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Pat Shand shared that there will be a hiatus after Charmed Season 10 #18:

  • CHARMED – Delay on #19
  • Some not so great news: CHARMED: SEASON TEN is taking an unplanned hiatus after April’s issue, #18. #20 isn’t in the June solicits, so I wanted to make sure I announced this before folks started asking questions. Because honestly, there’s not much that I can answer. Stuff is being worked out behind-the-scenes, and literally AS SOON AS I know what the deal is, so will you. I know there will be a lot of questions and a lot of concern, and I’m right there with you – but don’t worry about this story being completed. I won’t leave you hanging. This story means a lot to me, and so do you Charmed fans, so hang tight. We still have miles to go. X

Pat later answered some Qs on Tumblr:


Anonymous asked: So you are saying we souldn't worry about CBS cancelling season 10 because of the reboot that nobody wants to see?

Pat: That couldn’t be further from what’s happening. This situation has about as much to do with a Charmed reboot as it does with my high school Chemistry grades.


Anonymous asked: Sorry but English is not my first language. Has Zenescope deleted Charmed: Season 10? I love what you are doing with Charmed and it would be very sad.

Pat: No. We’re dealing with a delay, and it’s a problem, but they didn’t cancel us. I’ll let you know when I know more.


Anonymous asked: I think charmed was in better hands when it was i\under paramount- first cbs wants to reboot the show and then they delay the comics- its like they want to erase what was so they can make way for their own version

Pat: That couldn’t be a more inaccurate assumption. Whatever you think CBS is doing behind the scenes, they aren’t. CBS has been great and supportive of my vision from jump.


Anonymous asked: so then this is more of a zenescope thing

Pat: I think you might be looking for someone to blame here, but please re-read my original post. I said that you currently know all there is to know. When there is more info, you’ll know it. I just want to stop any ideas that this has to do with CBS or a reboot before that becomes a theory. That so very much has nothing to do with it.

Everything I said about the delay is all I’m going to say. It sucks. It sucks for the readers and it sucks for me on a personal level. That’s all.


Anonymous asked: however- if you finish it and its not in comic form it'll feel disjointed - there was something about seeing the pictures, the covers, the action

Pat: I’m aware of that. #18 won’t be the last Charmed comic.




Anonymous asked: I don't know if it's the right place to ask about this but I wanted to know if volume 2 (and 3) of Charmed season 10 was still coming out? :)

Pat: I haven’t been told otherwise. I know that all of the trades in general (Charmed, Arcane Acre, Van Helsing) are all coming out later than they were solicited. Unfortunate, but they’ll be out.


Anonymous asked: Won't Charmed #19 be out on May 4 2016?

Pat: No. #19 and on are delayed.


Previewsworld has some new (tentative) release dates for the volumes:

  • Volume 2 - In Shops: 5/4/2016
  • Volume 3 - In Shops: 6/1/2016 on the other hand posted that Volume 2 is coming May 17th. Read the full post.


Update: The release dates from Previewsworld and Examiner are not accurate.

Pat: The release dates on PreviewsWorld and Examiner aren’t accurate, so I just wanted to post that so no one gets disappointed. There is unfortunately no set release date for Charmed: Season Ten Volume Two or Three, nor actually any of my other current series. X




#18 is being released as planned. Here are some previews:



Some asks on Pat's Tumblr this past month that I thought you would like to read. (Most were posted before the hiatus announcement)


Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! I'm a sucker for scrapped storylines (I just like to imagine what could've been, even if the finished story turned out better), is there anything you considered doing in Charmed while you were brainstorming and mapping out season 10, but eventually decided not to? Any character you considered bringing back or creating? (It's not really asking for spoilers right?) Just curious!

Pat: A few things:

- Ben was a late edition. I see a lot of people assuming that I killed Cole to replace him with Ben, which is just 100% projecting their dissatisfaction with Cole’s death onto an entirely different plotline. I first added Ben to the storyline way after conceiving of the first arc… and then, when I first thought that we’d actually go through with it and bring Ben back, he would’ve been in Coop’s body the whole season. Then, Phoebe would’ve had this weird arc with Coop/Ben, but once we were a few issues into the second arc’s scripts, I wanted to end #10 with a bang so I pitched the Cole transfer at the last minute. It ended up working out really well, and gave me the chance to pull a way more dramatic arc by pulling Coop away from Phoebe and… well, the stuff that follows that isn’t announced yet.

- #7 was originally totally different. There were no Old Ones in there. Instead, Knox came to the Charmed Ones for help fixing something he did in the past that led to the dissolution of his marriage. That storyline would play out very much like Ben’s arc in The Four Sisters/Happy Ending – in fact, the structure of that arc was lifted right out of the first draft of #7. It ended with Knox’s death all the same, but this is the only time so far that CBS gave a big, big note on an issue. They had some questions about the plot, some character motivation stuff, and after reading their notes, that is when I decided to scrap that idea and speed up the Old Ones story a lot by introducing Aldar Kose and the seeds here.

- There’s something huge that happens in #20 that was different in the first draft of the outline.

- The end of #19 was totally changed after writing CHARMED: SOCIAL MEDIUM.

And I think that’s about it! X


Pat: Charmed: Season 10 is about the natural order of life and death and what happens when that order is violated. Everything from #1 and on has been about that. Valen’s quest to get the Ancient Athame is in direct response to the Charmed Ones’ constant resurrections. Cole’s death was the falling out of that. Tyler’s situation with Heremus was in response to the guys attempting to resurrect Ben. Prue’s situation, from the Nexus of the All to what’s going on now, is all a direct consequence of her violating Patience in order to hijack her way back to life.

When I figured out the central theme of the season and what was at stake, it was clear that someone close to them had to go the route I’m taking Prue. The question I asked myself was who would be the most moving, the most relevant choice. The answer was Prue. X


Anonymous asked: More than shocked I was in love with the way the Issue ended, I think the fandom has been being pretty close minded, I think the series needed this I NEEDED THIS!!! you gave Prue the attention she deserved after being gone for 5 seasons and a half can't wait to see what happens on Effigy and eager to see the 4th and last story arc.

Pat: Thank you! I think that the reaction has been from a very vocal but small part of the fanbase. The same people that are saying they predicted this are, in other posts, shocked and outraged that we’re going this direction! It’s weird, but not that different from the initial reaction to Cole’s death. I think, when it’s all over and everyone can see the entire story from beginning to the end, they’ll see what I was going for.

I think part of it is because I’d previously said that I wouldn’t write an eleventh season. Back then, I thought that the ending I was had super definitive and that I wouldn’t want to write beyond it.

I no longer feel that way. X


Anonymous asked: Which words would you use to describe the Charmed 4th story arc that can make me get anxious instead of sad because it must be the final arc ever or Charmed BUT without being spoiled?

Pat: I’m starting to highly doubt it will be the last story arc of Charmed ever. I’m getting ideas. X


Anonymous asked: Is Charmed S11 gonna happen?

Pat: Who knows! It’s not even a conversation now. But if CBS and a publisher want to do it, I’ll write it. X


Anonymous asked: Sooooo today's my birthday, and it'd be kinda great if you could share something about Charmed's upcoming issues.. you know, help me celebrate! I'm still on the fence over the direction you're taking Prue, but I know in the end you always deliver!

Pat: A defining moment between two sisters who haven’t gotten much of a chance to talk is coming. Happy birthday.