Charmed #10 Release Date Change

Pat Shand mentions this in my latest interview with him but for those who may not have seen it because you avoid spoilers, the release date for Charmed Season 10 #10 has changed.

  • Pat Shand: One thing that I do want to mention, because it might be a disappointment. #9 is coming out early but, because of publishing schedule reasons that won’t really make sense without explaining a bunch of stuff no one cares about, #10 will come out a few weeks later than Previews initially said. So we’ve got #9 early and #10 late, which will kind of give us less of a gap between #10 and #11, at least!

Previews has now changed the date to July 22, 2015.

By the way, Charmed is included in Robyn Hood #11 (also written by Pat Shand). In the issue that was just released Robyn and Marian visit NYCC! Fun!