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    LJ (Wednesday, 22 July 2015)

    Please a complete summary :D Spoilers <3

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    LeoVzla (Wednesday, 22 July 2015 23:03)

    ok here I go.

    Benjamin's soul was absorbed by Coop's body as we saw on the Preview's after they got to the manor, Paige and Henry had a very tough fight, where Paige was angry because of what Henry did, but he said that she's in danger everyday "the danger of you being you, you being a charmed one" (that's kinda exactly what he said) then Leo took him out to chill out, Ben felt really pissed everytime they called him "Coop" so he said who he was out loud, Phoebe and him talked a lot, she showed him pictures of her relationship with Cole, and he asked her to tell him what she knows about his son, also that he did everything he could to take his son out of darkness.

    Leo and Henry had a little chat, where Henry told him, he went there so he could finally do something by himself. as for Prue, Kyra told her the answer of who she was, (here comes the revelation), Prue turned Kyra into a human and opened a portal so Kyra could go anywhere she wanted to. Remember the blue silhouette on the cover? well, Phoebe called Prue and told her they were going to the nexus to help Ben, but Prue told her that She was going to the manor (that was the blue silhouette) that's how Prue teleported herself.

    When she got to the manor, the sisters couldn't believe it, and of course headaches started to show up again (even Wyatt got hurted too), Piper asked Prue who could she leave the nexus of the all?, as Prue answered "I didn't because I'm the nexus of the all". After that, Prue went to where Phoebs and Ben were, and she asked Benjamin if he wanted to live or move on and he said he wanted to live (the problem was that he needed a body, and if he decided to stay Coop's soul remain missing), Prue did a spell and took away Ben's soul and Coop came back, Piper tried to talk to Prue but she knew she was hurting them so she teleported to the cementery where Ben was in a new body wondering where he was, and Prue revealed him that he was on his son Cole's body, and took him with her.

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    GC (Thursday, 23 July 2015 18:19)

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, okay, so Prue IS the nexus of the all and Ben is in Cole's body?!?!

    (Wait...does this mean I'm gonna get my Prue/Cole wish after all lol?!)

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    pruefan4life (Thursday, 23 July 2015 18:53)

    ^GC I have the exact same wish lol!

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    Barron (Thursday, 23 July 2015 19:02)

    Wow! Okay this issue is crazy good! And well, we got Cole back, in a way. And Ben and Prue would be great! Pat really gave us what we wanted. This is great!

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    fxrocks (Thursday, 23 July 2015 19:15)

    I really dislike the idea of Benjamin and Prue being together. But I love the whole issue ! And I can't wait to get #11 and especially #12.

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    Ben (Thursday, 23 July 2015 20:20)

    If Prue ends up with Coles father then Pat and the fans that like that idea are idiots. Wouldn't it be weird if Prue starts dating her sister's father in law? Please stop trying to make Cole and Prue an item. As close as her and Phoebe are, I highly doubt Phoebe would be fine with her sister dating her ex father in law in the body of her ex husband

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    GC (Thursday, 23 July 2015 21:04)

    Phoebe doesn't get a say in Prue's love life. She's forgiven Cole, she's moved in from him romantically, that chapter of their story is over. Plus she's never even met Ben until this issue. He is a total stranger to her. Neither Prue nor Ben are mortals, I'm betting Ben now has Cole's powers as the messenger to the conduit, and Prue is literally the freakin Nexus. It's pretty much crap to say that they can't be together just because Phoebe was married for three months to the body Ben is now inhabiting.

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    Aaron_89 (Thursday, 23 July 2015 21:13)

    In all this time I thought the same as you, Ben. I understand that the theme of Benjamin was still something in the air, but I don't see the need to return to life a man of the past century, more seeing his little relevance... Surely now he will have much more but if the purpose of bringing him to life was to end with Prue, today it makes me weird. Yet I trust the writers, who are doing a great job and according as I become more familiar with the character, I hope that his plots hook me. I just hope that even with the appearance of Cole, they give him another personality to differentiate them. Although that is his body, this would not be Prue - Cole, because Cole died and all his uniqueness, which fit well with Prue. So, unite his father with Prue into Cole's body... I do not know, for that I would have preferred the real Cole. Another question that comes is where Prue got the body if the last time this was reduced to a stain on the floor in the apartment he shared with Phoebe. I imagine, somehow, the spell that Prue launched restored it. I have yet to read this chapter.

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    Charmed_fan92 (Thursday, 23 July 2015 21:22)

    Well the whole Benjamin/Cole-Prue thing is a little weird! But Benjamin and Prue would make a good couple! They are both in the same situation! Both Prue and Benjamin came back from the dead in a new body! They understand how each other feels!

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    Aaron_89 (Friday, 24 July 2015 00:18)

    Charmed_fan92, your words remind me about Penny Dreadful monsters. Beings resurfaced from death that form a new kind of creatures. It is true that the nature of Prue and Benjamin in the world is the same. Maybe, here, they understand each other. But it seems that Prue did not count on the fate of Benjamin, the Angel of Destiny or the Angel of Death didn't intercede or the Elders allowing Prue resurrect souls into foreign bodies. Her case is exceptional but that is not the natural way of things... Will that mean that Prue has more power over them? In the past the magic had its rules, limitations or constraints from other hierarchies, but that seems not count here. Prue does what she wants, without anyone to oppose, because she can. And I love it. The trouble is if the fact of having that kind of power, she begins to put her judgement over all things and everything could get out of hand. I hope the power doesn't corrupt her.
    Really anxious to see how it all unfolds.

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    Pat (Friday, 24 July 2015 01:12)

    That's the problem with spoilers and forming a reaction without seeing the scenes... We see Prue reassemble the pieces of Cole's body in the issue, right there!

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    Ben (Friday, 24 July 2015 01:24)

    If Prue goes with Benjamin it's still a stupid idea to me. Even if it's not Cole it's still a body that her baby sister used to get jiggy with.

    I know some fans want Prue to have a love life but I find their love lives pretty boring. The husbands and kids take attention away from the sisters (not counting Leo) so I don't really want Prue to 'have' to find love. They made that Phoebes ultimate goal and look at how useless she was in the later seasons (no powers and not even a fight scene)

    If Prue is to be with anyone, it should only be Andy. No Cole, no Cole look a like, no Coles father

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    Scott21 (Friday, 24 July 2015 06:51)

    And guys Prue an Ben only had 2 scences nobody says they are going to get married. We havent even see any of their chemistry or the nature of their relationships

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    Henry (Friday, 24 July 2015 09:39)

    Sorry, but after an incredible issue like this one, you really want to talk about the non-confirmed future relationship between Prue and Ben? I loved every page of this issue! Kyra was fantastic and I want to know how she'll handle her new life (we'll see her again in issue 12 if I'm not wrong).. I had the suspicious that Aidel could be a problem between Kareem and Tyler (maybe it's just me, but I'm imagining a love triangle.. Pat said that we'll see multiple gay characters).. Henry was brutal with Paige (I loved the art so much.. And Piper was adorable with Paige) but I understand his point of view.. I think that this scene is the beginning of Paige's storyline (maybe she'll left his husband? Maybe it's too much but, I don't Know).. Prue is the Nexus! I think this is so logical and wonderful!! She couldn't move because she left behind her the house (that represents the Nexus).. But now she "absorbed" it before to go.. Pat is a genius!! Phoebe dealing with Cole's death is so sad and natural.. She thinks about him.. She is in pain for him.. Seeing her and Ben talking about Cole was very intense! Good job.. Oh, I like what Pat is doing with husbands.. They're bonding! Last issues Henry and Coop, now Henry and Leo!

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    pruefan4life (Friday, 24 July 2015 10:34)

    ^Now we need some Coop and Leo bonding! I too LOVED this issue and the attention to detail in the panels. For instance, if you pay close attention, you can see the discomfort and pained expression on the children's faces when Prue arrived at the manor, suggesting (even before Wyatt said he was having a headache) that Prue's magic affects the Charmed kids, too.

    I read the issue twice now, spending quite a bit of time on each page, and I would read it a third time in a heartbeat because it was that impactful, emotionally. It felt like reading two issues in one.

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    Aaron_89 (Friday, 24 July 2015 12:12)

    I take note, Pat. I will comment only after reading the chapter. ;)

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    p3nathan (Friday, 24 July 2015 12:58)

    I admit I haven't read it yet, but from the sound of things, I'm with Scott21 and Henry.
    Are we gonna have this reaction with EVERY guy that Prue has the least bit of contact with? I mean yeah, make theories and stuff sure, but people are really sprinting with what sounds like very little. How badly to people want to marry her off? Think she kinda has enough going on in her life right now.

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    ThePad03 (Friday, 24 July 2015 15:11)

    I haven't read it yet either, I like to build up a few issues then read them through together. However, I can't resist spoilers, even when it used to be on air I would read reviews before having watched it.

    Anyway.... Everything sounds interesting. I'm not concerned with the Prue/Ben relations as I without a doubt know that Andy is Prue's true soulmate. I am instead curious to know how Prue's newfound affirmation will unfold in the issue titled "Virtue." The description for that issue sounds like there are some scary things ahead for her. BTW love how this is season is about Prue.

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    Cyma (Friday, 24 July 2015 17:03)

    Finally read the awesome issue! Then re-read it again. Prue being the Nexus of All...0.o And that Paige and Henry fight was indeed brutal. I can see why Barbas would target Paige in the next issue.

    I'm not sure what the obsession is with Prue and Ben becoming lovers cause honestly, I still scream and tear my hair out at how the show focused on the sisters relationship with men and having babies in season 5 and beyond instead of the things and themes which made the show so great in the first four seasons. So Prue--the Nexus of all marrying Ben and having little Nexus babies is like the last thing on my mind right now. I'm more interested in what it all means for Prue and her sisters now that Prue is the Nexus.

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    LeoVzla (Saturday, 25 July 2015 01:07)

    Honestly I think people is giving too much importance on the fact of Prue and Ben being together, to me the main question right now is: What can Prue do (as the nexus of the all) to Stop hurting her sisters and her sisters' children?, I'm not against her finding love because she spent her life looking for her sisters and lost Andy and she died before she could find her soulmate, also I don't think she's in the mood of looking for love, I mean IT'S PRUE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! she NEVER cared about it! all that she cared was her sisters to be safe, and even now that she's unfortunately hurting them somehow that she doesn't even know, I think the last think Prue would be looking for is for love (that's what I think) the main subject is to finally get the charmed ones (all of them) reunited again and finally happy.

    Of course it would be weird if Prue and Ben in Cole's body end together but it's not Phoebe's ex (Cole) is a different soul, besides, she moved on so I don't think Phoebe would care if Prue and Ben are together, which I think won't happen. All I want is Prue to be reunited with them, and I think Pat is giving us that (but of course not as easy as we wan't).

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    Scott21 (Saturday, 25 July 2015 11:05)

    It's shame that most of the Charmed fans refuse to read the comics, they have no idea what they are missing. But maybe if season 9 would have been this good, maybe the publicity would have been bigger for season 10 too

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    cyma (Saturday, 25 July 2015 13:08)

    Unfortunately, TV format will always be preferred over comics. But if CBS makes a Charmed special mini-series(four or eight episodes based on season 9 comic) then there's a good possibility of fans scrambling to read the comics and related novels, comparing what went differently in the TV adaptation. Don't get why CBS doesn't just do that instead of the reboot thing or well nothing. Most actors(including Shannen) are doing Charmed conventions and always expressed their interest in doing a reunion or movie.

    While committing to twenty episodes seems like a lot, I can totally see even Rose agreeing for like 4-8 episodes. And this short format episode is much better than movie which could feel rushed due to its limited run time. And if this thing turns out successful, do season 10 :-) So c'mon CBS be wise for once! Even X-Files is returning to TV for a mini-series. Why can't the same happen for Charmed? It'll really help the comics and novels too ;-)

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    Aaron_89 (Saturday, 25 July 2015 21:22)

    Cyma, just that I was thinking yesterday. The plot has the level to make a continuation of short seasons (8-10 episodes). Moreover, completely agree with you with everything you expressed in your previous comment.

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    pruefan4life (Saturday, 25 July 2015 22:05)

    ^Sort of like Sherlock's three 90-minute episodes per season. I can see each volume of the comics being 90 minutes.

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    cyma (Saturday, 25 July 2015 22:31)

    Yes exactly :-) And best part, no pointless sub-plots in such short number of episodes :-) And I can even imagine many spin-off series with this short episode format. Like something about Cole, the next generation or Melinda Warren's time period. It would also be really cool to see a spin-off based on the Chris-Crossed future. As in we get to see all the events before Chris decides to time travel, like Wyatt's turning evil how the Charmed Ones die, what happened to Leo and countless other questions which were never answered.

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    Julie (Sunday, 26 July 2015 01:39)

    I don't like the whole idea of Ben's soul in Cole's body. Been better if he inhabited another body.

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    Barron (Sunday, 26 July 2015 19:14)

    I really want Prue to be happy and for all four sisters to be able to be together again without pain. I love how this season is focusing on Prue. It's making up for the 4 seasons we didn't see her in.

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    Cyma (Monday, 27 July 2015 23:46)

    @ Even I don't know how I feel about Ben having his dead son's body. But I hope there's a very good reason Prue chose Cole's body and not someone who was in a coma and their souls stolen by Charon. Or was it Cole's wish or something? O.o We've seen how desperate he was to save his father's soul in Season 3. The whole reason he agreed to kill the Charmed Ones was to get his father's soul back.

    I wonder how Ben could help Prue out.

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    p3nathan (Wednesday, 29 July 2015 02:11)

    So looking back at the preview page for Virtue... the arms are probably Benjamin's (or Cole's technically).

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    Miia (Thursday, 30 July 2015 15:44)

    I know it's a totally odd quirk but everytime the theme of body switching is takin' place in movies or series and so on, I have to think about the problem with the bareness... Your naked body is a very intimate and personal thing and suddenly a stranger can do everything he/she wants do with it. o.O That's totally weird in my opinion. It could be very interesting for good friends and couples...but... the idea of body switching (or body possessing) between parents and their children... ehm, this is so strange... xD I can't help but Benjamin in the body of his own son... that doesn't sound right for me. :/

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    Aaron_89 (Friday, 31 July 2015 20:07)

    I really love when the stories are committed to introduce something that scandalizes or it leaves the viewer thinking for a long time. If my father took my body to live, I would not be shocked by that. Who with more intimacy and trust that he who gave you life.
    Let's remove the parameters of morality, for the soul a body is just a vehicle of experience and evolution, not matter if it belonged to his son or a stranger. Better a familiar one. For me it is not a violation to Cole. This is just a body.
    The aspect of reincarnation was also seen in Charmed and it didn't shocked so much because they were cousins, but if the episode had reflected that they were a marriage couple with a son, for some ones that would have been weird... On the issue of the evolution of the spirit there is not identity or possession. So... let Ben live in the body of Cole knowing that he is not Cole. There must be a reason for which Prue could do it.

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    cyma (Friday, 31 July 2015 20:52)

    Well put Aaron_89 :-) I mean it is kinda weird, but then again, if Piper's past life is Grams's Mom, then that would mean Patty giving birth to her grandmother wouldn't it? Which is kinda weird too. And also in season 9, remember how a shocked Phoebe asks if her Lady Bug is actually Prue and if she's her mother and her sister....which Paige comments as disturbing. I mean if we really thought about everything disturbing in Charmed then Leo who literally watched Piper grow from a baby to woman and now is married to her and has kids....seems really disturbing :-p.

    But yeah I hope there's an explanation why exactly Prue chose Cole's body and not some comatose patient out there without a soul.

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    Aaron_89 (Sunday, 02 August 2015 03:21)

    Exactly Cyma. Why would Prue choose Cole's body for Ben? Wink wink. Just kidding.

    Haha yes, I do not understand why Phoebe was shocked when she thought about Prue and her daughter when they already know that Penny is descended from one of their past lives. It was not mentioned and they did not deepen more on that (I think to not shock to many of us more than anything). But it neither was denied or omitted remembering the family tree, so it is a reality that within the belief of incarnations they have different physical, roles and relationships.
    Even Piper said to Leo in the 5th season this topic you mention was strange. But it goes beyond when Leo could glimpse his past life and rememeber all the story about they both and along with Dan, the pending karmic subject/relationship they had. So from which he watched Piper as a child, he knew who she was. It's a bit morbid that Leo knew those things and he did not say anything to her, but beautiful at the same time, seeing that they are soul mates and he decided to leave her soul chose and evolve freely by itself. So I think that's how they see it and from that broader perspective, the disturbing part, which belongs to the human perspective, it disappears. Like something natural. But yeah, one thing is a soul reencounter and otherwise the possession, especially when it is a father and a son's identity. But in Season 8, Piper took the identity of a known living person and morally, there was no problem. The series, for its subject, open debate on these issues and this is just one more. So, after all this, it's not unreasonable to see Ben in Cole's body without perceiving any violation of his memory. But I even imagine that for him seeing himself in that circumstance will be weird.

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    Cyma (Sunday, 02 August 2015 19:22)

    "Exactly Cyma. Why would Prue choose Cole's body for Ben? Wink wink. Just kidding."

    Hehe...okay yeah that was my first insane thought :-p But there just feels to be a bigger purpose to the whole being inside another's body. You know besides that, maybe it's a price or consequence since Prue was against it at first when Cole suggested bringing Ben to life. So maybe this is it.

    And also I wonder since Cole was already dead when his soul was stabbed....which body is this? The one that was destroyed when Cole became the Source? Or when he was invincible?

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    Barron (Monday, 03 August 2015 00:10)

    This topic of weirdness actually makes me think back on how Leo watched over the sisters as kids too. Leo actually knew Piper before she knew him, he knew much about her. Yes, they were destined to become a couple but it's a little unfair to Dan and other guys Piper has been with. Leo had a BIG advantage knowing so much about Piper and her personality whereas other guys had to learn about her. It was actually pretty easy for Piper to become attracted to Leo. Dan pretty much never stood a chance :(

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    Aaron_89 (Monday, 03 August 2015 21:31)

    Yes, definitely it must have a greater purpose. Do you think that the result of Ben within Cole's body is a consequence or something fortuitous? I assumed Prue deliberately made that decision, but until she expresses the reasons, your version makes more sense. Maybe in that she was not in control. I think it's the body he had before being defeated as the source. After his soul escaped from the Wasteland, he had no body, he could just interact in the physical plane for their countless powers he absorbed from there. Or at least I understood of that way. xD

    True, Leo had that big advantage but he had another definite disadvantage. He was an angel and greater forces were forbidden him, completely, having a relationship with Piper. But Dan did not have that problem and he really had a chance with her. Leo risked his angelic condition to do what he did when he lived, be a healer and a guide, and he assumed the consequences (the unspeakable wrath) while Dan proved in the end that he could not accept the true nature of Piper. So I think that Leo showed that he was going for broke and he with her, they exceeded all their disadvantages. Until now.

    Forgive me if my English is not very good, I'm horrible with languages. :/

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    Cyma (Friday, 07 August 2015 14:53)

    Your English is okay Aaron_89 :-) I think the latest previews and comments on it makes me wonder if the reason Prue chose Cole's body for Ben is indeed perhaps she could transfer the Nexus of All. Maybe partially not fully so that she could be close to her sisters without hurting them. And maybe it's easier if Ben was magical not mortal.

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    Aaron_89 (Sunday, 16 August 2015 16:29)

    Thank you Cyma :), not as good as I would like. It would be great to make a forum for comic on this page, so we could talk about various topics without annoy. Perhaps we are still very few. I still have yet to read this last chapter but about the Ben issue ... I don't know, it is possible. However, seeing as Prue was already making plans for him interestedly, she giving him an appropriate body to accommodate the power of the Nexus ... the truth that it would cause me a smile because it is not common in Prue. I do not know, I do not think that the reason for the discomfort of the sisters will go so easily, especially even without knowing the reasons behind those visions. Sharing the power will make everything better? Will Prue be able to trust such power and responsibility to others? If it had been Cole, whom she knew long ago, perhaps, but Benjamin is trustworthy? She would be taking a risk and then it is not known if in the presence of those who incarnate the Nexus, the sisters will continue feeling bad. But it would be interesting to watch and a possible potential.
    I keep wondering why those visions.

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    cyma (Sunday, 30 August 2015 07:30)

    Is it possible to make a forum on a blog? If it is then hell yes! I had no idea there was a reply here! Atleast there should be some sort of email alert when replies are made. That way I don't feel so bad about replying late.

    With the preview and teasers of new issues I'm already reeling with shock and excitement, but it seems like Nexus will be shared between sisters. But I'm scratching my head as to what the purpose of Ben will be now.

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    Aaron_89 (Friday, 11 September 2015 19:40)

    Haha yeah, well, who write the comic always know how to take the characters into new territories and unprecedented levels, so I am confident that the presence of Ben will contribute much to the story. The truth, I do not wish that they share the Nexus. I would prefer that the Power of Three rests on it, on Prue. She being the Nexus of the Power of Three. In this way they would be connected. As much as Prue gave up her power as Charmed One, I never felt that the connection was completely broken. It's just a personal feeling but I think that the deep connection she had with her sisters and the magic of Warren lineage, it is like a mark that does not fade. So I feel that at the moment they reconnect, Prue would be recognized by the magic that once was part of her, giving her power as Nexus to the Power of Three an effect not seen, maybe force? I think this would only be possible if some of that connection was still there, more understanding that what sets in motion the magic and its magnitude, it's the feeling or emotion. But none of the Charmed Ones might have the skills of Prue, that's the difference I find, if on the contrary they share the power of the Nexus. I also believe that in this way they could be connected as one and merge their power and strength as the Power of Three itself or even as it was said in the second season, the Power of One, at the most critical moments. But it is seen that the path of Prue is taking a very particular and personal way that I personally love it because it fits perfectly with her independent and protective personality. And basically, almost unintentionally makes perfect sense seeing that her way was always the hardest, forcing her mature and evolve faster, even after the death to the level that she has arrived. That level now makes her seem a stranger to her sisters and, to some extent, this distance or difference her to the level she had when she was Prue, the Charmed One. This difference that distance her from them and the personal journey she is traveling, I like it. I don't know if the writers now want to re-link it with theirs and return her to that level of ''equality''. Thing, reconnection, that must to happen but I would like that difference continues, the Charmed Ones and Prue, without thereby losing the sense of sisterhood. If they get to reconnect Prue to the Power of Three it would be a blast.

    I second that, to make a forum at least in a blog. Regards. ;)

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    cyma (Thursday, 17 September 2015 17:27)

    Since I've never liked the idea of Power of Four, five, etc. Prue being the Nexus of the Power of Three...Yes! With that evil summary of issue 14 released in the end, Prue will definitely go through another change. She has been through so many, being dead, but not moving on, coming back to life in a body, then stripping her powers when the whole PO3 went wonky. Then getting P03 and all her sisters powers, dying briefly before finally becoming the Nexus of All. Damn. Seriously after all this, I don't believe Prue can ever adjust to a happy afterlife with Andy and her family. Maybe she'll stay till the end of the world battle the Valkaries are preparing for. Or she'll only be ready to die after all her sisters have happily moved onto the afterlife. Even as the Nexus, all she did was worry about her sisters and was hurt when they were ignoring her. So definitely like your Nexus to P03 idea more than Prue being killed off again. She deserves some kind of a happy ending.

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    Aaron_89 (Saturday, 19 September 2015 16:16)

    Absolutely. I think Andy was far behind and Prue has much to show and allies to meet. Now she has to Benjamin but for now I do not trust him a lot. Maybe they will share the Nexus and the effect is the same as I described or even better. What I dislike is that what makes Prue unique, being the Nexus, and what differentiates her from The Charmed Ones, now it can be shared. And The Charmed Ones doesn't only have what makes them unique but in addition, they have the Nexus. And what makes Prue different or special, it no longer makes her so special. I like more that they and Prue continue to keep their own singularity, even if they really get to connect their power. Or maybe none of this will happen lol. I just can not imagine Prue being mortal however much her powers damage the future of the family xD. Regards.