Pat Shand's Tumblr answers #2

Yesterday Pat asked his followers to send him questions on Tumblr about his work:

  • Anonymous asked: What can we expect from Prue in Charmed?
  • PS: Without spoiling, you can expect her to be as central to the story as the other three sisters. I saw someone comment that because I said she’s a “regular” means that I have to write her in every issue. Not the case. I could do a one-shot where only the hubbies appear, and I actually am planning an either one or two issue storyline where the only lead is Phoebe. However, that said, the season as a whole, in a way, balances on the mystery of Prue and what she has become. X
  • Anonymous asked: Hi! can we hope a spin off series centered around Prue and Cole or some others characters of Charmed like Buffy and Angel/Faith comics? thanks!
  • PS: Nope. Prue/Cole are a vital but, at times, separate part of what’s going on with the other characters. They’re far, far too interconnected in their arcs for separating the series to make sense. X

* (Pat has mentioned on Twitter that Prue and Cole are main characters in S10 X)

  • Anonymous asked: Prue is the only sister for which you're totally freedom about character progression since her future was never revealed. How does it feel? is it cool or is it a bigger pression since her return was hoped long ago and that now that she's back the whole character destiny is in your hands?
  • PS: I used to feel pressure, but honestly, after writing the first couple of issues, it’s lessened. You guys have also been super welcoming, which has helped with my anxiety over taking the reigns on Charmed.

    However, what we say in Forever Charmed regarding the futures of the characters is both limiting and challenging. The limits it has placed are obvious, but the challenges are interesting. It’s “How can I get character from A to B in a surprising, dynamic way?” The thing about magic, too, is that I can definitely play with the outcome of Forever Charmed in sneaky, horrible ways. But we’ll see about that. I don’t know if Zenescope wants to do a Season Eleven, so I want to stay away from teasing their future fates too too much.

    Regarding Prue, it’s cool as heck. X

  • Anonymous asked: Hello! thanks to let us ask you some questions and sorry for my english, i'm french :) In charmed can we hope for a reunion between Prue and Victor because in season 9 it was stated that Victor wasn't aware that Prue was back and alive and their relationship was pretty interesting and complex :) I don't know if you'll answer but just be sure how grateful we're, us charmed fans, of your implication in doing this comics, you're amazing with us fans, so thanks ;)
  • PS: Thanks! I don’t want to say no about Victor, but I also don’t have any plans yet. Prue is living sort of in the middle of nowhere, and she’s confined there, so I’m going to be very selective with her visitors for a reason that won’t really come to light until later in the series. X
  • Anonymous asked: So, what powers does Prue have now?
  • PS: Gnarly ones. X

* (Pat has mentioned on Twitter that Prue will have new powers in S10 X)

  • Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, huge charmed fan here. My question is "we have yet to see the channeling side of Phoebe's empathy power in the comics, has it been retconned, should we no longer think of it as a aspect of her power"?
  • PS: Nah, it hasn’t been retconned. It’s just — and this is me speaking for myself as a writer, Paul might have a different opinion — that it’s such a huge power that can be used to make a plot more convenient, and that’s not dramatically interesting. Especially for the grounded story I’m building with these characters. But the more magic-driven answer, I suppose, can be that sometimes the specific parts of their power sets increase and decrease over time? You guys can feel free to fanwank that, but unless something comes up that makes her channeling enhance a scene, I’m probably not going to get into that part of her powers. X

UPDATE- Pat answered some more Qs:

  • Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, regarding the Season 10 comics of Charmed, are there any plans or storylines for the kids of the Charmed Ones?
  • PS: While I’m still figuring stuff out, the kids will certainly be minor characters. One of them features heavily in a Phoebe story I have planned, but the season is squarely focused on the sisters, their husbands, Cole, and a few other people I’m not gonna talk about yet. X
  • Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, do have any plans to explore Empaths? The reason I ask is because we know so little about them. BTW, looking forward to your run on Charmed.
  • PS: No plans at the moment. X
  • Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, can we expect more (new) characters from season 1-8 returning in Charmed season 10?
  • PS: I think I answered this question a few times before, but yes. X