Out Today - Charmed Season 10 #17

Charmed Season 10 #17 is out today! 


After last issue's happy ending, it seems that all is right with the Charmed Ones. However, when a seemingly casual trip to see their father reveals something startling, everything that has happened to them is called into question. With the advent of the Old Ones approaching... will the Charmed Ones stand on the side of good or evil?


Pat Shand: And CHARMED: SEASON TEN #17 is out today. This issue is titled “Effigy,” and it’s the first issue since our new Big Bad has been revealed. It’s my favorite thing we’ve done with the title so far. This issue is by me, Elisa Féliz, Valentina, and Christy Sawyer with a cover by David Seidman.


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