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Anonymous asked: May I ask the number of the Issue where we meet the big bad of the season or it quialifies as a spoiler?, I remember you said on an interview it'll be on the second arc (If I'm not wrong)

Pat Shand: You’ve already met the Big Bad. Or have you? X


Anonymous asked: Are the sisters traveling to the future or the past this season? If this is a direct spoiler question I'm sorry.

Pat: Someone is definitely traveling to the past. Another character kinda lives in the past. X


Anonymous asked: Whats your favorite Charmed issue so far and why?

Pat: In Season Nine – which, as a whole, is probably my favorite overall season, perhaps tied with 3 or 4 depending on the day – the issues that Tess Fowler drew really stand out to me. She’s terrific. I’m a fan. In Season Ten, it’s kind of awk to comment on my own writing, but I think there is a lot to like in #3. #11 really came together when I rewrote it for lettering, more than the other issues, and I was able to see what Elisa/Valentina had done and change the dialogue to step the writing up a notch. I think people will like the way it ends – the thematic ending to the issue on page nineteen (before a creepy little epilogue/teaser at the very end) works well, I thought. But time will tell! X


Anonymous asked: how old is patience supposed to be- meaning how old is the body that prue inhabits haha

Pat: A little younger than Prue. X


Anonymous asked: would you say that prue's "new body" is still the oldest- cause i believe there was a line in war on witches that piper says something that prue is younger than her

Pat: I honestly don’t think it matters. I haven’t thought about it, and if that’s what Piper said in the novel, take it as canon. It’s not something I think about because the age of Prue’s host is the least interesting thing about that relationship to me. You will find out an enormous amount of details regarding Prue/Patience in #12, so don’t worry too much about the minutiae. X


@PatShand: Watching some Charmed to prepare for a character I've never written before. X


Anonymous asked: "Watching some Charmed to prepare for a character I’ve never written before." Please be Andy, please be Andy, please be Andy,,,

Pat: It’s a season two episode! X


Anonymous asked: OMG, you're bringing back someone from the show, I don't know if I should be scared or thrilled to read that!!!

Pat: I think the end of #11 might shed some light on what the next arc is going to be! X


Anonymous asked: HAHAHAHAHA for just a second I thought on Dan 😂😂😂, may I ask if is human or demon? Kinda wanna play guess who with ya!

Pat: Kinda neither, kinda both! Ish. X


thatssoteo asked: Hi Pat, may I ask you why there is a change of plan on season 10? I mean I thought there would be 24 issues and now I read 22. Why 2 less? :(

Pat: There are a lot of reasons. Primarily, I was thinking about the last arc and trying to figure out where we would place our one-shots. But with the way #17 ends, having one-shots didn’t make sense. It’ll be a better season at 22 issues than it would’ve been at 24… Though I understand the desire to want more, of course. But trust me on this, it’s the right call. Maybe ask me again after #22 is out. We will see how we feel about the choice then! X


Anonymous asked: does the sale numbers have anything to do with 22 issues instead of 24?

Pat: I gave my answer about this today, but I’ll add this. No one told me to do it, no one canceled it, nothing like that. It was my call, and Zenescope agreed with it. Maybe I’ll talk a bit more in depth about it when the issue is out, but for now that’s gonna be the final word. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride to the end of the season though! X


Anonymous asked: My bet's on the Source of All. Yup. I mean, that dude was awesome.

Pat: The Source is one I can definitely confirm I won’t bring back. He returned so many times it stopped being dramatic in a way, so I wouldn’t want to also take away from the older stories by doing that again. X


Anonymous asked: so to confirm- was that tyler the entire time with barbas taking over his body... or did barbas "posses" tyler after they both were in the portal (first tyler got sucked in then paige sent barbas in)

Pat: I won’t answer this question, but I will say that I thought more people would be asking if #11 showed us the real Barbas, the real Shax, etc. Which, yes, those were the real deal. But how and why we’re seeing them, that’s a bit longer-term. X


@PatShand: Charmed Season Ten #13 has some quality beefcake in it, you horndogs. X


@PatShand: Kareem can send out controlled and intense waves of sound from his body! X


@PatShand: Charmed #15 is so MEAN. X