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Anonymous asked: are we ever going to see victor and prue interact- im sure he knows she's alive

Pat Shand: Effigy. X


Anonymous asked: Her feeling guilty for Prue's death never came up on the show. She really only mourned for Prue once and never really spoke of her again. I wondered if that ever crossed a writers mind and if they would expand on that because she really got over Prue's death very quickly considering how close they were

Pat: Paige’s grief re: Prue’s death is addressed in #17. X


Anonymous asked: Hi pat! You told me to ask you again about the double spread page so you would post a sample of your layout, can you do it?

Pat: Yep! X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, issue 14 was amazing, Zankou is one of my favorite demons, thank you. I loved that you brought back many characters of the series (Neena, Shax, Barbas) and i love how you portray Prue, she is such a beautiful and strong character in my eyes. Also i want to ask you about excalibur, are you gonna use it in Season 10 and is powerful enough to destroy the ancient athame? I would love to see Piper destroy the Athame with excalibur. I cant wait for #15 you do an amazing work!

Pat: Thanks! No plans for excalibur, but it wouldn’t destroy the Ancient Athame. There is something that can, though… X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, Happy Holidays! I want to ask you about Melinda Halliwell. I wonder the Melinda from Season 2 (altered 2009) with the current Melinda are the same characters or different ?

Pat: The future won’t go down the same way, so it depends on what you think makes a person “the same,” I suppose! X


Anonymous asked: I'm sure you've probably been asked this a thousand times, but which of the charmed ones', Prue included, powers would you like to have even without rules of personal gain?

Pat: Prue’s, no contest. She has all of their powers as well. X


Pat: There is no update on a Season 11 and there won't be until after 10 is done being published, if ever. Right now, we have the comics and novels. I understand the desire for more, I do, but I've clarified this a bunch. Please respect that. X X


Pat: I shouldn't really post spoilers or deflate fan speculation, but I DO want to address this. There is speculation that I'm going to kill Tyler Michaels. I am very, very, very much not doing that. I'm not going to introduce the first two gay characters in Charmed only to kill one of them. That is not the type of creator I am, and I actively do not read books that do that. Storytelling should be dramatic, yes, but storytellers should also be responsible with the privilege they shoulder. X X X X X


Pat: Working through the CHARMED 16 letters with . I like a lot of what we've done this season, but I think this issue is really special. CHARMED 16 is definitely a gamble... but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be worth it. We could play it safe, but we CARE as much as you do! X X


Anonymous asked: who will perform #21 and #22 cover? or you would like to keep it a secret so far OR you don't even know yet xD

Pat: Not sure what you mean by “perform” here, but David Seidman will be the artist. I’d guess Phoebe would be featured on 21 and 22 would be an ensemble, probably, but I never know until David turns the layout in. X


Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! I'm a sucker for scrapped storylines (I just like to imagine what could've been, even if the finished story turned out better), is there anything you considered doing in Charmed while you were brainstorming and mapping out season 10, but eventually decided not to? Any character you considered bringing back or creating? (It's not really asking for spoilers right?) Just curious!

Pat: A few things:

- Ben was a late edition. I see a lot of people assuming that I killed Cole to replace him with Ben, which is just 100% projecting their dissatisfaction with Cole’s death onto an entirely different plotline. I first added Ben to the storyline way after conceiving of the first arc… and then, when I first thought that we’d actually go through with it and bring Ben back, he would’ve been in Coop’s body the whole season. Then, Phoebe would’ve had this weird arc with Coop/Ben, but once we were a few issues into the second arc’s scripts, I wanted to end #10 with a bang so I pitched the Cole transfer at the last minute. It ended up working out really well, and gave me the chance to pull a way more dramatic arc by pulling Coop away from Phoebe and… well, the stuff that follows that isn’t announced yet.

- #7 was originally totally different. There were no Old Ones in there. Instead, Knox came to the Charmed Ones for help fixing something he did in the past that led to the dissolution of his marriage. That storyline would play out very much like Ben’s arc in The Four Sisters/Happy Ending – in fact, the structure of that arc was lifted right out of the first draft of #7. It ended with Knox’s death all the same, but this is the only time so far that CBS gave a big, big note on an issue. They had some questions about the plot, some character motivation stuff, and after reading their notes, that is when I decided to scrap that idea and speed up the Old Ones story a lot by introducing Aldar Kose and the seeds here.

- There’s something huge that happens in #20 that was different in the first draft of the outline.

- The end of #19 was totally changed after writing CHARMED: SOCIAL MEDIUM.

And I think that’s about it! X