Triquetra pages

Holiday Tribute 2015

Giorgia Sposito, Valentina Cuomo and Pat Shand wishes us happy holidays with this festive artwork of the Charmed sisters.

Charmed in Pat Shand's "Robyn Hood Ongoing"

Robyn and Marian go to New York Comic Con 2015. Charmed is featured in a poster in the middle of the con.

Test Pages

In 2013 before she was announced as the Season 10 artist, Elisa Feliz uploaded 2 Charmed test pages on DeviantART. You can find the pages here and here. The first one is a page based on the S9 #23 script. The second page's description says:

  • This is one of the pages from a pencil test that I did months ago and got me an awesome gig at Zenescope.