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    Henry (Thursday, 14 January 2016 14:32)

    Tautha si back! Ben tries to save Cole (Kyra and Ben came back in time to the moment Coke died).. In a first moment, they can't see Cole (they see a blur instead of Cole).. Than Ben tries to touch Cole and he (Ben) take Cole's place.. At least, it's what I understood.. Great issue but now I want to read the next one

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    41eugoR (Thursday, 14 January 2016 18:33)

    Excited to read the issue and a detailed spoilish summary :-)

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    Scott21 (Thursday, 14 January 2016 20:38)

    I wonder how can the stroy continues after what happened on the last page

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    LeoVzla (Thursday, 14 January 2016 21:11)

    ok then @41eugoR here's the detailed spoiler...

    okay so, after the preview, Paige is talking to Henry by phone trying to find out how did Heremus possess Tyler, Henry explains what happened in the wasteland, Tyler couldn't use his powers when Coop got Ben's soul orb, but then he got hit by a geyser and suddenly he could take them all out, yet after that, the conversation turned awkward, and they just said things like "i don't know" "what" and things like that, (seemed like they haven't worked out their own issues).

    Leo finds Ben alone outside the mannor so he invites him a beer, and start talking, (Kyra was eavesdropping) Ben explains to Leo that he has got ghosts in his head, that he still has his memories and yet he has Cole's too, that he was also feeling everything Cole ever felt for Phoebs (in My opinion Kyra's expression in that panel made me think that she really got a crush on him).

    Prue finished her mediting session, and goes downstairs and when Paige tried to tell her what Henry told Paige, Prue explained that she heard everything because she had to lose herself in the magic so she could feel Heremus' powers, and while she was doing it she was every witch and every demon in the world (kinda creepy tbh), and tells them that Heremus felt the presence of an Archai in the wasteland, so he sprayed Tyler with his blood infecting him; Prue wanted to go alone and find heremus, but Piper said they were all going because Prue has spent a long time alone.

    Before they left, Ben (being kinda pissed) asked Prue why she could be so powerful to feel and hear each witch in the world but she had to put his soul into Cole's body and not in his (even Piper asked the same thing) and Prue said she did it because Ben's body had been dead for years, and Cole instead have had supernatural powers so his body was stronger. then he goes out and kyra followed him, the sisters left too; Kyra proposed Ben to go back with the "Encantadas" so they could finish what they started.

    Aidel went to Kareem's to see if Tyler was okay but he saw the house with a red light so he turned back into kitties to see what was wrong and found out Tuatha was there.

    Note: here the comic gets kinda complicated to explain becuase in each Panel you have two scenes shown one with Ben and Kyra and the other the halliwells, tuatha and Kareem so I'm going to write down first the part with the halliwells and then the scene with Ben and Kyra, this is because Ben and Kyra were in the past and the sisters in the present but it all happened at the same time

    The halliwells: Tuatha got Kareem hand tied on a chair, she wanted to know what Tyler was cause she could feel something special being in his body, she got Kareem's parents almost sofocated by a snake so she threatened Kareem, either he tells her what Tyler is or she would kill his parents one by one and then she would kill him, Aidel went to the manor and told Leo what was happening so he called Piper.

    Tuatha started shooting around to scare Kareem off so he told her Tyler was an Archie, she started feeling his powers, and a circle of fire began to burn, and she said (and I'm quoting) "reality itself will cramble before me"...

    Ben and Kyra: the "Encantadas agreed with helping them, and one of them got shocked to think how much Kyra liked Ben so she could try to do that twice in a day, and started a spell to send them back in time.

    They went in the exact moment when the guys were fighting with Valen in the graveyard and Cole was just a blur but Ben felt him, he started to thank Cole for saving his life and even in tears he remembered all the tiny memories he had with Cole, Kyra tried to take Ben's hand because they had to go but Ben got sucked by Cole's blur and now it was Ben who were in the fight. (this was happening at the same time Kareem told tuatha that Tyler was an Archai).

    Kyra said that it was Cole's memories who were forcing Ben to be in Cole's place, and that it was wrong and dangerous because he was messing up with time, Ben thought that was why Prue put him in Cole's body, because "if he died in Cole's place, Cole would take Ben's place" (Kinda stupid knowing that the Ancient Athame was made to vanish the soul but I get that Ben was desparate to save his son), Ben jumped into the Athame Valen threw to Coop (just like Cole did, and it happened in the exact same moment Tuatha said the reality thing) and finaly all we can see is a full shattered glass page with moments that happened after Cole's death (which I think it's the time and space falling apart into pieces) and then the purple hand Kyra and Ben had in their belly to time travel fading away...

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    LeoVzla (Thursday, 14 January 2016 21:36)

    @Scott21 the most logical solution I found is that time will go back to the Valen's battle, because it's like when the sisters went back to the 70's so change something in the future, the difference is that this time is was a mess, dang i don't know D:

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    Gc (Friday, 15 January 2016 01:47)

    It makes me wonder, what is inside Prue what it's doing to her, Cole was the one closest to her during that whole time, and he understood her, she probably needs him to bring her back from the brink. I'm just flashing back to the panels in season 9 where Prue dies to give the power of three back to her sisters and she meets Cole in the afterlife and they talk.

    But here's the thing. If Cole is back...Coop is gone...so is Pat setting up a Phoebe/Cole reunion. And I really really hope not.

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    LeoVzla (Friday, 15 January 2016 02:31)

    Coop didn't die, Ben did save him just like Cole did.

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    41eugoR (Friday, 15 January 2016 08:24)

    @LeoVzla: Thank you for the detailed spoilish summary! :-) I don't know why but I thought things would be...uh...faked resolved in this issue until we find in next issue that everything went wrong. I guess I thought Effigy issue was next but there's another issue until we reach that one. *Sigh* Waiting is such agony....

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    Julie (Thursday, 04 February 2016 15:02)

    Ancient Athame shouldn't have destroyed sould I think it should've imprisoned souls.