandons his growth so that he can be all about “claiming Phoebe for himself” again and not caring that a family has broken apart because of it. None of it would matter, just so long as the ship is there.
    You even say yourself, Cole became somewhat selfless... a far cry from season 5, so much so that he saved Coop at the expense of himself. Yet you want him to revert back so he can be all about getting Phoebe back again; when she's married with children this time? You're going to tell me that that's progression for him?

    Quote- "it wouldn't be that bad because we all know Cole and Phoebe's love is stronger than her and Coop's"

    Well you’re entitled to your opinion... but there’s absolutely nothing suggesting that Phoebe isn’t completely in love with and devoted to Coop. She’s happy in her marriage and in her family life. Phoebe fell out of love with Cole in season 5, what we see in late season 9 to early season 10 is a friendship and it took her a hell of a long time to get there. Sure they have feelings for each other, they have history...but “history” is the operative word here. They ended for a reason. Just because a relationship isn't forever doesn't mean it wasn't special and it doesn't mean that her current husband is a big poopy obstacle getting in the way of their super-epic lurrrve.
    She's happy! Cole dealt with that and some Phole's need to as well.

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