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CHARMEDCOMICFAN: Starting the issue we find out why Prue needed Benjamin and why she needed him to stay human even though he is in Cole’s body. Going forward what can you share about Prue and Ben’s partnership? Does she have more plans for him?

PAT SHAND: I’ll say this… it’s not what anyone’s expecting. I just plotted through the end of the season last night, and I’ll just say that there’s a lot of fun, weird stuff coming up.

CCF: Prue enters her own mind and it is bloody and seemingly a very evil place. Is this the influence of Patience’s anger and/or the Grimoire tainting it?

PS: Patience has no hold on Prue’s mind at all. She’s a victim here. It’s the Grimoire – we can see it webbing out of it, as well as the more pure areas being formed from the lighting shining from the Sword.

CCF: While not the same I thought there were some nice parallels between the discussions Cole and Belthazor in #5 and Prue and Patience in this issue had. Was this deliberate?

PS: Deliberate to be sure, but inversed. In #5, Cole “destroys” his monster by making the sacrifice that would kill both him and Belthazor, while in this, our protagonist is the monster who kills the person tethered to her mind.

CCF: Kyra decides to fight evil but she is just mortal now. Going forward will she help the sisters in a way Leo does as a guide, the one to ask when you have magical problems?

PS: That’s her hope.

CCF: When Kyra had a “looksie” inside Prue did she see the place Prue meets Patience in this issue?

PS: Up for debate!

CCF: Who is the narrator in the page where Shax looks at the motel where Prue and Ben are?

PS: There’s no narration on that page. That’s a dialogue caption – when there are quotations surrounding the words within the caption, it just means that dialogue is carrying over from the last scene, like a voiceover. It’s Kyra’s speech about Prue continuing as we move to the next scene.

CCF: Was Patience’s soul actually taken by Charon? And if it was in what kind of existence are we seeing Patience?

PS: That’s also up for debate. But here’s my thinking – if the soul is taken but the person’s not dead? There’s something left behind. Patience was still hanging on in a way. Prue’s occupation of her body is a monstrous action, whether or not she knows that Charon took the soul, which… how could she know, and even if she did, is there no magic the Nexus of the All can do to get it back? Here’s the thing, though. Death? It’s the one thing that unites us all, and it’s the most terrifying thing we can think of. Fear of death is the basis of most religions – we have to believe there is more, something after. As Prue faced oblivion, she saw a chance. She did something dark. Would you do the same? I can’t say for sure that, if I had power like Prue, that I wouldn’t do the same. Would you let an innocent die to save someone you love? How about yourself? When the situation presents itself, I’m betting most would find it incredibly difficult to turn away. Prue didn’t turn away, and now there are consequences.

CCF: Patience mentions her friends and family. And after Prue got her body they are probably still wondering where Patience went. Will we ever see them?

PS: No plans, but perhaps.

CCF: In my opinion Patience has every right to want her body back. Patience existing in some way is something Prue didn’t know about but when she finds out she destroys what’s left of her. It really is hard to give an excuse for that. Is Prue doing this as a necessary evil? She has to know she is essentially killing an innocent at that point.

PS: Here’s where what I was talking about before gets tricky. Prue, after all that, is given the opportunity to vacate Patience, to give the body back to whatever fragment of her remains. And she doesn’t. Not only does she refuse, she destroys that fragment. I don’t know if I’d call it necessary, but it’s definitely an act of passion. It’s not for me to make a statement on, though. I hope readers make up their minds there.

CCF: Shax’s vanquishing was fantastic. It was such a “Take THAT!” moment that I’m sure everyone scarred from “All Hell Breaks Loose” will cherish. Not a question but let me thank you for this scene!

PS: Thank you. Giving Prue and her sisters that moment to look in the face of their grief and rise above it – that was cathartic to write.

CCF: One big question that emerged after last issue is what would happen to Tyler if the sisters vanquished one of the demons he’s turned into. After Shax’s vanquished we see him alive and well. Is where he emerges, the Wasteland?

PS: No, that’s just a few miles from the hotel. It’s different each time. When Barbas was in control of his body, he was eaten by the remaining fear monsters in the fire circle he’d opened, so he vanquished himself and emerged out of another circle. With Shax, he explodes in lightning, so the lightning strikes down a bit further away and Tyler reforms. It depends on what power set each of the vanquished demons is working with.

CCF: Since Tyler can take the form of vanquished demons, could he hypothetically become Shax again?

PS: Absolutely.


CCF: Congrats on another arc finale! As we are stepping into the 3rd one next month, what can fans look forward to?

PS: Thanks! We’ve got Court of Love next month, and it’s the most structured issue of the season. I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks of Giorgia’s art on that issue. The third arc is also what I’ve been waiting for – everything has been building to this, and I’m actually a little scared about fan reactions. Everything ties back to the theme of #1 – the idea of using power to escape death, and what that means – and I can’t wait to see how you all react to how everything plays out.

CCF: Thank you, Pat!

PS: As always, thank YOU!


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  • #1

    chloefan03 (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 21:25)

    this time i'm sorry but for the first time i'm really disappointed, and even angry. Cole death was ok for me cause it was his way to redemption, paige and henry's marital prblems ican accept even if i'm not a big fan of this storyline, Prue being so isolated from hersisters during the first 12 issues of the season knowing that we are waiting since 2001 to see them reunited and happy (and have some Paige/Prue bonding) it's really really hard but the story needs drama so ok. But this time, having Prue doing this to Patience, after all the sacrifices she made during season 9 (letting go the Power of Three, almost dying again during issue 22, accepting to stay into the nexus at the end of seaso 9)...I don't undertand Pat, it's like he wants to destroy Prue...How the Prue from the first three season could have done that...

  • #2

    chloefan03 (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 21:32)

    i had so many hopes for season 10 but everything turns horribly for each of the charaters, i don't recognize charmed's spirit anymore, i can't believe i'm going to say that but Prue being my favorite character ever, i would have preferred to see her still dead than this destruction :( I totally respect Pat's work, i've always been supportive of him even during the Cole drama, i totally understand that he has his point of view, but sometimes i have the impression that he never tell to himself if the fans would like or not one of his decision. I'm so sad for Prue, even Shax confrontation is not enough to cheers me up :'(

  • #3

    chloefan03 (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 21:38)

    one last thing, i thought what Paul did with Prue was brillant cause she could returned, without Shannen's likeness, but at the same time since Charon has taken Patience's soul, she only took a corpse, without hurting an innocent. And boom, one season later Pat called her a monster, and makes her destroy the last piece of an innocent witch...

  • #4

    chloefan03 (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 21:43)

    and don't read this issue after rewatching the pilot for Charmed's anniversary (if you do so), if you're a Prue fan it will literally kill you.

  • #5

    Henry (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 22:31)

    I think that this Prue is in line with the Prue we know and love.. She keeps saying "you were brain dead" because she wouldn't kill an innocent.. she's not a monster.. She's human and humans are not totally good and they're not totally bad.. She sacrificed herself so many times.. Now she wants to stay.. She wants to help their sisters.. She wants to reunite to them.. She did it for her and for their sisters.. And there's an evil artifact in her now.. That has to influence her In a way or in another.. Maybe the Prue we know would be stronger but that Prue hadn't the Grimoire in her.. In this issue she tried to fight but her humanity and her evil side took the control of her mind.. Prue is losing herself because of what she did in season 9 finale.. Now we have to see how (and if) she'll find a way to come back

  • #6

    pruesthebest (Thursday, 08 October 2015 00:59)

    I wholeheartedly agree w/ you @henry. The writers is doing a great job and the season gets more interesting w/ every issue. I understand everyone won't like the direction prue is going in but this, to me, is the most captivating charm has ever been.

  • #7

    pruefan4life (Thursday, 08 October 2015 02:27)

    Why do I get the feeling that the closure to Prue's story is that she decides to accept her death and finally move on into the afterlife?

  • #8

    pruesthebest (Thursday, 08 October 2015 05:02)

    Idk about that @pruefan4life. Eventhough she possess the body of a comatose witch, at the end of season 9, it was stated that the body was hers to have. I really don't think she would go through all this trouble just to "accept her death" something she hadn't done since being in the afterlife. Fact is, she was never supposed to had died in the first place.

  • #9

    Aaron_89 (Thursday, 08 October 2015 14:07)

    I also think that Pat is doing a great job this season and focus on Prue as an intriguing epicenter where you never know how it will finish, as with the other characters. The drama, darkness, dilemmas, the relationships acquire greater depth and I feel that more new things happen and the story evolves more in a season of the comic than in the last seasons of the show.
    It's okay to delve into the dark side of Prue because until now, the memory we had of her, almost touches perfection. She always showed us a great self-control, clearly focused and positioned, holding in the center of the hurricane by her heavy weight of responsibility which is her sisters. It seems incredible, but I think even Prue often hated that, after a life she could not do otherwise, or be otherwise, so I think that approach to know what she had to do, it kept her in a comfort zone. What do you do when those bonds that keep you focused and on purpose disappears? Fear, lack of control, state of lost. But Prue also had a strong personality which always was ahead, almost arrogance, not being a coincidence that pride was her deadly sin, very obstinate at times where sometimes she laid her instincts and opinions (which practically they were always right on the show)... It is therefore logical that Prue does not recognize her lack of control and even she don't see her mistake at what she's doing because she may think that she doesn't do it for selfish reasons but because of her sisters (something true), innocents, or x idea that exonerate her and put away the attention to this truth. It can be really awful to recognize and cope. Therefore the worst unconsciousness of Prue that brings her darker side will never be the same as Phoebe, for example. Worse when it is given a character with a personality like hers, almost unlimited powers. It's a real personal test and Prue is abusing of it, believing in her idea, initiative and imposing it as right or what to do. And that profile, here the story puts it well and coherently, the dark of Prue, here, is well fused with her way of being, which makes the spirit of the character be present. There is not a feeling of reading a different character, just one taking roads only on the basis of her recognizable essence.
    But is Prue a monster? Not even much less. Only a very strong person dealing with circumstances that exceed her and improvising depending on her criteria, alone, maybe lost, with these ties that have changed and with a whole new and unexpected reality. I think she is someone doing the right thing as she always did, making some mistake along the way, as anyone can commit. I understand her more than to the Charmed Ones when they behaved as they did with Darryl and their general attitude during the 8th season (Surely, I could be one of the few halfway to agree with the arguments of Christy). You can not demand more from Prue, just understand her, because it would be unfair. But there is no drama, Prue can find another body to Patience and cross the line upsetting the natural balance of things again lol if with this succeeds Prue stays alive. That's all I want.

    ''I’m actually a little scared about fan reactions''. It is hoped that something like this comes back and explodes in your face. Fortunately, the consequences are necessary, they just are the mirror of what you have created.

    Interesting interview. Thank you, Pat.

  • #10

    Lana (Thursday, 08 October 2015 14:15)

    What Prue did to Patience was horrible. She made a conscious choice to destroy what was left of Patience, so she could live and be with friends and family; in doing so, Prue denied Patience the chance of every waking up and seeing her friends and family every again.

  • #11

    Lana (Thursday, 08 October 2015 14:22)

    ^^^ I'm glad that Pat thinks that Prue's actions in this issue should have consequences, I agree.

  • #12

    chloefan03 (Thursday, 08 October 2015 15:05)

    i'm not saying that the storyline is bad, cause i truly think it's a great story. It's just that in my humble opinion it's not suited for Charmed and for Prue's character. I totally agree that there should be consequences to Prue's manner of come back, but not as far as destroying an innocent witch ( even Phoebe when she was the queen of the underworld, pregnant with the heir of the source, didn't kill any innocent). But of course that's the just my point of view, i'm just trying as a simple fan to express my worries about this storyline and that particular character treatment. Now, even if i'm not for the moment satisfied, that certainly doesn't mean that i'm not going to follow this storyline and support the comics, hoping for a happier third and fourth arc :)

  • #13

    spiros (Thursday, 08 October 2015 17:53)

    I haven't read the issue yet but I don't think you should be disappointed I am sure Pat has a great story to tell and that's why we should wait I gather most fans are not happy with what Prue did but I think things will change in the upcoming issues just have Patience ;) @chloefan03 I know what you mean by saying that you don't think the story isn't suited for Charmed I think most of us (including myself although I wouldn't use the word 'suited' because it seems kinda harsh) have felt like that at some point since the comic series begun and I think we are right to feel or to have felt that way because it is true that the comics are quite different from the TV series because TV series and comics are different in general..there are many differences between books,movies,comics and TV series and Charmed is a very good example of that.The Charmed world is quite different when you watch the show, when you read the novels or when you read the comics. What I've noticed is that there are different ways in which magic 'works' in each of them and of course the stories are quite different as well.
    To make a long story short (although I think it's too late ) the comics are different and they are supposed to be that way but they are still great at least in my opinion :)

  • #14

    chloefan03 (Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:42)

    :) just to say i didn't wanted to be harsh with the word "suited", English is not my maternal language and i didn't know that it was seen like that, i don't want to be irrespectful

  • #15

    spiros (Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:46)

    Hey now that I am thinking about it is it possible that Patience in Prue's mind isn't really even a part of the real Patience? What if she is like Balthazor when Cole's was getting destroyed? Harry Potter came to mind as well when he used the resurrection stone or when he dueled Voldemort in the graveyard (OK I know I shouldn't have mentioned a different story but I was reading the announcement that Pat is going to write a novel and he mentioned Harry Potter so I couldn't help it anyway I'm not comparing I'm just trying to think something similar)

  • #16

    pruefan4life (Thursday, 08 October 2015 20:33)

    ^I had a similar thought, that maybe the Patience we saw, was a figment of Prue's conscience/imagination. But I think Pat has made it clear that that was a fragment of Patience struggling to hold onto her body ... and that Prue did, indeed, get rid of that fragment, and along with it, Patience's only hope of ever reclaiming her body.

  • #17

    Jrlove13 (Friday, 09 October 2015 08:21)

    I don't think story arc 3&4 are going to become "happier" just because Pat mentioned several times he was going back to the darkness of seasons 3&4. I'm expecting something unexpected and outrage among the fans. I'm not going to give my theory just yet but if I am correct about where pat is taking this story then many fans will be outraged and probably drop the comics altogether. As for the whole Prue killing Patience put yourselves in her shoes would you make the same decision? I know I would but that's just me. And as for the differences between comics and tv, the comics have more space to run around where as the budgeting for a tv series would cut things off. Comics don't have a budget to maintain speaking in props special effects and limiting characters. With the whole story not being perfect for Charmed it really isn't but Pat has his own story and zenescope along with CBS is letting him tell it even if it's not everything he wanted to write it's still his story to tell. If he chooses to end this thing on a good note is all up to him but don't think for a second that something unexpected won't happen in the end it always does.

  • #18

    Aaron_89 (Saturday, 10 October 2015)

    @chloefan03 your opinion is as valid as anyone's and so understandably your worries about if Prue is going to the same fate as Cole. I also have them... but I understand and empathize so much with Prue that this seems that after so much injustice now she is enhanced over the ashes and is like a sweet reckoning with destiny. And this season does justice to that, waiting a conciliation on the outcome, of course, but in a way that perhaps no one expects, as says @Jrlove13, even when that level of darkness seems excessive in the protagonist of a story like Charmed (not in my case). However, as Pat emphasises about the consequences for escape from death and the reactions of the fans, I don't know what to think about what Prue will do, but I think I will comprehend her equally.

    Phoebe did not kill any innocent being the queen of the underworld, but she let Cole and Belthazor live in S3, just listening to her personal feelings and not having a vision with more perspective, and soon an innocent witch died because of him. It was not her fault but it's not the first time that the personal feelings or choices of them all, cause collateral damage to others. That's what is happening now with Prue, I just hope that when she realizes, she goes back and fix it.


  • #19

    spiros (Saturday, 10 October 2015 10:16)

    @chloefan03 I know what you mean it's not mine either it's difficult to find the correct word sometimes
    @pruefan4life yeah you are right.. I just hope things will change in the upcoming issues
    @Jrlove13 yeah the comics do have a lot more space when it comes to special effects but that's not what I was trying to say or at least I wasn't focusing on that.. I am sorry if that was not clear because as I said English is not my maternal language. What I was trying to say is that the theme of the story is different.. I wouldn't expect to see season 10 on TV or any of the TV seasons (except maybe 1) in can't turn a novel or a comic issue into a TV episode and vice versa the way each of them approach the story and the characters is different because of the differences that exist between TV books and comics it seems quite possible to me that if Pat was a writer on the show the story that he would be trying to tell would be different from the season he is writing for comics right now.. (I haven't made my point any clearer have I? :P) BTW I think that in the end all of us will be satisfied

  • #20

    cyma (Saturday, 10 October 2015 20:33)

    @spiros:"Hey now that I am thinking about it is it possible that Patience in Prue's mind isn't really even a part of the real Patience? What if she is like Balthazor when Cole's was getting destroyed?"

    That's what I thought second. The first thought that entered my mind was the whole Rogue/Carol situation in X-men. Though the difference was the fragment of Carol within Rogue wanted Rogue's body since Rogue put her real body in a coma. But should that fragment of soul really be considered a whole person? Since the real Carol does wake up from the coma but that fragment keeps living inside Rogue too. So from that pov, I'm having a hard time seeing Prue as getting rid of Patience's fragment that existed something very bad. What seems bad is that being the Nexus of All and all powerful, Prue could've easily rescued Patience soul from Charon and given Patience another body like she did with Ben. Though she didn't even try.

  • #21

    cyma (Saturday, 10 October 2015 21:04)

    Aaron_89: "Phoebe did not kill any innocent being the queen of the underworld."

    I actually kinda wonder about that cause in episode Womb Raider, the dark priest about to crown Seer referring to the trapped Charmed Ones says: "Am I to presume these witches are the human sacrifice required to seal your coronation?"

    Paige exclaims: "Human sacrifice? I didn't know that was part of the plan, did you?"

    Phoebe curiously remains silent so I wonder...who was the human sacrifice to seal Cole and Phoebe's coronation?

    Also wasn't there an episode in season 6 where Phoebe's criminal classmate gets acid sprayed by demons who were after Chris? And Paige forgets to orb a gun away :-p

  • #22

    cyma (Saturday, 10 October 2015 21:53)

    Is it just me but what happened to Prue sort of parallels what happened to Cole in Season 4? Cole's powers are stripped that leaves a void which practically ‘craves’ to be complete again. It suddenly is when after Source’s defeat and the Hollow being taken care of, the Source’s powers go into Cole’s void along with essence of Source. In Prue’s case, after she stripped her powers, the void left is craving for the Power of Three connection again. Having Nexus powers didn’t help. Instead actually made it worst as Prue is unknowingly magically eating her sisters and her nephews and nieces alive to fulfill that craving void in her 0.o God I hope what happened to Cole doesn’t happen to Prue.

  • #23

    Lana (Saturday, 10 October 2015 23:03)

    Phoebe completely freaked and turned on Cole when Cole kill Greg (the probation officer Piper, Paige and Leo was protecting). So I think its safe to say that Phoebe did not know of any human sacrifice. Phoebe chose not to vanquish Cole because she loved him and saw that he had changed, which he had. Cole was then manipulated by Raynor into killing Jenna; that's on Raynor, not Cole or Phoebe. Prue destroyed Patience's only chance of ever waking up; that's on Prue.

  • #24

    Lana (Saturday, 10 October 2015 23:35)

    cyma, the look on Phoebe's face when they were taking about human sacrifice was one of shock.

  • #25

    Aaron_89 (Sunday, 11 October 2015 14:18)

    It's true @cyma, I had not thought of that. But as Lana says, I do not think she was aware of that sacrifice. However, with the death of Greg, her concern was more stress upon the counter-attack of her sisters than the innocent. Phoebe destroyed Cole for they, not for the innocent. That is, in one way or another all of them judge for themselves when to use a broader vision for the greater good or when to use a more selfish vision. Phoebe opposed Prue, she always did what she wanted and yet she was very close to the darkness and everybody understood her reasons. Prue never, she did everything for them and everything to reach a state worse for herself, even ignored by her own family. Now that she finally has the skillet by the handle, freedom, power, a body to live her life, it stands to reason that she doesn't want to let it go. Understand her reasons does not mean that I agree with her. And beyond the strong character or obstinacy she had, I also remember her compassion, sensitivity and dedication for the innocents, so I'm sure this will fall heavily on the conscience of Prue when she becomes aware of what she has done.
    And about Reynor, Cole and Phoebe and who is to blame. Reynor obviously manipulated Cole, but there everyone played their role, which, this led to all that outcome.

  • #26

    Frenchfan (Sunday, 11 October 2015 16:40)

    Such a captivating issue. Thank you Pat, it must take a lot of you to be such a sensitive person that you can analyse so deeply characters you hadn't created in the fist place. I love what you do with the characters, their introspections, showing and extending relevantly some aspects of their personality. All this together with different and very clever storylines, in issues of only 20 pages... That's what I call being talented!

    I've always loved Prue but for what she was-on the one hand, the brilliant, responsible, caring big sister who can do anything. On the other, a total pain in the butt. Don't you remember how she could be condescending? A bit of a stuck up at times. And quite prejudiced if you think of her relationship with Phoebe and, well, men in general. All of this due to various neuroses she had acquired from dramatic family events she had never completely been able to cope with. For Prue, as brilliant as she was, could stick to old stuff and refuse to move on for a bug while. In a nutshell she was so much like anyone else on this planet. I admit that this last issue made me feel uneasy At times (killing whatever was left of Patience for instance) but re-reading it I saw how relevant it was. That girl has been quite traumatised and most of us would do worse, having been through less traumas... (That lass died at 30 something, lost the man of her life, .....). Pat perfectly reminds us that magical actions have consequences and don't forget the evil book is part of her too.

    Can't wait to read the rest of the series. As some mentioned, this could be the beginning of Prue's accepting to join the great beyond. Some said she wasn't supposed to die in the first place. How do u know? I'm expecting her to have been able to come back for something. So whatever the all of this, she has to do something big before the end of the series. And I don't think going back into her former body is an option (btw, tomb looks nothing like those we have in France, for me it looks like she has been incinerated, is that right? Because I've read in a charmed novel that she hadn't been but I find it strange to put several bodies into the same wall like that). Getting her former appearance back would also be tricky to explain to the neighbours and family friends. Maybe she could use a spell as in season 8 to be seen as Prue by her family but as Patience by the rest of the world. We'll see. Pat will surprise us win great stuff again anyway.

  • #27

    Frenchfan (Sunday, 11 October 2015 16:52)

    Before reading the interview I thought this "Patience fragment" was actually Barbas having found a way into her mind to mess with Prue...

  • #28

    cyma (Sunday, 11 October 2015 22:21)

    @Aaron_89: @Lana: If human sacrifice was part of the ceremony and Phoebe wasn't aware, then I can assume Seer and Cole/Source probably hid it from her so she doesn't change her mind and bolt off to her sisters.

    As for Prue....seeing how she's been dead and then in the afterlife, not dead and Nexus of All and never be able to let go of the Power of Three, could her happiness be reincarnation or something? But can she ever be rid of the magical objects she absorbed? Seeing it's part of her now. So could reincarnation even apply to her? Could she ever let go of the Power of Three?

  • #29

    LeoVzla (Monday, 12 October 2015 23:12)

    I get the point of some of you about what Prue did, but remember Prue absorbed the wickedest thing in the world, the Grimoir, wich made me understand why she did what she did, of course It has no justification, but yet all the Charmed one have been on the Evil side, I think this issue made us see the darkest side of human Prue we never got the chance to meet, which makes me love this issue even more.

  • #30

    Aaron_89 (Tuesday, 13 October 2015 23:46)

    @cyma, yes. Maybe she wasn't aware because she didn't live such sacrifice, but she was not stupid, rather I think it would be that she wouldn't want to see it as Prue now doesn't want to see the reality of her actions. Phoebe was blind by her faith/Love to Cole and the baby. But beyond the apparent blindness, in the conversation with the seer, she acknowledged that she always knew the truth just she didn't dare to face it. That dilemma is something very human, do the right thing or hear the deep personal desires. She had spent four years as a witch and she knew what kind of practices dark magic provides. To seal a coronation of the source of all evil, they had to sacrifice something very pure, a baby for example or the greatest force for good as themselves. Phoebe should know and she continued, but not only that, she not only shared bed with Cole but also with the evil essence/demon who ordered to kill her sister. Piper's anger towards her was nothing, in my opinion, but in her favor she was under the influence of many factors, Cole, the baby and then, the tonic. That's why now the subject of Prue doesn't seem to me free evil.
    Everything can be possible. Maybe she can get rid the magical objects that make her the guardian of the Nexus and Nexus itself. Share it with her sisters doesn't seem silly after all. Reincarnate seems a little unattractive if she loses the personality we recognize and the memories of her previous life. That would definitely be like dissolve Prue from map, but who knows, it might also be interesting. But I think she can never go far from the Power of Three.
    And yes, I think Prue is something very similar to Cole of season 10. Ironic, isn't it? At least she is at a similar crossroad. Again, do the right thing or listen the deep desires of instinct, and there the fight begins.

    @Frenchfan, I hadn't noticed that Prue was incinerated. I think she wasn't. That wall full of graves are niches and very common in cemeteries. They are used to save space. Greetings to France. :)

    @LeoVzla, Grimoire definitely plays an important role in how Prue is acting. At first I thought that Prue was perfect to balance the duality of power from the Nexus, that she could sustain that vortex without falling into it and the effect of that would be grand for her. Her power is grand but its volume is too so she knows how to channel and control both natures of it. There are some arguments to exculpate Prue, expecting them to be used at trial. But I would be surprised if the high magical judges care.

  • #31

    spiros (Thursday, 15 October 2015 17:23)

    I know what Prue did was bad but does it really matter? it was only a part of Patience's soul so even if that part still existed does it mean she could get her body back? I don't think so because if that was the case then why did they have to find the other part of Benjamin's soul? I mean if only a part of a soul is enough why did they bother reclaiming the other half? :P And if I am not mistaken Charon stole the soul of her victims, not parts of it..she couldn't just "drop" a part of a sou..l it's not groceries :P (maybe her powers work differently in that case I guess I think they will have to go with explain how they really work) My point is what if that part of her soul is just a way for Pat to show us that Prue is turning evil?
    Will Prue leave her body and move on at the end of the series? I don't know..maybe..but I think that if that were to happen they would have to use Shannen's likeness at some point I don't think that for a big goodbye scene they could use a white blue figure like in this issue s

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    So if we are going to try and predict what's going to happen in the end (which I don't think we will) we have to take into consideration the fact that as Pat has said a million times they can't use Shannen's likeness..I think you are right though that maybe it would be better for her to move on buuut on the other hand I think that Prue used to be the kind of person that wanted to have a kids (don't know if she still is ) and she had other love interests after Andy so maybe moving on might not be the only choice..Besides didn't we learn in season 9 that she wasn't supposed to die? So if she die wouldn't that just create the same problem? clearly stripping her powers wasn't enough the fact that she is the nexus just made things worse because now she has the power to fill the void that she would anyway if she wasn't the nexus she would still have that void she just wouldn't be able to fill it but she still wouldn't be able to rest in least I think.... That's it for today if I think more about it I'll get crazy :P

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