Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed Season 10 #10 (SPOILERS)

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of #10!

Please note that the interview contains spoilers.

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CHARMED COMIC FAN 10: Let’s start with the first page of #10 in which we see Belthazor’s giant statue “come to life.” Is there more to look into this statue or is it like how a gargoyle statue would animate to guard a castle?

PAT SHAND: That’s about all there is to it. It was a quick way to wordlessly expand the mythology of the Demonic Wasteland. It’s consistent with what we’ve seen in the show that there are corporeal demons in there, and Belthazor is a legend to them. It also reinforces some core themes of this season, but that will be clear toward the end.

CCF: Tyler goes into full Archai mode. During that moment is it just Tyler? In a way it felt like something got a hold of him.

PAT: We don’t know much about Archai. We don’t know exactly what we saw there. Something big happened, though, for sure.

CCF: Will we get to see the Wasteland again this season? Do you plan to explore more of it?


PAT: There’s a LOT more Wasteland. It’s a focal point of this season.


CCF: Paige and Henry’s arguments about Paige putting herself in danger exist for some time now and we saw Henry get really mad at her here. Their issues surely are not resolved. Are their problems going to be addressed again soon, maybe in #13 “Court of Love”?

PAT: Certainly in there, but also sooner.

CCF: Leo and Henry are similar in the way that they are mortals with very powerful wives. Will we see Leo continue to help Henry go through this feeling of being unable to help?

PAT: Leo relates to Henry in a way, but Henry doesn’t relate to Leo. Leo chose to be the way he is now, and he’s comfortable with that. Henry didn’t.

CCF: Prue’s true nature is revealed. Was Prue always the Nexus of the All since when she absorbed the Grimoire and Empyreal sword or did the change happened eventually or at some unknown point?

PAT: She was always the Nexus of the All. She just didn’t understand her power, and she was sort of coming into it, repressing the majority of it… which is why, earlier on, like in the end of Season Nine and in Paul’s novels, being around Prue hadn’t yet begun to hurt the sisters.

CCF: When Kyra asked what to do now that she is free and Prue replied that she doesn’t know; is this also applying to Prue herself? In a way their situations feel parallel, they freed each other from their “prisons”.


PAT: That was the intention, yep!


CCF: In the issue we see Prue turning a demon into a human and putting a soul from one body to another. At this point is Prue having the power to magically do anything she wants?


PAT: Almost, yes.

CCF: We see Prue putting back together Cole’s body for Benjamin’s soul. If she can bring back Cole’s body after it vanished in #5 why wouldn’t she revive Benjamin’s original body?


PAT: Good question!

CCF: With Cole’s body does Benjamin now also have his son’s powers?

PAT: Nope. Prue could have, but didn’t.

CCF: Is there anything at all you can share about the plans Prue has for Benjamin and how she thinks they can help each other?

PAT: He’ll help her out with some spells in #12 and #13. The nature of those spells, I don’t much want to say quite yet!

CCF: On Tumblr you replied to an ask that one of the spin off ideas you would be interested in is about Kyra and a new character we meet at the end of #10, the character now revealed to be Ben. What can you tell us about your plans for these two characters, who for now are not related in any way, coming together?

PAT: Kyra and Ben won’t meet for a while, but they have an interesting dynamic. Ben’s a man from an age that’s long since gone, and Kyra is a very modern former demon gal. In many ways, who she was/is is Ben’s worst nightmare, but they also have a lot in common. #14 was originally going to be a one-shot all about them, but I couldn’t fit the sisters into a B story without forcing it, so I decided to play the Kyra/Ben arc through #14 – 16. It’s very much about Ben’s sacrifice for his son, and Cole’s quest to resurrect his father. It’s, much like the whole season, focused on both Prue and the idea of Cole.

CCF: Thank you very much for your answers and one more great issue, Pat!

PAT: Thank you!