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Charmed Season 10 #19 released on July 13th. Below are some previews from the issue.


    The Charmed Ones, Prue, and all of their loved ones gather in Salem for a reckoning. As Paige takes a stand for her family and Piper is faced with the consequences of her actions, a door closes on the past and hope dawns on a brand new future.
  • In Shops: Sep 14, 2016

Comixology has the issue up for pre-order. You can find it here.



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Charmed 10 Years Later: Showrunner Talks Prue's Death, Phoebe's Tragic Love, Billie's Rumored Spinoff and More


To celebrate 10 years since the finale of Charmed, TVLine had an interview with Brad Kern. You can read the full post here.



May 2016


Anonymous asked: is issue 19 going to be the biggest wow moment of the season or is that moment reserved for issue 20

Pat Shand: 20 for sure. 19 does end in a DID THEY JUST…?! type moment, and has a LOT of big wows. But 20 comes through with bigger wows, I would say. X


Pat Shand: I can’t say ANYTHING about this last issue, as I don’t want to spoil anything from #19 or the finale… but it’s, beat-for-beat, the story I set out to tell from the first issue. I hope it means as much to the Charmed readers as writing it means to me. X


Pat Shand: Still working on this Charmed finale. It's v emotionally draining :') X

Okay, but how emotionally drained will we feel on a scale of Charmed finales?

Pat Shand: It'll be the toughest, but maybe the most hopeful, one so far. X


Pat Shand: Before finishing the final issue of CHARMED, I'm revisiting the first episode. X


Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN is fully scripted. Barring any notes, I'm finished. What a ride. Thanks to those who have joined me for this adventure. X

JUNE 2016


Pat Shand: So, the final script of CHARMED: SEASON TEN is approved. I got this gig in 2012! Can't believe it's wrapping up. I don't know if there will be a Season 11, and I don't know if there will be more novels. I haven't heard anything on that front. Time will tell, of course. For now, I'm happy that I was given the chance to play in this world. If this story means something important to one fan, I'm happy. X X X X


Pat Shand: The Power of Three will...? The season finale of CHARMED is coming. Are you ready? X


I hope (#20) is not the series finale!!!

Pat Shand: I hope so too, but for now I am choosing to see it as such... until I'm told otherwise, I have to embrace the end! X


Anonymous asked: don't get me wrong, I know you said all questions would be answered in the final issue, but my question is in general... are you giving S10 the closure of a Season finale or the closure of a series finale?, you once talked about the different types of closure a writer can make, and I'm curious about what to expect at the very end.

Pat Shand: Series finale. I’m opening up some doors, but the intention was never to explore those ideas… just to show that life goes on. To me, if I don’t get to write more Charmed, I’ll have written a satisfying series finale. Your mileage may vary. X


JULY 2016


Aw, yay! Grams & Mom are back! #CharmedComics @finolahughes #jenniferrhodes

: Who knew? X


.... some great illustrations here #warlockwednesday #1stwarlock X


Anonymous asked: Pat, you are my hero. Really. Charmed 10x19 was so epic and great and perfect! This issue seemed even longer than usual! The scene between Prue and Paige was so cute and than the shocking final page! SPOILER Henry is really dead? What did Pure to him before stabbing him? Did she freeze him? So the Grimoire activated Tyler's Archai powers.. That means he's the key of the Advent, right? The demons he evoked will be used for the Advent or are they just Prue's "army"?Who is the twice-blessed mortal?

Pat Shand: Spoilers follow! She certainly seems to have cut someone. And she turned Henry into a stone statue. I can’t say whether or not that means he is dead. And Tyler is the key and Ben is twice-blessed, yes! I’m glad it seemed extra loaded the story that was gonna be 19 and 20 was all here with only a single scene transition condensed. X


Anonymous asked: But if Henry is a stone statue, the blood in the last panel is... Paige's???? OMG I want issue 20 now!!!

Pat Shand: I can’t say that, but I will say look at the way it’s framed. There are at least two visually established contenders for who was sliced. Henry isn’t one of them. X


Anonymous asked: Patience said Heremus is gone and Prue is not possessed.. But in Prue's head we saw Heremus.. so, was Patience wrong? And the thing that came out Dominus' neck is a being or just his blood? I know that you can't say anything but can you at least tell us if the Athame has taken another soul? How was suppose to end issue 19 in your original plan? Thank you so much for this AMAZING season!!

Pat Shand: 1. Patience was correct. What you saw was a visual representation of the connection between Prue and Heremus, not Heremus’s essence himself. At this point, Patience is right: they seem to be psychically inseparable.

2. That was a being that came out of Dominus’s neck, yes. Essentially a conduit for the Old Ones. If Tyler is the keyhole to the Old One’s dimension, that creature is the key.

3. I won’t answer that about the Athame, but the first page of the next issue answers your question.

4. The original endings, before 19 - 22 became 19 and 20, were as follows:
19: Essentially, the fight at Cupid’s Temple lasts longer and Patience’s exposition about Prue’s situation is less condensed. It ended about halfway through this issue, when the Old Ones start to descend from the sky. The pacing was comparable to, say, #8 and 9 of this series, instead of this more densely written issue. There would’ve been more splash pages, essentially.
20: This would’ve ended on Prue freezing Henry, and then everyone orbs away. There was no real reason to split this fight up like this anyway, so I’m glad it’s condensed.
21: This would’ve been a mix of what #19 and 20 have become. The Tyler/Kareem arc would’ve come to its end here, but I moved that stuff to #20. This would’ve ended with the reveal of whose blood that is. It would’ve been an insane wait between 21 and 22 after you saw what happened.
22: Virtually the same as 20 will be with the added Kareem/Tyler stuff I moved from #21 and more room to pay off some moments. X


Anonymous asked: Sorry I thought it was an unfinished story.. sort of a "mystery" about Paige.. So I have a question.. I know this is not a major story arc but I love when you writers give us little bites like this one.. When happened this crash? I thought it was a recent present because of Paige's hairstyle but maybe it happened when she was a teenager (we know that she had issue with alcohol before her parents' death). Sorry for the question but I'm rereading Season 10 and now everything has a sense :)

Pat Shand: Yep, the crash happened when Paige was much younger and still drinking and driving, unaware of her alcoholism. X


Anonymous asked: Is Amelia dead? I feel so bad for her

Pat Shand: Charmed #20 will answer that. I will say that she is one of my favorite characters I’ve created while writing for Charmed. I can’t wait until you can read Social Medium and get to know more about her. X


Anonymous asked: What can we aspect from Charmed: Season 10 finale? Someone will die? Will we see Phoebe's third daughter? Are there moments or scenes that you planned to write for issue 19 but you couldn't because of the cut?

Pat Shand: Nope. It’s all there, nothing cut. And you can expect surprises. X


I was wondering, is the final issue of season 10, the final issue for Charmed in general?

Pat Shand: It's possible. It is def the final Charmed issue Zenescope will ever publish. I'd like to continue it elsewhere. X