Cover - Charmed Season 10 Volume 1

Release Date: 4/29/15.

  • When an ancient evil older than time itself targets the Charmed Ones, the girls realize they'll need to enlist some additional help. Calling on the services of their estranged sister, Prue, and the former demon, Cole, they will face what is perhaps the most powerful enemy of their lives! Collects CHARMED SEASON 10 #1-6!

German Translation - Update

It's been long since we've had an update about the official German translation of Season 9. Unfortunately there are no news about its continuation.


PaniniVerlag tweeted:

  • As for now we don't have anything planned, unfortunately.

Their previous update was in 2014 when they tweeted that there weren't plans for more volumes to be released before 2015. The first and only volume (containing #0-5 and an exclusive variant cover) was released on July 8th, 2014.

More info about the translation here.

Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed Season 10 #7 (SPOILERS)

Charmed #7 is out today!

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue.

Please note that the interview contains spoilers.

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Titles for #11,12,13 and August Break

Pat Shand:

  • Hey! All right, so I suspect that I’ll get a ton of asks about this one, so I’m going to try to give all of the information here. First, a bit of bad news… but with good intentions.
  • We’re taking a month off between #10 and #11. Now! I know. It sucks. No one wants it, I don’t want it, etc etc. It’s happening. But…
    - Paul left
    - The creative team is behind
    - Editorial is behind
    - The apocalypse is coming
    - Underwear gnomes
    - Non-underwear gnomes (this one is up for debate)
    …There are fewer one-shots this season than we originally thought. #11 and #12, the last two installments that’ll be collected in Volume Two, are a mini arc unto themselves. Elisa has to draw them to keep the season consistent. #13 is (probably, we’re planning for, we need this to be) the final one-shot of the reason. From then on? All Elisa. To prevent any unplanned delays, we are taking a planned one to make sure the season goes according to… er, plan.
  • Don’t worry. During the month it would’ve come out, we’ll do something super special for you.
  • For now, here are the titles of the next few issues.
  • #11: Fear Always Comes Back
    #12: Virtue
    #13: Court of Love
  • And… regarding Paul’s exit as editor. I just want to be sure there are no weird conspiracy theories going on. Paul and I are friends – remember that last picture of us hanging out? That was us literally just hanging out, and #7 was already in the bag. Paul has a bunch of other wonderful projects, and his time is valuable to everyone and valued very much by me. So there’s not even a whisper of drama to be found there, so let’s cool those jets before they get jetty! Paul is super crazy cool to work with, and we’ve already talked about post-Charmed ideas, because Paul Ruditis is a veritable factory of good ideas.
  • Does that cover it all? I think it does. I hope y’all are well! Oh, and thanks for the sweet responses to #7. I love you guys!
  • -PS X

Paul Ruditis steps away from Charmed Season 10

Paul just announced this on Twitter:

  • Charmed #7 “Hard Knox Life” is out today. Montgomery Knox is the first character I ever created then turned over to another writer. It’s odd reading someone else write the character, but Pat Shand is doing an incredible job with Knox and the entire Charmed comic. Pat also co-edited these first seven issues of season ten. He’s the main reason things are running sooo much smoother than nine. Pat's also the reason I can step away from the Charmed comic book confident that the series will continue to run smoothly without me. “Hard Knox Life" is my last issue as editor. I want to thank the Charmed community for taking this incredible journey with me. I'm so glad you've all been with me through these incredible years and will continue to enjoy the series as it continues. Blessed be. X X X X X X

Summary & Release Date - Charmed #10

(W) Pat Shand (A) Elisa Feliz (CA) David Seidman
  • Answers, revelations, and returns!
  • Prue, armed with the knowledge of what she has become, decides to take charge of her situation... leaving Kyra with a whole new world at her fingertips. Meanwhile, when Coop and Henry's actions come to light, the Charmed Ones find themselves divided.

In Shops: 7/1/2015

Out Today - Charmed Season 10 #7

Charmed Season 10 #7 is out today!

I opened the spoilers/discussion page here.

Come back later today to read my interview with Pat Shand about the issue.

Preview - Charmed Season 10 #7

The first 5 pages of the issue + the 2 already revealed preview pages in higher quality posted by Valentina Cuomo on her blog.

Preview Panels - Charmed #7

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! you didn't gave us any hint, any picture (but now we have previews), any spoiler about issue 7 of Charmed when you said some things about issue 8 and upcoming ones. Do you consider this issue as the biggest one yet?

Pat Shand: Nah, honestly not really. The only reason I didn’t give many hints about #7 is because, in #8, there are panels that are really easy to use as little peeks without spoiling anything. #7 is really, really packed with narrative. I wouldn’t by any means call it the “biggest” issue of Season Ten so far – I mean, #5 was huge to me, and I think it’ll be a while before we rock the fandom that hard again… maybe a little bit in #8, definitely in #10.

The reason is because #7 could’ve been a whole arc. The way it is, though, it’s about ¼ set-up for the one shot’s story, and ¾ climax based on what we now know. So most of what I show would either seem random or would spoil this specific issue’s storyline, rather than hinting at something larger in the season.

Buuuuut here! Why not. Here’s a little tidbit: X

Latest from Social Media #15



Anonymous asked: Can you tease anything about Prue? She's the most interesting sister right now and we haven't seen much of her. Is she gonna get out of the All anytime soon?

Pat Shand: I can’t tease much, except that we’ll start seeing way more of her as of #8, and that with each issue after that, we’ll have a firmer grasp on what’s going on with her. X

Anonymous asked: Hi. I want to ask you something. In S9, there was the thing about inheriting the Power of Three. Do you think it will ever transfer to any of the children, or is it one time power to you? And if it would transfer, would you choose Wyatt, Chris and Mel, or P.J., Parker and their sister? Or would you create different possibility, for example the oldest children of Sisters, or their oldest girls?

Pat Shand: I personally think the Power of Three should always be made up of only women, but if someone were to tell a story with Chris/Wyatt included in it, it could work. X


Anonymous asked: Happy Easter! :) as an Easter gift, can you give us Charmed fans a new synopsis for issue 10 or a teaser!?

Pat Shand: I can’t give a synopsis, but I can clear up some of the debate. I saw fans going back and forth over who the old man on the cover for #10 is… and it’s Ben Turner. It’s an image of the life Ben Turner should’ve lived – the full cycle of life that he was robbed of. And the blue soul shooting up into the sky is Prue. When folks read the issue, they’ll get that one. Happy holidays! X


Anonymous asked: Pat, 3 questions :D First: In Charmed Season 10, Will there be a Christmas Issue, or Hallowen Issue? Second: Prue appear on any cover? Third: and this season, something amazing will happen?, something that is not seen in previous seasons? Sorry for my English.

Pat Shand: 1. Probably not Halloween, but maybe Christmas. I’m deciding if the idea I have for a holiday issue fits Robyn Hood or Charmed better. Leaning toward Robyn Hood, honestly. However, neither would be an extra issue, the Christmassy part would just be an aspect of a regular monthly issue. 2. Yep! I mean, she’s already on #10 in a way, but she’ll be less blue-Prue on other covers. 3. I – at risk of sounding big-headed – think we’ve already done this a bunch of times, honestly! The whole point of this season is kind of going all out and really going for the emotion in a way that we can’t buy back with each fixes like time travel or bullshit like that. But yeah, there’s more coming, for sure! X


Anonymous asked: are we going to find out the name of phoebes third caught also when are we going to see penny patty and victor

Pat Shand: To the first question… maybe. To the second question… sometime during Season Ten. X


Anonymous asked: Hey there Pat! Have a fan discussion type of question (not so sure it’s a questions as opposed to a statement) would like your opinion though. What is the actual “Power of three.” Its clearly NOT just having the three essential powers (TK, Freeze time, and prem) cause in s6 phoebe got her active power taken away and the sisters still had the po3 and in s8 the evil charmed ones copied the sisters active powers but still didnt get the po3 initially. So its not just having the three powers.

Based off context clues throughout s1-9 I think it has to do with the all. As we know the all is the basis of everything, and the all is what makes someone a witch therefore perhaps “The Charmed Ones” are the most powerful witches because they inherited a greater chunk of the all than anyone else currently and when used together that creates the power of three- and since it is a spiritual energy, thats how the evil charmed ones in s8 were able to channel it (cause they copied the active powers) 

I think thats because the dr. didnt have the all just the active power- you can’t have one without the other- thus that means the all and powers are separate - the all is what makes you a witch and allows you to “handle” and active power. The elders grant the powers to those that are born with the all and the two things work in unison- when the all switched in s9 to mortals it took the active powers with it id presume and the rest is charmed history- what do you think of that fangirl theory ;)

Oh and to add one more thing, that would also explain Paige because if we were to assume that the all and active powers are the same thing, it’s a little contrived to say that paige just so happened to be born with TK powers or an all that channels into TK however if she was born with enough of the all to constitute her as a “charmed one” she then could have been given the third power needed to complete the charmed circle (if we are going with the elders grant powers theory)

and maybe whichever power you are given, shapes your spiritual energy or forms it like unfolded clay and those three types of spiritual energies working together (tk freeze and pre) make up the power of three

I hope you can appreciate my theory seeing as you were a fanboy of buffy and im sure you’ve done the same :) sorry for the multiple questions tumble only has a certain number of characters at a time.

Pat Shand: I definitely appreciate that theory! I really like the idea about the power being based in the All – a lot of this season is about the All and what the concept really means, so I’m glad readers like you are questioning that and theorizing about it! I also definitely agree that the Power of Three is something bigger than the sum of their individual powers. I mean, I know Piper/Paige/Phoebe are exceptionally good at their active powers, but I can’t believe that they’re the only three witches on the planet who have those powers. And I also believe that if three witches with similar powers came together, they certainly wouldn’t inherit the Power of Three or even be particularly more powerful than they were alone. I think it’s uniquely about these three women, and their bond. Thanks for the thoughts! X


mina-grayson asked: Hey Pat :) Any news about Charmed Season 11 yet???? I hope it'll happen as well as s 12 and 13 and so on until you'll write the Next Gen issues :)))

Pat Shand: Hey mina-grayson. If they do a Season Eleven, which I very strongly doubt, it won’t be in the works until a good while after I’m done with Season Ten. Zenescope made the mistake of advertising what was then Charmed #25, and the start of Season Ten, before there was a set date in mind. That led to a lot of angry fans, so everyone on board – myself included – has learned from that slip up. Also, before I get into the next bit, I’m so grateful that you and other readers are enjoying what I’m doing with Season Ten. It’s been a unique and lovely experience. However, even considering that and how much I love writing these characters, Season Ten is my final word on Charmed. A twenty-four issue season is a huge commitment, so I can definitely confirm that, in the unlikely event that a Season Eleven got greenlit, I wouldn’t be writing it. I know that’s probably a disappointing answer, so I’m sorry about that! I completely relate to you, because I desperately read news about the Buffy comics, looking for confirmation of the next season. I’m sorry I can’t give that to you – wish I could! For now, all I can do is make sure I give my all to Season Ten. X

Preview - Charmed #7

From Previewsworld X

Preview Panels - Charmed #8

Pat Shand:

  • Here’s a little Piper/Prue drama from #8, just as a little gifty sneak peek. I really had no idea the gap between #6 and #7 would be so big. It feels bigger than usual, right? X

Charmed #10 Cover

David Seidman:

  • Hey Charmed fans! Guess who got permission to leak the cover for Charmed Season 10, issue #10 a few days early? Enjoy!

Edit: For some reason the link to the post is not working so i also added comments below.

Edit #2: Link fixed.

Comments: 2 (Discussion closed)
  • #1

    p3nathan (Wednesday, 01 April 2015 23:24)

    Well right away I'm wondering who the spooky old guy is. At first I thought Benjamin Turner, maybe he comes back wrong or something. On the other hand, maybe he's another Old One.

  • #2

    scott21 (Thursday, 02 April 2015 06:27)

    It looks like paige and coop are in an opposite side of Piper and Phoebe, maybe there is a fallout?

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Anonymous asked: We are always asking something you cant answer about charmed. So now I'm asking what can you tell us about the upcoming episodes or perhaps something about the old episodes what we havent noticed?

  • Pat Shand: There’s a pretty big misconception about #1, but I purposely misled with the narrative. You’ll see what I mean down the line. X

Anonymous asked: Will Charmed: Seson 10 Volume 1 have a title, dislike Season 9 Volumes?

  • Pat Shand: That is something I’ve been going back and forth about. I probably won’t decide until print day. X

Anonymous asked: Will we ever find out what powers Patience had and is it likely the actual Patience will ever confront Prue (if she gets rescued assuming charon still has her) Prue did steal her body!

  • Pat Shand: We are going to cover this in depth in an upcoming issue! X

Anonymous asked: Will we ever see the scene depicted in that s10 promo cover from a few years ago or will we ever see that cover used?

  • Pat Shand: I’m thinking about a use for that cover. There is no scene to correspond to it, though, but I think it has a certain thematic relevance. X

Anonymous asked: any chance the sisters will time travel to the past or future this season? Or will we get any drastic flashbacks or flashforwards?

  • Pat Shand: There’s a flash-forward in #6 that a lot of #7 and #8 will be spent catching up to.There will be some time travel as well. X

Anonymous asked: WAIT WAIT WAIT. WAIT A SECOND. Did I read something about a Kyra scene you wrote? Kyra the seer? If it's not a flashback and you're bringing her back you might just be my favourite person for the day! The hotness of Charisma Carpenter aside, she had so much potential as a character it's a shame the killed her off so quickly. Oh, and I totally get the soul thing. It sucks for Cole, but it totally makes sense to me.

  • Pat Shand: To write dialogue for a character played by Charisma is to hear Charisma in your head. Who would turn that down? X

Anonymous asked: what has been the best thing about becoming the new writer for Charmed and what has been the worst? If you can rate your experience thus far on a scale from 1-10 what would it be?

  • Pat Shand: BEST: Bonding with the characters. Even though I really liked watching Charmed, there is always a chance that I wouldn’t be able to connect to the characters in a way that would be enough for me to justify taking on the gargantuan commitment of writing an entire season. The fact that they have huge families, and that I am not at all family-oriented myself, worried me a little. But when I began writing the first arc, I found the rhythm and the me in it very quickly. I’m able to explore who I am through the characters, and who the characters are through myself. It’s a weird cycle, and it’s pretty new for me — and I love it. With my other two ongoing, Robyn Hood and Grimm Fairy Tales, with the exception of a few characters in the latter, I was able to build up the entire cast, tone, and plot from scratch. With Charmed, these characters have already been established, long before I came around. Being able to relate as closely as I do when writing this season has been a lovely surprise. WORST: Being harassed by readers, despite how well-meaning they are, about a likeness that I’ve already addressed many times. I don’t want to feel anxiety when I see a question in my ask box, but that’s been happening a bit recently, to the point where I sometimes wonder if I should turn it off for a while. I realize, though, many writers and editors deal with this — just following Bendis and Brevoort on Tumblr shows me that, so far, I’ve been relatively lucky — but I can’t say that it hasn’t, at certain points, depleted my creative energy. Imagine putting your heart and soul out there for a room full of strangers to read and experience. And they like it! Yay, happy times. But imagine a small group of them keeps asking you the same question, no matter how many times you answer it. No matter how many times you ask them to stop. It’s maddening, and it’s invasive, and those negative moments have the power to, for a short time, take the place of the overwhelming positive majority of moments. SO: So, all in all? Really, it’s 9/10, sometimes 10/10. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I want to always write licensed material, no matter what else I’m working on. It’s flexing a different muscle than creator-owned or universe stuff, like Robyn and GFT. When I love a story, I love it passionately. I’ve said before, my first ever comics gig was my absolute dream job.., writing Angel. That, and now writing Charmed, is rewarding in a very unique and humbling way. Thanks for the excellent question! X

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat is the frenemy in Haste Makes Wasteland Cole, since his demon half is on the cover?

  • Pat Shand: Even if it was Cole — it’s not — you’ve gotta know that I’m not going to give a spoiler on my blog! X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat great issue. loved it. P.J is quite the little powerhouse, she displayed quite a few new powers in this issue are they all hers power.

  • Pat Shand: She didn’t really use any new new powers, though. The wisp kinda more hijacked her latent powers to beam into its own mind. It also used P.J. as a device with which to use its own powers that it needs a body to access (blasting Piper). X

Anonymous asked: Thanks, so relieved you weren't offended. I said you were freaking amazing too.:) I had just read the issue and was just so excited. Anyway, I just wanted to know whether or not Phoebe and P.J/Wisp were projecting into a vision (aka astral premonition) and if P.J/Wisp did anything special to triggered.

  • Pat Shand: Okay, so look at the wisp’s existence this way. The wisp is a feeling made physical, so it exists on both an emotional and a physical plane. What the wisp did was hijack P.J.’s beaming power, and essentially pulled Phoebe and P.J. into that emotional plane. It was showing them a memory. it’s not something that would’ve lasted, but it was definitely a physical beaming rather than an astral projection. X

Anonymous asked: the way i see it- just like charmed said poltergiests are residual energy of evil that is vanquished- wisps are the residual energy of people that have died

  • Pat Shand: Yes. An important distinction is that the wisp is not malicious, though clearly dangerous. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! i miss Magic School as a location this season, are you going to use this place soon? and are you going to explore her history?

  • Pat Shand: Hey! I have to admit that I’m a bit fatigued by the idea of Magic School. I’m doing the fantasy school thing in my current run on Grimm Fairy Tales with Arcane Acre, so I’m not really revving to explore a similar location in Charmed. We will see it, but I personally don’t think it needs much exploration within the specific story that I’m telling here. EDIT: I’ll add that the first issue originally had a scene at the school, but I cut it for pacing. X

Anonymous asked: As a comics writer do you have restrictions and / or a direction imposed by zenescope? For Robyn Hood Charmed for exemple, or are you free to manage your projects as you want?

  • Pat Shand: (...) With Charmed, because Paul and I are editors on that one as well, we handle the editorial there. Paul will give suggestions, and CBS will give notes. There hasn’t been any major notes, except CBS initially didn’t think that Charmed #7 was going in the direction it needed to go. And they were right, so I re-worked it into a completely different story, which I now think is 100% better. But everyone is very, very hands off on Charmed, which has been nice. (...) X

Anonymous asked: i can't believe the day has finally come, after 10 long seasons, to see inside my favorite ever universe a gay relationship...i almost want to cry, i'm just litterally the happiest fan in the world right now (That was my dream just behind Prue's return of course). There are no words strong enough to say how grateful i am, but now the pression on your shoulders is enormous, this pairing has to be amazing, i really hope they're becoming regulars cause c'mon, it's Tyler and Hakeem (gay and black)!

  • Pat Shand: Yay! I’m so glad you’re so glad. Honestly, I’m not feeling much pressure about the relationship. I love writing Tyler/Kareem as much as all of the established characters, and they both come very naturally to me. Tyler is all yearning and anxious and excited and daring, and Kareem is super thoughtful and stoic and cerebral. They’re swell. X

Pat Shand:

  • Okay, so I wanted to not write about this. Online comments aren’t really something I think should be worth devoting much of my time or brainspace to, but… sigh. The feeling I have about some comments recently has grown from a mild annoyance to a weight on my chest. And I know that what I’m going to talk about is something that probably most writers deal with, and that the solution is not reading comments. But another part of being a writer, and being me, is the kinda maybe desperately searching for approval, love, snuggles, etc etc.
  • Anyway, I recently showed a page from Charmed where Tyler is holding hands with a new character, Kareem. They’re both guys, obvi. Earlier, someone asked me if I was going to introduce LGBT characters into Charmed, and I’d mentioned that this couple was in the works. I didn’t think there would be much of a thing about it because Charmed, I felt, has always had such a huge queer fanbase that it felt super at odds to me that there weren’t already queer characters.
  • But, and this is a tangent, I didn’t write Tyler and Kareem in as a couple to fill a void. I wrote them because I want my work to reflect the world I live in, who I am, and… well, in my head, Tyler and Kareem are two gay men in love. I didn’t put much thought into pairing them beyond that, because it made sense to me. There’s no build-up, no tension, no coming out — they’re just together, because I envisioned it, and I wanted it, and I wrote it. And then, suddenly, there’s this debate online about WHO’S GOING TO BE GAY — and I COMPLETELY understand that. Representation is super important, to me as a writer, person, reader… etc.
  • Anyway.
  • So, I put out the page because I loved the page. I know that the positivity and the loving, glowy, shiny hearts of the Charmed fandom far outshine any of the hatred, but I saw some comments that made me pretty angry. There was a little ignorance bouncing around, but what really got me was the way that someone asked why we’re including gay characters — how that furthers the story.
  • Which is bullshit. Obviously, if you’re an intelligent person, you know that’s bullshit, but I’m here being all choir-preachy. And yet, I’m all with the chest-weightiness — so I carry on. Bear with me.
  • Most of the established characters of the show are heterosexual. That has played a major part of the narrative, because all of their romance arcs have been heterosexual. However, if I posted an image of Piper and Leo holding hands — which I’ve done — I can promise that I would never see a comment complaining about pushing heterosexuality in our faces. No one would say, “Who cares if they’re straight? This doesn’t matter to the story!” The reverse, present in the comments I saw, is a covert type of homophobia that normalizes LGBT romance and people as “other” — worse, as extraneous, a distraction to the “real” story. And, frankly, fuck that.
  • I understand that there are people that do feel that way, and that anything I’m saying here won’t change that. However, while I don’t want to do those people any favors, I’m compelled to warn them that my work will always make them uncomfortable. I don’t want to write a single story that fits into what they see as “normal.” My characters aren’t that, because the world isn’t that. Because I am not that. My work will always be queer, and I cordially invite you to, as quickly as possible, stop reading my work if that bothers you.
  • And, to end on a positive note, thank you to the people who reach out with positivity, nuance, and love. X

Preview Page - Charmed #8

Featuring Tyler and Kareem. X Art by Eliza Feliz.

Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed #6 (SPOILERS)

Charmed #6 is out today!

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue.

Please note that the interview contains spoilers.

Click "Read More" below to continue.

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Summary & Release Date - Charmed #9

(W) Patrick Shand (A) Elisa Feliz (CA) David Seidman
  • Nothing is what it seems when Henry, Coop, and Tyler return from a place they probably should've never gone in the first place. Meanwhile, Prue and an old frienemy are learning about what it means to be the Guardian of the Nexus of the All... and if Prue ever was the Guardian to begin with.
  • Change is coming...

In Shops: 6/17/2015

Out Today - Charmed #6

Charmed Season 10 #6 is out today!

Pat Shand:

  • CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6 is our first one-shot of the season, featuring Dimat​ as our guest artist. The regular team of me as writer, Valentina Cuomo as colorist, and Christy​ as letterer are still here. This one is called “Will o’ the Witch,” and it follows Phoebe as she goes on her long delayed book tour, complicated by the recent loss that rocked her life. Enter… a will o’ the wisp with a dark message. X

I opened the Spoilers/Discussion page for the issue here.

Preview - Charmed #6

ComicMonsters has a preview of Charmed Season 10 #6.

Preview Pages - Charmed #6

Previews from Previewsworld.

Cover - Charmed #9

Pat Shand: This one is about to leak through some digital sources, so I figured I’d jump a day or so ahead and show the cover. Here’s David Seidman’s cover for CHARMED SEASON TEN #9: Haste Makes Wasteland. X

Latest from Social Media #13



Anonymous asked: Moving forward in season 10 will Prue become a more centralized character i.e. like piper phoebe and paige.

  • Pat Shand: Certainly. Not right away but she’ll get there.

Anonymous asked: I'm gonna ask something totally unrelated to everything that's going on with Charmed, but it's been bugging me for a while now: are we ever gonna find out a bit about Patience's past? I know the body is Prue's now, but it'd be nice to know who she was. Is there an official backstory that you or Paul never managed to fit in?

  • PS: I’m not sure if Paul had a backstory. We never spoke about that… but it’s something I’ll be exploring down the line.

Anonymous asked: from a writers perspective- do you think prue astral projected into the body or just stepped in.

  • PS: I think what Prue did with Patience is a bit darker than we’ve seen explored yet. Was Patience comatose? Yes. Was she going to wake up? Very likely not, from what we’ve learned so far. However, the most simple and accurate way to look at the Prue + Patience relationship is one of a spirit and a host. Prue possessed Patience.

Anonymous asked: In your opinion, "Patience" is the real name of the comatose witch or it's a name chosen by Prue after the possession? The "P" name is a coincidence?

  • PS: Patience is her real name, yes. I don’t know if I’d call it a coincidence.

Anonymous asked: Wait in issue 1 prue's eyes were glowing and cole asked if she found anything on the astral plane- can she see to other planes or astral project

  • PS: She can see other planes, and there are some to which she can project. She can’t, however, astral project into the Manor or to other places on Earth.

Anonymous asked: Someone told me that cole really died in the 5 issue and i just want to know if that's true then there is no chance for us to see more of cole in the future. I know the ancient athame kills souls, but i can't believe that cole is truly gone and also if there's a chance for us to see Belthazor, the Source or Phoebe and Cole's unborn child (just a crazy idea i had)

  • PS: Definitely dead. Doesn’t mean you won’t see him again. In fact, he’s in a flashback in the issue I’m writing right now.

Anonymous asked: Why can't the sisters travel back in time to save Cole after all they have done it many times before?

  • PS: They’ve done that many times before (which is a lame plot element, to be sure) but they’ve never been in a situation like this. A soul is perennial. It is outside of time, more powerful than time. The reason we’ve never seen an item powerful enough to destroy a soul in Charmed is because it’s incredibly hard to make such a powerful item. In any case, if they went back to the past, Cole’s soul wouldn’t be salvageable. The events of the past haven’t changed, but if someone from the present were to now observe the past, Cole would probably appear as a blur. If it was as easy as going to the past to rescue someone, I wouldn’t have introduced the Athame to begin with. I didn’t go into this in the plot, because I feel Valen’s monologue in #1 makes that clear. Take a look at that final scene in #1 in context of Cole’s death and you’ll see what I mean.

Anonymous asked: If cole is gone them that means that belthazor is gone to. I know they were one, but at the same time it seems that they were two different beings, because i will like to see him again in the future as the next big bad?

  • PS: Belthazor is dead as well. He’s not the Big Bad this season.

Anonymous asked: What happened to the Angel of Death? He's gone and now we have another Angel? Or he survived because the Ancient Athame wasn't activated yet?

  • PS: THIS is a great question. It’s one I’ve wondered. The Athame wasn’t activated yet… but did the activation itself kill the Angel of Death? It’s something I’m going to get into this season that I didn’t originally plan to, until I realized that there was something very interesting there. I’ll probably get to this story toward the end of the season.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, this may be asking for a spoiler, but on the show, Elizabeth Turner's fate was rather ambiguous. She was never mentioned by Cole and it was hinted in one season 3 episode that she might still be alive. Is that something that will be explored in the comics?

  • PS:  Elizabeth, to me at least, is dead.

Anonymous asked: Hi! im so happy with the season ten of Charmed! a little ask... is Prue in the issue 6? Thanks you so much for this great season!

  • PS She is, but not much.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! In Charmed issue 4 the baby in Henry's hands is Henry Jr. or Parker? Because Henry jr. should be 2/3 years old and that baby looks younger!

  PS That’s Parker.

Here are the ages that Paul and I are going with, in addition to a full page from the script just for fun.

Page Three

 Panel 1. Leo closes his eyes, enjoying the moment. Piper holds him close, listening.

 1 LEO:
It’s odd…

 2 LEO:
There’s nothing I wanted more than to be human. To grow old with you.

Panel 2. Leo gently breaks away from Piper, looking out at the splendor of Cupid’s Temple. They are in the physical manifestation of love, and they’re both feeling it, hard. They feel its warmth, but also its weight.

 3 LEO:
But after being an Avatar, after being one with the Empyreal Sword… after everything we’ve been through…

 Panel 3. Leo turns to look at Piper.

 4 LEO:
t’s not that easy to stay back and babysit while there’s some soul-destroying maniac out there waiting to attack.

 5 LEO:
A big part of me wants to pick up a sword and walk into battle with you.

 Panel 4. Piper, kind but firm, takes Leo’s hand.

What you and Henry are doing here is important.

 Panel 5. Pull out for a wideshot. We are in the room that leads to the balcony, and we can see Piper and Leo through the door. The main focus here, however, is on HENRY and COOP, who are in the room that almost appears to be made entirely of plush. Every bit of furniture is heart-shaped. They are tending to the kids – maybe changing them, feeding them, cleaning up, whatever works for this page – while Piper and Leo talk.

The kids are as follows (accompanied by their Wikia entry for easy ref):

 Wyatt (7):

 Chris (about 5 years and 10 months): (Be sure to draw him as a child, not his future self)

 Melinda (a little over 3):

 The Twins Tamora and Kat (almost 3):

P.J. (2 and about 4 months):

 Henry Junior (almost 2):

 Parker (about 1):

 Be super careful with these, as we’ll be aging them realistically as we see them. They are less than a year older than we saw them during Season Nine, and some of the photo reference in the Wikia entries are taken from significantly further down the timeline.

 Now, a note about the children. Sometimes, because there were so many of them, they often looked older than they were supposed to be. So while you should definitely use the reference as a guide, you don’t have to be too beholden to the exact likenesses drawn by previous artists

As long as the Athame is a threat, the kids need to be somewhere where only we can find them.

Preview Panels - Charmed #6

Pat Shand: Here’s the first little peek at CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6: Will o’ the Witch. This is the first one-shot of the season, and it’s Dimat’s debut as artist. X

    Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed #5 (SPOILERS)

Charmed #5 is out today!

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue.

Please note that the interview contains spoilers so please avoid to read it if you don't want to be spoiled.

Click "Read More" below to continue.

Read More

Summary - Charmed #8

Charmed Season 10 #8

(W) Patrick Shand (A) Elisa Feliz (CA) Valentina Cuomo
  • Love is a Burning Thing
  • When Tyler Michaels discovers his powers evolving beyond that of a firestarter, he seeks out Paige, who has disturbing answers for him. Meanwhile, Coop and Henry plot to pull off the impossible... and they just might have to call on a newly empowered Tyler for help.
  • As a new arc begins in Season Ten, the truth about Prue's isolation at the hands of her sisters will come to light. Everything is about to change!

In Shops: 5/20/2015

Out Today - Charmed #5

Charmed Season 10 #5 is out today!

I have opened the Spoilers/Discussion page for the issue here.

MajorSpoilers' Special Interview with David Seidman

MajorSpoilers has a sneak peek of Charmed Season 10 #5 and an interview with David Seidman about his cover for the issue:

Special Interview with David Seidman with Charmed Season 10 #5
Charmed has had a lot of twists and turns in Season 10. In Issue #4, the Charmed Ones suffered a great loss – how did you convey that in the your cover for Season 5?
The Charmed Ones were really put through a lot of turmoil this season and issue #4 was literally the nail in the coffin. For the cover of issue #5, I think it was important to show how tired and defeated they are – something we rarely see from them on a cover. Everything from their expressions to the color palette help convey this low point in the Charmed universe.

Is there any specific inspiration you draw on when choosing what the cover will represent?
Pat Shand (writer for Charmed Season 10) is really good at supplying me with a synopsis and details for each upcoming issue. That helps a lot with where we want to take the cover and what we want the readers to get out of it before they even open the book.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming issues and what we can expect moving forward?
I was told that Pat (Shand) would break my fingers if I revealed anything, so I will keep quiet on all of his secrets for the Charmed Ones moving forward : )

Source: MajorSpoilers

Preview - Charmed #5

  • Together, the Halliwell sisters have access to the greatest source of pure magic that the world has known: The Power of Three. But now that their eldest sister has been resurrected, a strange magic threatens to tear them apart.
  • After being hunted by Gaxageal, the Charmed Ones have again triumphed over evil. However, another threat lurks in the darkness as a demon named Valen attacks with the ancient Athame, a weapon that can destroy souls. As they fight the demon off, Cole Turner is stabbed by the deadly blade.

Below are preview pages 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8 posted on ComicMonsters & ComicBookResources.

Preview Page 1 - Charmed #5

Pat Shand: "From CHARMED: SEASON TEN #5: Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? This issue will be out 2/18! I can’t believe it’s just a week away. Since basically the entire issue is a spoiler, I won’t be sharing any pages beyond this until it’s out. This is the first page of the issue."

Latest from Social Media #12



Anonymous asked: Hello Pat! Have you planned something for Penny and Patty? Will we see them soon? I always hated how they were introduced in last seasons.. They just appeared at command.. But they are supposed to be dead! It would be nice see them thought flashbacks or dreams.. Something different and original!

  • Pat Shand: Yeah, but not much.

Anonymous asked: Can you confirm that Prue will NOT be the character that turns out to be gay? Or is the theory that Patience was gay and now Prue is in her body so she's gay is a good theory?

  • PS: I’m not going to answer anything about any theories. Anything I say have to say about plot or character based on fan speculation will be in the actual comic. That said, I didn’t mean for “there will be gay characters” to spark all of this debate and hype. There should have been more diversity before, this isn’t some gigantic plot twist to debate over, though I do understand the drive to speculate.

Anonymous asked: if u could choose an actress to play "patience" aka new prue- who would it be?

  • PS: Super hard question. Natalie Dormer probs.

Anonymous asked: Hi :) Which actor should play Valen in your opinion?

  • PS: The great Kevin Alejandro.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat:) which actor should play Aidel in your opinion?

  • PS: Ummm maybe Jake T. Austin?

Anonymous asked: Would Zenescope ever consider doing the Charmed Sons spin off? There was a whole campaign and so much hype around it, it'd be cool if it could be brought to comics.

  • PS: No, there will only ever be one Charmed comic at a time.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Do you know how season 10 will end? I mean, you have projects for the entire season or you write the story arch by arch? We have to aspect a big story from issue 1 to 24 (?) or like in season 9 we'll have two (or multiple) big arch?

  • PS: I know how it ends, yeah. I don’t know what every single issue is going to be yet, but I know the major movements of the story. It’s definitely not two separate arcs, but rather overlapping stories that all move in one big direction.

Anonymous asked: When you write- do you think about the science behind the magic or do you go into it with the idea of "magic is magic so anything can happen." an example would be the logistics behind a soul vs essence. If you do work the science of it out in your head- do you come up with a backstory- using the soul vs essence example- would you say figure out what happened to demons that their souls became essences and why/how.

  • PS: It depends on the instance, but usually. If I’m introducing something new, it has to work with and add to established mythology. The “science” of it all, the why it works and the ins and outs, that’s the mythology. It provides necessary limits and helps build a specific universe (ex. the personal gain clause in Charmed, vampires dusting in Buffy and bloodsploding in True Blood, the set events in time in Who, etc) and distinguish it from other ‘verses. It’s all very important to maintaining continuity and it’s all considered.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! could you one day consider about making a special "male" charmed comic issue with Cole, Leo, Henry, Coop and why not even Victor and Sam? and with a cover not featuring at least one of the sisters?

  • PS: I don’t know if CBS would want to do a cover without one of the sisters. I’m planning on asking them what the rules are there in any case. Three of the guys are going on an adventure together in #9 and #10, which I think will is the closest we’d get to that. I would’ve LOVED to do a Leo/Cole spinoff, though. Those characters really work well together. It’s just not in the cards, unfortunately!

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Just one day for the next Charmed Comic, Can't wait :) could you tell us is there any chance for a Cover with Prue?

  • PS: Definitely a chance! I’ll be SHOCKED if we leave this season without at least three Prue covers.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, is Cole really gone?

  • PS: The answer lies in #5, which is the Coliest episode Charmed has ever done.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. I loved issue 4!! Thank you so much for this story.. I have a question! Will we see more of Phoebe and Cole's conversation? It seems incomplete in issue 4.. Am I wrong?

  • PS: That is something I purposely left to the reader.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, as you might have noticed, we Charmed fans can be pretty obsessed when it comes to powers etc. Could you give us a rundown of Valen's powers? Because of the shilleagh and the athame, they're difficult to figure out.

  • PS: I don’t even slightly understand the obsession with their powers. Valen is a low-level demon. All of his magics are stolen, which has been his arc since I introduced him. He probably couldn’t even muster a fireball at max strength without all the artifacts he stole.

Anonymous asked: Not to be offensive or something but i always believe that phoebe and her sisters were very unfair to cole in season 5 by insisting that he was evil no matter how much he wanted to be good or keep judging him when he was trying to kill himself and not forgetting the Source possession thing. I don't want to make you lose your time in something that happened years ago, but i wanted to ask you if there is a change that in the future for the sisters to talk and apologize to cole this time around.

  • PS: No worries, that’s not offensive at all. When I say that I’m not concerning myself with the past, that is in response to people asking me to explain things from seasons ago that I had no involvement in. This is a matter of character, and it’s very relevant to what I’m doing still. Cole’s relationship with the sisters and their families isn’t really simple. I don’t think they would apologize to him, and I don’t think he’d accept it if they did. There’s just a lot of hurt on both sides, to the point where I don’t think words can really cover it. They just move on. I hope that makes sense.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! It would be cool to see all the sister telling a "story" about their relationship with Cole.. Next issue will be something like that? Can you tell us something about Prue's reaction to Cole's death?

  • PS: No, I wouldn’t say next issue is like that. The next issue focuses on Cole rather than on other people talking about Cole. You’ll see what I mean. And for the last question, definitely not. That’s directly asking for a spoiler!

Anonymous asked: in forever charmed- piper used coops ring to go back and save her sisters- coop even took phoebe back to see her past loves- why cant phoebe or someone uses coops ring again to change cole's fate.

  • PS: Souls transcend time and space. There is a reason that Valen sought the Ancient Athame, and it wasn’t so his victims could find an easy way around any damage he does. We will be exploring a good amount of what that means.

Anonymous asked: So we will be exploring as to why they cant reverse time in this case? In the next issue? Cause my my OCD fan side couldn't handle a plot hole like that?

  • PS: It going to be addressed in the next issue and further explored in the second half of the next arc. I already answered a question about this, though, so I don’t know why you assume it’s a plot hole. It’s plot.

Anonymous asked: I know you can't see the future and i don't know what your plans are for the story, but is there any chance for us to see more of phoebe and cole in the next comics and seasons, because many pholes shippers were left destroyed because phoebe and cole didn't end up together and still we can't believe it. Not to said that coop is unimportant, but they were the second great couple of Charmed and just like piper and leo's fans would feel hurt if something happened to them that is what we feel.

  • PS: There’s been no confirmation from me or otherwise that there will be any comics beyond Season Ten. Anyway, within #4 is probably the biggest (and shippiest) Phoebe/Coop scene since the early 2000s. And there’s more in #5. This is the most Cole-centric season in the history of the show. Something already “happened to them,” and that was Phoebe marrying another man. That happened before I was involved in the series. However, the story I’m telling is about Cole’s values as a person and as a hero, even if it doesn’t have a happy ending. If that story isn’t working for you, that’s perfectly fine. It’s not going to work for everyone.

Anonymous asked: I really want to hate you for killing Cole, but I did not see it coming and you managed to give him a hero's death, so I guess I forgive you. My question is, what does Cole's death mean for Phoebe and Coop? Being saved by the wife's ex-husband and then watching said wife grieving for him is bound to do something to a guy.

  • PS: Coop kind of addresses this in #5, but it’s more of a season-long thing than a direct answer thing.

Anonymous asked: I dont want to be rude because Charmed season 10 is AWSOME! But why couldn't Paige teleport the atheme in her hands immediately they orbed into the cemetery?

  • PS: Thanks for thinking it’s awesome! This is directly addressed in the issue, though. Valen is hopped up on power from various stolen mystical artifacts which makes him on par with them. Their plan is to strip him of those so they can get the Athame. The first thing Paige does is try to orb the shillelagh away from him the moment they orb into the cemetery, but Valen is already prepared for that.

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! We'll see new Book of Shadows' pages??

  • PS: Certainly.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. Will we see how Valen and Fritz found the Ancient Athame?

  • PS: Nah, you’ve already seen a good amount of their quest. The rest would just be talking down to the reader.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! just a question, in each issue of charmed, during the first part of the summary you're saying that a "strange magic threatens to tear appart" the sisters from Prue. What are you talking about? It's clearly not Valen because he's not interested in Prue, so is this force the big bad from season 10? the nexus of the All? something we don't have met yet?

  • PS: It’s intentionally vague enough to apply to any or all of those things!

Anonymous asked: I’m asking this question as a fan to a fan- not as a fan to the writer of Charmed-whats your take on Prophecies- I always considered them a prediction of the future- they don’t actually hold any real tangible power but just a prediction of whats to come but s9 with prue saying the prophecy would transfer to paige and the angels of destiny saying they revoked the prophecy of the twice blessed made it seem like prophecies are some binding contract- like a curse almost- whats ur take. The show always made it seem like prohecies were just a prediction of the future but then season 9- like i said- made it seem like some sort of binding contract tow however it was about- that if a prophecy is written about u thats it- that the prophecy it self holds weight over you and your future- like IT actually dictates your future as apposed to just predicting it- as a fan how to u see the two opposing presentations of prophecies (the shows and s9). to further my point- the angels of destiny said the prophecy of the twice blessed has been lifted and the charmed ones kids have been absolved of a calling- they’ll grow to use their magic for good but the threat to their lives is gone- meaning if a prophecy is written about them then and only then they are a danger to evil- otherwise they’re not? Like i said- i thought a prophecy just PREDICTS something major- not make u who you are. A witch is a witch- being a witch you have a calling - if u use ur magic for good then evil comes after you - if you don’t then your free - but i don’t think that has anything to do with a prophecy- i don’t think grams had a prophecy written bout her but her life was always in danger etc… so yea… that was my long winded way of saying… prophecies… thoughts? lol. also fun fact- wyatt was born prematurely- had phoebe remained pregnant- her child would have been due right around the time wyatt was born- the twice blessed child could have easily been about him as well… the seer foresaw him being the greatest force of good the world has ever known- he would have been twice blessed child of a charmed one and a demon- interesting to think about! also also- if prophecies really do hold all this power and wyatt was absolved of it- does that mean he’s not as powerful anymore because in season 7 when he comes to the last as an adult he’s pretty powerful”

  • PS: First, I’ll warn that my answer might be disappointing, because it’s completely impossible for me to filter my answer “as a fan” rather than as a writer for Charmed. Because while I am a fan, I am also writing it and the characters and universe are very much in my head. There’s way to separate that for me.

    However, let’s think about this critically. I think you’re thinking about ideas that seem mutually exclusive but aren’t. Do I think a prophecy dictates who you are? In the literal sense, no. Prophecies don’t make things happen in that sense… but in another way, they do. The burden of the prophecy is something huge — HUGE — in literature. When we find out about the future, does it effect our behavior? Does it change the way we see the world? And in fact, is hearing the prophecy — for instance, a negative one — and trying to avoid it, does that instead become the catalyst for starting a journey toward fulfilling the prophecy? Charmed, especially when Paul brought Prue back last season, deals a lot with that idea. The prophecy as a binding contract vs. the prophecy as an interpretation of the future, and I think Paul’s take can be interpreted both ways. Both arguments can be made, and I like that, because I think those ideas intwine in many ways, and I think there are vast differences in types of prophecy.  An example I’ll use to illustrate my point is Prue’s tattoo in this season. “One will die and one will rise.” That’s set in stone. But who does it apply to? Could it apply to multiple people? Is it a malleable prophecy that is waiting for the right candidates, or is it waiting for a specific person to die and a specific person to rise? That’s what we should be asking, and what we may even be asking and theorizing about into the future of Charmed, the way we’re talking about what Paul did with the Paige/Prue conundrum last season. Anyway, that, in response to your “prophecies… thoughts?” is my “prophecies? Hmmm.” But in the end? I think no matter what words someone else says about us, we create our future. We build ourselves. A big part of this season of Charmed is focusing on the flawed nature of their “Everything happens for a reason.” Yeah, what reason? And why does that matter? It’s a platitude, and a false one. We’ll see the Charmed Ones ask themselves what the real reason is… and realize that maybe they, themselves, have to be the reason.



Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN #8 is written. I see angry tweets about this one in my future.

PS: So, I've got the title of the CHARMED finale. It'll be the only two-parter of the season.

Season Finale Title - Charmed #23/#24

Answering an ask on Tumblr, Pat Shand revealed the title for the 2 parter season finale of Charmed Season 10:


Anonymous asked: Hi! While I still can't tell if I hate you for killing Cole or absolutely love you for the hero's death you gave him, I was wondering if you could maybe share with us a few more titles! So far I think you shared them up until issue #10.. pretty please? Charmed S10 has been breathtaking so far, THANK YOU!

  • #10 is pretty far off! It’ll be a good while before I can share further. Except that the season (series?) finale is titled “The Reason,” parts one and two. ;) 

Completed Cover - Charmed #5 (SPOILERS)

Because of spoilers i have posted the completed cover under the cut.

Read More

Cover and Release Date - Charmed #8

Pat Shand:

  • I figure I caused enough pain with the way the last issue ended. Hopefully this can ease some of that! Here’s the cover to CHARMED: SEASON TEN #8: LOVE IS A BURNING THING. This is the first issue of the second major arc, and we welcome back Elisa Feliz as the ongoing artist, of course. This arc runs from #8 - 12. This issue hits shelves May 20th. X

#5 Preview Panel - Cole VS ???

Pat Shand:

  • From CHARMED: SEASON TEN #5. This issue will hit shelves Feb. 18 2015 and is written by me, drawn by Elisa Feliz, colored by Valentina Cuomo, and lettered by Christy Sawyer.
  • It is titled Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? X

(SPOILERS) Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed #4

Charmed #4 is out today and it is the biggest issue so far!

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue.

Please note that #4 contains major spoilers so please avoid to read the interview if you don't want to be spoiled.

Because of spoilers you can find the interview inside this post. Click "Read More" below.

Read More

Out Today - Charmed #4

Charmed Season 10 #4 is available today!

Charmed #4 has major spoilers! If you plan to buy the issue/buy the issue soon, i think especially for this issue it's worth to wait and don't spoil yourself.

I have opened the Spoilers discussion page for the issue here.

I will post an interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue in the next hour.

Release Dates - Charmed #7 & Vol 1

Charmed Season 10 #7 "Hard Knox Life"

  • Remember when the Charmed Ones defeated evil and lived a life of peace? Remember how the Charmed Ones defeated Gaxageal and prevented the rise of the Old Ones, all within the tidy confines of a single issue? Yeah, none of that worked.
  • Knox is back. Leo's life is on the line. Prue's getting all sorts of creepy. And a new, horrible, decidedly Old villain rises...

Release Date: 4/22/2015


Charmed Season 10 TP Vol 1

  • When an ancient evil older than time itself targets the Charmed Ones, the girls realize they'll need to enlist some additional help. Calling on the services of their estranged sister, Prue, and the former demon, Cole, they will face what is perhaps the most powerful enemy of their lives!
  • Collects CHARMED SEASON 10 #1-6!

Release Date: 4/29/2015


UPDATE: Previewsworld's Order Form was just released and it lists both #7 and Vol. 1 for a 04/15/15 release date. For know it is unclear which of these release dates are correct since all of them come from the same source.

Preview Pages - Charmed #4

Zenescope posted 3 new preview pages from #4:


Charmed Season 10 #4
Charmed Assault!
Written by Pat Shand, Artwork by Elisa Feliz, Colors by Valentina Cuomo, Letters by Christy Sawyer, and Edited by Paul Ruditis.

  • Previously in Charmed…
    After being hunted by Gaxageal, the only survivor of an ancient race of demons called the Old Ones, the Charmed Ones have again triumphed over evil. However, another threat lurks in the darkness as a low level demon named Valen comes into possession of the Ancient Athame, a powerful weapon with the ability to destroy souls. Meanwhile, Paige takes on a new charge named Aidel who is just beginning to come into his powers.

"Hell Hath No Fury" live commentary

Pat Shand:

  • Tomorrow at 7PM PST, 10PM EST, I will be a guest on Comic Frontline’s podcast. We’ll be doing a live commentary on an episode of CHARMED. Info in the picture above!
  • I’ll be probably slipping some Charmed: Season Ten stuff too, so be sure to boost this and then tune in when the time is right!

ComicFrontline is holding a giveaway during the commentary. They will give a lucky viewer all 4 Volumes of Charmed Season 9

Preview - Charmed #4

The Halliwells are ready to fight!

Previewsworld has a 2 page preview of the issue!

Latest from Social Media #11



Anonymous asked: Will we see Bailey in Charmed again?

  • Pat Shand: I have no plans for that character.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Season 10 of Charmed is great! But I'm just wondering are we ever going to see Prue interact with Paige? We haven't really know the chemistry between these two sister!

  • Pat Shand: Oh, definitely. Prue’s lack of interaction with the Charmed Ones as a whole is very purposeful at this point in the season, and it’s something we’re going to explore in depth. Paige and Prue will be in the same room soon, but the meatier stuff with them will come later.

Anonymous asked: About Charmed: are we gonna see Prue using the full scope of her powers, possibly while kicking demon-ass? She was always at her best when fighting demons. Keep up the good work, you're awesome!

  • Pat Shand: We will see all of that and then some.

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! Thanks for bearing with us Charmed fans, it can't be easy. Can you tell us something about what you have in store for Montgomery Knox? I couldn't stand him before, but I kinda like the slightly villainous side he showed in issue #3.

  • Pat Shand: Your answers lie in CHARMED: SEASON TEN #7. I don’t know if I’ve announced this before, but it’s titled “Hard Knox Life.”

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a big Charmed fan so I would like to ask some questions! I really liked Dan from season 2 and Andy from season 1, are you planing to use them in the future? And my question is the same with Tempus, beacuse the Source said in 3x22 that he is still alive, and he was a great villian. Thanks for answering :)

  • Pat Shand: No current plans for any of those characters in Season Ten. Sorry!

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Can you tell us something about Valen or what prompt him to go after the Charmed Ones? Is it just the same old glory and power stuff or is it more personal?

  • Pat Shand: Valen answers that himself in #1, though he elaborates on it in #4 especially and a little bit more in #5.

Anonymous asked: Will we have a new art for the cover of "Charmed: Season 10" Volume 1?

  • Pat Shand: No, it’s probably either going to be from #1 or #5.

Anonymous asked: Hi! any little clue about what mean "Prue's getting all sorts of creepy"? a hug from Chile. You are doing an amazing job this season :)

  • Pat Shand: I think there are big clues in the comics! In interest of not spoiling anything, I won’t point out anything specific, but there’s one super weird thing going on that I haven’t seen a single fan question. It comes to a head in #5, but I’m pretty glad no one has said anything about it, because I guess I’ve been subtle. Who knows!

Anonymous asked: Hello, i'm very curious and hopeful since you made the announcement, so i wanted to ask if Aidel is finally the first recurring gay character Charmed should have introduced a long time ago? I hope so since he is Paige's charge (and I love Paige's whitelighter duties side) I know we all tell you that but it's never enough so thanks for all you're hard work for us, and as a gay man, thanks for your incredible engagement and tolerance, Charmed couldn't have been in better hands, xoxo

  • Pat Shand: We aren’t going to be getting much into that character’s sexuality, so he isn’t the one I was talking about. We will be introducing a new character in #7, who will be dating a previously established Charmed character. That’s who I meant. Those two will have a larger role throughout the season, basically as regulars.

Anonymous asked: Hello Pat! If you could fix all the Cleaners stuff how do you explain their absence in Charmed 3x22 "All hell breaks loose"? I know that in season 3 finale they didn't existe but when I saw them in season 6 I was so disappointed! It was like Prue's death was useless.. Sorry for my English (I'm Italian)! A big huge

  • Pat Shand: I don’t see the correlation. The Cleaners are there to erase instances of exposed magic. Shax would’ve killed Prue either way, and they wouldn’t have gone back to change that.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! When will we found out what's going on between Prue and her sisters (specifically Piper)? It's something happened after season 9 finale? And can you give is a very very very little spoiler about issue 4? Thank you for this beautiful season and Happy New Year!!

  • Pat Shand: Hi! You’ll find out somewhere between #4 and the end of my run (sorry!), it IS something that happened after the season nine finale, I won’t give a spoiler for #4 beyond the panels I’ve leaked, and you’re super welcome for this season! I’m glad you think it’s beautiful, ‘cause we’re all trying crazy hard to give you a great story.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! i wanted to tell you first that i'm in love with what you're doing with Charmed :) but i had a question, why did Prue install an electrical barrier and an alarm at the manor and why her sisters are not aware of this? She's my favorite character ever and now that she's alive, she seems more lost than ever :(

  • Pat Shand: Hey! Thanks for reading. Prue didn’t install an electrical barrier. Remember, in #1, Fritz was performing recon on the Manor? He was in electrical form when doing so, shown on Page Eight, Panel 2. That is the day before the leprechauns found Piper at her restaurant, when they explain that they tried to go into the Manor but were shocked. Fritz’s energy zapped them, not Prue. They for sure know about Prue’s alarm, though. I don’t think anything in the text said otherwise. They would’ve at least helped set that up, or even fully done so, because Prue isn’t capable of leaving the Nexus of the All.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! are we going to see Tyler Michaels again on Charmed?

  • Pat Shand: Yep.

Anonymous asked: If a Charmed spin off had been made, who would you have liked to be the central character(s)?

  • Pat Shand: Cole and Darryl. With Kyra.

Anonymous asked: In 3x22 Piper and Prue used their powers against Shax in front of a journalist and magic was reveled to the world.. If the Cleaners were there they could fix the problem so Phoebe hadn't make a deal with the Source for saving their secret (and Piper of course).. So there IS a connection

  • Pat Shand: If you can buy into a concept as big as the Cleaners, you can buy into the idea that they only involve themselves directly as an absolute last possible resort. Situations of exposed magic have certainly been fixed before, and they haven’t been necessary. I don’t think that’s much of a stretch. In any case, though, I’m writing Season Ten, not seasons three or six… even though I did find those to be two of the show’s best. On matters of anything pre-Season Ten, my rationale is as good as yours.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I like to ask, if you have the chance to write an history with the time between season 3-4, how would be? (I know is a hard topic, but being a fan for so many years this is a eternal question). Thanks for your time! you are really nice to take your time to reply our questions :)

  • Pat Shand: Hey! Sorry to disappoint, but there’s zero chance of me ever writing that history. It’s not something CBS is interested in doing in the comics, which works because it’s also not something I’m interested in. It’s been a long, long time since then, and we all want to tell new stories instead of filling in blanks between the old ones.

Anonymous asked: A. i think the gay character is going to be tyler B. I think that perhaps something happened between Cole and Prue between the season 9 finale and now and that caused a rift between the sisters- especially Prue and Phoebe and Piper and Paige have kinda sided with Phoebe (maybe they didn't outright say that but it's obvious.) C. As for the cleaners- I always assumed if there wasn't any foreseeable way of cleaning up magical messes than theyd get involved. as for D... either prue's cryptic arm or the way her house keeps changing from light to dark (at least thats how it looks on the outside... maybe similar as to whats going on with her- maybe shes turning evil - she has a book of evil in her plus an object of good- shes the keeper of all magic good and bad- shes probably struggling with a dark side now...

  • Pat Shand: A. Did I say “character” as in singular? ‘Cause if I did, I didn’t mean it. B. Not a bad theory. C. Basically agreed, yes. D. The house changes with her mood. It’s been getting darker every time she gets more and more depressed. I think she’s always had more of a balance of light and dark than any of the other sisters, except arguably Phoebe during a period in her life, though I wouldn’t quite call Phoebe balanced. She’s generally an “all in” kind of person.

Anonymous asked: And as for why I think prue is getting creepy- i think its either something to do with her cryptic arm- or shes changing- she has an evil item in her that has to mess her up somehow- also- idk if its the artists rendition- but her castle always looks like its changing- sometimes its gray sometimes it wood colored- maybe this is a metaphor for whats going on inside her- a struggle between light and dark- also- she lives in a freakin castle- a creepy one at that- thats pretty telling if u ask me

  • Pat Shand: Definitely. As I’d said, the intention is for the castle to reflect Prue’s descent into depression, so the greys and cool blues are working that for me. It’s definitely supposed to be creepy! Living in a physical manifestation of your own depression is one of the scariest things I can imagine.

Anonymous asked: as for which characters are gunna be gay or bi (which im super excited about) perhaps tyler and MAX- they maybe met when the source returned and the girls brought everyone to the manor- or perhaps its knox - thats kinda interesting

  • Pat Shand: Charmed as a whole needs to be more diverse, and I’m working on making it a more realistic version of the world. Not everyone is married to straight white men with whom they have thirty-five kids!

Anonymous asked: I couldn't agree more- I personally feel that people are people- I believe in falling for a person not a gender race etc... for example- Even though Chris had Bianca I always felt he may be a little bi or bi curious - that maybe he had something with another guy at some point in his life- as many men have whether they want to admit it or not- also- ps- i love the castle being a manifestation of what prue is going through- it came across loud and clear

  • Pat Shand: Thank you! I’m glad that is working for you. We will be taking that in a weird but cool direction.



Pat Shand: Cover and solicitations for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #7 and CHARMED: SEASON TEN Volume One (collecting #1-6).

: #Charmed in #TheWalkingDead style? :)

Pat Shand: #4 had zombies. This is something more sinister.

Pat Shand: There's a new character in CHARMED #6, but he really gets the chance to shine in #8, and dang I love writing him.

Cover & Summary - Charmed #7



Pat Shand shared the cover and summary of Charmed #7 and Volume 1 on Tumblr:

  • Happy 2015, Charmed fans.
  • Here’s the cover for SEASON TEN #7, as well as the Charmed portion of the April solicits. The first collected volume is out as well. X



  • Remember when the Charmed Ones defeated evil and lived a life of peace? Remember how the Charmed Ones defeated Gaxageal and prevented the rise of the Old Ones, all within the tidy confines of a single issue? Yeah, none of that worked.
  • Knox is back. Leo's life is on the line. Prue's getting all sorts of creepy. And a new, horrible, decidedly Old villain rises...


  • When an ancient evil older than time itself targets the Charmed Ones, the girls realize they'll need to enlist some additional help. Calling on the services of their estranged sister, Prue, and the former demon, Cole, they will face what is perhaps the most powerful enemy of their lives!
  • Collects CHARMED SEASON 10 #1-6!

New Artist - Charmed #6 & #7

Pat Shand:

  • Here’s the solicitation information and cover for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6. However, the artist information is incorrect. The one-shots of this season, so far #6 and #7, will be drawn by Dimat. You can see her work here. After that, Elisa and Valentina will be back for the main arcs.
  • By working this way — the same thing we’re doing on the ROBYN HOOD ongoing beginning with #6 — we can keep a cohesive artistic vision for every multi-chapter storyline, and avoid taking months off. You guys already wait long enough for the monthly issues. Plus? Dimat is sooo goood. X

Preview Panels - Charmed #4

Pat Shand:

  • Here are the only panels I’ll be sharing from CHARMED: SEASON TEN #4, until its 1/21/15 release date. This is a big one. X

Merry Christmas!

Summary and Date - Charmed #6

    After suffering a tragic loss at the hands of an evil older than time itself, one of the Halliwell sisters takes a trip across the country and crosses paths with a will o' the wisp. However, this troubled spirit has much more planned than merely leading its targets astray...

In Shops: 3/18/2015

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Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, I just finished the second issue, one word perfect! I have a question about Charmed comics! I was wondering if Wyatt and Piper still have the ability to wield Excalibur. (?)

  • Pat Shand: Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad it’s working for you. I referenced Excalibur and I’m thinking of using it a bit, but I’d want it to be for something specific which I’m still kind of working out. The status quo we left it with hasn’t changed, though. Sorry for the non-answer! X

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to check I'm right on something regarding Charmed. When the sisters were in the Nexus of the All, they got power boosts, but now that they're out that, their powers are back to normal, right? So for example Phoebe could fly while in The Nexus of the All, but in season 10 she's back to her standard Levitation. Have I got that right?

  • Pat Shand: Definitely. Even in the last scene of Season Nine, Paul showed that their power was dwindling. The Nexus of the All still has an effect on them that I’ll explore, but it’s not the same effect that it had in Nine. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, i want to ask you about charmed kids. Do you have any plans about them? Future Wyatt, Chris ? Also i was wondering if you could use (on comics) an actress to portray Future Melinda who would be? Thanks for your great job in the comics so far!

  • Pat Shand: Because of the gigantic cast, the kids are playing (with a few exceptions) a more background role this season. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Season 10 of Charmed is awsome so far and the covers are amazing! :) I was kinda wondering iif you could choose between your current situation writing season 10 or change the series history and write an alternate season (maybe rewrite season 4 or 5 etc...) what would you choose? Basically I'm curious is there anything you would change from the series?

  • Pat Shand: I’m content to be writing Season 10. If I had to go back, I’d maybe have them have fewer kids to diversify their parenting situations and to cut the current artists some slack — drawing that many kids is hard — but I’d rather be right where I am. X

Anonymous asked: What's the process that you go through with the comic covers? Do you give the artist a summary and let them go with their own imagination or do you have specific visions for covers that you put to them?

  • Pat Shand: It’s different with every book. With Robyn Hood and Grimm Fairy Tales, I’ve been able to suggest concepts and artists in the past. I usually submit about three or four per issue. Sometimes Zenescope calls me to workshop a cover concept, sometimes they go with mine as is, sometimes they go on their own or just do a pin-up. As far as who draws it, I usually won’t find that out or see the cover until right before we solicit. I used to be more involved in that, but now I only work editorial on a cover or two every few months. With Charmed, I give David the synopsis of the arc, he turns in a layout, I give it to CBS, either give him notes or approval, and then he does the final cover. He’s more of a Charmed veteran than I am, so there’d be no reason for me to write concepts for him. We learned that early on. He’s just got better cover ideas. X

Anonymous asked: Charmed : Season 10 #3 is... wow!! After this issue everything will be different (i suppose!!). I'd like to ask you so many things but I don't want to spoil anything. Just one thing... will we see Aidel again? He could be an interesting character...

  • Pat Shand: He’s in #4 and #5 so far. Anything beyond that is a spoiler. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, just read the thid issue of Charmed and it was amazing. I'm very interested in the ominous warning/prophecy in Prue's tattoo's and where it came from. Is that something that will be explored later?

  • Pat Shand: For sure. I wouldn’t introduce something so big and then just not explore it. X

scotth21 asked: Hi Pat! So far I love season 10 of Charmed! :) But i'm just wondering in the series final of Season 8 we saw the future of the Charmed Ones, but have you think about change somethings, maybe alternate the story a bit, or you are heading forward to the same future?

  • Pat Shand: Thanks for reading! You know… I kinda can’t answer that right now. I’m sorry! X

Sneak Peek - Charmed #4

Pat Shand:

  • Folks wanted a peek at CHARMED #4, but since sites showed HALF of #3 before it hit shelves, this is all I’ll show for now. X

Out Today - Charmed #3

Charmed Season 10 #3 is available today!

I have opened the Spoilers discussion page for the issue here.


Pat Shand:

  • CHARMED: SEASON TEN #3 is on shelves today.

Paul Ruditis:

  • Happy New Comic Book Day to the Charmed creative team! Issue 3 is out today! Go check out what hasn't already appeared in previews.
  • Want to thank for all his hard work lettering Charmed. I learned so much from him. Can't wait to work with you again, Jim!

More Preview Pages - Charmed #3

Pages 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 from Charmed Season 10 #3.

New Ongoing Letterer

Charmed #3 has a new letterer, Christy Sawyer.

Christy is the new ongoing letterer for Charmed and you can find her on Twitter here.

  • I'm the new letterer for Charmed and my 1st issue comes out this week. Season 10, issue 3. I'm pretty excited! X

"Creative Team" page updated.

Preview Panel - Waiting Line

Pat Shand:

  • Nobody puts Coley in the corner. X

Season 10 Volume 1

Diamond Book Distributors released their April 2015 sales kit and the first info for Charmed Season 10 Volume 1(Summary, book details) is included.

  • When an ancient evil older than time itself targets the Charmed Ones, the girls realize they'll need to enlist some additional help. Calling on the services of their estranged sister, Prue, and the former demon, Cole, they will face what is perhaps the most powerful enemy of their lives!

Price: $15.99 ($19.99 CAN)
Page Count: 156
Format: Softcover, Full Color


Amazon and Barne&Noble list the Volume with an April 21, 2015 release date.

* The cover, summary and release date could be tentative.

Cover - Charmed #6

Pat shared the cover for Charmed Season 10 #6:

  • The cover to CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6: Will o’ the Witch.

Preview - Charmed #3

ComicBookResources posted a preview of pages 10,11,12 & 13 from Charmed Season 10 #3.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. I'm re-reading Charmed Season 9 and I'm currently a little bit confused about the role of Alexi the Seer.. Why did she help Rennek even if she knew that she would be killed by him? and then she helped the Charmed Ones to fix everything.. Why? I'm asking that to you (and not to Paul Ruditis) because I'd like to know if you have some plans about her.. Or her story is officially closed?

  • Pat Shand: I have no plans for her. That’s a question for Paul. X

Anonymous asked: what can we expect from Phoebe's powers this season?

  • Pat Shand: I’ve answered the question about their powers a lot. There will be some creative use on their parts, but I’m not fond of the focus on their powers growing and growing. I’m focusing more on the characters and the family itself rather than developing their already astronomical power sets. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, i wanted to know if the sales of the first two charmed comics (both physical and digital issues) are good or not?Thanks!

  • Pat Shand: CHARMED always sells way better in trade. It was a New York Times best seller a while back, and I hope we can do the same when we release Volume One. Single issue sales are significantly lower, but it’s not really my place to discuss sales, though. The information regarding the sales on #1 are public at this point, I believe. Check out Comic Chron. For the record, though, I don’t mind if people read it in singles, in trade, or digitally. I just want people to read the story and support the book. Thanks! X

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat, I love that you have Phoebe levitating (It was one of my favorite powers on the show) I'm curious if we'll ever see her use her empathy offensively/defensively like she did in the show?

  • Pat Shand: I wrote such a scene two nights ago. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I loved the first issues of charmed! I want to ask you if we will see anytime soon Piper using her molecular powers in more creative ways? Will she use her power of reversion?

  • Pat Shand: Thanks! If a handy power works for a story, it’ll end up in there. I can’t really say because I’ve had some surprises over the course of the series, where a character used a power I wasn’t planning on including. So we’ll see! X



Pat Shand: Volume One will be out sometime toward the middle-ish of next year, and it'll have #1-6. X

Pat Shand: Finishing up my first draft of CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6. This is a weird one! X

Pat Shand: So, about that CHARMED #5 cover. Two things... First, no one, despite anything you've seen or what I've said, is safe. Two: I wouldn't introduce an artifact like the Ancient Athame if death by it were reversible. The entire idea behind it is that dead = dead. The very purpose of the Athame is to raise the stakes in Charmed to a place where they've never been because of the soul mythology. X X X X

Valentina Cuomo posted some #2 interior pages in her blog X

Summary &  Date - Charmed #5


(W) Patrick Shand (A) Elisa Feliz (CA) David Seidman
  • After the devastating events of last issue, the Charmed Ones lives are changed forever. Left to pick up the pieces, the survivors must bring the Ancient Athame to Prue... but to what end? Cole makes a decision.

In Shops: 2/18/2015

Earlier Release Date - Charmed #3

Charmed Season 10 #3 has a new release date.

  • Pat Shand: All right, Charmed fans. Some good news. Just 'cause, we're putting out CHARMED #3 on December 10th!
  • (This isn't routine, so don't ask me to push up the rest of the issues! This is just a little gift, from #TeamCharmed to y'all.) X X

Cover - Charmed #5

Pat posted the Charmed Season 10 #5 cover:

  • The complete cover for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #5. The name has been withheld, however, to avoid spoilers. X

Pages updated

All the pages are now updated with new info from Charmed S10 #2:

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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, you probably know that Elise is a very fan favorite character on Charmed and I was wondering if you're going to continue the fantastic job Paul did last season with her, and generally are we going to see more The Bay Mirror and Phoebe's work (even if she's actually touring for her book) environment? And just for you to know, we can't wait issue 2 after the amazing season premiere you wrote! thanks ;)

  • Pat Shand: I’m so glad you liked the first issue. I’m definitely going to use Elise. I didn’t know she was a fan favorite, though! When I’m plotting, I try to think of what’s best for the story and completely divorce myself from what I’ve seen people saying they want to see, who they like best, etc etc. I’m glad you guys like her, though, because I do too. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, I loved the first issue of Charmed Season 10. It was very promising for the rest of the season. I have a question though, when Piper was on the phone with Prue, she mentioned Paige having students... This was a little confusing to me. Did you mean Whitelighter charges or is Paige back at Magic School?

  • Pat Shand: Piper was talking about Paige’s charges as a Whitelighter. Paige is currently full-timing as a Whitelighter, and is teacher her charges both on an individual basis (which you’ll see in #3) and as a group of students (which you’ll see later). X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Are you planning writing a bonus story for the first volume of Charmed's season 10 like Paul did for the first one of season 9?

  • Pat Shand: I was thinking about asking Zenescope if I could do a prose story in the back. There won’t be a short comic though. X

Anonymous asked: In season 9 Piper began learning that she could use her molecular magic for more things than freezing and exploding. Will the versatility of her powers continue to develop in season 10?

  • Pat Shand: Yes, but it won’t be a focus. X



Pat Shand: Last night, I saw Elisa's first few layouts for Charmed #4. Lovely work. It's probably the most romantic scene I've ever written. X

Pat Shand: I have to say, I hate the idea of any sort of spoilers, but seeing the Darryl speculation is making me a litttttle uncomfortable. It would be boundlessly offensive if I brought Darryl back into the fold just to kill him two issues later. Darryl is the only lead POC in Charmed -- so far, that is -- and it would be such a daft move to fridge him just to make the leads sad. Darryl deserves better than that. X X X X

Pat Shand: I take "soul" as a synonym for spirit/essence when spoken this way, but that probably isn't quite fair to fans given the Cole example. Cole, as a half-demon, "the demon with the soul," is the exception to the rule, so it IS true that demons in the Charmed mythos must be soulless. What Murray means is that the Athame destroys the spirit/essence/spark/soul/lifeforce that makes a sentient being more than a dead body. Considering changing it to "essence" or "life-force" for the trade, though. Thoughts, Charmed fans? X

  • Pat Shand: Great question, . The answer is an emphatic "no." The whole point of the Ancient Athame is that gone = gone. Anyone killed by the Athame is truly gone.

Uhm, Cole does have a soul, doesn't he?

  • Pat Shand: He does, yes. X

Excellent use of the leprechauns! And more importantly YES, for Cole's secret! That needed to be addressed so much.

  • Pat Shand: It's a major, major part of the season!



Elisa Feliz: A page from "Charmed" season 10, issue 02. Published by Zenescope Entertainment. Based on the tv show by CBS. Pencils by me and colors by Valentina Cuomo. X

Elisa Feliz: A page from "Charmed" season 10, issue 02. Published by Zenescope Entertainment. Based on the tv show by CBS. X
Elisa Feliz: A double Page Spread from "Charmed" season 10, issue 03. Published by Zenescope Entertainment. Based on the tv show by CBS. Pencils by me and colors by Valentina Cuomo. X

Preview Panels - Charmed #3

Pat posted 2 panels from Charmed #3:

  • Two of my favorite scenes from next month’s CHARMED: SEASON TEN #3. X

* Elisa Feliz posted that the scene with Paige is a double spread (Pages 4 & 5)

Out Today - Charmed S10 #2

Charmed #2 is available today!

I have opened the Spoilers page for the issue here.

You can read a review (spoiler warning) from TheGeekality here.

More Preview Pages - Charmed #2

ComicBookResources has a new preview of Charmed #2 including pages 2,3,4 & 5.

  • The Halliwell Sisters – Piper, Phoebe, and Paige – are the Charmed Ones. Together, they alone have access to the greatest source of pure magic the world has ever known: The Power of Three. But now that their eldest sister Prue has been resurrected, a strange magic threatens to tear them apart.
  • After being hunted by Gaxageal, the only survivor of an ancient race of demons called the Old Ones, the Charmed Ones have again triumphed over evil. However, another threat lurks in the darkness. Two low-level demons, Fritz and Valen, seek a weapon with the ability to destroy souls in order to finally kill the Halliwells and those they love.

2nd Cover Tease - Charmed #5

Pat Shand shared a new piece:

  • Another piece of the CHARMED: Season Ten #5 cover. X

* I combined the 2 pieces revealed so far below.

Preview - Charmed #2

Zenescope posted previews for their November 5th comics. (link)

  • Charmed Season 10 #2
    Magically Malicious
    Low-level demons have never been a threat to the Charmed Ones… until now. When Fritz and Valen, a pair of demons that have been secretly observing the sisters, get their hands on a weapon capable of destroying souls, the Halliwells will face their most dangerous foes yet. Also, Leprechauns!
  • Written by Pat Shand
    Artwork by Elisa Feliz
    Colors by Valentina Cuomo
    Letters by Jim Campbell
    Edited by Paul Ruditis

Below are pages 6,7,8 & 9.

Cover Tease - Charmed #5

Pat Shand:

  • CHARMED: SEASON TEN #5 cover tease X

Latest from Social Media #7



Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, any chance of seeing Phoebe have a astral premonition in the comics. Thanks

  • Pat Shand: Yes. X

Anonymous asked: When Prue was meditating in issue 1 and checking on the astral plane, was she astral projecting there? Or could she just see the astral plane with some sort of magic sight?

  • Pat Shand: I’ll leave that to the readers. X

youcancallmeallison asked: About Charmed, do you write the comics just by your imagination?Have you been in any part of the shooting of the series or the book? :))

  • Pat Shand: Hey Allison! The story of Charmed: Season Ten is fully conceived by me, yes. I, however, have been lucky enough to agree fully with the editorial notes given by Paul Ruditis and CBS. Paul’s insight, as someone who has written a bunch of Charmed before, is invaluable.This is my first time writing Charmed, though. A reviewer wrote that I am a well-known writer from the show, and that confused people because it isn’t true. I was in high school when the show was airing. X

Anonymous asked: oh! and just one more thing, i saw issue 2 cover and Andrew O'Brian is featured! Personally i love the leprechauns on Charmed, and he was really fun in season 8 so thanks for using him (except if you kill him!) especially since he'll always be the mysterious Man from another place for me ;)

  • Pat Shand: I also love the leprechauns, and I think the hate in the fandom for them is crazypants. X

Anonymous asked: hi Pat! So how are you feeling now that the first issue of charmed is out? i just wanted to tell you that i loved the story (except that you didn't dig too much the old ones thing but i guess sure you'll probably expand this point later so...) it was nice that you included this Billie "cameo" bacause even if you don't use her, at least we know that she's concerned for the sisters, and since i appreciate her, i think it's cool. And just 1 question, how would you describe Prue/Cole's Relationship?

  • Pat Shand: Thanks for the love. I’m feeling really good now that the first issue is out and people are enjoying it. As far as Prue/Cole, there’s not much I can say on that. There has been a lot of debate about what the scene between those two means for them, and that — among other things, especially the sisters isolating themselves from Prue — was my intention. It’ll be a mystery… until it’s not. X

Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, i really really love Henry and Coop, i think they're perfect match for both Paige and Phoebe, and I wanted to know if this season we're gonna learn a lot more about them, about their past, cause i think that it's pretty unfair that Leo had a backstory much more developed (even if it's normal because of his early introduction and i'm really happy about that!), or you're going to concentrate yourself especially on the sisters, cole and leo? thanks!

  • Pat Shand: The second arc in particular focuses on Henry and Coop. Thanks for reading! X



Is season 10 the last season? I hope not! CBS should allow Zenescope to make many more seasons. :D

  • Pat Shand: If there is an eleventh season, I won't be involved in any way. 24 issues is a huge commitment, so I'm treating this like my only Charmed story. It will, in my eyes, give the characters an ending I think they deserve. However, that doesn't mean someone else won't write more comics or more anything. Who knows! X

Is Murray the name of Christopher Wyatt's father (and thus he would have been Murray Wyatt) or Mrs. Wyatt's father (Murray unknown or unknown Murray)? Or do you know the answer to that question?

  • Pat Shand: There isn't really an existing canon as far as that goes, so it's not really a case of "knowing the answer," but rather "what I make up as writer *is* the answer." I don't think I should answer now though, in case I ever have an idea for a story that involves Leo's past. For now, it's just a wee character joke. X X X

Fair enough. I'm all about learning about characters' pasts, so I hope that such a storyline does come up eventually. I'd love for you to do "Tales of Charmed" in the vein of "Tales of Wonderland," "Tales of Neverland," and "Tales of Oz."

  • Pat Shand: I think it would be cool, but unfortunately it's not in the cards. X



Zenescope: PREVIEWSworld sat down with us at the Zenscope Booth at New York Comic Con to talk about #RobynHood #Charmed and more! X




Pat Shand: Real quickly, I spoke too soon about #5 being the most Cole-centric story. I've spread that all out over the first arc instead of putting it all in #5. Something happens in #5 that made that change necessary, because focusing so much on Cole would've been... inappropriate, considering? You'll see. X

Pat Shand: The fifth cover will feature the Charmed Ones together. I do eventually want a Cole cover and a Prue cover, though. X

Pat Shand: Oh, I talk too much! I'm not doing that story (The Reason) anymore, I spoke too soon. Things got a little shaken up. X

Previewsworld: Start Reading Zenescope Comics: Interview with Ralph Tedesco X

Elisa Feliz: A page from "Charmed" season 10, issue 01. Published by Zenescope Entertainment. Based on the tv show by CBS. X X


Volume 2 Titles + Charmed #4 Solicit

Pat made a Tumblr post about the Charmed Season 10 #4 Summary and the titles for the upcoming issues of Season 10 Volume 2. You can read Pat's full post in this link X

  • You guys are tripping. Hard.

    Okay, so here’s what was posted:

    There’s been talk that this solicit is fake, we wouldn’t have written it, etc etc. Someone said that “Charmed Assault” is a fake title because I said the title of #4 would be a spoiler.

    All wrong. Never said that.

    The title of the fifth issue is a spoiler. The only reason I didn’t tell you guys the name of the fourth issue was because I thought I already did. Here’s the shape of things to come:


    1 - No Country for Old Ones

    2 - Magically Malicious 

    3 - The Perks of Being a Whitelighter 

    4 - Charmed Assault

    5 - Not sayin’.

    6 - Will o’ the Witch


    7 - Hard Knox Life

    8 - Love is a Burning Thing

    9 - Haste Makes Wasteland

    10 - The Curious Case of… eh, not sayin’

    11/12 - Still working these out

    So there are all the titles.

    Now, the solicit? Is it fake? Eh, yes and no. I wrote it, but Zenescope didn’t know what “Phole” or “shipper” meant, and assumed that no one else did either. They changed the solicit to this:

    That is the real, official solicit. However, I’m glad you guys saw the first version, because it did exactly what I wanted. It got you guys talking, and it reflects the issue in a better way. I don’t really know what the final sentence of the real solicit is supposed to mean there, to be honest. 

    The intention was to get you talking, to get you excited, even scared. And it worked! Someone said that if I get Phoebe together with Cole, she will “fucking sabotage the comics FOREVER.”

    Which I think is an awesome and hilarious threat.

    But anyway, it’s a solict. Read into it what you will. They’re designed to get this exact kind of conversation going.


Summary, Title & Release Date: Charmed Season 10 #4


  • Charmed Assault


  • Charmed Assault!
    The Charmed Ones race into their final battle with Valen, and when all is said and done, their lives will be forever changed. Also, get ready, Pholes... (That's folks who ship Phoebe/Cole... get with it!) Your moment is here. Kind of. Don't hate us.

Release Date:

  •  1/21/2015

Pages Updated

All the pages are now updated with new info from Charmed S10 #1:

#2 Preview Page: Murray

Pat posted a new preview of Charmed Season 10 #2:

  • A peek at CHARMED: SEASON TEN #2 by me, Elisa, Valentina, Jim, and Paul. X X

NYCC 2014: ComicFrontline's Interview with Pat Shand

ComicFrontline had an interview with Pat Shand at NYCC 2014. The Qs about Charmed start at 0:00 and end at 1:27. Pat talks about Prue and what to expect from the new season.

You can watch the video interview at the following link:

Cover: Charmed Season 10 #4

After the NYCC signing Pat Shand shared David Seidman's cover for #4:

  • As a big THANK YOU for an awesome signing, here's the cover for CHARMED: Season Ten #4 by the incredible @seidmanart X

Holly and Brian talk about the comics

Holly Marie Combs, Brian Krause and Shannen Doherty were at the Charmed Panel at Austin Comic Con some days ago and a fan asked them about the Charmed Comics. Below i have made a transcript of the discussion. The sound quality of the video is not the best and there are some places i could not hear what was said (i marked those as ???).

Source Video: Charmed panel 10042014 pt 2 (Austin Comic Con) - at 4:00

  • Fan: What do you think of the comic continuation published by Zenescope?
  • Holly: Hmm…  Its covers are beautiful. Inside I’m really not sure who’s who. It’s just a little…(???). And... (???) of the boobs. I mean, I’m not hating those but… It’s interesting.
  • Shannen: (???)
  • Brian to Shannen: You haven’t seen, I’m a stud in that comic book!
  • Holly: As i said, it’s hard to tell who’s who. I meant Julian… (???)
  • Presenter: I’m going to have to check those out.
  • Holly: Yeah, the covers are beautiful.
  • Shannen: I’m going to have to check them out, too.
  • Holly: Some of the covers are my favorite artwork from the show.

Preview Page: Charmed Season 10 #2

Read Charmed #1? Pat Shand shared a preview for Charmed Season 10 #2!

  • Pat Shand: Thanks so much to everyone who bought CHARMED: SEASON TEN #1 today! X
  • I'm about to post a teaser or two for #2, which I'm proofing for print right now... X
  • What is Cole up to in the next issue? Yikes. X

Phoebe1_ noticed that Cole is in his first apartment. Pat replied that "he is still at the Nexus of the All" which "changes constantly". X

NYCC: Charmed Saturday

From Zenescope's "Zenescope Arrives at New York Comic Con!" announcement:

  • Zenescope invites fans to “CHARMED SATURDAY” at booth #1906 from 11am -1pm.  With signings by artist David Seidman and writer Pat Shand, the first 50 fans in line at the booth will receive Charmed Season 10 #1 for FREE.


For those who attend NYCC, i have collected all the Charmed related signings info in this link:

Out Today: Charmed Season 10 #1


What we've been waiting for 2 years; Charmed Season 10 #1 is out today!

  • Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN #1 is out today. Pick it up and tell me how you think we've done! X

I opened the spoilers page for Issue #1 for those who want to discuss/spoil/be spoiled. Please don't post spoilers in the main page comments.

Charmed Season 9 Bundle

Zenescope has a special Charmed Season 9 bundle offer for those who want to catch up for Season 10:

* Price: $40.00

Bundle includes: Charmed Season 9 Volume 1 - 4 Trade Paperbacks. (Issues 1- 24)

* Purchase 1 of Charmed Season 9 Bundle and get: 1 Charmed #8 - Cover C - Exclusive for free!




NYCC and Forbidden Planet Signings

Pat Shand:

  • Hey everyone!
  • I’ll be at New York Comic Con this weekend, starting Thursday afternoon. If you’re going to be there, let me know! I’d love to make plans now to make sure I get to see everyone. I’ll be working the Zenescope Entertainment booth during the show, and I’ll be posting my signing hours when I have them.
  • Besides the con, I’m going to be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet NYC on Thursday 10/9 at 8PM! Larry Watts, Tony Brescini, Claudia Balboni, and I will be doing a ROBYN HOOD/CHARMED: SEASON TEN event, and you do NOT need to be going to NYCC to join us. The first fifty people at the door get a FREE issue of the brand new Charmed: Season Ten #1, and everyone who comes in and talks to us gets Robyn Hood #1 and #2, as well as Helsing #1 while we’ve got ‘em. We’ll also have trades of the ROBYN HOOD TRILOGY and HELSING: THE DARKNESS AND THE LIGHT. X

David Seidman:

  • I will be signing copies of ‪#‎Charmed‬ this weekend at ‪#‎NYCC‬! Stop by the Zenescope Entertainment booth (#1906) on Saturday at 11AM and say hello! X
  • Hey all you cool cats... If you are going to #nycc this weekend, make sure to stop by @zenescope at booth #1906. I will be there on Sat from 11am-12pm signing copies of #Charmed. See you there!

Ralph Tedesco:

Geekality's Interview with Pat Shand

Geekality interviewed Pat Shand about Charmed Season 10. You can read Pat's answers in the following link:

Geekality also reviewed Issue #1. You can read the review in the following link:

Update: Season 9 (German Translation)

Volume 1 of the official German Season 9 translation has been out for more than 3 months when it debuted at Fedcon 2014.

Since then there have been no news on when the 2nd Volume will be released.

I contacted Panini Comics and they replied that there won't be a continuation before 2015.


You can find more about the translation here.

Preview: Charmed Season 10 #1

ComicBookResources posted the first 5 pages of Charmed Season 10 #1.

  • In this brand new season, the Halliwell sisters are just beginning to come to terms with the strange resurrection of their long-dead sister Prue... when a new threat rises up in the form of the Old Ones! With this new season, Zenescope takes CHARMED back to its darker roots, while keeping up the comedy that fans loved in the latter seasons.

You can find ComicBookResources' post in the following link:

The Structure of Charmed Season 10

                                                                                                                                                   And a sneak peek at the Charmed #4 cover

On his Tumblr Pat Shand posted a sneak peak of the Charmed #4 cover (featuring Piper) and his plans for the structure of the season.

You can read Pat's full post in the following link:


  • "Here’s your first PAT IS SUPER MEAN SNEAK PEEK at the cover for Charmed #4. No context, no explanation, just pure mean teases."
  • "I mentioned on Twitter that I’m not going to talk about Charmed #5 at all. And that’s true. ‘Cause anything I say would be a spoiler. And you don’t want to be spoiled, do you? Don’t answer that."
  • "I will talk about the rest of the series, though. I moved onto the sixth issue a few days ago, and I’m slowly writing that one."
  • "With the sixth issue in its rough draft phase, though, I thought now would be a good time to talk about the structure of this season."
  • "I’ve been where you guys are. I was a fan of Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngelSupernatural, and a BUNCH of others shows that would later become comics. In the case of the “seasons” of comics, the books that sought to continue the narrative of a show that has ended, it causes the fandom — and me — a bit of a mental conundrum. These are comics, yes, and we should think of them — and specifically, CHARMED: SEASON TEN — as such. However, they’re also something else. With the use of the “season” terminology, a word I specifically requested we use for this series, along with my request that we begin with a new #1, we are appropriating the format episodic television. That purposely leads fans to think of what we’re doing as a television show, and when I was reading books that did the same thing, I found it unfair when creators urged the fans not to try to box comics into what they expect from a TV show. I saw countless fans arguing fucking PASSIONATELY over whether a single issue = an episode or if an arc = an episode. It seems trivial in the face of the fact that, either way, we’re getting more story. But people care. I cared. And passion is never trivial."
  • "CHARMED: SEASON TEN is going to be comprised of arcs and one-shots, yes. #1-5 is an arc. #6 and #7 are one-shots. #8 - 10 is an arc. That’s all set in stone. If all goes according to plan and I don’t make a last minute change, #11 will be a one-shot and #12 - 15 will be an arc."
  • "However, to me, each issue represents an episode. The arcs are glued together by an overarching narrative, while the one-shots resolve themselves by the end of the story. However, each chapter of the arcs also sets out to do something specific, to deal with a specific theme or subplot. And, by the end of the season, even though there are arcs and one-shots telling their own stories, it will create a tapestry that also tells one large story about a family of witches and their hubbies. And Cole. And someone else."
  • "So anyway, there it is. An excessively rambly confirmation that ISSUE = EPISODE."

Review: Charmed Season 10 Issue #1


Pat Shand gave CharmedComicFan10 the amazing opportunity to post the first review for Charmed Season 10 Issue #1 “No Country for Old Ones”.

I’ve been waiting the return of the Charmed Ones for 2 years now and I can’t tell you how excited I was to read the first issue.


Starting the issue we get a quick summary of who the Charmed Ones are and what happened after Prue returned in Season 9. After the memory refresh we dive right into the action, as Pat promised. The Charmed Ones are against an Old One, who has been targeting the sisters for some time now. In fact the issue is full of action and if you love when the sisters fight demons, use their powers and cast spells (I’m one of you), you will be very much pleased.

Action is not the only thing we get in Issue #1. There are a lot of comedic moments with some hilarious lines (especially from Paige) spread through the issue that made me laugh out loud; and there are also moments of the sisters in the manor chatting and planning their next move that made me feel all nostalgic. And then hints of what’s coming next and a mystery in the making wrap up everything nicely in a bow of “I want to read the next issue!”.

Pat’s writing for the characters feels “Charmed”. The voice of each character is distinct and I could tell that this is something Piper or Phoebe would say. There are also nods to the past of the series and names of characters mentioned such as Grams' that make everything feel familiar. The pacing of the story is clever and while it takes place during a 3 month period it doesn't feel rushed or hard to follow.


I really believe the art team combination of Elisa Feliz and Valentina Cuomo is one of the best in the Charmed comics so far. The characters, backgrounds and locations are beautifully drawn and the main characters are easily recognizable with some really nice likenesses. As for Prue/Patience, Elisa's version is by far my favorite with Prue's hair being back to a short pixie cut and her tattoos being remade to a stylish design that includes wiccan symbols. Valentina’s coloring of the powers and magical effects used in the issue such as fireballs and Paige’s orb shield is a highlight.


On the whole, this is the issue we’ve been waiting for, which serves as a very promising introduction to the new season of the story of the four sisters.

Look forward to the October 8th release of Charmed Season 10 Issue #1.

Latest from Social Media #6



mina-grayson asked: Hi I really appreciate you beeing involved in Charmed, the pictures you posted are really gorgeus :) I also wanted to ask you some questions, will there finally be an explanation to how Prue died? As an extra or something and will they interact more with other ancestors of their family line? I would also love it if the story of Charlotte and the others would be explored a little more. I thank you before hand.

  • Pat Shand: Hey Mina! I don’t know if it would be the best for me to dip back into events that happened so long ago, but I totally realize that these are things fans want to know. I’ll do my best and, if an organic moment came up, it’s something I would considering integrating. Trust me, the transition between the third and fourth seasons was jarring for me too! X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. I have a question about Charmed: Season 10. How many pages will be in each issue? Will we have any extras pages or they will be 22 like in Season 9? I mean "story" pages.

  • Pat Shand: Each issue will have twenty-two pages of content. X

Pat Shand: The solicit for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #3- The Perks of Being a Whitelighter. This cover, painted by David Seidman, is easily among my favorite of my career. X


Anonymous asked: Have any of the cast members (Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and RoseMcGowan) reach out to you about the comics?

  • Pat Shand: They have not. I’d LOSE it if that happened! X

Anonymous asked: Do you have a favorite/least favorite Charmed sister?

  • Pat Shand: Honestly no… but even if I did, I would never say. X

Anonymous asked: Which was your favorite season of Charmed and which one would the comics closely resemble style wise like season three was considered the darkest, season five the lightest, and season eight the lamest(IMO)?

  • Pat Shand: Well, mine’s definitely going to be the lamest, obviously.
  • I’d consider it closest in tone to seasons three and four, easily. The presence of Cole, the inclusion of both Prue and Paige, the darkness of the storytelling… all very reminiscent of those seasons, which are my favorite. X

Anonymous asked: If you could have any of the sisters powers whose would it be?

  • Pat Shand: Paige’s. I’d save a hell of a lot of gas money.
  • Damn, personal gain! X

Anonymous asked: Which Charmed One do you think is more powerful?

  • Pat Shand: Their powers balance each other out, which is the beauty of how the Power of Three works. X

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite Charmed season premiere and season finale? Not including season 9, because we know those rocked ;)

  • Pat Shand: Charmed Again and It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World. X

Pat Shand: It’s coming…



David Seidman: In case you haven't heard, Charmed is back for another season and features covers by yours truly. Issue #1 should be available soon from @Zenescope Entertainment.

Zenescope: Don't forget to stop by your local comic book shop and start your subscription to Charmed Season 10, out soon! To find a comic shop near you, use the link below:



Pat Shand: Sometimes, you need long-winded, evocative, in-depth panel description. Other times: "Panel 3. Cole broods in the living room." X
I'm so happy to be writing Piper and Leo as a happily married couple. X
Piper/Leo = beautiful. X

I really hope Cole has some panels w/ Phoebe.

Pat Shand: Thank you, past self, for writing a good portion of Charmed #4 when you should've been focusing on other books. It helps a LOT today! X

Paul Ruditis: Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but that kid ... wow, can he WRITE. Whew. X
Ralph Tedesco: Charmed Season 10 is back with us this October! Hits shelves 10/8! X

Pat Shand: Currently proofing CHARMED: SEASON TEN #1 for print. X
From CHARMED #1: "Uh... guys? I think the Canadians are here."
Pat Shand: Nearing the end of the scripting phase of CHARMED #5. There's virtually *nothing* I can share about this one without massive spoilers. X

Charmed #3: Summary & Release Date

Below is the summary for Charmed Season 10 #3. Someone is back.

  • As a pair of ne'er-do-well demons attempt to activate a weapon that could mean the end of the Charmed Ones, Paige takes on a new charge. But what will she do when her latest witch in training turns into... well, a bunch of cats? Also, the Angel of Death is back, but not in a way anyone will expect... least of all the Angel himself. 

Release Date: 12/17/14

The end of the Charmed Ones, a new charge, a bunch of cats and the return of the Angel of Death. This issue has a lot going on! Comment below

Q&A with Pat Shand + Issue #3 Cover

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions for CharmedComicFan10's Q&A with Pat Shand. Below you can read Pat's answers and a have an exclusive first look at the stunning new cover for issue #3.


CCF: Are you planning to make Season 10 new reader friendly?
  • PS: We’re kind of jumping right into the story. However, what I always think about is this: “My family supports me in my writing – will they be able to read and understand this without prior knowledge?” So I always strive to have some kind of in for the uninitiated, even if it isn’t all explained in the first few pages of #1. The reality of the situation is that this is the tenth season of a story with a huge fanbase, so I have to re-introduce a lot of characters that have already been established without making the longtime fans feel like we’re spending too much time retreading what they already know.
CCF: How is it working with Paul Ruditis? What is the process you follow to finalize the script for an issue?
  • PS: Paul is awesome. He knows more about Charmed than anyone on the planet. He’s walked the line between letting me go crazy with the ideas of what I want the season to be while helping me keep it consistent with the Charmed voice. Paul is a rarity, in that he both cares passionately and approaches editorial with tact, which I think is helping me deliver the best story possible.
  • My process differs every time. Sometimes, I pop the outline for the issue into a document and break it down page by page. Sometimes, I begin writing the dialogue for a conversation in the middle of an issue. Sometimes I write the end first. Each beast is different. After it’s written, I submit it to Paul. He gives me notes, I apply ‘em. Paul sends it to CBS, and they either give notes or approve. And then, Paul and I get the art team working on it.
CCF: Fans have a very positive response to the art previews from Elisa Feliz and Valentina Cuomo. Assuming the interior art for the first issue is now complete can you share your thoughts about it and how it translates your writing?
  • PS: The first issue is done, yeah. We’re well into the second. Elisa and Valentina are balancing likeness and their own styles in a way that makes me all warm inside. I was Valentina’s editor when she colored the 2014 annual for Grimm Fairy Tales, and from then, I knew her pastel, warm, bright colors would be ideal for Charmed. Elisa’s my favorite penciller who has worked on the title so far, so I’m just really digging it. The intention is to keep them on as the main art team for the season. Naturally, since an uninterrupted 24 issue run is so, so rare in modern comics, I’m structuring the season to have some one-off stories that still play into what I’m doing with the overall arc but are independent enough that a different art team can tackle those while Valentina and Elisa cover the main story. That’ll be probably #6 and #7, respectively titled “Will o’ the Witch” and “The Reason.”
CCF: What is the time gap between the events of Season 9 #24 and Season 10 #1?
  • PS: A year, give or take. The first issue takes place over a three-month period, so I’ll noncommittally say “about a year.”
CCF: If you could sum up what you are going to explore with each sister this season, using one word or one sentence each, what would they be?
  • PS: Let’s do a close interview after the season is done. I don’t want to spoil this now. I feel like maybe I already said too much on Tumblr. Each sister is going through something important to me, something emblematic of things I believe beyond the confines of Charmed and these characters.
CCF: I’m sure you’ve realized by now that everyone is curious to find out more about Prue. “Is she dead, alive or immortal?”“ Can she use her past powers?” “What are her new powers?” I know you can’t answer most questions about Prue but what can you tell us about her new role and how she deals with it? Has she accepted it or will she struggle?
  • PS: Even when you embrace power, there is weight to it. She’s struggling with find out who she is, what she is, and how that works in context of her being a Halliwell.
CCF: Is Cole’s return complicating Phoebe’s life and will he be a big part of her storyline this season? Knowing their history, will Coop feel threatened by Cole and his love for Phoebe?
  • PS: Does Coop feel threatened? Probably not, no. Does he love that Cole is hanging around? Probably not, no. However, Coop’s feelings about Cole as Phoebe’s ex and Cole as a “person” are complicated and conflicting things, and a lot of Coop’s arc this season will be in response to something that Cole does.
  • As far as complicating Phoebe’s life… I think, of all the sisters, she’s never had an easily charted love life. Or, really, life life.
CCF: You’ve mentioned the season will focus on the 4 sisters. How do you plan to evolve their bond and more specifically how is the relationship between Prue and Paige progressing?
  • PS: “Evolve” is a word with specific connotations that I don’t want to commit to yet. Prue’s relationship with her sisters is a huge part of not only all four of their character arcs, but of the season’s storyline.
CCF: You’ve also mentioned Season 10 will focus on demons. Last season Paul expanded the mythos behind witches. Are you planning to do the same for demons?
  • PS: No, not exactly. There will be some new aspects introduced. For instance, you guys know that the first issue focuses on the Old Ones… but I think there might even be an expectation that they’re going to be THE story this season, which just isn’t the case. We will delve into aspects of demonology that we haven’t seen explored in Charmed, but it’s all a catalyst for character and theme. I’ll develop mythology when I can and where it feels organic, but I do think there is something to be said for a mysterious villain whose origin is only seen through dark, inky clouds.
CCF: The summary for issue #1 reveals the introduction of the Old Ones. Can you tease what your take on them will be? Did you decide to introduce the Old Ones for The Charmed Ones to be against an enemy that could potentially be more dangerous than The Source or Neena?
  • PS: No comment. That answer will be answered on October 8th, pretty definitively.
CCF: Fans were excited to know that you plan to make season 10 darker. How are you approaching this direction? Will it be through the relationships between the characters or through the magical problems and enemies they will have to face?
  • PS: Both. The darkness of my favorite seasons of Charmed was pervasive, both in character arc and the demonic threats they faced. However, we’ve got leprechauns in the second issue, so it’s still going to be a fun thing with comedic elements. For me, dark doesn’t necessarily mean gritty and serious and humorless. It’s more in the approach to the story, the stuff that dwells under the surface. To me, the scariest and most potent storytelling is the villain we can care for, the villain that makes us question our choices, either in morality or how to deal with them. Gideon is a captivating villain. Cole, during his time(s) as a moustache-twirler, as a captivating villain. Those were dark stories, and I’m aiming for that kind of mood. I want to scare you one minute, make you laugh the next, and the move you by the time the story is done.
CCF: Which secondary character (as in character who isn't a Halliwell sister) have you enjoyed writing most?
  • PS: Cole.
CCF: Are there any plans for a special themed issue (Christmas themed for example) or for a holiday or trip the sisters plan to make? Also, will One-Shot issues be back this season?
  • PS: There are currently no definitive plans, but we talk about things. Who knows? Honestly, not me.

Preview Page - Evil Pastries

Pat Shand:

  • So… here’s a sample of actual lettered pages!

    Writes by me, drawn by Elisa Feliz, colored by Valentina Cuomo, lettered by Jim Campbell!

Latest from Tumblr & Twitter #5



Anonymous asked: How will you expand Phoebe's powers? She's the only sister for some reason to always have the most limits to her powers.

  • Pat Shand: I feel like a good majority of the questions that I get here are about powers and kids. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I have no interest in expanding any of the sister’s power sets or expanding their families. Their powers are huge and have increased, changed, evolved, etc. every season. It’s getting to be too much and there is no drama when writing a story about three all-powerful witches. The drama and the humanity is that their powers are limited, and can function as metaphors for who they are as people. Their strengths need weaknesses. Thus, I want to explore their powers and watch them learn new ways to utilize their already existing powers rather than expand, expand, expand until they’re gods. X

Anonymous asked: Will we see them individually or collectively bonding with Prue? For a sister they've mourned for years, we didn't really see any bonding moments from them.

  • Pat Shand: The lack of bonding moments between the sisters and Prue is a vital plot point of the majority of (if not the entire) season. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Im from Chile, I have some questions to you about Charmed :) - Can be Prue visited in the nexus by her sisters? any chance she use their astral projection to visit the manor? I really enjoy the storylines where Prue live a new life in the real word because in the series (first three seasons) she really wanted be a great witch but live a life too. Thaks for your time! (sorry for my english) :)

  • Pat Shand: Hey, Charmed fan from Chile! Your English is perfectly understandable. I can’t really answer your questions, though, except that they are central aspects of Prue’s character arc. Answers to those questions will be explored throughout the whole season and will have ramifications on all of the leads. X




Cole is the most fun to write when he's being a complete dick. X

oh no... ha ha

Not to Phoebe!


As character-driven as is going to be, this is the most heavily I've ever plotted something. X

Sometimes, Robyn Hood is damn near freestyle because of its strong emphasis on character and dialogue. X

And the plots for Grimm Fairy Tales are more straight forward to accommodate the huge cast and concentration on visuals. X

But with Charmed, each page is doing something very, very specific. Scripting Charmed is akin to putting together a puzzle. X

Piece by piece, sometimes out of traditional order. X


Visit the News Archive to find older news