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    pruefan4life (Thursday, 14 July 2016 06:17)

    Oh I cannot wait for this issue!

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    Sean (Tuesday, 09 August 2016 04:38)

    Can't wait for this issue. I hope Prue survives and isn't dead as everyone thinks will happen.

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    41eugoR (Saturday, 13 August 2016 09:26)

    Same here for the waiting part :-) But when does this issue come out?

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    Gina (Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:13)

    September i think.

    So nervous as it might be a series final. No word on season 11. Hopefully Prue pulls through guys.

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    41eugoR (Friday, 26 August 2016 14:41)

    14th September release date confirmed :-)

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    Sasha (Saturday, 27 August 2016 06:10)

    So expecting Prue to die and Andy take her back to the afterlife.

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    chloefan03 (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:09)

    i just read the issue and get ready, the issue is an emotional rollercoaster. I never thought i would have so much emotion reading a comic. Clearly i hate Prue's fate, I'm a mess and in my opinion Pat made a mistake the whole season, losing the opportunity to have all the family interacting with Prue, especially Paige. Prue is again sacrificed and finally her return was for nothing. And when we read Paul's two novels, when we are inside Prue's mind, this end is even more devastating. However cudo to Pat for his writing, some scenes made me cry and at least at the end Prue is redeemed, reunited with Andy and is given the chance to close the manor's door one last time. But still, since at the end her spirit's likeness is supposed to be shannen's (we only see the back), even if more comics were done I don't see how it'll be possible to have her return :'((

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    choefan03 (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:21)

    on the brightside we learn Phoebe and Coop's daughter name...Peyton Halliwell ;)

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    Light/darkness (Wednesday, 14 September 2016)

    Is Prue still the Nexsus of the all even after she is dead ? I really can't c the comic so can any 1 please answer Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanxxxx a lot

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    cyma (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:53)

    Damn :-( But atleast Prue's soul wasn't destroyed by the athame. That would've been very cruel. But why is it hard for her to return again? Because of Shannen's likeness issue?

    Already been spoiled by the ending so wouldn't mind a detailed synopsis of the whole issue ;-) This is a spoiler section so spoil away :-)

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    cyma (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:57)

    Also how many pages long is this issue? It's supposed to be really long seeing there was supposed to be an issue 21 and 22 also.

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    Pat Shand (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 17:25)

    30 pages.

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    nick_clark (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 17:59)

    And Prue is dead again, ok I guess... actually, not cool at all.

    Zenescope run is over. Great beginning, predictable ending. I liked her sacrifice though, that is something that Prue would have done. I was expecting something else for her character, not just the same circle again.

    Praying for a reunion.

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    pruefan4life (Wednesday, 14 September 2016)

    I read the issue and I have mixed feelings about it, literally. I won't deny that it was an emotional roller coaster (it was), but I'm going to have to read it a second or third time to formulate an opinion.

    One question I have is this: Throughout the season, it is established how dangerous the Ancient Athame truly is. It wiped out Cole's soul from existence, after all. Perhaps I missed something, but how is it that Paige as well as Prue's souls were able to survive a stabbing from the Ancient Athame? Is it because they're Charmed? Paige was still Charmed when she was stabbed, and Prue regained her status as a Charmed One. Then Prue was stabbed by Piper, and her soul remains intact. Is it because she was Charmed at the moment of stabbing? So was Fritz and Valen's quest futile after all, because even Charmed Ones are safe from soul death?

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    Jluengo (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 18:39)

    I have to said it, the story make me perfect sense... but all this time waiting (since 2001) and now I have to see her dying again...I remember when I first read season 9 I was so happy because she had a new chance but now its so sad... at least this time wee see all the process (not like All hell break loose) but we go back to the start and hope to see some more of Charmed again.

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    Light/darkness (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 20:13)

    So guys what happened to Prue ? Because I can't c the comics I have to wait for 2 days and I am really curious

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    cyma (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 21:20)

    @Light/darkness: you can read the issue recap here:


    It seems like Piper stabs Prue with the soul killing athame o.0 but at least it free's Prue's spirit from Heremus evilness and hatred.

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    Light/darkness (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 21:55)

    Thanks a lot cyma appreciate it

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    pruefan4life (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 22:17)

    Follow-up to my post above. I'm guessing Paige survived soul death because her soul, before breaking, was drawn like a magnet to The All inside Prue, like Heremus was. And that soul, being a Charmed soul, made Prue a Charmed One once again and negated Heremus's influence. And because Prue, at the moment of being stabbed with the Ancient Athame, was both Charmed One *and* Nexus of the All, the Athame did not destroy her soul, but merely severed its connection to the All.

    For some reason, I forgot that I and several other posters predicted this, except with Piper instead of Paige being "magnetized" to the All inside Prue. That just shows how long it feels since issue 19 came out--that I'd forgotten some of my own crazy theories (some of which have been substantiated by issue 20)!

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    Light/darkness (Thursday, 15 September 2016 00:05)

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanxxxx a lot for explaining pruefan4life

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    pruefan4life (Thursday, 15 September 2016 03:44)

    ^You're welcome! Also, the fandomania recap had one slight error: the spirits at the end were Prue and Andy, holding hands, not Prue and Cole.

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    Pat Shand (Thursday, 15 September 2016 04:46)

    Dang, that Fandomania "recap" is all over the place.

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    pruefan4life (Thursday, 15 September 2016 05:23)

    ^Pat, I guess "slight error" was an understatement.
    I've reread issue no. 20. The first time, I was left numb. Now, I am beginning to feel the full emotion behind it. I feel devastated--not in a bad way, more like "The Hours" kind of way.

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    cyma (Thursday, 15 September 2016 08:51)

    Before I delve into issue discussion, gotta say the artwork this season was simply amazing. Season 9 unfortunately had a lot art problems and it kind of made the emotional impact of some really important scenes not so great :-( This time however, I felt the impact of all the scenes, especially the Prue/Piper scenes in this issue :-( It honestly reminded me of both Coyote Ugly and All Hell Breaks Loose. And of course the flashbacks from previous episodes.

    If we have a next season, I hope we get the season 10 artist :-)

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    Light/darkness (Thursday, 15 September 2016 11:59)

    Wow it was really a touching comic but I got a question when Prue died surely the power died with her or left her and will she retain her forget witch power and status as a charmed or she will become a spirit without powers

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    cyma (Thursday, 15 September 2016 12:01)

    Read the issue and still trying to sort out all of my feelings, but the main question bugging me is how Paige survived the stabbing while Cole was destroyed?

    Prue surviving soul death I can totally buy since she has the Nexus of All, Heremus essence, the Grimoire and the Empyreal Sword and then Charmed Power again already part of her. So the worst thing stabbing could've done is kill her again but set soul free. And in the process the weapon be destroyed. Which we saw the athame broken into pieces and in a glass case now.

    It reminds me of the Hollow in season 8. Both Hollow possessed Charmed Ones vs. Billie and Christy doesn't work out and most end up dead. So Prue with Nexus of All within her vs. ancient athame with probably a chunk of All....well both ended up dead. But not wiped from existence.

    As for Paige? I'm kinda having trouble with the magnet theory which is what happened with Heremus/Prue.

    The Grimoire was already attracting Heremus, not to mention Heremus was already an Old One so killing him would've sprayed and corrupted any one with his hatred I imagine since he's powerful enough to turn something as the Nexus of All evil with his lingering feels. So magnet theory works for Heremus. But not Paige.

    However what got magnetized was Power of Three since a part of Prue was craving for what she used to have and this unknowingly resulted in hurting her sisters before. Prue got P03 after stabbing Paige.

    So Paige unfortunately not only got stabbed, but lost her Charmed status as well and her soul didn't cling to Prue like Heremus. So how did she survive?

    Was she saved because stabbing someone like Prue broke the athame and hence its deadly magic so the process of Paige's soul death stopped?

    The athame needed to be active to destroy souls, so broken means its inactive? And if someone does activate it, would the wound inflicted on Paige's soul turn deadly again and kill her? 0.o

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    Light/darkness (Thursday, 15 September 2016 12:06)

    Wow cyma u have got really powerful point of view but Ilona lost me and got me confused

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    Pat Shand (Thursday, 15 September 2016 13:35)

    I'll answer this, because I saw the question pop up a few times. I honestly wasn't planning on covering it because I thought it was pretty clear.

    Paige was dying. Her soul would've died within moments if Prue didn't do what she did.

    Think of how long it took Cole to die. An entire issue. His soul slowly collapsed, and he had time to have an existential crisis as he fell to pieces while the Charmed Ones saved the day around him. The same was happening to Paige, which is why she lost her Charmed One status, and which is why she no longer had her memories. They were being destroyed, permanently.

    And then Prue destroyed the Ancient Athame, using basically the only weapon more mystically powerful to shatter it -- herself, the core of her power. I don't understand the "magnet" theory being referenced above, but think of the Ancient Athame itself as a vacuum. It was pulling Paige's soul into it, slowly as Paige died. Prue's sacrifice destroyed the vacuum, leaving nothing left to take Paige's soul. That is why Paige still doesn't have her memories. The Power of Three returned to her because she is now still the third sister, but a part of her was taken. Now, she's doing what she can to get that part back, but it'll take time.

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    Light/darkness (Thursday, 15 September 2016 15:11)

    Pat shand really the entire comic story was indiscribably wonderful but I got 2 questions y is Prue have to sacrifice herself over and over again for the entire family if she was a live she should have been an awesome witch and what happened to prue's powers Prue said that the power wants to go away meaning unleashed from her but when piper stabbed the power is unleashed or she can still get them back because the grimoire and empyryal sword stil inside her or all of that power was destroyed with Hermes Essence along with the empyryal sword and the grimoire and she became a witch/spirit again with her charmed powers

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    drew (Thursday, 15 September 2016 16:13)

    Predictable just as we all guessed Prue died and goes with Andy in the afterlife. lol

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    Mikey Leverette (Thursday, 15 September 2016 16:22)

    So disappointed and heart broke. There was no damn reason to kill Prue AGAIN. Feels like I wasted 2 years for nothing.

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    Pat Shand (Thursday, 15 September 2016 17:16)

    I'm not going to answer questions like the first one. If you have to ask me why Prue died, then I'd suggest re-reading the season. If it still doesn't work for you, like the two guys above me, that's perfectly fine. It seems to work just fine for the vast majority of the readership. If it pleased everyone, it's not a story that says anything or takes any risks, and THAT would be a waste of everyone's time. I'm glad not everyone likes it. I'm even happier at the idea that people will be mad now and then re-read, and go "Oh. Oh, okay." I'm 100% sure that's going to happen. Maybe not to someone like drew, though haha.

    For the other question, I answered that (kinda) on my blog.

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    Sue (Thursday, 15 September 2016 17:39)

    I must say Prue dying at the end really just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I get the reasons and its Prue dying - but really it just feels so typical and another reason I wished the flashforward's in Forever Charmed never existed - then we could have a truly amazing story with no being tied down to that future. But many of us new Prue would die - so it just feels like I wasted enjoyment hoping Prue would have a fantastic chance to bond properly with Paige - we got no proper one on one scenes where the two shared a moment of growth.

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    Jenna Louise (Thursday, 15 September 2016 17:46)

    Well I guess what I thought happened did. I must say I did not like season `10 at all. All this arc did was lead to Prue dying and her return was all for nothing. She came back with a purpose and then season 10 all lead to her being infected and then having to die again. Like really! Oh boy am I glad I can now part ways with my season 10 comics and just pretend it ended with season 9. Sorry my my rant. However I must say I really enjoyed the issue where the four sisters defeated Shax again. That was really well done.

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    nick_clark (Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:11)

    Let's start to demonize the people who didn't like Prue dying again begins! LOL The vast majority of the fandom want Prue alive, because that is what the show did to us. You just did the same, but better written I must say.

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    nick_clark (Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:19)

    Season 9 was perfect, fixed every wrong part that the show did in the lastest seasons (The Ultimate Power nerfed, new and advanced powers, among other things,... and of course, Prue's return). Season 10 is just a what if. The Old Ones concept was cool, and wasted. The all thing with Prue isolated at the beginning and infected later, deprived us of her bond as sister (with Paige mostly). If this were not a ending, I was fine, it could have been a very cool season finale. Series finale? Nop.

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    nick_clark (Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:21)

    PS. Spanish guy here, my english sucks.

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    Pat Shand (Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:24)

    Nick: I'm not sure if you were referring to me. If you were, I'm not demonizing anyone. Like I've said here and have repeated over and over since I've started writing the season, I know not everyone would like it, and I am 100% fine with that. If you were referring to me, please don't twist my words into something they clearly don't represent, and something that I have expressed the opposite of many times.

    If you were referring to someone else, which may be because I haven't read all the comments, then it's all good. However, if someone here DID demonize someone with an opinion different than their own, please listen: I don't want anyone -- especially people who liked the way #20 ended -- to insult any of the people who didn't. The same as with what happened with Cole in #5. Just because I am involved in the fandom, I don't want people policing reactions in a public forum just because I pop in sometimes.

    If you hated it, keep on hating it. If you loved it, it's okay if other people hated it. We're all very different, and that is okay.

    That said, in interest of my own process, I'm not going to read any more of the comments on this site. I'm going to be doing a commentary on this issue soon, and I want that to come from a natural place, rather than a reaction to any comments here.

    I hope the debate/reactions continue in my absence. We'll have a Q&A soon for both #19 and #20 here.

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    nick_clark (Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:46)

    Saying that majority of the fandom liked Prue dying again is underestimate the VAST MAJORITY who wanted Prue safe and sound. Demonizing, yes, because saying that the majority is not important to you. Prue's return WAS the thing who fans wanted when season 9 started. That is end for good now, because these comics are cancelled due the poor sales, with the same sacrifice circle AGAIN.
    Don't twist my words, I'm not hating, I'm dissapointed.

    LOL these guys in the comment section, they knew the predictable ending, we all knew after all:

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    CharmedAgain4 (Friday, 16 September 2016 00:59)

    For a long time I've been back and forth with this season, but now I am not pleased with it. A lot of fans have wondered why I stuck to the comics because of how season 10. I thought it had some good issues and some bad issues. But I feel so done with Prue dying once again. It was pretty much the same with Cole. Both of them were at peace until season 10. Then Cole died because he had to sacrifice himself and now Prue has once again sacrificed herself. Her soul didn't get destroyed though so I guess that's a good thing, but both of them didn't deserve it. They pretty much had what happened in the previous seasons happened for them again.

    I think saying majority of the fans liking it is an overstatement. I'm pretty sure most of them are unhappy. But this is just my view on everything.

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    Anne (Friday, 16 September 2016 08:00)

    I can see why people are upset and find it predictable that Prue and Cole died. Because we went through it once before. Had Coop or Henry died then you have surprised your audience and gone bold. Sigh oh well. I am glad to have finished season 10 but season 9 is way better than 10 for this fan.

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    Landra (Friday, 16 September 2016 11:22)

    ^ I agree Anne. That is how i felt. We were not challenged as fans and just saw people who already died once go again. And the sisters and their husbands live happily ever after again. How boring.

    I did enjoy a majority of season 10. But the final was good but just i dont know the same old same old. Prue dies yet again in order for her family to remain intact and happy. Like as a reader i want surprise, and that is what i felt reading season 9 to 10.

    But if this was the end. Well then it was a better ending than not seeing Prue die onscreen or in this case on paper. If Prue died the first time like this well i would be over it.

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    Eric (Friday, 16 September 2016 13:46)

    Just read the issue. Really good story and yeah Prue dying kinda makes me sad. Yet again this poor woman can't ever have a happy ending but her sisters do.

    But Pat this final was way better than Forever Charmed. You did well minus killing Prue yet again.

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    Tima (Friday, 16 September 2016 15:23)

    I will have to read the whole of season 10 again, but both Cole and Prue cheated death in a way and there are consequences to that. Short of getting rid of Cole's soul there was no other way he'd permanently stay dead and Prue got her happy ending, with Andy. Prue wasn't going to find happiness alive and just like the start of season 8 if she ever tried to find love and have kids she'd have the same issues that Phoebe and Pagie did when they were Julie and Joe. Some people just can't find true happiness on Earth and sadly Prue and Cole fall into these categories. I can accept this ending for the simple fact that Prue wasn't the same after losing Andy and once everyone truly heals from what Prue did then maybe just like Grams and Patty she can visit them and actually be seen.

    Also thanks Pat for clarifying what happened with Paige I really figured her taking so long to die had an effect, but I wasn't sure how. It makes more sense now.

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    Paul (Friday, 16 September 2016 16:29)

    Perhaps Prue and Andy become whitelighters and chart a new destiny together. They deserve it. But the sisters have cheated death way more time than Prue - so this whole cheating death thing got old fast anyways.

    I am happy Prue is with Andy - and I do hope they get some role in the future.

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    Angelina (Friday, 16 September 2016 17:29)

    Now that i am done with season 10. I can add it to the hated season's gang. But am putting season 10 above season 8. Because Prue got a great death but i am sad she is gone and do find it expected and predictable as many here state.

    But we have a right to feel angry. But i have gone through this once before years ago. This time we are treated to a better sendoff.

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    cyma (Friday, 16 September 2016 17:37)

    @Tima: While I don't like Cole's soul death or even normal death happening so soon in the comics and not sure where I am on Prue's death yet, I totally understand the consequences of cheating death thing. I'm also beginning to think had Prue stayed as the Nexus of All or even if she was the guardian tapping into the Nexus now and then, defeating villains would've been too easy for her. Any villain Charmed Ones can't defeat? Just call Prue. Problem solved. It would've gotten old too soon.

    Another thing I've realized is just because Prue has Shannen's likeness again due to her death and with Patience being alive again doesn't mean Prue can't appear again if there's a season 11. Amelia can easily be used for channeling Prue. Or Prue could just possess her for a little bit. With Amelia's permission of course.

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    nick_clark (Friday, 16 September 2016 23:29)

    Keeping Kyra and Cole boring father alive while killing Prue and Cole is beyond unforgivable. PS. I like Kyra, btw.

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    TomTom (Saturday, 17 September 2016 01:33)

    Pat Shand?
    Thank you for this incredible season of "Charmed"! It is brilliant. And I haven't read the whole story yet. xD
    Can't wait to get the last volumes here in Germany.
    Season 9 was.....ou-kay. Season 10 rocks! Thanks!

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    Jessica (Saturday, 17 September 2016 09:25)

    I am not too pleased with Prue's death again. But if we get a season 11, Prue can reappear as a ghost.

    Why not show flashbacks on the year between season 9 and 10. We can still see her.

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    cyma (Saturday, 17 September 2016 10:19)

    One thing occurred to me, while we saw Prue and Andy together in the end, can Prue actually be allowed into Heavens? While she resurrected Patience and a dying Paige and the kids with Old Ones seeds were saved, the Avatars, Elders, Angel of Destiny and other entities, did they also come back to life? If not then wouldn't that mean like Cole, Prue would now be restricted to stay in the cosmic void until further notice? But since she harbored resentment over her death and couldn't be quite at peace in Heaven, perhaps cosmic void is the best peaceful place for her?

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    Tima (Saturday, 17 September 2016 12:02)

    @cyma the counsel was not brought back to life. Since Prue was with Andy it is assumed she finally was able to move on and fully accept her fate.

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    Gus (Saturday, 17 September 2016 12:59)

    People, just try to be coherent. You want a continuation of a show then deal with it, you can't be pleased with everything all the time. We had the chance to have Pat Shand and Paul Ruditis do a fantastic, huge and hard job and you can tell they love what they do and the show itself, even if you don't like the result. As when the show was on, there were things we didn't like as well. At least, they have done something coherent and very creative. Thank you, Charmed comics team! for the job and taking risks. As for the grumpy commenters, if you have been so spoiled that you can't take any other answer than yours, I'll suggest you write your own fan fiction and give the sisters the ending they deserve according to you ^^ and read it over and over at bedtime. Love, Gus.

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    nick_clark (Saturday, 17 September 2016 16:40)

    We are coherent, and we havent liked it. Period. It's not hard to understand.

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    cyma (Saturday, 17 September 2016 20:50)

    I feel it's totally okay if fans not like a season, storyline or character while other fans do.

    I don't like strawberry flavored ice cream but like vanilla, but I don't tell the vanilla haters how wrong they are for not liking the flavor I like. But I'm always interested in hearing out the reasons why they love strawberry or why they don't like vanilla :-)

    Also if there isn't criticism of seasons, characters and storylines then how can things be improved on in later issues or episodes?

    Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. But it's important it's done in a constructive and respectable way.

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    cyma (Saturday, 17 September 2016 23:44)

    @Tima: It kinda seemed weird that seven months have passed and sisters have no news of how Prue is or even if she's Up There. When Phoebe asks if Piper thinks Prue could hear them and Piper replies she hopes so, it almost seems like they fear Prue had been destroyed or something by the athame since both of them already know that their Grams and Mom can indeed hear them from the afterlife.

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    Michael Leverette (Sunday, 18 September 2016 02:42)

    Gus there's no reason to be rude. We're each entitled to our own opinions and the from looks of it alot of of us agree that this was a dissapointing ending.

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    Gus (Sunday, 18 September 2016 12:00)

    Have I been rude? I have to apologise then, I'm so very sorry to have offended you by not sharing your opinions......
    Of course it's ok not to like something, but what I meant was, that's part of the risk of having a continuation, we need to let them do their job, that's the deal, which is not an easy thing already because of our fan community and also because they probably have their hands tied on many aspects of this job. I'm afraid some people here have been quite violent in the way they reacted towards Pat and that's totally not ok. Got it now?
    Also, if you keep on this way, it may just disgust Pat and others from doing it again.
    On the other hand, I think Pat and others need to accept fans' opinion and not react so bluntly too, and I don't know about you, other touchy fans, but the duration of the season (in terms of actual time, from the first issue to now) and hiatuses really doesn't help fully understanding everything Pat meant to express in the storylines. After Pat gives his next interview, it could be good for us to go through the season again to fully grasp everything there is to grasp.
    Is it better this way?
    Anyhow, we need to cut each other some slack. Period.

    Personally, I'll need more precisions. Pat, other fans, no one here is dumb, let's just give each other some credit and better exchange in the next interview.

    I,m wondering if Prue going back to afterlife is a way to sort of go back to where we were at the end of the show and just open the story to other continuations, without blocking future authors. After all, even though it doesn't seem to be happening, there have been talks about a reboot.

    Lots of love :-p


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    Mia (Sunday, 18 September 2016 13:59)

    @gus quite violent in the way they reacted towards Pat

    Seriously. Since when. We only are mad at how season 10 turned out. Nothing personal against Pat. Can we all just agree to disagree.

    This has gone on too long. Yes people love or hate the comics. Everyone is allowed an opinion. But thats life. Not everyone will like everything.

  • #60

    Gus (Sunday, 18 September 2016 17:07)

    True, just like I don't have to like your reactions.

    Have fun my darling


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    Chamed_Andy_fan (Sunday, 18 September 2016 19:38)

    I just read the issue! It was okay. Not good,not bad! I liked the Prue/Piper scenes! It brought back so many memories! I understand the reason for Prue's death but yes we all knew that this was the end! It's just stupid to say that Prue needs to die because she cheated death when we have Piper/Phoebe/Paige dying in almost every episode and they always found a way to cheat death without consequences! But Prue sacrifice herself for her sisters is something we love about her! Prue/Andy scene in the end it's the best present for us! I just feel that Prue's character had so much to give and we will never have this chance! To see her with Paige, with the kids, with Phoebe and Piper! I just feel that the whole season had epic moments and in the same time it was missing something!

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    Frankie (Monday, 19 September 2016 18:45)

    I never really cared for this season. There were just so many places he could've taken this season that he missed out on. Correct me if I'm wrong but all 4 sisters never really bonded. I understand Prue was hurting them but even after they found a way to rectify that, you never saw them just talk to each other.

    I hate what every writer has done to Phoebe and her powers. She still feels like the weakest one even though her Empathy gave her a major power boost. She still has to be near her target in order to use her power offensively and she never deflected anyone's powers or tap into anyone's powers like she did to Valkryie Piper. And as three psychic sister, she should've been able to sense or see things before they happened. Did she ever?

    Prues dead again. Big surprise. The chick's been dead since 2001 just to come back and die again? So shocking. At leat we saw a glimpse of old Prue. And if there is a season 11 (hopefully Pat doesn't write it) Shannen needs to allow the use of her likeness. I don't care if the comics don't want to pay her. She was on for 3 seasons then bad mouthed the show for a while after she left.

    And Pat as a writer is too is annoying with his responses "If you liked it good, if you didn't like it, too bad" he just thinks that just because he's the writer he can do what he wants and not care what the fans think. We'll we the fans buy the comics so it would be best to at least give us some things to like rather jack up our favorite characters and then say "Oh well"

    The whole Kyra and Ben thing was annoying and a waste of time. It took attention away from the sisters just to show them sleeping together. Same with the gay kid who could make fire. I wanted all the attention to be on the sisters, not some secondary characters

  • #63

    Aaron_89 (Tuesday, 20 September 2016 03:08)

    I read all the answers and I can understand the position of each one as a fan. I don't perceive hostility, just the natural reaction to the end of the season. Some liked it, others not so much, others nothing at all.
    I think Prue couldn't be for long almost an unlimited power. Her presence would make nothing had risk in the future because she could put solution at the time. The solution was to end her status. In the same way, I understand that make her the Nexus was the best way to solve the whole issue of the power of three and not let Prue out of relevance. As a couple of comment I read, what I missed was Prue's relationship with her sisters and especially with Paige. However, I think to get all the shadows out was brilliant, but I didn't like the look of putting Prue as bad (putting aside the Patience issue), when she was really a victim who failed to accept her fate. There was something missing in this aspect as @Chamed_Andy_fan said (in relation to Prue and the rest of the family). On the other hand, I think that everything described as Prue's attitude can be understood. Maybe it's the feeling of sadness that the relationship was no longer the same. That scene where Piper seven months later thinks about her, it's like a stab in the stomach. That feeling of not being fair, although Prue reunites with Andy again. Like, there is no place here for you (something that intuitively all of them seemed to be clear from the beginning), settle with death and turn the page, your story is reduced to this. For me personally, I was left with an empty feeling.
    Pat said, '' If it pleased everyone, it's not a story that says anything or takes any risks''. To me take a real risk before the fans, it would have been to restore the original power of three through many ways.

    As an example.
    Prue's obstinacy have success in overthrowing Paige somehow and she takes place in the power of three. She makes to her sisters believe that what happened to Paige was something caused by external forces when she really could have helped her and she didn't. This doesn't mean to kill her but something intriguing happens with her that could be revealed in the next season.
    Or maybe this time Paige sacrifices herself to save Prue, although as I say, this doesn't mean she's dead. Returning to the story the original power of three. Although this happened for a short time in the comic, which I appreciate very much. A gift for fans like me. But take a risk killing Prue was not really much risk. It's my humble opinion but it's just a subjective opinion of course.

    I also think the story of Prue is not definitive, there are many ways to channel her back to the sisters, but the ideal is to give her stability on which to begin and evolve. Not be held by clamps on a role and then leave. It's a good ending because it closes season and the series and each one can imagine what comes next as we want. I hope there's a season 11, next novels or a reboot.

    Finally say that the 10th season, overall, has been more psychological and dark since many seasons. Be the last and focus on Prue I think that's enough. And of course, the covers are amazing.

    Don't take comments so seriously or personal, each has his/her own and is respectable.

  • #64

    Tima (Tuesday, 20 September 2016 07:41)

    I can agree that season 10 was more dark. Prue obviously never accepted her death. Also the reason why she had to stay dead was because Pagie became the 3rd sister. I mean look at everything Piper did in the last episode to save Phoebe and Paige, on top of everything else they did over the years, and your telling me not once had they even conjured Prue? I would have loved to see more of Prue and Pagie's relationship, but at the end of the day Pagie took her place and that is why I feel they wouldn't have ever had the chance to be "real sisters" like Paige wanted. I'm happy Prue is back with Andy, and I get why she couldn't live and be with her family. As I said before not everyone can find happiness in this lifetime and sadly Prue fell into that category.

  • #65

    cyma (Tuesday, 20 September 2016 13:12)

    The season was dark and psychological as mentioned above, but I gotta agree with secondary characters stealing scenes from sisters.

    We had more Tyler development than Halliwell sisters development.

    Tyler turns into Archai. Tyler goes to Wasteland to get Ben's soul, Tyler is possessed by Heremus which leads him to be possessed by Barbars, Shax, Zankuo, Tuatha and...Tyler opens portal for other Old Ones, Tyler has a romantic relationship with Kareem, Tyler is--okay that's just way too much Tyler who is supposed to be secondary character.

    When I found out Paige got stabbed, I fully expected to see Paige's POV as her soul was cracking. What was she seeing? What was she going through? How was she putting up a fight? Like Cole, did she have someone like Belthazor tell her she could be saved if she just entered the void or something?

    Also Phoebe and Leo and all the kids had gathered to help Prue. So what spell did they cast how did she get through to Prue? How did Leo and the kids help? And what was Phoebe herself going through? What did she feel when Prue asked Piper to kill her? Did she disagree seeing Phoebe wanted to not give up on Prue but save Prue? Did a dying Paige also witness Prue's sacrifice and perhaps wanted to stop it? Most important of all, Piper, Phoebe and Nexus of All Prue as the Power of Three! Could they have saved Paige and expelled Heremus?

    I hoped those possibilities explored before it's decided that sacrifice is the only way.

    Unfortunately, we never saw even a little bit of that. Instead we got Tyler again, fighting Old Ones out of the sky. *smacks forehead*

    CBS and the Charmed writers need to understand that Charmed is NOT Harry Potter. I may be interested in Luna Lovegood or Draco's stories, but when it comes to Charmed, I hate to say it but Tyler, Aidel, Kareem, Amelia...even Billie I honestly don't care about them or their adventures or back story, their problems or issues. I'm not looking forward to reading about them in season 11 if they're going to take away the already limited scenes from the sisters and other interesting characters.

    And my main problem with killing Prue and Cole is they're almost infinity times interesting than a billion...trillion secondary new and old characters including Ben and Kyra unfortunately.

    I don't know about the rest of the Charmed fans, but these secondary characters aren't what Charmed is about to me.

    Charmed has and will always be about the Halliwells and their families and most importantly, the sisterhood and Power of Three.

    If CBS wants Charmed to have the next generation of witches so desperately, then use the next generation of Halliwells. Not Tyler and company.

    Instead of so much Tyler whose character and power development doesn't matter in the long run, why not straight up use teenage Wyatt in Tyler's place?

    He was Prue's nephew and Piper's son. That would've made a hell of an impact on the story and not feel like scene stealing at all. Besides if Old Ones are such powerful beings then it makes sense to use next generation of Halliwells to bring them into the world rather than a bunch of magical kids.

    Besides more scenes focused on the sisterhood, this...Wyatt instead of Tyler and more involvement of the Halliwell kids is what I think was missing from season 10.

    Imagine Wyatt's guilt that his reckless actions caused his Aunt to be possessed by Heremus after she saves him. And then Paige's stabbing following Prue's death by Piper's hands :-( Damn that would've been awesome.

    I just fail to understand why the Halliwell kids are growing at a snail's pace when they could've added so much to the story here with Prue. And why Halliwell kids are not being used but secondary characters like Tyler are used extensively.

  • #66

    Aaron_89 (Tuesday, 20 September 2016 16:08)

    @Tima, maybe not in this lifetime but everything's not lost. ;)


  • #67

    Dantalian (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 17:23)

    @ cyma:
    "Charmed" is a pure dose of sisterhood and family! Secondary characters are almost unnecassary. Tenth season turned into a pure dose of secondary characters. Sisterhood and family loses importance.
    Sad...so sad...
    But this season had very cool moments too and the art and covers are still amazing and breathtaking.

    I can live with this season. But it could have been so much more.

  • #68

    Henry (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 21:00)

    You can love or hate this season, but, please, don’t say there’s no sisterhood in it. This season is FULL of sisterhood. In the first part of the season, Prue takes a trip of her own to find out what keeps her away from her sisters and in the end of this trip we almost had a Power of Four! The second part of the season revolves around Prue/Heremus and we finally discover what Prue really thinks about her sisters: she is mad at Phoebe because she felt abandoned by her little sister; she is jealous of Paige because she has felt replaced by her; she deeply loves Piper (“You could’ve been there with me for the show”, Prue at Piper in issue 20). Prue/Heremus said out loud what we all thought watching the show and that made everything more realistic. As for the secondary characters, I think the supporting cast is essential to any story. Tyler’s and Kareem’s story, Ben’s and Kyra’s, are all connected to the main plot that, as I said before, revolves around the Halliwell sisters! In issue 6 we have a light and beautiful moment between Phoebe and Paige (sisterhood); in issue 7 Phoebe leaves her book tour to return from her sisters (sisterhood); in issue 8 we see the Piper’s drama: she had found her lost sister, and now she is forced to stay away from her without knowing why (sisterhood); in issue 11 Piper comforted Paige as a real older sister (sisterhood); in issue 12 the four sisters vanquished Shax together (sisterhood); in issue 14 Piper and Paige are fighting for their sister’s husband and in the end of the issue the four sisters are going to share the All (sisterhood) .. All Prue/Heremus’ arc is about sisterhood and Prue’s pain/anger was because she saw herself cut out by her own sisters even before Season 10, after her death. Prue wants the Power of Three back, but what she really wants is to being a SISTER again.
    Do you wanted any hints about Paige and Prue’s relationship? We had lots of hints! Prue is reasonably jealous of Paige. And it’s right. Let’s think about it: she’s dead and five minutes later her sisters were too busy to reform the Power of Three for mourn for her. She loved Paige because she had to, because she was her little and lost sister and because she knows that Paige has nothing to do with what happened to her but in her heart she couldn’t accept her. She has been said that “There’s always a reason” and what seemed to be the reason of her death? Paige! She had to die for allow to the forth sister to have a ride with the power of three. Issue 20 was wonderful under this point of view because we learned that sometimes thinks just happened and has not to be a greater reason. In season 3 Prue didn’t die because of Paige (obviously) but maybe the first thing that Grams said to her in Afterlife was “Darling, don’t be scared. There’s a reason for your death. See, many years ago…” and so on. I’m not saying that Prue hated Paige; I’m saying that she was jealous of her exactly like an older sister is jealous of her baby sister. And the biggest moment between Prue and Paige is in the end of this season: Prue killed herself to destroy the Athame and to save Paige from an awful death. Prue could be selfish.. she could be back with her sisters and with the Power of There. But she didn’t. She did the last sacrifice for the sister that came after her and that took all the attention over her own death. This IS Sisterhood!

  • #69

    GC (Thursday, 22 September 2016 02:20)

    I have a lot of mixed feelings, I suppose. (I freakin called the Athame thing btw. That was me. Boom. I'll stop now.)

    Am I angry over Prue being dead? Yes. But I was angry 15 years ago (holy hell I'm old.) Prue as Patience was never 100% Prue, though. There were glimmers of true Prue. Especially in "Prue ya gonna call" last season, but after she became the All, she wasn't the Prue I knew from way back when (again, holy hell I'm old.)

    Not to cross fandoms but I keep going back to something Supernatural has stressed: what's dead should stay dead. And I suppose that's why I accept that the season had to end with Prue not being alive. Because (for reasons out of Pat's control) Prue can't inhabit in her mortal body. And without it, she will never be 100% Prue anyway.

    Also...her death was true to Prue's character at least. As much as I wish all those years ago that Phoebe had died instead of Prue, the Prue that we know could never have lived with herself if that had happened. And it's the same thing here, Prue died so Paige could live, because that's what Prue believes is right. She trades her life for her sisters. Is it fair, no. Is it right, not really. But it's true. It's not what Prue wants, it's not what her sisters want, but ultimately it's the Reason.

    I also go back to a deleted scene one of my friends found from Hell Hath No Fury. When Piper is crying with Leo at Prue's grave, Leo says "She wanted to protect you." Piper replies "I didn't need her protection, I needed her to stay alive." I think many fans, including myself needed Prue to stay alive because we didn't have closure the first time and we hate for history to repeat. But the consequence of needing Prue alive is a Prue that's not really Prue. And that's almost worse. The Prue who protects her sisters, who makes the ultimate sacrifice for them, is the true Prue.

    I wanted Prue alive. I wanted Cole alive. I wanted them together. But that's what fanfiction is for.

  • #70

    GC (Thursday, 22 September 2016 02:24)

    One other thing. This is what I wrote back in Feburary :"ll think it ends with Prue free of all ties that bind, ie back in her human form, her true human form whether alive or dead/ mortal or witch or something in between. Prue has gone through a lot of things, she has done a lot of things that no one person, one soul, should do or even be capable of doing. She broke every rule of life and death, and now has to face the consequences, which will probably culminate into her sacrificing her entire existence, including her soul, to fix it. But I don't think it ends in Prue's complete eradication, I think in the end we'll see her as she should have been all along."

    I was hoping it ended with her alive, but it did end the way I said it would, with Prue as she should have been all along.

  • #71

    Frankie (Thursday, 22 September 2016 16:50)

    I'm glad most agree that the secondary characters were too much this season. I seriously could care less about Tyler, the psychic chick that died and her relationship with *Cole. I don't care about the husbands nor them kids. I watched Charmed for the sisters, not they're allies

    People keep saying Prue had to die for Paige to get he powers or whatever but the real reason Paige exist is because of whatever stupid reason Shannen left the show. Prude was never supposed to die, it's just a dumb excuse to include Paige. Paige could've joined her sisters with Prue still alive. She even talked about how she wanted to approach them because she felt drawn to them.

    As powerful as she's become, people still write Phoebe as being weak. In a fight with Prue, she levitates to kick her knowing full well Prue could evade that. The only way Phoebe could be offensive is if someone is near her. Not once did she deflect or tap into someone's powers like she able to. She could've gone toe to toe with Prue with her Empathy alone throwing her magic back at her.

    Pat sucked as a writer to me. There were good moments but the attention was everyone and away from the sisters. I don't need wasted pages of Charisma Carpenter and Cole getting their groove on or Tyler and his lame boyfriend. And I don't like the way Pat responds to the fans. "If you like it great,if you didnt,too bad" Hell no I didn't like it and don't write no more Charmed stories until you can focus mainly on the sisters, stop making Phoebe look weak, and killing off a character that's been dead for years. There's no shock value in that

  • #72

    androshi (Saturday, 24 September 2016 02:42)

    this was the shittiest comic i ever read in all my fucked up life!!!
    first of all -NO ONE followed the charmed novel books!
    why change names in the series???
    second -i knew that the writers where going to do something stupid and use prue as a pawn
    into making her a monster -again!!!
    what is wrong with these idiots???
    and its not like we didnt see it coming either!
    every writer who comes in to write about "the charmed ones" always in some way
    F the whole thing up -so we cant really enjoy the book.

    then -they take the name wicca and twist it to such a degree -its like poison to the mind!
    just the stupidity as the " no personal gain " statement was such a joke -and yet so dangerous because real men and women who want to join wicca actually believe that BS!!!

    after the writers finished demonizing pagan deities -they deomonized witches.
    i knew they where going to kill prue in the comic!
    not because they had a major story arc -thats the sad point-they didnt -
    they had shit- all this writer wanted was money and a little bit of fame!
    well he got it-because the whole series was a laugh and a turn off!
    funny how the real actress "SHANNON DOHERTY" GOT ILL LAST YEAR????

  • #73

    Charmed-P4 (Saturday, 24 September 2016 17:07)

    Now that season 10 is over, I can say that season 9 was way better!(no offense Pat)

    But for me Paul did an amazing job! He brought Prue back in a logical way! The same with Cole! And the most important thing we had the four sisters united, together! We saw that the 4 of them are better together than apart!

    While season 10 theme was a good one it never technically worked for me! I mean the charmed ones once again won the big bad and destroyed the most powerfull weapon that could hurt them! The story had no risks, nothing socking! Prue will always sacrifice her life for her sisters! Nothing socking! It hurts but it was something that we all saw that coming! I would like to see a major character die! To see the charmed ones pain! (Elise,Darryl even Coop or Henry) Something to let me wonder if actually the sisters will have a happy ending! Also too many secondary characters that actually noone cared for!

  • #74

    Jak (Monday, 26 September 2016 14:41)

    This isn't really a comment about the issue, it's just a shoutout of gratitude to Pat for bringing us such an awesome season and also for being so involved with fan comments and quetstions. Not a lot of writers are so involved. Bravo to him!

  • #75

    Sarah (Tuesday, 27 September 2016 05:44)

    Having just read the season 10 final - I can now just put that horrible season behind me. I much prefer season 9 and Paul's brilliant writing.

    But I agree with others - happily ever after for the Charmed Ones is boring. You kill off Prue and Cole who already died before. Have the balls and kill off Elise, Coop or Henry and really let the Charmed Ones feel pain. That's why I feel most people find Prue's death predictable. It isn't because she already died once before - It is because you do not have the guts to kill off and truly show you mean business.

    Only Piper and Leo live to old age. Paige and Phoebe can still loose anybody in their family. I hate how boring and happily ever after it is for the charmed ones all the time. That is why anybody getting killed off has just been people who just brought back the previous season. Nothing exciting and bold.

  • #76

    Quentin (Tuesday, 27 September 2016 06:07)

    @ Sarah

    I agree with you on the predictability on that the sisters keep getting their happy endings and the only people dying are ones who only just came back or some side character. I feel the sisters get off too easy. All of them are happy. Like couldn't hurt for one to be a single parent or one to have not had any kids at the end of Forever Charmed.

  • #77

    Dantalian (Tuesday, 27 September 2016 23:57)

    Charmed Ones and happily ever after? All the time? The Charmed Ones were nearly never happily ever after!
    Their parents get divorced, they lost their mum, their grandma, their adoptive parents, their oldest sister, ... sounds like enough blow of fate right? But:
    Prue lost Andy, never found real love again and gave up her whole life for everyone.
    Piper was exploited by a warlock for months, lost her new found love Leo, found it again just to lost it again at her wedding(!), finally married Leo and the real disaster began. Seesaw after seesaw, almost divorced, their child got kidnapped every second, she lost her future son and has to put Leo on ice, lost Phoebe, Paige and her home and THAN finally founds a happy end. For the first time.
    Phoebe turned into a teenie criminal, was jobless for years, became the Queen of the Underworld, was betrayed by her biggest love, lost this love, lost her child, lost every single love that came after Cole, lost her trust in her powers, lost her powers, got divorced twice, and than, after years of frustration, she got a man she really love and on top of that three daughters. But to got to this point took years.
    And Paige didn't know her family for years, felt like an orphan after her "parent's" dead, had a drinking problem, had an inferiority complex, had difficulties to manage her job and magic life, lost her loves to magic and death, had a duty her sisters couldn't help her with (whitelighter), realised that almost nobody was mourning when she "died" and felt less accepted her whole life. She found a man too. And struggles with him at some time.

    Happily ever after? All the time? Hell no.
    Even season 3, 5 and 7 does not end very happy...

  • #78

    Allie (Thursday, 29 September 2016 13:31)

    ^ I don't think those posters ever meant all the time. They meant why the series ended that each sister lives happily ever after with a husband and many kids. Finding that boring and it is boring when the same people keep dying yet the charm ones and their husbands will always be happy. Like they may be bored that reading these stories is ruined by forever charmed setting the future.

  • #79

    Aaron_89 (Monday, 03 October 2016 14:05)

    I think Piper showed a little more her scar in this end in relation to Prue. The bad taste was at the end of the series, when Patty asked for her daughter and she acted senselessly. It was an incredible frivolity, improper in Piper. But I think this time the ending is different. The current reality of the sisters is paved with many black stones and Prue is one of them. This shadow will always levitate on this supposed happy ending, pulling it out of idealism. There was never anything idealistic in their lives and I think this season has deeply affected them. If there are others in the future, I guess there is nothing taken for granted in terms of the interrelationship among them, much as it has been shown that there was none with Prue. Regarding family is concerned, there is a fine line between love and rejection and in relation to Prue this line has been very blurred. But there is a mix of emotions at the end of this season and I think they also feel it. Addressing a topic very hidden under the carpet after so many seasons. Prue come and tell them straight in the face. It has been a pleasure to see, at least on my part. But now Prue died again. Her fleeting presence served to close that stage, to show that she was still powerful and strong, but there was too much to prove about who Prue was as family. I think in that sense Prue could stay and create new links and ties with her sisters being who she is now and of course, many personal challenges still to overcome that could be exploited. But if dying she found peace and her sisters evolve around it to break this utopia of sisterhood reflected in recent seasons, I think that after all, the end has not been so bad.

  • #80

    POWERofALL (Sunday, 18 December 2016 01:10)

    ok I'm actually read the last issue... but I'm still not understood a few things: 1) Prue is still the Nexus of the all ? I mean prue fused with the nexus after she absorbes the grimoire and the empyrial sword... but if she is dead again what happend with the nexus of the all, the empyreal sword and the grimoire? I thought that prue can't be separate of the nexus because she makes her one with the all and she absorbed the two must powerful things in the world (empyreal sword and grimoire) not only makes that the planes reconected but also becames the nexus herself and couldn't let being it because that could be catastrophic... but if prue did that her spirit was always the nexus or is patience the nexus... 2) what happend with the tribunal? I mean the mother, the cupid judge, the serpent, and the other beings that apparently were important . 3) the last issue is the end of the story or just the of the season? 4) what were the original ideas of the last issues? i don't know why the 10th season was shorter than the 9th and I think that if the season could be had the 24 planned issues the finale and the story instead could be different and prue didn't had to died(but it is just my personal opinnion and I don't want to anyone). And that's all hehe hope someone could answer my questions :p

  • #81

    Light/darkness (Saturday, 16 September 2017 11:03)

    Guys did prue's charmed powers return at the end of this season ?

  • #82

    Light/darkness (Saturday, 16 September 2017 11:05)

    Because she used telekinesis to close the door of the manor

  • #83

    Lucifer angel (Tuesday, 10 October 2017 01:32)

    Yap prue's powers did return but not her status as a charmed one its more likely season 9 the book of shadows cast the dominos trinus spell made prue a charmed one again as well as the nexus of the all but when piper stabed prue with the ancient athame the blade severed the link between prue and the all stripping her from the powers of the all but kept her charmed powers much like season 9 but not her charmed status the power of three returned to Paige when she was resurrected