Release Date & Sneak Peek - Charmed Season 10 #20

Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN #20, our season finale, is confirmed for a 9/14 release. There's very little I can show, though. X

Pat Shand: Writing it was a little bit sad. Now, proofing the lettered proof, I'm just excited for it to be out in the world. X

Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN #20 is done. It's about to go to print. X As I'm reading the proof, I think that, when it first comes out, a lot of readers will have questions. Many, many questions. X As you spend time with the story, though, I think those questions will fade. It really is all there. I anticipate conversation, though. X

@Thomstarr @PatShand When I have all the issues, i'm gonna read them all again. Pretty sure a lot will be answered.
@Pat Shand: Yep, it's all there. #1 pretty much spells it out. #20 is a follow-through on the theme's promise. X

Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN #20 was sent off to print. It will definitely, definitely, definitely be released 9/14. Saying this ahead of time: I'm attempting to protect the experience of Charmed #20, the season finale to a book I've been writing for years. If a website posts ANY previews of Charmed #20 besides Pages 4, 5, & 6, please know that's in violation of Zenescope's embargo on the issue. The first panel of the issue is a gigantic spoiler. I don't want fans to be spoiled. I want this issue to be read as it was meant to be. So please, if you see any websites violate this embargo, please do not RT. DM me the link and I will take care of it. TYSM.

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  • #1

    41eugoR (Friday, 26 August 2016 14:40)

    Finally spoilers! Or atleast a small tease. But I'm happy with whatever I can get :-)

  • #2

    Sasha (Saturday, 27 August 2016 06:08)

    Bye Bye Prue. As speculated, she will die and return to the afterlife with Andy.

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    Aaron_89 (Monday, 29 August 2016 17:35)

    ... At first I really liked the idea of entering into the dark side of Prue, it gave a more complete understanding of her and her "reasons". But, speculating, that all end this way, dying again, is really a coitus interruptus. Honestly. I hope there's a twist that is there as Pat says, but for the moment is not suspected. One of the things that came to my mind to see the book is that the whole story is recycled, back to the beginning but differently. I obviously don't think this is going to happen. Or maybe it's Piper, still in the psychiatric being discharged when she finally admits that everything is a dreaminess xD.

  • #5

    Pat Shand (Monday, 29 August 2016 21:01)

    Manfaat is spot on.

    Health IS very important.

  • #6

    cyma (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 11:36)

    @Aaron_89: Same here on the Prue dying or worst getting her soul destroyed like Cole.

    I feel like Cole had a lot of potential as a character to fulfill. And while the show due to real life reasons cut it short, I was really hoping comics would go a different path.

    Even though I find nothing wrong in dying to save Phoebe's husband and father of her children, the timing just wasn't right. If it happened in season 15 or 20. Or 30 o.0

    If placing Ben in Cole's body was because they both sacrificed themselves to save someone and a person like that was one of the ingredients to perform the ritual to bring forth the Old Ones, I think I would've preferred if it had been Victor who got stabbed by the athame while saving one his daughters or grandkids. That would've had a more devastating impact on the sisters.

    Though Prue bringing back Ben in Victor's body might be weird to explain to everyone. But so is Ben in his dead son's body having Cole's feelings for Phoebe. Prue never provided a satisfactory answer for that also until Patience revealed the why.

    Ben unfortuantely right now feels like he's better off in the background and more scenes be dedicated to the sisters. He just isn't working for me. Had Cole been alive, the idea of getting used to his father around would've been much easier. While I'm loving Kyra, so far Kyra/Ben are not working for me. Honestly I would've preferred Cole and Ben, son and father reunion and bonding scenes over the romantic bonding of Cole's Dad with Kyra.
    Ben doing anything romantic so soon didn't feel right since the guy just returned to life to learn he lost his son forever. And he's now in his deceased son's body.

    Now Season 9 had set up Prue's whole return, something we've been waiting for since 2001! 16 years! And to have her just die again or soul destroyed at the end of season 10 :-( I can understand why so many people are anxious.

    While I like Prue's fear of embracing death and moving on led to consequences like the rise of the Old Ones and even damaged that whole Forever Charmed future being set in stone, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's a twist in the finale which will give us all a satisfying ending. I also hope the damage to the bright and shiny future remains permanent seeing as an unknown future is much better than knowing who survives at the end.

  • #7

    nick_clark (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:36)

    Cyma, so agree with you, mate.

  • #8

    Ghali (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 18:13)

    A part of me feels that there might be a twist ending revolving around phoebe giving birth to her third daughter, which would somehow lead to the power of three being passed on to the next generation !?

  • #9

    Aaron_89 (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 19:18)

    Completely agree with you, @cyma. Maybe the only difference is that I think Cole was dignified with that end they gave to him. Indeed, Cole was a character with a lot of potential and although in the show he didn't last long, the problem was that his lack of direction tired to the point of losing a little interest for him. In the comic his background was just as I remembered the Cole's essence and his participation in the comic, for me, has much purpose to reach redemption. I think more seasons could make him fall into the absurdity in which he fell in the show. Perhaps he could stay a little more but for me his trip in the comic was fair as well as his end.
    There is one thing I love about this season and is bringing characters and new stories of those who came from the first seasons. For me is to consolidate the old Charmed with the new to the point where I don't longer do those annoying differences between one and another. This season is great in this sense, integration and in this present moment I think of Prue and Paige and I don't do a disassociation anymore. That's a lot, at least for me. That's on the one hand, yet I never thought of Ben as someone who had enough story to bring him back. His secondary participation is not annoying but like you, I think his relationship with Kyra doesn't convince very well or it's too early. We can complain about this but what is certain is that both were brought by a compelling reason for the plot of the season. The hard part was to think who bring back and I think it was a stroke of genius the development of the season. In the show they also had not as sympathetic characters who came and left.
    Finally, the death of Prue, perhaps, I wouldn't want to bet on the predictable but well... The destruction of her soul, I don't think so, I think Pat values his life enough to do that xD. Just kidding. I think Prue will do what she always does, sacrifice herself at the end for her sisters. I think it's her fate. Or not. I also hope that this final surprises me.
    Sorry once again if my English isn't quite correct.

  • #10

    TomTom (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 20:18)

    I know it's like a sacrilege to say this as a Charmed-Fan but... I am not a Cole-Fan. I like him, he's kind of cool, his and Phoebe's love is iconic, his storyarc and character development are dramatic. But he has never touched my heart in the series. It's weird but I like him because of his tragedy, the inner conflict of good and evil. And I really like it, that he has lost this fight. It's lifelike. At first I was disappointed to get him back in the comics (I just don't need him in there) but the way he was treated in the first volume of season 10 was simply great. His sacrifice means a lot to me and he totally won my favor at least. I haven't read the other volumes yet but I think it was very inappropriate to bring "him" back as human envelope for his father's soul. The sacrificing Cole was my hero. I don't need the Cole/Ben situation... but maybe I'll think in another way after finally reading it. To date it feels strange...

    I can't wait to get the last two volumes here in Germany. I just want to read the whole story, not only volume one over and over again. xD And I finally want to know everything about the whole Prue/Patience arc.

    Oh, by the way: I was totally shocked to see the plenty of blood in the last issues shared on this site. I really hope that Paige is safe, it would destroy my world to let her go... Every sister should be safe. :D

  • #11

    Maya (Friday, 02 September 2016 18:08)

    I hope for a good twist and not a typical way for Prue to sacrifice herself at the end for her sisters. That would just be so boring and yes as everyone has suggested very predictable.

    I might be the only one here - who doesn't want that future to come to pass. It might be more fun if it had changes. But CBS and Brad Kern set that ending and we can't change it.

    But people forget that only Piper and Leo lived to old age. Phoebe or Paige can still loose Henry or Coop and them being killed anytime once all of their children are all born.

  • #12

    Quinn (Friday, 09 September 2016 13:39)

    Hope the season 10 final is great. Also have my fingers crossed my girl Prue makes it out alive.

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