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    41eugoR (Thursday, 07 July 2016 22:32)

    So....detailed spoilerish summary? :-)

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    matteo (Saturday, 09 July 2016 09:48)

    Is it out yet or not?

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    41eugoR (Monday, 11 July 2016 14:37)

    It's out in digital version. Printed version will be out this week.

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    Jak (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 12:01)

    The synopsis for the next issue says that Piper faces consequences for her actions. I'm gonna make a guess that she took the blade for Paige and that's what she's dealing with. Speculation is so much fun. Don't know if I'll make the wait until the next issue!

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    41eugoR (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 23:03)

    Oh yeah. Totally think Piper took the blade and like Cole, she'll see her memories breaking and fading or something. I'm getting a feeling Prue will be with her....maybe have a last second change of heart? Though how will she reverse the magic?

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    pruefan4life (Thursday, 14 July 2016 00:01)

    The destruction of A soul by the Ancient Athame cannot be undone. But perhaps it is possible to save a soul on the brink of destruction .... by offering another soul in exchange for it.

    Perhaps Prue, realizing the error of her ways (so to speak), will offer her soul in exchange for Piper's. As Prue's soul breaks up (just like Cole's did), the fragments will be absorbed by The All (since she is its Nexus), and then Prue will truly be one with The All. Prue will cease to be Prue. She will exist but as The All.

    Just my crazy theory.

    Or perhaps you need to be stabbed, not slashed, by the Ancient Athame in order for it to destroy your soul.

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    41eugoR (Thursday, 14 July 2016 08:14)

    I vaguely recall the demon who gives the athame saying something about even a nick or something and it's over. But I imagine slashing would hopefully take longer.

    Love your crazy theory. It's making me think of another crazy theory....could Prue absorb Piper? She's absorbed the Grimoire and Empyreal sword and then later on Heremus hatred. Prue was also according to Kyra, unconsciously trying to devour the Power of Three and Halliwell line and it was hurting her sisters and nieces and nephews because their magic was resisting Prue's attempts.

    So I wonder if it was Piper's plan all along. To be consumed. And being slashed with the athame and on the brink of soul death, the Power of Three won't stop Prue's attempts to...uh...devour Piper :-p

    That’s the only thing making sense cause Prue doesn't seem to snap out of anything anyone has done. Even empathy or going into her mind.

    If Piper becomes part of Prue's mind, maybe. ..just maybe she could wield the sword and destroy the Grimoire safely. Though I don't know how Heremus hatred will be destroyed.

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    pruefan4life (Tuesday, 19 July 2016 07:54)

    ^You're right, one nick from the blade and it's over.

    Something you said made me think about what Patience said: That when Heremus was destroyed, everything that he once was (i.e. evil) clung to Prue like a magnet because she was the Nexus of the All. So maybe it was Piper's plan all along to be struck, as you suggest, so that everything that Piper was (i.e. good) will be drawn to Prue like a magnet, negating Heremus's influence and restoring Prue to who she was.

    A soul, once truly destroyed, cannot be brought back. But maybe a soul can still be mended so long as it is not fully destroyed? Maybe Piper is counting on the All restoring her soul, knowing that it's pieces will be drawn to the All like a magnet? I just hope Piper's soul isn't destroyed because that will rule out any possibility of a Season 11.

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    pruefan4life (Tuesday, 19 July 2016 09:02)

    ^It just occurred to me.... In issue 5, the fragment of Belthazor residing in the void within Cole, said that Cole had a chance of surviving soul death if he were to become one with Belthazor once more, before it was too late (i.e. soul completely destroyed). Many of us thought that this was merely a figment of Cole's imagination, but what if it wasn't? What if that fragment of Belthazor really did exist, much like a fragment of Patience existed within Prue?

    I bring this up because it supports the idea that Piper has a chance of surviving soul death....if it clings to the All, for example.

    I don't see Season 10 ending without all 4 sisters fighting side by side, one last time. My hope is that Piper will survive soul death (if she was indeed the one nicked by the Ancient Athane), Prue will be restored to her senses (see note above on how), Phoebe will step out of the sidelines, and Paige...well she's already in Salem. The Charmed Ones will use their powers to their full potential, like they did in the Season 9 finale, with Prue as Nexus acting as the battery. Instead of just banishing the Old Ones, they will vanquish the Old Ones once and for all.

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    pruefan4life (Tuesday, 19 July 2016 09:14)

    ^Sorry for the multiple postings....I swear this is the last (for now)! Anyway, just thought I'd cap my crazy theories/predictions by saying issue 20 will end with the birth of Phoebe's third daughter. The description "hope dawns on a brand new future" suggests this, at least to me. Perhaps we'll see the chandelier lights in the manor glow, suggesting a new Power of Three?

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    CharmedAgain4 (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 22:42)

    ^ I am so saddened at how Prue is becoming. I have a feeling Prue is really going to bite the dust forever...

    How this could possibly happen? Maybe once Piper is slashed and her memories start disappearing, I think Prue will save her right before her memory of all of this started turning to hell at the start of the season so that Piper won't remember anything since before season 10 started.

    Then, using all of her powers, she undoes all of her magic and everything that she has done, EXCEPT Ben and Kyra. I believe that she will transfer the All to them and they will live together being good.

    I have a feeling that Prue will put Patience's soul back into her right body and then Prue will allow her soul to leave her body. But as a punishment for all that she has and since her soul is going to be different since she is basically different from any other soul, Prue has to be reincarnated and she allows it to happen. And what you made me think is that Phoebe's third daughter will be the reincarnation of Prue. That's why there is "Hope Dawns on a brand new future", meaning Prue will have another chance, a better chance at life.

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    41eugoR (Thursday, 21 July 2016 17:53)

    @ pruefan4life:

    Never apologize for super-long posts. With the lack of updates and comments on this site since the release of this issue, I was worried that it's closing or fans lost interest or something. So very glad to see some long thoughts and fan theories :-)

    Anyways if you saw the new cover art, Phoebe and Paige are holding two soul orbs which I'm guessing is supposed to represent their souls.
    Piper is holding the Grimoire and the soul-killing athame is pointed right above her o.0
    So it definitely has to be her. With what Amelia said about Daryll being the only person who knew Prue when she was good being a way to get through to Prue. But what about Piper? Those two had been inseparable since childhood until Prue's death. So flooding her with memories and feelings would remind her of who she really was....it's sad it had to be done through the ancient athame :-(

    Now that you mention about fragment of Patience and then Belthazor existing, there's also Ben, whose soul wasn't complete. Another part of his soul was in the Demonic Wasteland. And then there's the fact that Ben has been experiencing Cole's memories. Doesn't that mean that a fragment of Cole is sort of alive in Ben? Even if Cole's soul was destroyed his memories and feelings still exist. I guess the same thing happened with Prue and Heremus. But since Heremus was so powerful Prue lost herself in his feelings of hate and loathing.

    But fragments existing means there's still hope for Piper.

    You know thinking more about it, is it possible the soul orbs Paige and Phoebe are holding are two parts of Piper's soul? O.o

    Anyways, I love the theory of Prue and her sisters getting together and finally vanquishing the Old Ones for good :-)

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    41eugoR (Thursday, 21 July 2016)


    Since Phoebe is already pregnant with her daughter, I think it means there already is a soul seeing how Phoebe got frightened with Prue waving the ancient athame in her face.

    I always got the impression Piper's granddaughter we saw in Forever Charmed might be Prue reincarnated.

    With all the evil deeds that were committed under Heremus influence, I'm starting to think Prue herself might attempt reincarnation to forget the horror if she can't fully fix everything :-(

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    Jak (Friday, 22 July 2016 15:34)

    Has the cover for the next issue been released yet? Have I missed it somewhere? :O

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    41eugoR (Friday, 22 July 2016 18:29)

    Yes it's out. You can find it on Pat's Tumblr:


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    Charmedcomicfan10 (Friday, 22 July 2016 18:51)

    Hey guys. Sorry for not updating the site for so long but ill be back updating it in august with everything ive missed.

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    41eugoR (Friday, 22 July 2016 21:40)

    Glad to hear that :-)

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    CharmedAgain4 (Saturday, 23 July 2016 23:25)

    ^^ Very glad to hear that.

    I also developed another theory on what will happen. My theory is that somehow Prue will snap out of it and sacrifice herself and all of her powers to undo all of the damage she caused, possibly turning back time or just fixing everything that she messed with. If she dies, we will probably see her blue soul go up with Andy. But there's a possibility that if she does live, maybe that by her sacrificing her own life and powers to fix what she had done would cause "The Powers that Be" grant her Andy back in her life in a different body so that she and Andy can finally have their happy ending.


    I think it could be cool if we saw the back of Prue's spirit but instead of her blue form, she will have her real form but we won't see her face. We will only see the faces of Andy, Patty, and Grams smiling at her. That is if she dies..

    There's something else that I don't think anyone has thought of. Many fans are asking if Cole will be resurrected or is somehow alive, but Pat says he is dead, right? So instead, what if Belthazor did somehow escape his erase from existence without Cole and became a part of the athamae and through the athamae, he also became a part of Prue, with both him and Heremus causing her to do all of these evil and tragic events. Pat seems to insist that Prue is down right doing all of this and doesn't have any influence but that just doesn't seem right to me. From what Patience said, it would seem that Prue isn't even there anymore, just Patience's body is there. Since Pat has Belthazor and Cole as two different beings, it would kind of make up for Prue being so evil lately for Belthazor and Heremus to be within her.

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    TomTom (Sunday, 24 July 2016 00:09)

    I'm SO looking forward to the updates. Missed this site a lot. And I really need the second volume... this waiting drives me insaaaaarrrghnnneee! xD

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    TomTom (Sunday, 24 July 2016 00:12)

    Sorry, me again:
    This new cover scares me... looks like no one is save there. :/ Prue is touched by the Old Ones, Paige is touched by Prue and the Athame points to Piper... oh my...

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    Po3-4 (Sunday, 24 July 2016 18:35)

    I think Amelia is still alive.. Pat said Andy will be in every issue until the end so we'll see him again in issue 20.. If Andy is still around, there's a reason.. I think that Prue can be saved.. i don't know if she will survive or not but surely her soul won't be erased by the Athame.. Once Pat said that he wouldn't bring a gay couple in the Charmed-verse just to kill one of them (Tyler or Kareem) and I think that the same is for Prue.. Why bring her back after all this years just to kill her off? I know what happened to Cole but his death had a reason for the plot (Cole's and Benjamin sacrifice=twice blessed).. I think Prue will survive or she will have an happy ending.. What if Prue killed Benjamin in issue 19? We know that for the Advent she has to kill a twice-blessed man, so maybe she did another step for the ritual.. I think Andy and Darryl will bring old Prue back.. They're the only people that never disappointed Prue

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    Pat Shand (Monday, 25 July 2016 21:32)

    "Pat seems to insist that Prue is down right doing all of this and doesn't have any influence but that just doesn't seem right to me."

    I don't seem to insist that, though. #19 explicitly confirms that Prue was influenced by both the Nexus of the All and then absorbing Heremus.

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    CharmedAgain4 (Thursday, 28 July 2016 05:27)

    @Pat Shand Thank You Pat for explaining that to me. I'm sorry I misunderstood what was explained. I thought Patience made it seem that Prue was pretty much evil and didn't have any influence. I am glad that you have addressed this :) I love how you and previously Paul Ruditis interact with the fans, even to respond to misunderstandings :)

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    Mia (Friday, 05 August 2016 13:20)

    Oh no - one more issue left for Prue. We all know she is dying, so predictable and everyone saw it coming.

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    Jack (Sunday, 07 August 2016 03:50)

    Evil Prue is scary. I hope our Prue won't die. That would be very upsetting.

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    CharmedAgain4 (Sunday, 14 August 2016 23:34)

    I just thought about a possible theory. Is it possible that what's happening to Prue now is similar to what happened to her during Piper's wedding and all of the other times Prue was turned evil or somewhat? Remember when she was Ms. Hellfire, she believed she was protecting her sisters even though she was trying to kill them. Then there's the time when the Book of Shadows was turned evil and she and the sisters were being influenced by the evil Book of Shadows. Prue even said that there was some bit of evil inside of them to be turned. And at Piper's wedding, Prue's astral self took over. Two out of these three times, Prue was influenced or she was taken over.

    What if that's what the Grimoire and Heremus' evil side did? Despite her being in Patience's body, in Prue's soul, there was a bit of evil that the Grimoire tapped into, slowly turning her evil. Then Heremus' evil was taken by the Grimoire and turned her even more evil. Then, the anger that she has started to express to Victor, Piper, and Phoebe was what was already inside of her that was never expressed before. But now that Heremus' evil and the Grimoire's influence has take over her, just like her astral self took over her?

    Does this make sense?

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