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    Alice (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 20:16)

    Could someone some spoilers write here, please! :)

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    JULIE-JENNY (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 20:18)

    I want the same! Please! :)

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    Pat Shand (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 22:34)

    The entire issue is just the sisters drinking mimosas, I promise.

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    pruefan4life (Thursday, 08 October 2015 02:16)

    ^I second that.

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    Po3 (Thursday, 08 October 2015 11:23)

    Kyra tells the sisters how Prue brought her back from death and that Prue made her human. But ordinary life is boring so she decided to help the Charmed Ones with her
    knowledge of all things evil, Prue included. Phoebe points out that Prue is not evil but Kyra responds that she is not even so good because she's eating them alive. Meanwile, Shax arrives in front of Prue and Brnjiamin's hotel. Patience is mad at Prue because she has stolen her body.. Prue says that she was brain dead with no chance to wake up but Patience wants her body back.. Prue tries to ignore her searching what's hurting there sisters and Patience tells her that she (Prue) is tha cause of their pain.. Back to the sisters, Kyra tells them why Prue is consuming them and their child: she is the source of all the magic on earth (good and evil) and her body is searching for what it was supposed to have, the Power of Three that she stripped out of her last season. So Prue is "absorbing" it from their sister and from the kids (that one day could inherit the Power of Three).. But she is not doing that purposely.. Piper asks Kyra what they can do and the former seer says they have to stop Prue before that Prue stops them.. Back to the hotel, Shax attacks Benjiamin and in Prue's mind, Patience tries to attack Prue to forcing her to leave the body but Prue destroys her saying that the body is hers now.. Meanwhile the sisters orb in.. They are shocked seeing Shax in Prue's room but before they can do something, Shax attacks Prue. Paige can't fell Prue but the older sister wakes up and casts the vanquishing spell with the Charmed ones.. Back to the Manor, Kyra explains that she didn't tell the sisters to kill Prue but to find a way to save her and she gave them an ambrosial potion for staying next to Prue with no complications (but for less than a week)

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