Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed Season 10 #14 (SPOILERS)

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of #14!

The interview contains spoilers.

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CharmedComicFan10: In this issue we see the biggest gathering of major magical creatures in the Charmedverse. Most of them are familiar faces the Charmed Ones have encountered through the years but there are a couple of new characters. What can you share about the role of the space/nightsky woman and the snake in-universe and your creative thought behind them?

Pat Shand: I’ll leave that be in case I want to develop it more. What I’ll say is this. The very basics is that the snake is often seen as a devil figure in mythology, and he’s often demonized for his cunning. A cunning, brilliant thinker interpreted as evil. I thought that would be interesting to throw in there. The woman with skin like the night sky is a Mother figure – but I wanted to go beyond the idea of Mother Nature.


CCF: Death is also amongst them. His fate was unsure after he got stabbed by Valen. In your initial plans was he always “alive and well” or did you debate his fate?

Pat: No, he was always alive. I would’ve had to do a big “Death is dead!” arc, which would’ve taken the season in a radically different direction and would maybe overshadow the first arc. It’s actually a good idea, but just didn’t fit the season or really the mythology of the Athame.

CCF: What exactly are the Encantadas and what was your inspiration creating them?

Pat: Encanados are from Brazilian mythology – Elisa suggested changing it to “Encantada” though because they’re all women in our mythology. I wanted to draw on mythology that Charmed hadn’t touched yet. The Encantadas in our story don’t resemble the legends very much, but I think they added something fun and new to the story. I liked the idea of Kyra having connections in the magical world that the Charmed Ones didn’t – she might have been a demon, but even then she was super likeable.


CCF: Kyra says Ben owns her a big one helping him but she didn’t get to reply on why she is willing to help. Has Kyra started having feelings for Ben?

Pat: Is that the feeling you’re getting from the scene? Interesting.

CCF: One of the most surprising moments in the issue is when Neena returns. What was your reaction to her reading S9 and how did you decide to bring her back?

Pat: I think Season Nine is probably the overall strongest season of the show. That might be controversial to say, but I don’t care. Paul is just a terrific writer, so it’s true. I decided to bring Neena back while writing this issue. She wasn’t even in the outline. I felt like Prue had nothing to do visually – she was originally seeking information elsewhere, and it was just boring. I had to pause and put myself in Prue’s shoes, and when I started thinking like her, I realized that Prue’s actions this season have been very radical, thinking outside the box. Bringing in Neena made sense when thinking like that.

CCF: Zankou also returns through Heremus!Tyler. On Twitter you mentioned you weren’t a big fan of his as a villain at first. What changed your mind?

Pat: A few rewatches. His calm, cool demeanor first came off as too removed to be a real, scary threat like some of the previous villains… but then, the more I watched, the more sinister his disinterest seemed to me. Evil is mundane to him, as much a part of him as breathing is to us. Honestly, though, as far as Charmed villains, no one has shit on Gideon. No one even comes close except Cole, but he never really got to be a Big Bad. Even at his worst, he was too sympathetic to be a true villain.

CCF: Kind of an out there question but what would happen if hypothetically Prue went to the Wasteland and stabbed it with the Ancient Athame. Is someone like Heremus susceptible to its powers?

Pat: Right now, nothing would happen. The Wasteland is a corpse – Heremus’ essence is in Tyler. If Prue had stabbed the Wasteland in a specific spot before Tyler went down there and got possessed, Heremus would have died for good.

CCF: The Power of 4 is a concept that fans have talked about through the years and Paul Ruditis touched upon in Season 9. Some would love for it to happen and others wouldn’t. You have shown that you are not afraid to write controversial plots. While nothing is said and done yet, is it something you can see dividing the fans?

Pat: No matter what I do, fans will be divided. A cursory glance at my Tumblr will show you that. By the end of the season, especially by #21, they’re going to be more divided than maybe ever. I don’t see that as a bad thing, though. What fandom is unified in their thought? Certainly not this one or any one I’ve ever been part of. I mean, Coop/Cole – is there a bigger divider than that? Disagreements are interesting. Not everyone likes the same things, and I can’t please everyone. I don’t even want to. Telling the best story that I can is the only thing I care about when writing Charmed.

CCF: While an ally and friend to Piper, Phoebe and Paige, we haven’t really seen Tyler and Prue interact. Will we see a conflict between The Charmed Ones and Prue on if they have to maybe kill Tyler?

Pat: Yeah, that’s a big conversation in the next issue. The last moment of this issue definitely sets that up.

CCF: This is the first issue in a two-part story with the same title. This happens for the first time in the comics. In the past there have been issues that start immediately after the events of the previous. What is the difference with this one?

Pat: Yeah, I mean, #14 – 16 are definitely all part of a single story. The only reason #16 isn’t “Part Three” is that, halfway through, the story takes a different direction.

CCF: In a small preview you’ve shared of the next issue we see Ben and Kyra completing the spell/ritual that Zankou interrupted. We see them appearing at the San Francisco National Cemetery. Are they physically time-travelling to the day Valen killed Cole or is it more of a spiritual journey?


CCF: As always, thank you very much for your answers, Pat!

Pat: <3

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Comments: 32
  • #1

    CharmedAgain4 (Thursday, 10 December 2015 02:29)

    Pat has me thinking a lot about the ending of this season. I'm terrified to know what divide the fans will have that's bigger than the PO4 and Cole/Coop. I mean, those two topics are the most talked about issues on Charmed. What could be bigger than those two topics?

    I have a feeling the PO3 will still stand but one of the members won't be a part of it anymore, causing another sister to fill in for her. I mean, Paige is the most concerned about having powers right now seeing as it's affecting her marriage to Henry. Even though she loves magic, she might strip herself of the PO3 and have Prue rejoin the circle with Paige being assigned as their whitelighter. I would love to see the original PO3 but I feel that it would be kind of left-field since Prue wanted out of the PO3 for Paige to stay.

    And I thought if someone time-travels to someone who was stabbed by the ancient athamae, they wouldn't be able to save them. I would be happy if Cole could be saved, but I really doubt Pat would bring him back now. Does anyone think Cole might come back?

  • #2

    Scott21 (Thursday, 10 December 2015 07:03)

    I think pat has already said hour later....0000 times that there is NO way to bring someone back who was stabbed with the athame. Which means Cole is dead, he wont comeback. I dont think Pat or the storyline could be any clearer than that

  • #3

    TomTom (Thursday, 10 December 2015 14:10)

    Paige can't leave the Power of Three! :( I hope this is not the big bang... But...everybody is afraid that Prue could die. What would be if someone of the other three ladies is getting killed?? O.O It would be muuuch bigger than Coop/Cole and the Power of Four. And it would be so cruel... But I really don't want a season ending with the death of one of the sisters. :/

  • #4

    spiros (Thursday, 10 December 2015 17:26)

    @CharmedAgain4 I cant even guess anymore but I dont think you should worry I'm pretty sure that whatever it is it's going to be really good @Scott21 add some more 000 :P yeah guys I think it's pretty clear that Cole does not exist anymore so try to move on :) @TomTom I am one of the people that used to think that but you dont really have to worry about that I mean we are just making stuff up on this chat it was just a hypothesis, it was not part of the story.. I dont think Pat has even hinted that something like that is going to happen, I think that someone just came up with the idea and some other people 'liked' it. Anyways I think Pat recently posted on his tumblr that fans have not predicted any parts of the story so I guess that means that Prue is not going to die :)

  • #5

    CharmedAgain4 (Thursday, 10 December 2015 20:08)

    Even though Pat has said that Cole doesn't exist anymore, I can't really find logic in that lol. I mean, Death is still alive unless Death himself is soulless and I was only suggesting that Ben might want to bring Cole back. I didn't say I think he will. I can see Ben trying though, which I won't understand why. I wonder why Ben will try to save Cole. Does he really think he can?

  • #6

    41eugoR (Thursday, 10 December 2015 20:46)

    Maybe Ben trying to save Cole will answer our questions about why Cole can't be saved by anything. And perhaps also answer why Prue put Ben in his dead son's body when she could easily put him in his own.

  • #7

    CharmedAgain4 (Thursday, 10 December 2015 21:34)

    @41eugoR Maybe you're right. I can see that being explained in the comics because I'm sure there's a reason Prue put Ben in Cole's body. Maybe she wants him to try to bring Cole back, which we know will fail.

  • #8

    Pat Shand (Friday, 11 December 2015 07:11)

    Death is alive because death wasn't stabbed with an activated Ancient Athame. He was stabbed *to* activate the Athame.

    Anyway, if someone writes Charmed after me and wants to bring back Cole? Be my guest. Obviously there are ways that anyone can think up to add new mythology to erase what I've done. And more power to them -- it's what we as writers do. However, my purpose in creating the Ancient Athame was two-fold: Reintroduce real dramatic tension into the question of the characters' survival, AND give Cole a character-defining, ultimate moment. He's too great of a character to be tossed around between life and death, good and evil. I wanted to make an ultimate, final statement.

    But that's just me. Whoever is up next, if anyone, they can have at it. Not my game.

  • #9

    charmedbaby (Saturday, 12 December 2015 05:12)

    @patshand I figured out away to undue the athame BUT still keep dramatic tension- I don't wanna say but there is definitely a way but at a cost! It isn't without an equal loss- ill just say that :)

  • #10

    41eugoR (Wednesday, 16 December 2015 08:20)

    To me something like reversing the damage Ancient Athame had done wouldn't require equal soul for soul. Something like maybe 10,000 souls or something more stomach churning. So in the end it wouldn't be worth it because of such heavy consequences. Well unless a villain wants to undo the soul damage just so he can cause catastrophic damage. I mean stab one soul bring it back killing 10k more in the process. And repeat. O.0

  • #11

    charmedbaby (Wednesday, 16 December 2015 13:57)

    that would be good to but what if the soul has to be the dead souls equal- meaning since prue was once a charmed one... any old soul wouldn't do- meaning one of her sisters would have to pay the price

  • #12

    pruefan4life (Thursday, 17 December 2015 02:54)

    ^Just a thought, but doesn't Ben Turner have access to Cole's memories? We've seen Ben Turner "remember" things that happened to Cole. So if Prue really wants to be evil and "bring back" Cole, she just has to erase Ben's memories. Without his own memories, Ben will think he's Cole. That's the only way I can see "Cole" returning without his soul. As Pat has repeatedly mentioned, there is NO bringing back a destroyed soul.

    But personally, I don't want Cole to return. His end was tragic but perfect. And I'd like to think that Prue's intentions are noble--that she rebuilt Cole's body, which has remnants of his memories, as a way of keeping some part of him symbolically alive, even without the soul.

  • #13

    Julie (Monday, 21 December 2015 06:04)

    Love to see some fan fiction work on people's take on how to undo the effects of the ancient athame.

  • #14

    41eugoR (Monday, 21 December 2015 15:58)

    @pruefan4life: "And I'd like to think that Prue's intentions are noble--that she rebuilt Cole's body, which has remnants of his memories, as a way of keeping some part of him symbolically alive, even without the soul."

    The way those Encantadas tell Ben about Prue having the power to give him back his body but instead choosing to give him his dead son's ...I'm not so sure what exactly were Prue's intentions.

  • #15

    41eugoR (Monday, 21 December 2015 16:12)

    @charmedbaby:"that would be good to but what if the soul has to be the dead souls equal- meaning since prue was once a charmed one... any old soul wouldn't do- meaning one of her sisters would have to pay the price."

    Yes. Liked that too. But still the thing is no matter what, there will be no happy endings with reversing this weapon's destruction.

    It's kinda making me fear that the only way for Prue to stop letting her magic kill her family might be to permanently destroy herself since she can't seem to let go of the Power of Three whatever she does, even dying. Obviously the whole sharing the Nexus thing would backfire badly and...I can just imagine Prue thinking of using the Ancient Athame to save her sisters. I'm having a flashback of Murphy's Luck episode where Prue was about to jump off a bridge because she thought she was saving her sisters :-( Keeping my fingers crossed that I'm proved wrong.

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