Title - Charmed Season 10 #18

Pat Shand:

  • [...] issue eighteen is called Tribunal and Tribulations. [...]

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    pruefan4life (Monday, 12 October 2015 23:49)

    Whose tribunal? Prue's? (Can't be Coop's because we already have an upcoming issue devoted to his trial.)

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    LeoVzla (Tuesday, 13 October 2015 01:26)

    Perhaps the Charmed Ones again? Remember helping Prue might be something risky and can bring a lot of repercussion, who knows? Pat's mind is hard to follow.

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    Leah (Tuesday, 13 October 2015 06:01)

    Probaly Prue, didn't Pat say Prue will have consequences for her actions.

    I sure hope Prue isn't dead by seasons end.

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    Bigbear (Tuesday, 13 October 2015 19:18)

    You know, I don't think I'd be all that happy with Prue getting a happily ever after if it isn't with her real body and with her true love. I think I'd be more ok with her finally enjoying her afterlife with Andy..

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    Max (Wednesday, 14 October 2015 06:54)

    I guess whats sad, is poor prue not getting to enjoy her life. Her sisters get married with kids, and she cant.

    Look even Grams and Patty got that before they died, even if it ended badly they got children. So I feel Prue deserves some happiness.

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    v-girl! (Wednesday, 14 October 2015 16:28)

    Personally I think Prue should end up in the afterlife with Andy eventually.

    Does everyone HAVE to get married and have kids? For crying out loud, it's 2015, do people seriously still think that that's the only way to possibly have a happy life? People are so one size fits all. Prue was earthbound for some time before Cole found her, she was helping young witches and seemed happy enough to me. It's not as if Prue was exactly the "got to get married and have lots of babies now!" type before she died.

    I think happiness for Prue at this point would be accepting her place in the universe. Now either they'll work something out and that can be with her sisters, or it'll be with the other Warren's who lost their lives in the good fight and Andy. I think the latter is the place for her. I think the former is just too idealistic. Fact is, she died and life kept going for everyone else. I think the best place for her is the afterlife. She'd be with her sisters eventually anyway, I mean they'll all end up in the same place at some point and then they've got eternity together.

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    tom (Thursday, 15 October 2015 17:58)

    the fact is not Prue being married, having children...And even if some fans wants that were's the problem? being in 2015 doesn't mean that for some people having a family, children, is the happiest thing in life, that's not being disconnected, it's just a point of view that we should all respect, exactly like the ones who think that life and happiness are not defined by this ( i saw a comment by Pat saying that i's a heteronormative point of view who shouldn't exist anymore, and for someone who seems very tolerant i really didn't liked it, cause it's pretty intolerant to me). The fact is that she spent all her life living for others, carrying the death of her mother, raising with Grams her sisters...She never had this chance to live her life fully, happily (except when she started at 415). All her storyline during the show was her duality between her responsabilities and her free spirit, her quest of liberty. What's the point to bring her back later to have her died again? She's an amazing character, full of potential. She stayed dead during the biggest part of the show, maybe now the real way to move on is not for her to accept her death (we saw in issue 22 that she really doesn't want to die but enjoy her life) but to finally live the life she choose (being stripped from the power of three), without having to be preoccupied by her family responsabilities? After all, a mortal Prue, living her own life would be a nice way to end the series for her since at the beggining she was not really overjoyed by the fact of being a witch. In my opinion she's a little bit drugged to magical powers, and she should accept to le her magical powers go, not her life

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    v-girl! (Thursday, 15 October 2015 20:28)

    "the fact is not Prue being married, having children...And even if some fans wants that were's the problem? being in 2015 doesn't mean that for some people having a family, children, is the happiest thing in life, that's not being disconnected, it's just a point of view that we should all respect"

    And how is that NOT being respected when most of the main cast are married couples with lots of kids? Prue is the one and only main character who doesn't fit that mold and people are seriously going to complain that ONE freakin character MIGHT have a different future? Yeah sure, Pat's totally the one who needs to open his mind there.

    Prue died for the same reason Patty did. She was a hero. She was noble and was willing to put her life on the line for an innocent. In the latest issue, Prue destroys an innocent's apparition or whatever to keep a physical body for herself. See the difference there? So yeah, I do believe that Prue happiness lies in accepting the afterlife. Otherwise, what's the message here? "Your happily ever after is all that matter.! Step on anyone you like, just so long as they're not a main character"? I highly doubt Prue will do well with this on her conscience, because that just aint Prue.

    "In my opinion she's a little bit drugged to magical powers, and she should accept to le her magical powers go, not her life"

    See, problem there is that if not for magic, Prue wouldn't have gotten that second life. And frankly I don't believe for a second that if that happened people wouldn't still complain. People were losing their sh*t when she stripped her powers in season 9.
    Fact is, a lot of people won't be happy unless Prue has an IDENTICAL ending to her sisters in "Forever Charmed" and that's why I can totally understand Pat's point of view in the comment you mentioned.

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    v-girl! (Thursday, 15 October 2015 20:48)

    I 'm not against marriage or kids. And I don't think Pat is either, despite you seeming to take it that way. If Prue was actually in the midst of a relationship arc, I'd have no problem with the possibility of her getting married and having kids. But that's not what's going on. It's not as if there's a great character people are routing for her to be with. It's not as if she's really in the right place for it. A lot of people just went "Oh she's alive again? Great, now she can put a ring on it and start baby makin'! The way it ought to be."

    Has anyone actually even considered the implications there anyway? I mean she just dissolved this woman or whatever and we're actually talking about her making a baby with this woman's ovaries and DNA? Yeah, practically how The Waltons started.

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    Pat Shand (Friday, 16 October 2015 02:20)

    "i saw a comment by Pat saying that i's a heteronormative point of view who shouldn't exist anymore, and for someone who seems very tolerant i really didn't liked it, cause it's pretty intolerant to me"

    That's a complete misinterpretation of what I said, to the point of willful deception. I flat out just didn't say that. I DID say that it's heteronormative and archaic to equate FAMILY + KIDS as the idea of everyone's happiness. It's not everyone's idea of happiness, plain and simple.

    I'm not at ALL saying that it's not ANYONE's happiness. Nothing that I said suggests that I believe that.

    Think about what you're saying before you call someone intolerant. Come on.

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    Aaron_89 (Saturday, 17 October 2015 02:25)

    Years ago I read many kinds of discussion by the absence of Prue and how the fans missed her. Now I read the debate on make her move on and accept the afterlife. I think we should finish reading the season and see the whole process before making such a definitive judgment. Perhaps at this point, it appears that Prue has no direction, but she may have it, just let her evolve and as I read up there, release all her potential. Because just when it seemed that Prue broke the shell of everything her character had to show she was taken from us. Now we can continue watching her grow. At the end of the season maybe no one can conceive Prue outside from the magic story. Not human with profile of the 60's perfect capitalist family or with Andy in the beyond, playing to have a human relationship, that was interrupted, in a heavenly dimension. Because we can't see her expand and go further, perhaps at specific times when her sisters consult with her... but that's little to Prue. And in spirit, what image would she take? Because the image of Shannen she wouldn't... So. At the end of the season there will be much impressions and we'll see the situation of Prue then.

    And last, everyone assumes that there won't be another Andy for Prue in the story. As for me the affined soul of Paige was Glen, (free and independent souls who had that kind of good and beautiful weirdness and they fit well), at the end she ended up with Henry. Exactly the same thing can happen with Prue. Clinging to a memory of what was, it doesn't mean that if the fate of Prue and Andy would have been to stay alive and together, that would have gone well or as ideal as memory makes us believe. Things continue, change and even surprises you. I believe that love will come to Prue at the time, but this is another time when she is finding her identity, screwing up, finding the familiarity of her place, connecting again with the family. Everything is a process and everything has its time. Let's give it a chance and enjoy every step.

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    TomTom (Saturday, 17 October 2015 04:56)

    I think that most of the people are wanting Prue and Andy back together, is just because of the simple fact that there was no equal storyline after season one. We can't compare this love with Prue's other relationships.
    The big loveplot in season 1 was definitely Prue+Andy. In season 2 it was Piper+Leo(+-Dan). In season 3 we had Phoebe+Cole. And these three couples are the most wanted couples by "Charmed"-Fans. Because they've been the biggest plots. Even today nearly everyone is screaming for Phoebe+Cole. So it's no wonder, that a lot of fans are screaming for Andy+Prue. Maybe if she would have had a season 4 with a new love, people would think in another way and "forget" Andy, who knows?

    To me, Prue would be a really great single mother with an adopted child. A boy. I don't know but it just feels so right. She cares about everyone in distress, she's a protector out-and-out and her heart always beats more for her family than for men.
    Prue with Andy reunited in afterlife? Great! Prue as single protector of the innocents? Great! Prue married to a new guy and have children with him? Doesn't fit. :/ In my opinion.

    But in my eyes, it's the same with Paige. She truly loves her family. And of course she's a man-lover, we have seen a lot of beaus. But I've never saw her as a mother with a lot of kiddies. She's a wild girl and free thinker. I think the perfect life for Paige would be in a confusing relationship with Kyle and maybe one day an unexpected child without marriage. ^^ It totally fits to Paige.

    My favourite couples would be:
    Piper and Leo: Yeah, nearly the love of all loves. ^^
    Phoebe and Coop: In my eyes, her love for Coop shows the changes in Phoebes character. And she's the one, that changed the most. She was the rebellious kid and roulbreaker with Cole, and turns into a romantic woman and mother with Coop. It's cool. And I still can't see Cole and Phoebe as loving parents together. o.O Sounds weird, but I can't.
    Paige and Kyle: a turbulent on-and-of relationship with fiery passion and cat fight.
    And Prue...yeah, as I mentioned above. ;)

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    pruefan4life (Saturday, 17 October 2015 06:35)

    ^Nice post @TomTom. I can also see Prue being a single mother. Though frankly, however deep Prue's love for Andy, I can't see them together. He was a past love, like Cole was a past love of Phoebe's (which doesn't diminish what they had).

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    GC (Saturday, 17 October 2015 17:43)

    Yeah I'm still all for Prue/Cole but anyway I hated how Forever Charmed was all "oh they all get married and have 3 kids" because it didn't fit their characters at all. Piper was always the maternal one, and always the homebody, the wife and kids ending was her ending because it made the most sense for her character. Phoebe finding love was important but I hated how it was rushed at the end, Coop showed up for like 3 episodes! I always saw her as having one kid, her little girl, and that's it. But Paige? Paige never wanted kids, it was never her character and never something that she expressed much interest in pursuing. That's not to say she would never have done it, but again, it was rushed and thrown together at the last minute. And I totally always wanted her to be with Kyle too. I was hoping when she became a full time white lighter they would be reunited. And I think they would have seen their charges as their kids and so not have had their own.

    But here's the thing. I respect that not everyone's happily ever after is marriage and kids. BUT, Prue wanted kids as much if not more then Piper. She said it herself several times. She wanted to find love too. And then she died and she lost that chance. She lost her chance to find love too. She was reunited with Andy but it wasn't the same. She wasn't happy with him. If they were truly soul mates, truly destined to be together, it would have happened. It didn't.

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    chloefan03 (Saturday, 17 October 2015 23:15)

    well for Paige, the really good thing in my opinion was the fact that they adopted Henry JR., wich was a really nice throwback by Paul to Paige and Henry's past :)

    and for Prue, the only thing i want is for her to end the season and probably the series, alive and happy ( and the happiness she chooses, as single, as a lover, as a mother, as an independent protographer....after all this years of missing her, i care to much for this character to complain now that she's back among the charmedverse).

    Now, her happiness depends on Pat, and even if i'm really scared of what he's planning (wich i think, even if it's really hard, is the proof that he is a really good writer) because of what he did to Cole, of the darkness of the season, and the trouble he is creating around her, I've decided to let it go and to trust Pat. When issue 12 came out I was really angry, but I realised I was totally wrong. We can't judge the story being only at the middle of it. I think that Pat has a lot of pression, he knows that there are a lot of expectations around Prue because that's the first season were she is a main character since season 3 (!), he knows how important she's to all of us and even more to her sisters, so maybe we shouldn't add any pression about her loving life?

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