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Anonymous asked: do you have any cool drawings of Heremus and other villains? not that i don't like the heroes it's just that the villains are interesting, please don't judge me.

Pat Shand: Something is coming… X

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    41eugoR (Monday, 16 November 2015 08:27)

    Prue!!! :-O

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    spiros (Monday, 16 November 2015 13:45)

    thisis awesome!!! I never thought that they would use the blue figure Prue again but I guess they didnt have much of a choice.. I wish that Shannen which I adore and I hope that she'll be fine soon would give the rights (yes I know that aint happening but i had to say it for the 1000000 time :P )

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    Sandy (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 08:30)

    I still dont get the rights, shannen talks about the show and attends charmed conventions. Maybe they are too scared to ask. Shouldn't the rights have ended once the show wrapped. Anyways, I do wonder whats happening to Prue in that photo.

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    spiros (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 12:27)

    in order to use her image they have to have the rights..if they use her liking it would be like she is back on the show..conventions and talking about the show is different besides conventions are not part of the show and i dont think they are hosted by cbs and of course she can talk about the show :P but yes anyway I wonder too whatever it is it doesnt look so good I do see a hand but i have no idea what that could mean :P

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    Scott21 (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 17:10)

    Shannen answered this in 2013 at a convsntion in melbourne she did not give rights to her likeness because she wouldnt receive money and she confirmed she is not doing it for free (if you dont belive me search for the video on youtube)

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    spiros (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 22:10)

    i have seen that video i wanted to mention it but i forgot :P how much money did she ask for ? must have been a lot i guess

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    Alice (Wednesday, 18 November 2015 03:11)

    I guess Shannen was the highest paid actress on charmed, when you think about it, why she never came back. To ask back anyone else is easier, they cost less. Asking back shannen on the show, she would cost alot, she a former leading lady. No way she would return for less pay. So Shannen not appearing in forever charmed makes sense.

    So same applies to the comics, she must be asking for more than alyssa or holly.

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    spiros (Wednesday, 18 November 2015 18:43)

    yeah sure but it cant be THAT much :P what did she ask for? a million? :P maybe there is a another reason..I guess we will never know

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    Dantalian (Thursday, 19 November 2015 01:28)

    I know the video of this interview and to me Shannen's statements sound very... contradictory. At one time she said, that "Charmed" was her most favourite job in her life. Than she said, that she doesn't want to be an actress because of the money. And than she said, that she keeps the rights of her likeness because the producers wouldn't pay her for flashbacks.
    That's weird.

    And I think the fact that she attends conventions is because of Holly. I've seen "nearly hundreds" of interviews early this year and a lot of conventions. If you watch only the half of these interviews you'll get this feeling:
    - Rose doesn't seem to be very interested in talking about "Charmed" or this past. It looks like it's more or less only a job she had made.
    - Alyssa doesn't attends convention because of... yeah, here it comes:
    - Holly! It sounds totally weird but you have to watch the youtube videos. In every interview the name 'Alyssa' is mentioned Holly inconspicuous turns away, is looking a little bit strained or is bitching at her. It was like an epiphany for me. If Holly AND Shannen were questioned about Alyssa, Shannen always tries to be neutral. Holly was bitching. I've got the feeling, that Holly, not Shannen, was jealous about the new friendship to Alyssa in the first seasons.
    And I was shocked, what a jerk Holly can be. Ever seen the "chewing gum interview", that interview with Shannen in this radio station or the french conventions? Wuow... it's a Holly I never know to exist. o.O

    It's only my personal view I got from seeing these interviews. And I could be totally wrong. But it's pretty striking I think.
    Oh... I checked out some videos again while typing this and... there are many other people who realised the bitchy Holly too. o.O It's weird yes, I think Holly is a part of the reason for the fight. Alyssa and Shannen speak neutral about eachother (mostly). Holly doesn't. And she even infects Brian at the conventions! It was weird and sad to see Wes Ramsey (older Wyatt) has to defend Alyssa at a french convention because no one other would have ...

    But of course I know: no one knows the truth! It's just a feeling I've got.

    I really wish the actresses would bury the fight. Or just explain it. So they could clarify everything and making a Charmed movie. :D

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    p3nathan (Thursday, 19 November 2015 16:17)

    Holly has been openly annoyed with Alyssa since Alyssa made her comments on "Watch What Happens Live" concerning the show. Alyssa claimed that it was like high school and whether she meant it to or not, that implies a childishness and a level of unprofessionalism from her co-stars, Holly included. Hence Holly's response, which I think was polite enough.

    Holly said in an interview that "there were no angels", suggesting that they all played a part in the so called "feud", herself included. Despite that, there's really no sign of Holly not being good friends with Alyssa after Shannen left, quite the opposite in fact. So I think being roped into a comment like that after all these years gives Holly a right to be upset after she's worked with someone that closely for 8 years. I get the impression that she feels a bit thrown under the bus by the comment. Honestly, I like Alyssa a lot, but I'm not sure what she expected.

    Also Shannen may try to remain neutral at conventions, but see her "Three nice things about Alyssa Milano" and tell me that's neutral. I mean really...

    One thing I will give you is that Holly is far more upfront about this stuff than Shannen or Alyssa. Way back to the network not wanting her and to Shannen leaving the show, Holly has always been very "no BS, fake Hollywood smile" when it comes to stuff that upsets her. Maybe it's just me, but I'd take her honesty over the odd underhanded comment from Shannen and Alyssa any day.

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    marie (Friday, 20 November 2015 01:56)

    Well holly was stuck in the middle of the shannen and alyssa drama, maybe shannen was friendly with alyssa in the early seasons, and holly didn't like it.

    Plus it seems to me, Holly just only got along with alyssa for the sack of the show and had nothing in common with her, it was job they left after season 8 and parted ways. Supported eachother on the show.

    Who's really knows what happened. Maybe Shannen was truly the one stuck in the middle trying to be neutral. When Shannen was fired, Holly was pisse. Because Alyssa won the so called battle as alyssa puts it it was like high school.

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    seks telefony (Thursday, 19 January 2017 00:50)