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Publisher : Zenescope [ Facebook / Site / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr ] Issues : 1-20


Zenescope Entertainment celebrated their YEAR10 in 2015. Begun by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, Zenescope started publishing Grimm Fairy Tales - modern and twisted takes on classic stories. A scary and sexy take on Alice in Wonderland soon followed and interest by the public grew exponentially. Finding success in comic stores and on the convention circuit, Ralph and Joe expanded their offerings to include Neverland, OZ, Robyn Hood, The Jungle Book, and myriad mini-series. Zenescope gained the licensing Vikings, Charmed, and many other titles. The landmark issue #100 of Grimm Fairy Tales firmly established Zenescope as a force in the comic industry.

Writer / Editor : Pat Shand [ Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ] Issues : 1-20


Pat Shand writes comics (Robyn Hood, Charmed Season 10, Family Pets, Vampire Emmy & the Garbage Girl), novels (Charmed for HarperCollins/Joe Books), and pop culture journalism (Sad Girls Guide, Blastoff Comics). He lives in New York with his girlfriend and their veritable zoo of cats.

Editor : Paul Ruditis [ Site / Twitter ] Issues : 1-7


Paul Ruditis has written numerous companion books and novels for TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and The West Wing. He has co-authored both of the official Charmed episode guides and has written several earlier Charmed novels, as well as the New York Times bestselling comic book series revealing the show’s “unaired” ninth season.

Cover Artist : David Seidman [ Site / Twitter / Instagram ] Issues : 1-20


David Seidman has been professionally illustrating since graduating at the top of his class from the University of the Arts in 2001.  He is the comic artist for the popular Charmed series and has done work on comics such as Se7en, The Straw Men and Grimm Fairy Tales.

Main Artist : Elisa Feliz [ Facebook / Site / Instagram / Tumblr / DeviantART ] Issues : 1-5, 8-12, 14-20


Elisa Feliz is a professional comic artist currently working as the penciller for "Charmed Season 10" by Zenescope Entertainment. She also works as a pro web designer/programmer, illustrator, animator, graphic designer, concept artist, gamemaker, writer, photographer and music producer. Elisa broke into the comics industry in 1998 and has been doing work for companies from USA since 2007, such as IDW Publishing, 803 Studios and Girl Scouts of USA.


Guest Artist : Daniela Di Matteo "Dimat" [ Facebook / Blogspot / DeviantART ] Issues : 6-7


Dimat, pseudonym of Daniela Di Matteo, is a comic book artist, illustrator, game artist and cover artist.

Guest Artist : Giorgia Sposito [ Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Site / Tumblr / DeviantART ] Issues : 13


Giorgia Sposito is a comic book artist from Italy who has worked for IDW Publishing and BOOM! Studios.

Colorist : Valentina Cuomo [ Blog / Google+ / Youtube ] Issues : 1-20


Valentina Cuomo is a digital colorist and illustrator. Valentina graduated from the International School of Comics specializing in 2D animation and also attended the master of digital coloring. She currently works as the comic colorist of "Charmed Season # 10" for Zenescope Entertainment and has worked with several colorists on "Star Trek", "X-Files" and "The Bounce". In addition, Valentina collaborates with the Villain Comics on some projects such as Siouxie-Fox and "Le città invisibili".

Letterer : Jim Campbell [ Site / Twitter / DeviantART ] Issues : 1-2


Jim Campbell is a professional comic-book letterer, one-time writer and occasional artist. He has lettered for Black Mask Studios, BOOM Studios, Dark Horse Comics, Heavy Metal, Image Comics, Improper Books, Madefire, Planet Jimbot, Renegade Arts Entertainment, Stardock Entertainment, Titan Comics and Zenescope Entertainment.

Letterer : Christy Sawyer [ Site / Blogspot / Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram ] Issues : 3-20


Christy Sawyer is a comic-book letterer and video game artist. As both an employee of various companies and as a successful freelancer, she has worked with clients such as Disney, Konami, 4Kids, Random House, Zenescope and more.

Trade Designer : Christopher Cote [ Site / Facebook / Twitter / DeviantArt ] Volumes : 1


Christopher Cote graduated University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Illustration. He is the current Senior Designer, Production Manager, and artist for Zenescope Entertainment.

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