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    Cyma (Wednesday, 10 June 2015 15:55)

    Somebody spoil me! :-)

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    LeoVzlaP3 (Thursday, 11 June 2015 19:45)

    well, after what we saw on the preview pages, a month passed, and the charmed ones with their husbands summoned Grams and Patty to ask for answers because they looked in the BOS, each book at Magic School and Coop talked to his Boss and nobody had answers, Penny started to fight with Leo blaming the elders because each problem they had in the past, had something to do with them (plus the sword Prue absorbed was theirs), but Patty said that Grams' attitude was because they didn't have answers either and all the Halliwell line couldn't feel Prue anymore.

    Tyler was with Kareem trying to explain him how his power works and used one of his portals to go to Paris, and then he talked to Coop and Henrie to convince them so he could help, of course they denied Tyler's request but Tyler opened a portal outdoors and Henry got scared because he didn't know how he would explain that if somebody sees them, The portal drove Tyler's hand to Leo's beers and he took one and said he would confessed that they let them drink, besides he blackmailed them by saying that he would talk to Phoebs and Paige and tell them what they were up to, so finally Coopo and Henry agreed.

    Kyra's work was to cast a spell and see something about Prue in exchange of Prue becoming her a human (but they didn't show anything yet)...

    the boys made it to the wasteland and they saw a bunch of demons praising to a massive statue of Belthazor (where the other half of the soul was) and Coop went to take it using his teleportation power (which name I just forgot), in the midtime the Charmed ones were wondering why Coop and Henry were up to and why neither of them had replied any of their texts. Coop took the soul but the demons saw him and went after him, Tyiler tried to open again his portal to leave (which was the plan since the beginning) but it didn't work, some green thing came out of the ground (I thing it was some geyser), Coop fell and Benjamin's soul broke... that's it.

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    Mike (Thursday, 11 June 2015 20:58)

    I loved this issue, it had some really funny moments.

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    Mike (Friday, 12 June 2015 23:34)

    I'm a little confused on the wasteland scenes though. In the series, it was a desolate wasteland where the essence of demons were sent after being vanquished. How and why would there be entire groups of living demons building giant statues?

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    LeoVzlaP3 (Saturday, 13 June 2015 18:25)

    I get your point, and Also there was a creature devouring those essences.

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    spiros (Sunday, 14 June 2015 06:22)

    That's what I was thinking even with the power sucking creature gone (it could be dead I mean we did saw Cole killing it but then again I don't think that that creature was one of a kind and even if he did kill the original a new one must have been created somehow because otherwise that would screw the balance of the realm) on the TV show we clearly saw that the demons that are sent there get vanquished again almost instantly and they get separated from their powers.Now this last bit creates another problem as well because you see if demons can now survive in this realm what's stopping them from absorbing powers just like Cole did

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    Pat Shand (Sunday, 14 June 2015 20:51)

    Hey guys. The Wasteland is a big, vast area. Just like there are vanquished demons there, there are also creatures indigenous to it, just like every plane of existence. If we can buy a gigantic creature devouring essences, I think we can buy a bunch of lesser, Wasteland-born, Belthazor-obsessive demons.

    And as far as absorbing power, not all demons (or humans, or anything) are as resourceful or ambitious as Cole.

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    GC (Monday, 15 June 2015 04:16)

    I wonder if Prue is losing herself, literally, in being in Patience's body. Like her soul is draining away the longer she possesses the body. Just a thought.

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    Julie (Monday, 15 June 2015 21:16)

    I knew Cole was famous in the demon world but I didn't know they would ever worship him like a god after playing turncoat on them.

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    spiros (Tuesday, 16 June 2015 15:25)

    Hey Pat. Oh OK then so these are demons that have heard of belthazor's achievements? Hmm OK (that creates new questions for me but I think you suffer enough from us fans so let's just leave it) by the way I think season 10 is great and you are doing a very good job and I am sorry that we give you a hard time with all our questions and stuff but I think we had enough years to think of every single detail of the magic of the show so every time something new is added we have the uncontrollable need to learn everything about it.. again great job :)

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