Out Today - Charmed Season 10 #16

Charmed Season 10 #16 is out today! 



Prue enters into a final battle with Heremus. As she and the Old One fight for Tyler's soul, the Charmed Ones must defend the world from an army of monsters descending from the skies. When all is said and done, will the four sisters finally be reunited as a family?


Pat Shand: As usual, this one is by me, Elisa, Valentina, and Christy with a cover from David Seidman. This issue is, to say the least, a game-changer. The season is going to take a left turn, and… well, I think it’s best I don’t talk about it for a while. Fans have told me that what I did a few issues back “literally killed” them, so I’m thinking this issue might lead to similar comic book induced literal deaths. I’m probably going to wait a while to answer any asks regarding this, and I’m definitely going to stay away from the fan site, BUT I’ll still be doing my monthly interview with @charmedcomicfan. X


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